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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. NC House Bill 976 - Responses are needed NOW!
  2. AARP want seniors to turn in their guns!
  3. President readies EO for gun control?
  4. Colorado Residents: Recall Effort FYI
  5. Virtual President - Sure Wish This Was Real
  6. Is Mental Heath really an Issue?
  7. To those in Washington, you WILL NOT TAKE OUR GUNS!
  8. Why is the NRA blamed?
  9. Today’s vote is a damning indictment of the stranglehold that special interests have
  10. The battle isn't over for South Carolina
  11. What is the next step?
  12. NRA doesn't mean...
  13. And again: soldier arrested for open carry
  14. So is the Gun Control talk done now?
  15. Polls, Have you been polled?
  16. Msbnc lies, demonize's ,and slanders once again
  17. Take The Poll...............
  18. Bloomberg is a hypocrite
  19. 2A - Fight in CA. After Action Report on Mon & Tue Fight at the Capitol
  20. 2A - Another Senate Vote Tomorrow (Thur Apr 18th) - Call to Action (GOA)
  21. Reciprocity 58-42
  22. Dispelling the 90% myth
  23. s.649 Suffers Today. Hooray
  24. The traitors who voted yes
  25. So will Obama try an executive order now?
  26. VOTING on gun control (manchin toomey) on CSPAN NOW
  27. CCRKBA pulls support from Manchin-Toomey!
  28. This was in our local paper yesterday
  29. A warning to All Gun Bloggers & Forums - Boston Marathon Explosions
  30. Boston Bombing blamed on Second Amendment
  31. Response from Trey Radel on gun control bills
  32. Toomey-Manchin Lets Doctors Block Your Gun Rights
  33. Snakes in Washington DC
  34. Sound & Look Familiar?
  35. Adding to the Voice of 2nd Amendment Defenders.
  36. Texas Soldier Arrested for ‘Rudely Displaying’ Weapon
  37. Fire Mission: WaPO poll on Manchin-Toomey Bill
  38. Bloomberg: If You Sell a Gun to Your Son, 'There's Something Wrong in Your Family.
  39. Gun Bill dead in the water?
  40. "The Rush to Bad Gun Laws" WP
  41. Common sense from Thomas Sowell
  42. Manchin-Toomey "in jeopardy..."
  43. Director Of MO Department Of Revenue Resigns In Wake Of CCW Scandal
  44. 2A - Monday 15th - Supreme Court won’t hear New York gun law challenge
  45. NY gun registration begins, coming soon to your state...
  46. 2A - Look who is leading the UBC Charge in the House of Reps....short Video
  47. reply from a congressman... no surprise here
  48. American Guns Are Scary
  49. House Indicates It Will Act on Gun Control
  50. Gun debate revives questions about self-defense
  51. Manchin-Toomey too close to call
  52. SCOTUS on carry: May consider NY case
  53. 2A and Right to Ammunition question
  54. 2nd Amendment, roundabout...
  55. The Solution To Our Political Problems
  56. 2A - Breaking Video - Gun Rights Advocate's Staff Helped Write Background Check Bill
  57. New York gun confiscations. Are they true
  58. Gun Control has nothing to do with "the facts"
  59. 2A - 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally Speaker: Dan Bongino VIDEO to WATCH!
  60. 2A - Put your Tin Foil Hat on for this one - DHS and NY Gov are in cahoots? No Way!!
  61. Take The Poll.......
  62. Obama Pulling Out All The Stops
  63. Gun Laws vs Murder Rates
  64. Federal concealed carry all 50 statess provision in bill?
  65. Feel like A Wimp, but ....
  66. Looks to me that NASCAR folded like a cheap suit!
  67. I Didn't See Any Anti-2A people Yesterday...
  68. CT: Magazine Registration & Barcodes
  69. U.S. Supremem Court to consider case.
  70. Law enforcement officers survey
  71. 2A - More Lies and Drivel from MSLSD...................They know they are loosing!
  72. Sad sad....a patriot has passed.
  73. How is "THE STRATEGY" working?
  74. 2A - TX House panel voted to allow concealed handgun license holders on Campus
  75. 2A - 6 Lies Senator Feinstein told on MSNBC (VIDEO)
  76. I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights...
  77. Maybe the 1st FAIR airing by CNN of Ted Nugent's views on gun legislation
  78. 2A - Supreme Court considers challenge to state gun licensing laws in case from NY
  79. CNN: you can buy a full auto at a gun show.
  80. So both GA senators are absolute failures to uphold their sworn oath....
  81. the Manchin-Toomey Amendment
  82. How UBCs work to save lives.
  83. CT: A New Low?
  84. VP Joe at us again ..Now WE like our Guns because ........
  85. The Filibuster was started and voted down
  86. The gun debate is a culture debate
  87. Missouri Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data
  88. Right NOW on Cspan Senate discussion on gun bills
  89. 2A - REPUBLICAN Senator Pat Toomey is a useful Idiot =TOOL = !
  90. And another is leaving Connecticut
  91. Would you be willing to boycott the purchase of guns made in anti-2A states?
  92. FBI Conducting 32 Gun Purchase Background Checks Per Minute Under Obama
  93. "Background checks for online purchases"
  94. Standing Up To Attackers
  95. Why more gun laws are not a panacea...
  96. Fire Mission: NOVA & Maryland residents
  97. More Evidence of the "Antis" Ignorance (and callousness)
  98. Senate Bi-Partisan Background Check Agreement Reached
  99. Bloomberg Misunderstood or Mis-quoted
  100. A Form of Gun Confiscation Has Reportedly Begun in NY...Linked to Medical Records
  101. Saw an encouraging sign today!
  102. In the mean time...
  103. VP comparing NRA Members to the " Black Helicopter Crowd "
  104. Grassley alternative could derail Obama push
  105. Grassley alternative could derail Obama push
  106. Evil Has Prevailed, and It Is The NRA's Fault
  107. Conn School teaching there is NO 2nd Ammendment Rights!
  108. Beware: Water Pistols in your kid's hands.
  109. The NRA is Backing SB 480
  110. S.480 NICS Reporting Improvement Act of 2013
  111. Unbelievable : Sandy Hook Parents Coming to DC on Air Force One to Lobby Congress
  112. Gun Safety
  113. Gun rights groups flex muscle
  114. Anyone else feel like this is the logical next step?
  115. Survivor of Communist Cuba Delivers Impassioned 2nd Amendment Defense:
  116. Kansas passes several gun laws.... all positive for gun owners.
  117. All it takes to stop a despot with a gun...
  118. Speechless..........I dunno.
  119. And it Continues - Texas lands another Firearm Mfr.
  120. Arkansas Gets It Right
  121. 13 Senators who support the 2nd Ammendment
  122. Rep. Steve Stockman says he'll use a house blue slip to kill anti gun bill
  123. Moms for gun sense... Lobbying
  124. GOP andDems still trying for UBCs (MERGED)
  125. It's all your fault! And mine... (Merged)
  126. 2A - Put Up Or Shut Up! What have you done?
  127. Sandy Hook families bring emotion to gun debate
  128. 2A - CA Gun Grab by Gov't - Assemble in Sacramento April 15th and/or 16th
  129. Read on the net
  130. Here's what worries me....
  131. Obama and his umpa lumpas
  132. Does anyone know if this would be legal?
  133. Oregon takes up gun control bills
  134. Situational Awareness and the 2nd Amendment
  135. 2A - Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN
  136. The Co. Rep Who Pushed AWB ban lied!
  137. Gun Shop In Newton
  138. Alabama may soon become a "shall issue state" and allow Open Carry in a vehicle
  139. 15 Year Old Girl Leaves Anti-Gun Politicians Speechless
  140. If you could text your vote...
  141. It's a cavalcade of Demoratic ignorance!
  142. Since I can find ammo to buy
  143. More Foolishness From CO
  144. Anyone else afraid to contact Progressive Government Reps ?
  145. 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Gun Rights Over to UN
  146. Gun control legislator doesn't know magazines can be reloaded
  147. CT Gov signs new law, NRA and NSSF respond
  148. A Sheriff's Response
  149. Response from Senator Susan M. Collins
  150. Bright young lady
  151. I support comprehensive Universal Background Checks…
  152. Good op ed on gun control from California
  153. Even The ACLU Gets it!
  154. A little late on this one
  155. Wall Street Journal Article - More laws weakining gun control pass
  156. In Denver, Obama tries to rally support for gun buyer background checks
  157. Oh, you poor Coloradoans
  158. 2A - News Clips to Share With Those Who Want to Take Away Your Guns (VIDEO)
  159. Lesson for All
  160. NPR reports gun control losing traction.
  161. response from one of my senators
  162. This is how elected officials mock us
  163. Obama's credibility loophole on guns
  164. A new letter from Senator Grassley
  165. New poll out
  166. Love this Speech
  167. NRA-backed group wants gun training for school staff
  168. Can we find, or, Do we need a solution?
  169. 2A - GOA - Action Alert. Now is the time to contact Senators
  170. Defense or obstruction?
  171. A mother's journey
  172. Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn gets some answers from DHS on Ammo Purchases
  173. Washington Times article
  174. U.N. General Assembly passes "Global Gun Control"
  175. Maybe this is Obama's real agenda?
  176. Ohio HB 495 is now in effect.
  177. NH House Passes Criminal Protection Bill
  178. Nelson, Georgia may soon require mandatory gun ownership
  179. 2A - Good Audio
  180. Colorado Outfitters Association response to the Gun laws
  181. How many different ways will they come after our guns?
  182. 2A - Old Farts Unite - UN Arms Trade Treaty Calls for Disarmament of Persons 55/Older
  183. For Denver Area Folks
  184. 2A-Comcast is anti-gun. Will not accept gun advertisements
  185. Conn. reaches deal on tough gun laws after Newtown
  186. 3-D Printing of Rifle Parts
  187. Glad I Live in Alabama!
  188. IDPA: Colorado shooting competition canceled in wake of new gun control laws
  189. 2A - NY Cuomo's approval ratings drop from 74% to 55%, and continue down
  190. 2A - Happy Easter! Maryland Democrats Ram Through Sweeping Gun Control over Holiday
  191. 2A - Mississippi Open Cary Law
  192. 2A - Bloomberg Backlash............Oops........
  193. 2A - Utah Sheriffs are a wee bit upset.......Right Now!
  194. What will you do?
  195. Kelly: Gun checks need mental health component
  196. 2A - White men have much to discuss about mass shootings
  197. 2A - Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns Caught Lying.. Doh?
  198. 2A - St. Louis Gun Control Activists Call For Turning US Rights & Sovereignty to UN
  199. 2A -- Where does presumed authority to befoul the right come from?
  200. A good explanation of UBC.
  201. Cut To The Chase, Congress, and Vote
  202. 2A - Background Checks Needed For Members of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  203. 2A - Wow, Co -State grants Secret Service vast new powers (MERGED)
  204. All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional
  205. Pop vox "common sense legislation" from MAIG
  206. My School District Makes National News!
  207. "Why Wayne LaPierre Is Right and Bloomberg Is Wrong" con job. . .
  208. 2nd Amendment never was and isnt now a legitimate subject of discussion.
  209. Grassley Crafts New Gun Bill
  210. What the Gun Controlers planned: GunControlapalooza:
  211. Great 2A Story from an Old Marine
  212. Read Dem Lawmaker’s Insane Email to Pro-Gun Constituent: ‘Slave-Holding, Murdering,
  213. Rand Paul and others to filibuster Reids gun control legeslation
  214. Arizona gun proponents launch free gun program
  215. GunControlapalooza
  216. Here is how it will happen
  217. "Responsible" Bloomberg's new "Gun Safety" campaign.
  218. Fort Hood shooting - what happened to all that?
  219. Obama moves to 'shame' Congress into approving gun control package ....
  220. The Spirit Of A Lone Soldier
  221. Sheriffs in Texas may be looking for jobs...
  222. This could be us in a couple of years after the economy crashes
  223. Even the Russians have heard about Colorado
  224. Firearms risk protection act!
  225. What different would the gun bill make in stopping crimes like Newtown?
  226. Rand Paul will "Block federal gun legislation"
  227. More Ammo Buys
  228. 2 children die every day from drowning, where is obama on banning swimming pools?
  229. Boycot of IL Business
  230. 2A- So, about that Hitler Analogy? Words from someone who lived it and Gun Control
  231. CT man forcefully disarmed.
  232. Biden: Latest gun-limit bill ‘just the beginning’ (MERGED)
  233. Polls: Support for Gun Control fading
  234. Gun Control - Think of the Children
  235. What are your thoughts on Rand Paul?
  236. Pro American telephone company....
  237. Cuomo Shifts Blame for SAFE
  238. 2A - NRA 'Going Down Town!' - Bring on the not so Angry White Guy for 2A Rights!
  239. WV Legislature trying to expand reciprocity
  240. DHS backdoor gun registration in Missouri
  241. WH tells Paul, Lee, and Cruz not to filibuster gun control bill
  242. Fire Mission: Tea Party Petition to Defend Our Right To Bear Arms
  243. Arkansas Senators Tell Bloomberg to Stick To Soda Pop In New York
  244. U.S. Gun Makers Refusing Sales To Gov't In 'Firearms Equality Movement' Triples In Tw
  245. New book on Gun Control
  246. Informal poll: if you DID NOT VOTE on Nov'12, why?
  247. Paul, Cruz, Lee filibuster? CBS poll: waning gun control support
  248. Gun shop blocks Mark Kelly’s right to buy AR-15 (MERGED)
  249. Paranoid thoughts about Anti's
  250. Fire Mission: GOA Alert Sen. Reid Beefs up “Base Bill” to Destroy Gun Ownership