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  1. Germany initiates massive gun registry, to barely a peep
  2. Looks Like...."FAQS" Are On and Ruger Is Stepping Up To The Plate
  3. Lott on Guns in the WSJ
  4. The Second Amendment and knife rights
  5. Bullet ban
  6. Fire Mission - a Connecticut poll
  7. Guns Across America - Colorado Rally
  8. Guns across America how did it you in your state? What is your story?
  9. NBC News Vid - Lanza Weapons
  10. Universal back ground checks
  11. Utah Sheriff's Association: Open Letter to President Obama (yes... Utah is awesome)
  12. Biden: 'Administration doesn't have time to prosecute people who lie on Form 4473s'
  13. Virginia : new RKBA bills and changes in VCDL's position on bills.
  14. Feds identify 2nd Amendment activists as terrorists in Ohio drill
  15. Utah Sheriff's Association Writes Letter to the President
  16. Terrorist Threat with Soap Bubble Gun by 5 Year Old ????
  17. Massachusetts..Gun banning doesn't work.
  18. NY's Magazine ban unconstitutional?
  19. Contact your elected officials
  20. Current gun bills in the Georgia Assembly for 2013-2014 session... and they are good!
  21. Interesting factoids to use in "discussions"
  22. Massachusetts Proposal (Off the Charts Nuts)
  23. More anti-gun bills go down in the Virginia session...
  24. Hannity
  25. Magazine Limits Concerning
  26. My (Oregon) sheriff's stand on the issue
  27. Senator Casey (PA) response...
  28. Why should police be exempt from laws, mag limits?
  29. The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery
  30. Assemblyman asked to keep the Dem proposals for the NY SAFE Act away from the public.
  31. Gun poll vote please
  32. NY residents,read and sign this petition
  33. West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S.
  34. 65% See Gun Rights As Protection Against Tyranny - Rasmussen Poll
  35. My Opinion Piece:
  36. Propaganda and guns, How does it work?
  37. An Email From the National Education Association
  38. Obamerica's Problem
  39. Suzanna Gratia-Hupp-What the Second Amendment really means .
  40. Anti-gun Legislators Are Crazy, And I Can Prove It
  41. Help the NRA
  42. Amendment 2 and a half
  43. Gotta love Texas
  44. Why I signed up for a Lifetime Membership in the NRA
  45. Reality hits the Senate: it's gonna be a tough sell...
  46. Maybe we have finally given Obama a big enough stick to hit a hornets nest?
  47. NRAS Support
  48. Arkansas Congress changes hands for first time in 140 years. The result???
  49. Foolish Contributor to our Paper Wants Amendments Changed
  50. Why did the NYSP take down the Safe Act page ???>>>
  51. The Truth about Assault Weapons
  52. Letter to the Editor
  53. Hey, Joe, It Isn't About Hunting, Either
  54. Would I Lose My High Cap Mags??
  55. Colorado CBI Check Funding Denied
  56. 40% of Gun purchases have no background checks?
  57. Waaahhh waaahhh, NRA didn't have a chance...
  58. Is Obama pulling doctors into gun control?
  59. The official "States Standing Up" thread
  60. Another Sheriff taking a stand - from IL of all places!
  61. Hr 226
  62. Whoo boy... The anti's will crumble...
  63. CNN Poll - Vote and lets change the numbers
  64. You folks in and around PA should have a look at this NRA release
  65. Ted Nugent speaks at Shot Show ! . . .
  66. 26% of gun owners favor semi-auto rifle BAN!
  67. The NRA Wants Me To Delete This Email
  68. So, the mental health experts are saying...
  69. Arizona Senator slams Obama's gun plan
  70. Fire Mission: Respond to the CNN poll on Obama's 2nd Amendment violations.
  71. Oklahoma is on board---SB548
  72. what happens to all the guns in NYS
  73. The arrogance of Australians including PM John Howard
  74. NY gun law BANS all handguns and rifles due to "typo"
  75. the Insanity of NYS
  76. Not all New York Legislators are idiots
  77. Its all a show
  78. Wanted: Law abiding New York gun owners
  79. Our ideas?
  80. Debt Ceiling will now divert attention from gun legislation
  81. Article to respond to
  82. The Terminology Has Changed
  83. Massachusettes Governor filing similar to NY
  84. Resistance is NOT futile...ask Grassley
  85. Why "assault Weapons" Purely Emotional & Political
  86. Response from my Senator – Lindsey Graham – South Carolina
  87. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation to Nullify Obama's Executive Orders
  88. VT Range Bans Burlington LEOs After Anti-2A Vote
  89. Our Sheriff came through!
  90. Terming the word "NEED"
  91. Ruger - Take Action Now!
  92. What about the entertainment industry?
  93. Total violent crime stats clearly show the public safety value of gun ownership.
  94. Arrest Feds who attempt to enforce gun bans.
  95. Vote on Poll: Do you think his proposals will work?
  96. Ha, Ha, Ha, New York takes it up the [DELETED] Flame Suit On.
  97. President Obamas Executive Actions
  98. Upset gun owners in North Carolina.
  99. Is the Dick Act of 1902 One of Our Safeguards....
  100. Worth watching...woman whose parents were murdered talks to the gov't.
  101. Preventing Mass Shootings: This guy has it right
  102. Statement From Larimer County,CO Sheriff Justin Smith
  103. SHOT Show - State of the Industry Address
  104. The one word to look out for...
  105. VCDL Legislation update of hearings & bills -- 1/16/13
  106. Lawrence O'Donnell on MSNBC
  107. ATTN Gun Owners: McConnell & Reid Cutting Deal on the Filibuster
  108. Virginia Senator Mark Warner may be turning
  109. Dr. Alveda King says "The weapon is not the problem..."
  110. DHS, Gun Control and you
  111. Joe Biden Needs My Help
  112. FL troubles?
  113. Details on Obama's plan
  114. Help me with the logical 2A conclusion
  115. Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant says "Not so fast"
  116. Your Doctor performing Firearm background checks
  117. Florida Senator Rubio's reaction to WH proposals
  118. New York State Police-- List of Assault Weapons
  119. Another Look Into The Opposing Camp
  120. 900 people died in the last 30 days from guns says Obama
  121. How to reduce the amount of firearms in the handles of criminals?
  122. White House official twitter hashtag for gun control
  123. Just one more patrol?
  124. GOA spokesperson Erich Pratt takes it to MSNBC interviewer
  125. NSSF- State of the industry- GREAT SPEECH from Shot Show
  126. 60% of young Americans plan to purchase firearms
  127. Glad we elected theis guy!
  128. Lets help NY fight for gun rights .
  129. Postcard time:
  130. Vote in this poll regarding the need for more gun control
  131. Fact Checking O's speech
  132. Ok you have waved your magic Executive Order Pen
  133. Tsk Tsk ..... Obama doesn't like the NRA commercial
  134. Power & Money = Results...a Poll
  135. Ruger will help you contact your elected officials....
  136. Who Disagrees with universal background checks?
  137. Transcript of Obama's speech1-16-13
  138. Dianne Feinstein posters
  139. LATimes article (my revision)
  140. 30 mins and It All May Be Over
  141. Kids write letters to Obama
  142. CNN Live Link to Obama's News Conference Today About Gun Control
  143. Tn hb0042
  144. Say it ain't so, Joe?
  145. New Bill working its way through Missouri House
  146. History of 2A-David Barton
  147. Prior Gun Confiscation in the USA
  148. Courtland Milloy editorial in the Washington Post
  149. AP-GfK poll: 6 in 10 favor stricter gun laws
  150. President Oblamer
  151. Newsmax Poll
  152. A little humor in these dark days...Maybe...Posted this in Dec. 2007
  153. Look At The 2nd Amendment As A............
  154. Are we prepared . . .
  155. Well ive done all I know to do. Any suggestions??
  156. Impeachment
  157. Proposals expected from Obama to curb gun violence
  158. Will guns now be legal in NYC ???
  159. The 2nd amendment, my view.
  160. Sheriff takes a stand
  161. Ohio considering arming some school staff . . .
  162. Sheriff Won't Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Control
  163. My reply from Senator Coburn (Oklahoma-R)
  164. NRA Video
  165. Roll Call: How Members of the State Assembly Voted on Gun Legislation
  166. Senator Kathleen Marchione's Pro Gun Petition
  167. Would this get Their Attention???
  168. This sends a pretty strong message from at least two states.
  169. Don't Mess with Texas
  170. EFI Government Policy
  171. Gun Control in Australia - Very Interesting Video
  172. Walmart petitin
  173. My Apologies To Those I Doubted
  174. This time is different....
  175. Live video feed of NY Assembly Discussion
  176. Using Kids,, shame on you!!!
  177. President Obama
  178. Guns are bad! Wait, don't tell anyone publicly I feel that way!
  179. Gun Control, Mental Health, and Healthcare Privacy
  180. What the firearm industry should do to NY.
  181. Trying to get people to put Gun Free Zone Signs up on Property - Video
  182. 19 Excutive orders in Biden's Gun Control Suggestions
  183. New Yorkers-Clog the courts and jails by ignoring '7 round' law
  184. This is how it begins
  185. CATO on the 2nd Amendment 2013
  186. Outlook of what is to come
  187. Heller and firearms in "common" use
  188. Hypothetical: Youtube Bans Firearms Related Videos
  189. The Second Amendment in 2013 (David B. Kopel)
  190. Attorney Alan Gura Comments on Second Amendment Rights
  191. It's all but signed in NY
  192. Gun Control and the 2A Ltr to Editor - Please comment
  193. Destruction of an Industry
  194. Texas Rep. Steve Toth to file ‘firearm protection act’
  195. Texas Rep. Steve Stockman Threatens to Impeach Obama if Executive Orders Are Used
  196. Ny firearms site down.......
  197. James Yeager has his CONCEALED & CARRY PERMIT revoked
  198. Walter Williams: Americans misunderstand point of the Second Amendment
  199. Biden: W.H. readies 19 executive actions on guns
  200. The Ground Swell of Pro 2A
  201. Letters to your Reps
  202. A bad example we need to learn from
  203. Please stop Buying guns--Chuck Schumer
  204. AR-15 Will shoot down Airplanes--Jesse Jackson
  205. Join the NRA for $25.00 Get a $25.00 Bass Pro Shop gift card
  206. So What If New Legislation Passes (or Executive Order is Used), What Then??
  207. Misconceptions about guns & mass shootings
  208. 2nd Amendment Preservati​on Act
  209. This is what we're up against.
  210. Anti-Gun Hypocrites
  211. UN "Small Arms Treaty" Survey
  212. Were any Framers anti-gun? Any documented discussions about the 2A?
  213. Fox News commentator becomes very vocal................
  214. Walmart to stop selling ammo till discussions on 2nd amendment over
  215. Wal-Mart is suspending ammo sales
  216. MAC video: The Line in the Sand
  217. Virgina House Pro-RKBA bill in anti-gun subcommittee TONIGHT!
  218. State Rep. Pushing Firearm Protection Act For Texas
  219. Want-2-Be King George 1st, aka Obama states he can do it by Executive Order
  220. Reply from Senator Claire McCaskill
  221. NY Deal on Gun Control; Restricts Assault Weapons, Limits Magazine Size to 7 Bullets
  222. Flip FLopping NRA of the 1960's?
  223. Gun Control to Crowd Obama's Second Term
  224. Results of The Blaze gun/2nd Amendment poll
  225. McCain: Against current calls for restrictions
  226. IBD: Panic Trumps Policy
  227. STUPID: A call for restraint at gun shops
  228. AWB not likely ?
  229. Wrote my reps tonight
  230. The Truth About "Assault" Weapons
  231. Speaking of VCDL - Kieth Morgan hands anti-gun TV host his rear.
  232. VCDL Legislation Tracking Tool for Virginia 2013 now up @
  233. Wounded Knee - and you thought it could not happen here
  234. Gun appreciation Day Rockland County, NY
  235. Gun Control: the battle against the clock following Newtown
  236. Threats , really worry anyone ?
  237. The State Journal's Decision Makers Interview
  238. Breaking news: Attempted gun burglary tied to journal news gun maps
  239. General mchrystal makes strange arguement
  240. Let's Contact Our State Legislators
  241. We need more judges like this
  242. There seems to be a double standard for Obama and his family. What's up with that?
  243. Joe Biden's Political Posturing on Gun Background Checks and Magazine Bans
  244. Thomas Paine quotes relevant . . .
  245. Gang Signs? Deaf Man Stabbed
  246. Meet Travis Haley, if you havnt already.
  247. California and the Second Amendment
  248. Question quotations attributed to Thomas Jefferson
  249. Ruger Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens
  250. Armed teacher msnbc poll. HIT THIS!