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  1. Heavy hitters support SAF motion to Supreme Court on carry case
  2. Antonin Scalia says gun control is heading to Supreme Court
  3. Here is a project worthy of support if you own an AR-15 or AK style rifle
  4. Here is a message I just sent to Glock asking for them to support the 2A
  5. Bloomberg Spent Over a Million Campaign Dollars-In Chicago
  6. A New Anti-NRA Ad From a "Supporter of the Second Amendment"
  7. Reply from John McCain
  8. Perspectives: Background checks, real target of the national gun control advocates
  9. Website wants Kentucky gun owners' names and addresses
  10. I'm not going to write my represenattives today
  11. Live Colorado Debate in the House on the mag ban
  12. The Devil wrote me back...my senator
  13. IL CCW Witness Slips
  14. Reponse from Georgia Senator
  15. Free NRA Membership
  16. NY Democrat begs Republican to keep gun confiscation proposal from public
  17. Every Gun Control Advocate in Connecticut Showed Up
  18. Washington State - ALERT - SB5737 - Gun/Magazine Ban + Other Restrictions
  19. On Camera: Joe Biden admits gun control will not stop mass shootings or save lives
  20. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) replies ...mostly good to go, somewhat iffy?
  21. FIRE MISSION: MAINE - LD345 (CWP Confidentiality)
  22. Confidential gun records debated in NC Senate
  23. The Response I Got From One of the Most Anti- In the Senate
  24. A Warning, especially to my friends here in Massachusetts
  25. Olympic Arms Fights Back Against New York!
  26. Response from Senator Tom Harkin (D, IA)
  27. Letter from Kentucky Governor
  28. Missouri Democrats Introduce Legislation to Confiscate Firearms – Gives Gun Owners 90
  29. Who commits mass murder
  30. S.C. senate trying to help
  31. Barack Obama & Wayne LaPierre
  32. Twenty state attys, several others file briefs supporting saf appeal
  33. Interesting take by FBI
  34. Forensic scientist for the Bridgeport, Conn. Police Department: on Bans
  35. New York Times: FAIL - Who'd of Thought?
  36. Legally carried firearm: vehicle search?
  37. 2014 & the Democrats long term gun-control strategy
  38. Politically active?
  39. S&W Creates Convenient Way To Express Support For Gun Rights
  40. NRA exposes DOJ gun confiscation memo
  41. Good article
  42. State of the union and rebbutals transcript (2nd amendment portions only)
  43. Letter to Senator Cruz on constitutional issues in federal gun control proposals
  44. It looks like Tennessee is going to get a Parking Lot Bill passed!!!!
  45. New GOA Action Alert - Critical - Take Action
  46. National Association of Gun Rights??
  47. State of the Union
  48. CA Police Chief Says Guns Are Not Defensive Weapons
  49. ATTN Iowa residents! Iowa democrats introduce magazine ban!
  50. 65.4 Million Gun Purchases Since Obama Took Office,
  51. **Action Item!** Congress weak-kneed on gun control! :aargh4:
  52. Bill O'Reilly wants gun registration and ban AR-15's
  53. Letter from us senator joe donnelly from indiana
  54. We need to Rally Our Opposition "Common Sense Legislation to End Gun Violence"
  55. Brainwashing Kids Against Guns
  56. Canadian's warning of gun registry
  57. 2A - It’s time to control government’s guns, to protect humans . . . and canines.
  58. Must Watch Video - See Gun Ban Advocates Stripped Of Camouflage & Subterfuge – Video
  59. HR 21: NRA Members’ Gun Safety Act of 2013
  60. Magpul’s Open Letter to CO Lawmakers – Pass Gun Control, We Leave
  61. WVCDL Lobby Day
  62. Canadian News Anchor Issues Ominous Warning to America: Gun Registration Will Lead to
  63. H.R. 538: Banning the “Five-seveN” handgun and ammunition
  64. Canada Gun Registration
  65. Arkansas Church Carry is now the LAW
  66. Chicago's gun laws not strict
  67. Colorado Call to Action! NOW!
  68. Something to think about.
  69. Reply From Congressman Paul Broun (R/GA/10)
  70. Ted Nugent Will Be At The State of the Union Address
  71. Gun Control Explained
  72. Minister of Propaganda Biden
  73. Proof Of A U.S. Police State
  74. We avow your First Amendment right to own a gun
  75. Wall Street Journal article
  76. A new and helpful Tool to Communicate with your Representatives
  77. Watch for those NBC "Flash point" reports on guns
  78. Judge Jeanine: "Owning a Gun, is my God-Given Right!"Opening Statement
  79. Ariz. Senate Panel Passes Bill Barring Enforcement Of Federal Gun Measures
  80. My Letter to My Representatives
  81. NJ Shotgun Ban! Ammo Ban! Magazine Grabs! – Gun Owners Mobilize Now!
  82. Murder rates and gun control
  83. kansas may join other fed-free states
  84. WA Alert: Gun bills hearing Wednesday 2/13
  85. Washington state legislative hearing Feb 13th:
  86. Anti-Gun Liberal News Anchor Destroyed in Interview w/ Keith Morgan on Feb 4, '13
  87. Compromise
  88. This gives me hope for the younger generation
  89. The 2nd Amendment in the State of the Union
  90. The Antis Are Mistaken
  91. LAPD Shooter full manifesto
  92. Judo chop!
  93. Jury Nullification - One Possible Response?
  94. Maryland Governor upset Pro Gun rallyer's drowning out gun control legislation
  95. Yeagers interview
  96. Encouragement, on CNN
  97. Sen Wicker (R-MS) Response to My Opinion of AWB 2013 and EO's
  98. Virginia: New Bills -- some 2A related
  99. Letter from Congressman Gus Bilirakis, 12th District FLORIDA
  100. Legal Challenges - links to articles
  101. Feinstein and Boxer have really gone off the deep end this time.
  102. Presidents and their guns
  103. Virginia - Here is what Tim Kaine will do for us.
  104. Senators seek back room deal on firearm background checks
  105. Some Push-Back on Gregory's Free Ride
  106. Respone From Congresswoman To My Wife's Letter
  107. Eric Holder: Obama Decides Who's 'Entitled' to Second Amendment Rights
  108. Virginia: Urgent Action Item 2/8 -- Re: disclosure of CHP holders ID info
  109. Once the 2nd Ammendment is gone >>>>>>>
  110. Gun Control and US Murder Rates vs. England
  111. Keep the pressure up, everyone!
  112. What Is The Difference Between Compromise and Sell-out?
  113. Bruce Willis: Don't infringe on Second Amendment
  114. The power of united gun owners is undeniable
  115. New Yorkers are letting them have it (Must watch)
  116. Look Out, New York, California is Jealous
  117. Natl. Sheriff's Assn. Announces They Will Not Support Unconstitutional Gun
  118. How well do you know your adversary?
  119. Answer from Senator Cantwell
  120. Bizarre piece from Tony Bennett.
  121. VERY good analysis of what happened over the past 15 years
  122. DHS Purchases 21.6 Million More Rounds of Ammunition
  123. NEVER Give Up Your GUNS! - Pastor Dowell Tells the Truth!
  124. A thought on more gun control/ban laws
  125. Arkansas Senate passes bill to make gun-permit records private
  126. Lautenberg Amendment - Looking to challenge it in Federal Court
  127. The Executive
  128. 10 Million Gun Owner March – Washington, DC – 25 May 2013
  129. California bill to mandate insurance
  130. Another case for LEO in schools
  131. If you live in Texas, Ted Cruz needs your help
  132. Gun-control debate takes center stage in Maryland
  133. Gun ban testimony even the Immigrants get it!
  134. Another good legislator from Texas who needs to get our support!
  135. The Point of Obama’s Gun Tour
  136. No bad gun bills survived Virginia's cross-over day deadline
  137. Why won't they just consider trying it our way?
  138. Virginia "secure container"
  139. Texas State Legislation Regarding Firearms
  140. My proposed new gun law
  141. Why we're ultimately going to lose our gun rights
  142. Yet another reason the background checks will have issues
  143. Violence If Confiscation Comes?
  144. Alabama DC Members: ATTENTION
  145. This has probably already been posted,
  146. What this country is made of
  147. Liability Insurance for California Gun Owners - Proposed Legislation
  148. Violent Flash Mobs in NY
  149. California attempts to confiscate guns
  150. Fire Mission: 2A Poll on Fox News
  151. An oft asked question on the gun boards...
  152. This is a magnificant statement from a guy who "gets it".
  153. If you live in New York, you need to sign this...or even if you're not
  154. My Small Contribution to Converting Antis
  155. Ad espousing "common sense reforms"...
  156. Here come the anti's in CO.
  157. Court: NYTimes's Request for New York City Gun Owners Violates Law
  158. Love Ann Coulter
  159. Piers Morgan at Gun Range
  160. Anti News Anchor gets Owned by Keith Morgan
  161. Well, great, just great...
  162. I wish
  163. How much is enough?
  164. Jacksonville Sheriff
  165. A sign we're winning in the war against ignorance concerning "Assault Weapons"
  166. You Can't Ban Evil
  167. BATF and FFL's
  168. Will it END????
  169. How many new NRA members did YOU recruit recently?
  170. Three cheers for this Sandy Hook father
  171. The Federalist Papers or Tin Foil Hats
  172. "You're not saying we should take away the rights of law abiding citizens, are you?"
  173. Fienstien Bill BANS ALL Semi Auto's
  174. Public health issue: Guns or Hoplophobia?
  175. Second Ammendment Rally: Friday February 8th
  176. The Bloomberg Superbowl Ad Most of Us Didn't See
  177. Hmmmm, as a NRA member no one ever contacted me
  178. Louisiana 'gun free' businesses and CCW law?
  179. Why is government stockpiling guns, ammo?
  180. NY: Time To Fight!
  181. Recalling Senator Feinstein Petition
  182. WSJ: Senate moving Forward?
  183. 2nd Ammendment rally
  184. Shut up and listen!
  185. "Say what?!", Biden?
  186. Physicians and Guns Part II: A Hypothetical Situation
  187. NY Governor's Approval Rating Drops
  188. Assault Hammers EXPLAINED
  189. Obama skeet shooting pic, I call Bull
  190. Background Checks
  191. Reasonable restrictions
  192. How to ban guns
  193. Universal Background Checks= Common ground?
  194. Stallone on gun control
  195. Just sat in on a meeting of my State Representative's...
  196. Pushing Back
  197. Before you buy another Steven King book, remember that he wrote this anti-2A piece
  198. Some eastern Idaho schools to get gun safes
  199. Liberal gun owner view on assault weapons, Can you help me find the article?
  200. A letter from 1100 Special Forces Operatives
  201. SC - allowing concealed carry in restaurants?
  202. the 2nd Amendment
  203. Guns make Women safer.
  204. West Virginia Sheriffs Oppose Proposed Gun Constrol
  205. Loving the Sunshine Sheriffs
  206. NRA opposes 'universal background check' bill in Washington state
  207. Gestapo raids Vet's home in DC
  208. Second Ammendment Debate at Cornell
  209. Unexpected support
  210. Death threats against NRA president and family
  211. GOP Lawmakers trying to be Mythbusters are denied the opportunity
  212. Here's an interesting aspect to any ban
  213. Veteran arrested for having unloaded AR magazines in car in NY
  214. Henson Ong American by choice
  215. Senator Feinstein's bill wants to ban an ATF approved device
  216. North Carolina taking first steps to allow armed school volunteers.
  217. THIS is what we're up against.
  218. We Must Ban Those Assault Scissors NOW!
  219. This is terrifying
  220. Have you seen this?!?!?!?!
  221. Liability Insurance for Gun Owners?
  222. Newtown families hope massacre transforms nation
  223. Join The NRA - 70% Off Lifetime Membership Now
  224. And Away we Go..... Now it's Handguns (Again)
  225. Gun-free zones are only for ‘the little people’
  226. Must read for all Patriots
  227. Feinstein's plan bans any gun with a 'grip'?
  228. Virginia House trades guns rights for money! Action allert: Va Members
  229. Article from CNN on the mentally ill getting fire arms.
  230. First new pro gun bills introduced in NC
  231. New Senator (D) Will Not Support AWB
  232. Joe and Dianne--Don't Like The Truth? Make Some Up
  233. My vote for stupidest comments from today's Senate hearings
  234. White House Petition: Require that all Civilian Firearms be Painted Pink
  235. Piers Morgan once again gets his hat handed to him
  236. Good?: Reid Won't Endorse Feinstein's Bill
  237. Seems our Sheriff knows right from wrong
  238. OP-ED: Gun Free Zones are for the "Little People"
  239. MAC - Assault Weapon Ban is Unconstitutional
  240. Chuck Grassley Is Bringing It
  241. Surprise Speaker at Gun Hearings Today
  242. BATFE Taking Comments on a Pending Ban Ammo
  243. Illinois Concealed Carry Bill Revealed
  244. Response from Mo Rep Sam Graves
  245. No to Universal Background Checks
  246. Not About guns Is It?
  247. Response from my Rep. Andy Barr (freshman)
  248. The Police State is starting in New York
  249. Reply from Senator Rand Paul
  250. Mother-Stops-Three-Burglars-With-Her-Pistol