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  1. Any intelligent responses to this recent LA Times article?
  2. Former NYC Police Commissioner Howard Safir
  3. Most important reason to oppose a new AWB?
  4. NRA or NAGR?
  5. To all the "anti" talking heads out there...
  6. Effect of the previous assault weapons ban on buildling an AR-15
  7. Obama's Press Conference Today
  8. What If???
  9. Australia enacted strict gun laws...not a massacre since
  10. Let's give them a fight they will never forget!
  11. This article made me so mad!!
  12. I re-joined the NRA this morning
  13. My argument against gun control
  14. Gun Control Task Force?
  15. Pass this Timothy McVeigh photo/stats to others
  16. More background checks
  17. Where are the facts, etc.?
  18. help with upcoming inevitable argument
  19. You know what would really be ironic?
  20. Welcome to the Socialist States of America
  21. Michigan SB0059
  22. SC Bill would allow school staff to carry if they have a CWP
  23. With New Gun Laws In The Air, Gun Makers Decline.
  24. Seattle libs want to gut WA state gun laws
  25. Time to Ban Motorcycles
  26. 2A rights plan to collect accurate data.
  27. Meaning of the second amendment
  28. Two General Questions
  29. More guns, more gun deaths
  30. Letter re Sandy Hook and Legislation
  31. Sign my petition for security at public schools.
  32. POLL: Vote on gun free zones @ usa today
  33. The psychotic drug approach
  34. In '95, Holder called for anti-gun info campaign: 'Brainwash peope' against Guns!
  35. Gun control gets unlikely backers in Congress; Obama to make it second-term priority
  36. White House Petitions
  37. Senator Roy Blunt Says No To Gun Control, Blames Fed Health Programs
  38. "You won't take my guns!!!"
  39. Perpectives; gun control advocates & lynch mobs
  40. Sons of Guns Cancelled
  41. MI concealed weapons in previously “gun-free zones" for permit holders.
  42. It's a mental health problem; not a gun problem.
  43. A little good news from MO
  44. Ironic and non-ironic legislation in the wake of school shooting....
  45. Would the gun community be opposed to such a measure?
  46. NRA pulled it's Facebook page down & has said nothing so far
  47. 144,000 sign White House Anti-Gun Petition - sign pro gun petitions
  48. Sandy Hook is not about a need for gun control
  49. Pettition to the WH on no more gun laws.
  50. Rights Eroding
  51. Check out this poll
  52. Even the UK is calling for us to just give em over....
  53. Join the NRA!
  54. Right to Carry Likely Headed to the Supreme Court
  55. Historical gun control
  56. Suzanna Hupp Testimony Before Congress on the 2nd Amendment/Luby's Shooting
  57. Stop the whining and speculating
  58. 2A Infringement, Required Safety Courses, Mentally Ill, etc.
  59. Clues to Mass Rampage Killers
  60. Assault Rifle Definition - They Already have Restrictions
  61. The Million Man Email. Let's be ready and pro-active for our 2A rights
  62. Let these people mourn, let them be.
  63. Dianne Feinstein To Introduce Assault Weapons Ban On First Day Of Congress
  64. What has changed about our society that has created these mass shooters.
  65. Guns are not the most dangerous thing in America ban Tobacco.
  66. Gun Control was already in effect
  67. Piers Morgan Wants 1 Good Reason
  68. New Petition - need signatures - No More Gun Control
  69. Guns, ammo, or mags?
  70. Now is ABSOLUTELY the time to talk about gun control!
  71. Help me educate someone why civilians need guns.
  72. Good article on Gun Laws
  73. South Dakota Deadly Force Laws
  74. Trade capacity for national recognition?
  75. Michigan House Passes SB 59 - CC Allowed in Pistol Free Zones
  76. Great - AZ Bill of Rights Celeb... 15 December! Go AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. Washington State House Bill 1012
  78. The safety illusion of "no guns" signs
  79. Here We Go Again
  80. I saw first hand what happens when people don't care enough/bother to vote
  81. July 2012 downunder
  82. Michigan maintains background checks for handgun sales
  83. POLL: IL carry legislation, features/restrictions
  84. Victory in Illinois
  85. The Nuge speaks of the Punk called Costas.....
  86. Repeal SYG laws..
  87. Top 10 Killers - Gun Control Statistics
  88. The history of 2nd ammendment
  89. Gun Registration?
  90. Charles Barkley feels safer carrying a gun. No Way!
  91. Chicago Anti-gun politician arrested
  92. CA - Despite the Anti-Gun laws... OOPS - CA is buying the largest ever amount of guns
  93. Wisconsin people: Any state-wide pro 2A organizations worth getting involved in?
  94. Comments from someone who tried to Buy Guns, before the owners turned them in for $25
  95. Michigan might Expand Concealed Carry & Eliminate Concealed Weapons Licensing Boards
  96. How to shut down the "reasonable restrictions" arguments
  97. Veterans' Gun Rights In Defense Bill
  98. A womans response to Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock
  99. Rand Paul 'Liked' Carol Roth
  100. Articulate Response to Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock
  101. Poll: Are you an NRA member
  102. Michigan SB59 Needs Help!
  103. Change to MI's conceal law
  104. Did anyone else hear this today?
  105. Just keepin tabs on the other side..
  106. President's Gun Ban List
  107. WSJ: Parking Lot Carry Article
  108. 10 State Attorneys General Oppose Gun Permit Law - National Reciprocity
  109. NJ Assualt Weapons ban - EXPIRED?
  110. Why Japanese-style Gun Control Simply CANNOT Be Successfully Implemented In The US
  111. Worst. Pro-Assault. Weapon. Ban. Argument. Ever.
  112. The only way.
  113. Wyo. lawmakers consider silencers on hunting guns - Go! Go! Do it!
  114. Ahhh. There it is...
  115. Cautiously optimistic
  116. In Ill, even the Progressive Senate rejects Quinn on Assualt Weapons Over Reach!
  117. Now I moved here... You cannot practice your 2A Rights, because I'll throw a fit! Wa!
  118. NRA Never Again - Parts 1 & 2
  119. San FranFreakShow, CA - Gun Laws...... Coming soon to a Progressive City near you
  120. Innocents Betrayed - The History of Gun Control
  121. House Targets Trade Treaty’s Gun-Grab - IBD OpED 11/26/2013
  122. Gun Control-vs-2nd Amendment: My Opinion
  123. 2nd Amendment Read of the day - Both Sides' of the Debate (good overview)
  124. New Push for making Texas an open-carry state for handguns in 2013
  125. Castle doctrine in Md question
  126. Gun-related violent crimes drop as gun sales soar in Va.
  127. Call volume shuts down FBI’s background checks, stops Maine sales on Black Friday
  128. SAF launches 'Gunowners Against Illegal Mayors'
  129. Democracy vs a Republic - Favorite ±250 year old quote!
  130. The 2nd Amendment in Pennsylvania
  131. please sign the Petition to NOT reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban
  132. Never forget...
  133. Task force says FL's Stand Your Ground law stands.
  134. What do Gun Owners Really Want?
  135. I started this petition for a friend and to help regain some of the 2nd Amendment.
  136. How do we defend against this?
  137. OK Court of Criminal Appeals: Limits On "Stand Your Ground"
  138. Crying Wolf Over Guns – Big Mistake in 2012 (GunsAmerica Blog)
  139. A challenge! For those who love their guns.
  140. Ohio: Last chance for House Bill 495
  141. Could you make every citizen in town a law enforcement offcer?
  142. Crook County passes budget with $25 new gun tax
  143. 2A Discussion - Not a political Dicussion Please - Stolen gun report a sign of things
  144. And So It Begins...
  145. Election over, U.N. back at arms trade treaty talks...
  146. Any pro/anti gun laws pass?
  147. America Doomed.
  148. Nov 6- Louisiana voters approve pro-gun amendment.
  149. My SD licence has PMB in the address field
  150. 9 Illinois counties to consider concealed carry (Illinois!!!!!!)
  151. Romney on guns
  152. Legally Stoned on Pot - No Problem, here is your carry license
  153. Cook county, IL, wants to try "gun court"
  154. Bloomberg Creates Gun Control Super PAC
  155. How Obama Could Force Restrictive Gun Laws Without Congress.....
  156. What did Obama say?
  157. What kind of Scrutiny does SCOTUS use
  158. MI Libraries
  159. Raging Against Self Defense: A psychiatrist Examines The Anti-Gun Mentality
  160. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals: No to Under 21
  161. Michelle Lane v. Eric Holder, Jr. -- Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals
  162. There Is A Choice!
  163. Should I buy guns or ammo?
  164. Assault Weapon Ban?
  165. Brad Pitt - I was astonished at what he said about gun rights...
  166. Gun buster signs and NO-GUN employers
  167. FL - Strengthen self-defense law, gun rights advocates tell panel
  168. Obama Stated He is for a Renewal of the Assault Weapon Ban
  169. Wisconsin's CCW Laws - People have become Lazy?
  170. Looking for referances on NY State gun law...
  171. My Deepest Sympathies to Illinois (Cook County) Citizens
  172. Fewer qualms for gun-rights groups over Romney now
  173. Notice: Gary Indiana - Gun Buy Back planned - get you cash ready
  174. NY State - Politicians call for emergency Senate vote to pass gun laws
  175. NYC gun-laws go too far!!
  176. Gun buyback: Program to pay market rate for high-end firearms
  177. BATFE Fires Whistleblower
  178. What if you own the Post Office?.........
  179. Microstamping's 'dirty little secret'
  180. Chicago Considers "Violence Tax" on Guns and Ammo!
  181. Virginians to show gun permits as voter ID, no photo required - Yes ID Required
  182. Amendment to Louisiana’s state constitution - 2A Rights - to be Voted on Nov 6th
  183. BAD-BAD-BAD-BAD 4th district court...
  184. UPDATE -- Virginia carry-over bill HB-923
  185. NRA endorses Romney
  186. Legal Q: What states disallow mere carry as justifying stop/detaining?
  187. Candidate Taking a 2A Stance
  188. Pressuring the Candidates to Talk About Gun Violence
  189. Allen West on the 2nd Amendment
  190. Chicago looks to Twitter for suggestions on how to get illegal guns off the streets.
  191. Gun Control Advocates Can Seem Reasonable
  192. WA. Times editor Emily Miller awarded for pro-gun series
  193. Judge refers gun control lawsuit to W.Va. court
  194. Possible new CPL laws in Michigan
  195. Why guns will always be a target
  196. Apparently in TN you can shoot at someone trying to steal your truck????
  197. North Carolina: Emergency Powers Law Takes Effect this Monday
  198. Fire mission -- Washington DC
  199. WSJ Article: College Campus Carry
  200. Fire mission for Chesterfield County, VA members
  201. Liberty, 2nd Amendment, Gun Control posts -- from the archives
  202. VA Supreme Court rules on felons and guns
  203. Illinois 2A case heard in Supreme Court
  204. Virginia EMS personnel carry regulation update pending -- fire mission
  205. Good News for Stand Your Ground Florida
  206. Outstanding read.
  207. Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire - Documentary
  208. Seattle's Deputy Mayor's advice to CWP's
  209. Chicago out of options on homicides: will write new laws against legal gun owners
  210. RNC platform on guns .....
  211. Who will gun owners vote for and why?
  212. 2012 DNC platform plank on firearms
  213. Ban on Ammo Cans ????
  214. Just In! Prof. John Lott to speak at gun rights conference
  215. Just one reason I love the great state of Utah!
  216. running of serial number
  217. Gary Johnson on 2nd amendment rights
  218. New Laws Give Missouri Gun Owners Something to Smile About
  219. BLM declares Burning Man Second Amendment-free zone - This is not right!
  220. Mayors Against Illegal Guns Petition USDOJ
  221. Good. Pro gun rights editorial
  222. GOP calls for broader gun rights, unlimited clips
  223. Zimmerman gets a new judge
  224. Strong 2A plank in GOP platform
  225. Started in NY (UN) on Aug 27th - UN Programme Against Small Arms Meetings
  226. Deaf student needs to change his name/ looks like a gun in sign language
  227. 2nd Amendment Issue - STUDY US Veterans Forcibly Sequestered In Mental Hospitals...
  228. Will you actively protect my rights?
  229. Commerce clause
  230. Naturally, they demonize gun in NY shooting
  231. Plain-Language reading of the Second Amendment (2A) -- how should it read?
  232. Jim Carrey wants to ‘revise’ Second Amendment
  233. Statistical causes of death in the US - table
  234. Tulsa 'Concealed Carry Neighborhood' Sends Message To Would-Be Thieves
  235. Progress, one county at a time.
  236. Sikhs are looking to arming themselves with firearms = GOOD NEWS
  237. States with most Active Concealed Weapons Permits
  238. I'm sure this has been posted before but I couldn't find it in search ...
  239. CU to Segregate Dorms over Concealed Carry Permits
  240. Politician of Unparalled Integrity calls for Police to Boycott Firearms Makers
  241. Life without the first ten amendments.
  242. Follow-up Gun store owner to stop giving range users' names to police
  243. Gun Control Article in Time Magazine is Plagiarized
  244. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say you can bear arms for personnel protection?
  245. Paul Ryan's position on guns?
  246. what do schools say about the 2nd amendment?
  247. Complete Gun Confiscation
  248. Recent CNN posting on what Americans think about guns - not what you'd expect
  249. Eugene Volokh on the constitutionality of RKBA restrictions post Heller
  250. What they think of gun ownership in America "Down Under"