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  1. BAD: NYT Sunday opinion
  2. Emailed my representative about gun control today
  3. Senators reply
  4. Sample Letter to Congress - gun bans
  5. Gun Control
  6. Rhode Island: Providence Passes Resolution Banning Semi-Automatic Guns
  7. What else do we accept??
  8. Once "they" totally tear down the 2nd amendment - the 1st amendment will be next
  9. WARNING to Illinois - House AWB Vote on Sunday the 6th!
  10. Radio host speaks out.
  11. FROM CNN - Letter published to Dianne Feinstein
  12. John Dingell to work on Gun legislation
  13. This Brady Campaign Poster Hates You and Blames You........
  14. Which Gun Owner Rights Groups Do You Support?
  15. This Reporter was Shocked..
  16. Child Suspended for Making "Gun" Gesture
  17. California AB 48 - No Bullets 4 U (unless we say so and know)
  18. Act now to Stop Reid & McCain anti-gun efforts
  19. The "Politically Incorrect Truth" About The Second Amendment - MSM Plus 1
  20. Popvox--
  21. Illinois Dems pull gun control bills.
  22. Pennsylvania Police Cheif Proposes a 2A Preservation Ordinance
  23. Ten gun bills on Congress's first day
  24. Problems countering new gun legislation
  25. Good read- Second amendment and the kool-aid drinkers
  26. FBI: More People Killed with Hammers, Clubs Each Year Than Rifles
  27. Can You Imagine?
  28. It's time for a lawsuit over "gun free zones"
  29. Reality Check: The very politically incorrect truth about the Second Amendment
  30. The Constitution prohibits outlawing guns....
  31. No Surprise From Harry
  32. A Marines letter to Feinstein
  33. Media did not cover this one
  34. Hey America, No High Capacity Mags for you.. Bill Introduced
  35. NY - AWB - Total Gun Ban and Surrender of such entered for review - State Senate
  36. County Sheriffs Can Block Federal Gun Control
  37. "For the Children"
  38. Go Ann Coulter
  39. Biden ‘Guaranteed’ Obama Will Pass Major Gun Control Reform by End of January
  40. The Gun Rights Group Are Being Overwhelmed By The Volume of Support
  41. Washington in Top Ten for NICS in 2012; Lots of CPLs too
  42. What the politicians AREN'T addressing (but I wish they would)
  43. Here comes McCarthy and DeGette.....
  44. MAC video: impending magazine ban
  45. Anothor Petition To Sign...
  46. National Coalition to Stop The Gun Ban
  47. Using "Demand a Plan" for our side!
  48. Text and email your friends. we need to stop the stupidity.
  49. It'll never happen
  50. Turning Fear into Anger and Anger into Fear, Lessons From 1994
  51. It's Not the Gun they hate, its the Individual
  52. Illinios: Last-Minute Anti-Gun Legislation
  53. How will the gubmint keep track of all this under DiFi's proposed "registration"?
  54. The Fallacy of Being Above it all
  55. Obama to 'Quickly' Go for Immigration Reform and Gun Control
  56. Boehner Will Either Resign Speakership Or Be Forced Out
  57. Asheville, NC City Councilman Wants to Ban Gun Shows in City
  58. Anonymous responds to Sandy Hook
  59. Couldnt say it better.
  60. The Westchester Journal News has hired ARMED guards!
  61. another positive Forbes article on "assault weapons"
  62. Can We Agree to Ban GFZ's?
  63. VCDL Alert 2 Jan 2013
  64. NRA Annual Membership
  65. U.S. Marine's Letter To Dianne Feinstein - "No Ma'am"
  66. Ted Nugent's Open Letter to Joe Biden
  67. Looking under the hood of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee
  68. A Real Storm Approaching?
  69. Parody Calling Out Hollyweird
  70. Interesting read
  71. Reply from my Senator
  72. If you like the AWB legislation, you'll feel even safer now!
  73. I Hope Boehner Is More Articulate When It Comes To Gun Control
  74. Contacting your Congressmen
  75. NRA, GOA, SAF, et al. Here are the scripts:
  76. This article is a good read.
  77. 2013 AR Legislative Session
  78. Where are the Public Rallies?
  79. Gun Permit.............
  80. I don't know if this is true...
  81. Gun rights in IL
  82. Gang Control not Gun Control
  83. Do you remember?
  84. The Battle of Athens, TN- What the 2nd amendement can do for you
  85. Land of the Free- The First Day of the Second American Revolution
  86. Mr. And Mrs. America, Turn Them All In
  87. Rally the troops Michele Bachmann
  88. The Statistics Game
  89. The Dick Act of 1902
  90. Repost from the Shoothouse
  91. Vultures on the African Plain/Talking Heads and Politicos on Gun Control
  92. Hank Winebloom: Fox News Radio
  93. Republicans may already be going soft on gun control
  94. Guns kill people, therefore ban all guns. If that is true then...
  95. What's Next After Gun Control? Knife Control!
  96. Interesting Obama quote during Barbara Walters interview
  97. I'm glad I beat the rush and already hated Dick's Sporting Goods
  98. Obamacare stands up for gun rights
  99. Sandy hook not what it seems?
  100. Even the Russians are warning us!
  101. And this didn't make the national news because.....?
  102. Gun Confiscation in America
  103. Mass killings that do not spark outrage (and be safe tonight)
  104. Video: Dianne Feinstein Says Her Goal is to Disarm All Americans
  105. Return letter from democrat congressmen
  106. Here is Feinstiens Wish List. Wake up People. Sign everything that opposes it.
  107. Why Progressives Can't Do Math
  108. UK "Assault Weapons"
  109. Will the States fight back?
  110. Every Gun owners ..
  111. The Trouble With Appeasement
  112. A Russian View on the Impending Gun Grab
  113. President Obama himself knows..........
  114. Senator Clinton Hospitalized
  115. Senator Dianne Feinstein on Chris Wallace FNC Sunday - Slide Fire Stocks
  116. I am in shock. Please tell me I am wrong.
  117. Ruger Mini 14 Vs 30?
  118. AWB 2013 "A stacked deck"
  119. The longer the weapon, the shorter the tool
  120. Hollywood gun control hypocrites
  121. Obama to go for guns in 2013 'there will be resistance'
  122. $300 NRA Life Membership?
  123. Our Rights: Are We Too Late?
  124. January 5 and 6, bring an anti-freedom person to the range
  125. The Assault Ban of 1994, What Do You Recall About It?
  126. Protest at Tanner Gun Show in Denver
  127. If you can't win on facts, then Exploit the victims as your advocate! Gun Controll!
  128. Take the time if you can to watch
  129. US News & World Report - Should the AWB be reinstated?
  130. Warning from the Brits
  131. Best Way to Contact Your Government Representatives
  132. Letter to Senator McCaskill
  133. Armed guards have long been the norm on California campuses.
  134. 2nd Amendment only pertains to certain people??
  135. Sign The Petition. Make your voice Known.
  136. Polls: NRA has higher favorable rating than Obama
  137. How would you respond: Big Tobacco was sued, why not sue gunmakers?
  138. Poll: What should the government do to limit the availability of firearms?
  139. WA lawmaker proposes arming teachers
  140. Peoples vote?
  141. Sandy hook
  142. Forbes: Gun Control Tramples On The Certain Virtues Of A Heavily Armed Citizenry
  143. Sample Letter To Lawmakers
  144. The peaceful fight
  145. Military Arms Channel - AWB 2013 Video
  146. interesting 2A mention by Justice Scalia in a 1997 book
  147. Very good article on AWB written by a Democrat!
  148. Bill would exempt SC-made guns from federal rules
  149. Trip To Local Gun Shop,The Panic Buying Is Real
  150. A letter to Dianne Feinstein
  151. Canadian interview DHS insider
  152. WH Petition...
  153. New antigun article someone should respond to...
  154. Chicago hits 500 muder milestone. How can this be?
  155. Our Rights: When Do We Say "ENOUGH"?
  156. New petition opposing upcoming gun laws, vote and share
  157. 200 Utah teachers take free firearms training
  158. Rebuttal to Senator Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban - "Grandfathered Weapons"
  159. Some parents impose (toy) gun control
  160. Use "Change.Org" to make your voice count
  161. Refuting this "study"
  162. Here is the address of the writer who outed NY gun owners addresses and names.
  163. An Armed Society Is A Polite Society
  164. Gallup: Opposition to handgun ban hits all-time high
  165. Not quite 2A But must Read. Obama Signing new Law
  166. Gun Control as Part of a Larger Agenda
  167. guns for store food cards
  168. Feinstein's AWB Proposal
  169. Feinsteins proposed 2013 AWB
  170. Batfe on pending ammo ban!!!
  171. GALLUP: Majority opposes AWB
  172. Rahm's kids' school protected by armed on-duty police
  173. Federal Gun Buyback Progam
  174. Obama Doesn't Want To Hear It
  175. Has our 2nd Amendment become obsolete?
  176. Cuomo Calls Gun Confiscation "An Option"
  177. CT proposed AWB changes
  178. American Medical Association : Homicide and Suicide Rates
  179. Contact Your Elected Officials ASAP -- Do Not Wait
  180. Great read! But pretty long!
  181. Why is David Gregory not under arrest?
  182. Petition to have Obama Sign Executive Order on Assault Weapons
  183. I Just Sent The Governor of Ohio an Email
  184. A fascinating article about the worldwide failure of gun control laws
  185. William J. Bennett -- The case for gun rights is stronger than you think
  186. News papers are outting permit holders
  187. David Lory VanDerBeek
  188. Gun Control Advocates Facilitated Murders
  189. Gun ban update: Michael Bane claims to have 'inside source' on legislation
  190. Re: Virginia Legislative -- College carry
  191. Handguns, Handguns, Handguns!!
  192. "My thoughts on the NRA" (Modern Ronin Training)
  193. Congressman's take on the new AWB
  194. Map-CCL's in Westchester and Rockland counties
  195. Fox 19 in Cincinnati
  196. CNN Newscaster Don Lemon broke CO gun laws?
  197. Gun Control.. Arm yourself with more than just bullets.
  198. How Soon Could Legislation Come?
  199. Anti 2A people unite!
  200. NRA Chief LaPierre: 'Call Me Crazy'
  201. We have lost the real point of the 2A
  202. Wayne LaPierre???
  203. Jesse Venture on Piers Morgan
  204. A Way to Stop The Gun Ban. Sign The Petition
  205. A Way to Stop The Gun Ban. Sign The Petition
  206. How to Ban Guns: A step by step, long term process
  207. Exec Order
  208. An Opinion on Gun Control
  209. Constructive Criticism Please...Letter to my Representatives
  210. One of the best articles yet
  211. Ted Nugent on Piers Morgan
  212. FYI .... additional measures "they" want in a ban
  213. Hit this anti-gun poll!
  214. AWB II - My prediction
  215. Atrocities in the Wake of Gun Control
  216. Firearms Law Enforcement
  217. AW Ban
  218. Is a tax stamp on all semi autos a good idea?
  219. Libertarian Party sues three cities in Kansas over open carry bans
  220. Verbal Ammunition
  221. Armes Guards in Schools? What's next
  222. Some interesting crime facts from gun control countries. Kinda long
  223. USA DOJ announces that NRA members are Anti-American/Domestic Terrorists?
  224. NAGR Email
  225. Increasing Police Presence in our Schools
  226. Blame the coward!
  227. I just posted this on FaceBook
  228. For those wishing to inform their legislators...
  229. Bloomberg needs to be drug tested!
  230. White house looking for feedback on reducing gun violence
  231. A great statistic to help in the gun debate
  232. NRA Press Conference - Transcript for Those Who Missed It
  233. NRA Press Conference Starting Soon
  234. Journey into the mind of a Sheep....
  235. Chuck Woolery speaks out on guns
  236. Sent this to NRA a few days ago . . .
  237. Calls for NYC Pensions to Divest from Gun Stocks
  238. NRA Press Conference Scheduled
  239. 2 Connecticut lawmakers offer firearms legislation
  240. This may be a good time to relax a bit
  241. Conversation This Evening
  242. Response From my Congressman on Gun Control
  243. Should the Sandy Hook School shooting have any effect on gun control in the US?
  244. Poll: another one worth voting on
  245. Reply from Congressman Jones
  246. Boehner on future gun votes!
  247. Gun Owners need to spread the word - Boycott NFL/NBC
  248. Bonidy V. USPS
  249. An Explanation of White House Powers on Gun Control
  250. This is how schools should be