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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. First bill through Senate Judiciary.
  2. 2A - Colorado Anti-Second Amendment Legislator’s Criminal Record Exposed
  3. How the White House silenced the gun control groups
  4. Oklahoma Firearm Freedom Act
  5. WA State Pistol Registry?
  6. Making My Town Gun Free and Safe
  7. Amazing thing happened in Illinois yesterday
  8. Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing Today
  9. Gun Rights Bingo
  10. "I don't know what an assault weapon is but they don't keep our kids safe"
  11. Missouri man sues state after being denied concealed carry permit
  12. Why can't more people have a backbone like these men?
  13. Florida legislators a little crazy, too!
  14. Last Chance before Friday: PLEASE HELP US!
  15. PLEASE Hit This COLORADO Poll! Alert!
  16. Anger Management Classes to Buy Ammo???
  17. "It's worth it if it saves one child."
  18. When a gun isn't legally a gun
  19. Another City to Require Mandatory Gun Ownership
  20. Looking for a particualr anti-UBC picture
  21. Sheriff David Clarke apologizes to senator for Edward Flynn's gun testimony
  22. "They won't take away our guns...
  23. Questions: Firearm in vehicle...?
  24. Joe Bidden on Home Defense
  25. Finally some inspiring news
  26. High Capacity Magazines = a Worse Offense Than Child Pornography?
  27. Alabama Omnibus Firearms Reform Bill Passes Senate Committee
  28. Sheriffs just say 'No' to 'O'
  29. West Virginia Passes HB2760 Through Committee
  30. Gun "Trafficking"
  31. A dummy like me can see it..
  32. Reponse from the other Georgia Senator
  33. Another CO elected offical think women can't defend themselves
  34. A glimmer of hope
  35. Bravo Co. Mfg. cancels contract with Milwaukee PD
  36. I am not a conspiracy theorist...
  37. DHS Bullets, Drones & Tanks - Oh My
  38. One More Way to Control Guns
  39. Gun Hobby Article in this morning paper.
  40. 2A - Game on! MRCOLIONNOIR & NRA NEWS TEAM UP- Black is Back! As one, we win!
  41. 2A - WA State - Background check bill could die; police lobby opposes one tenet
  42. Michael Bloomberg goes it Illinois
  43. Private gun sales
  44. NY Politician's True Feelings
  45. The Second Amendment is about National Security!
  46. Better Ban Oranges, Too...
  47. Bill To Make ALL State Gun Laws FEDERAL!
  48. Beretta wooed by other states over strict Maryland gun proposal
  49. Colorado bill to ban shotguns (MERGED)
  50. WV's Joe Manchin Doesn't Get An A Rating From National Association of Gun Rights
  51. Some good in Michigan
  52. NY's "safe act" going to State supreme court March 11th
  53. 2A - Md. Senate Passes Gun Control Measure 28-19
  54. 2A - Round 2 - on Historical Gun Control against Blacks-Harsh Video-speaks volumes
  55. Georgia Legislation hearing Monday - All help appreciated
  56. Very refreshing
  57. Colion Noir Joining NRA Commentators
  58. Colorado Senate committees to take up Anti-gun bills on Mon, March 4th
  59. Lobo Gun Leather, new sales policy
  60. florida-bill-would-broaden-stand-your-ground-law
  61. Oh, the Hypocrisy!
  62. Buy at Shotgun, Buy a Shotgun.
  63. Gun Owner Is Arrested After Having His Home Illegally Searched
  64. Wilson Combat's Anti-Gun States No-Sale Policy
  65. What if a ban on magazines over 10 happens?
  66. NY Supreme Court threatens injunction against SAFE Act
  67. A bit of info, behind the scene in Congress.
  68. 2A/5A - Retread Video - Don't Talk to the Police (especially if you are legal!)
  69. Whip Hoyer Announces House Democrats’ Adoption of Online Tool to Hear From Citizens
  70. Breaking News Out of Chicago
  71. Beretta USA considers relocated business
  72. WV Legislature attempting to do the right thing
  73. FFL data...... Readily seached by ATF?
  74. Have you taken the time to Read the U S CONSTITUTION lately?
  75. States put families’ welfare at risk for pointless gun control laws
  76. NYSC to Cuomo--Prove SAFE act Constitutional
  77. Oregon getting stupid
  78. More Advice From Joe Biden
  79. Police harrassment, an arrest, and a Gay citizen - Open Carry
  80. The effectiveness or lack thereof of magazine capacity restrictions
  81. I found this a bit entertaining
  82. Video calls B.S. on 'hi-cap' magazine myth
  83. What if ? "They" show up at your door for search and seizure
  84. Magpul To The Rescue!
  85. Think it's not worth the effort to contact your Congressional representatives?
  86. How much do you know about the Second Amendment? A quiz
  87. Feinstein gun bill confusing, unnecessary
  88. Gun crime prosecutions on decline, amid call for more laws
  89. Hopeful in Kentucky
  90. Article: Rate of gun ownership declining
  91. "The Fix Gun Checks Act"
  92. NRA Voting Members - Vote this Anti off the NRA Board of Directors!
  93. 5 Steps to Take to Support Second Amendment Gun Rights
  94. "Assault Weapons 'Not for Cowards' TV ad
  95. The Second Amendment Foundation vs the NRA
  96. ABC edits out michelle saying girl was killed by "automatic" weapon
  97. Next up: closing the NFA trust loophole
  98. Today's Showdown In Chicago
  99. TN Attorney General sides with Obama
  100. Incredibly stupid people on both sides discussing gun control.
  101. Connecticut Firearms Industry, Employees Speak Out On Gun Ban Push – Video
  102. Obama's gun strategy falling short in Senate
  103. Reply from Casey Cagle, LT Governer of Georgia.... Good
  104. This does not help
  105. Roll Call: Gun Debate Overtaken by Budget Fights
  106. Hey New this for real?
  108. WH Petition Demands Obama Respond ‘Point-by-Point’ to Columbine Survivor's Letter
  109. Heard on Fox?
  110. Lest You're Confused
  111. More on Oregon
  112. Equal Gun Rights effort launched
  113. They Used To Be Anti-Gun, But Now They Are "Progressive"
  114. Florida County Sheriffs on board
  115. An intelligent young woman
  116. 59 Gun Companies Now Boycotting New York
  117. Texas eyes gun ban ban
  118. Dan Bongino gives great speech at a "Guns Across America" Rally
  119. Need help summarizing what we would lose
  120. Gun Buy Back FAIL - Private Citizens BUY 300 Firearms and drive Antis Nuts! Video
  121. Senator Chris Murphy... "I'm not an expert"
  122. Why Joe Biden's "double-barrel" comment is stupid - let me count the ways
  123. 2A - Chicago already talking about Rules to enact against coming Conceal Carry in Il
  124. Know The Enemy - Communism by Gabe Suarez
  125. Biden "No ordinary citizen cares about their constitutional rights"
  126. Background checks - what's the big deal
  127. Mr. Colion Noir's Response to Joe Bidens "Buy a shotgun"
  128. Went to the gun show today
  129. A very different approach
  130. Sheriff's Forum Cookeville Tn
  131. Great 2A Website!
  132. Not Close to Deal on Gun Background Checks
  133. Mean While in Arkansas..............
  134. "By all means, leave" - Wyoming Representative's response
  135. Need information for the next round of letters to our elected officials.
  136. Good blog comment from a former LEO & Secret Service agent
  137. Army Vet facing 7 years in prison for AR mags
  138. Antis want 'Universal background checks'...How about this?......
  139. 2A - Beretta’s future in Maryland tied to state’s gun-control debate
  140. Defending the Second amendment
  141. Universal Background Checks
  142. Pueblo, Colorado Town Hall Meeting
  143. Businesses That Actively Support the 2nd Ammendment by Refusing Sales to Gov't
  144. Great pro 2A speech.
  145. Need a Laugh - Watch "Ban the guns" (parody)
  146. Firearms Companies Restricting Sales to Government Agencies
  147. 10th Circuit: No Second Amendment guarantee for concealed carry
  148. NRA uses Justice memo to accuse Obama on guns
  149. Florida Task Force concludes ‘stand your ground’ is good law
  150. Oregon Dems introduce bill banning modern guns and authorizing warrantless search
  151. VA attempt to limit gun access?
  152. Remington Arms - Take A Stand - Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights
  153. Tell uncle bama your gun violence stories.
  154. "If" there was a 2nd amendment revolution -there might be help from non-gun owners
  155. The $2.00 Program
  156. "The Police Loophole"
  157. CuoBama's S.E.I.U. UNION to counter the rally by New York gun owners
  158. You need to watch this video interview with John Lott
  159. 2nd Amendment PSA from OZ
  160. 2A - Black Leaders: ‘Direct Correlation Between Gun Control and Black People Control’
  161. Illinois MUST enact Concealed carry law--clock is ticking
  162. Can't be president if you where born via C-Section. 2nd Amendment related.
  163. Information from a pro-gun lobbyist, and US Senator.
  164. Judiciary Commitee sends letters to President and Attorney General
  165. it and weep.
  166. It's official - I'm boycotting Walmart
  167. Fire Mission
  168. Obama bunch launches $100K attack on pro-gunners
  169. If They Come for Your Guns, Do You Have a Responsibility to Fight?
  170. Fire mission: Connecticut poll - Should governor try to ram through new gun laws?
  171. 2A- The Gun Control Movement's Dangerous Incompetence
  172. Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke warns of 'second American Revolution' over guns
  173. 2A - Can you believe? Can't Make this up - Mexico wants to know what guns you own!
  174. High school teacher 'refused to grade students' assignments because... mentioned guns
  175. 2A - Moron CA Los Angles local Politician has cure for more guns off of the streets
  176. 2A - Doh! San Francisco - Really Stupid New, Stricter Gun Control Measure
  177. 2A Sens. Collins, King downplay NRA ad against gun control = Lie
  178. Reply from my Senator
  179. New Yorkers - You can protect your privacy
  180. Lists will never be used "inappropriately"...
  181. Maine: New bill wants statewide CC database.
  182. South Carolina AG says it best
  183. Colorado Town Hall Meetings This Weekend!
  184. Holy Cow! I agree with Roseanne Barr.
  185. NRA stand and fight video
  186. Who is responsible for your (and your family's) safety?
  187. Can't happen here you say...
  188. Wondering what the NRA been up to?
  189. Gun Bans Create Problems
  190. New "politically correct" term for “gun control” is…
  191. Bill Whittle Hits another home run
  192. Colorado Ground Zero for Gun Control
  193. Get Rid Of the National Instant Criminal Background Check = Defacto Gun Registration
  194. Utah Constitutional Carry Passes House 7-2
  195. Good: Response from Senator Jeff Flake from AZ.
  196. Uncle ted's most recent interview
  197. The Really Bad - Repeal the Second Amendment
  198. Senator Tim Scott says it like it should be said.
  199. Good: J&G new shipping restrictions
  200. Columbine survivor to Obama "Start with Fast and Furious"
  201. DICK ACT of 1902 ~ not a joke
  202. After Newtown: Very interesting series on PBS
  203. No Guns in Parks Law - Repealed
  204. PRO GUN Legislation in TEXAS - Contact your REP's
  205. Gun Censorship by Google - Welcome 1984
  206. Letters to our Reps!!!!!!!!!
  207. Way to go Joe!
  208. Colorado Sherriffs what will the do now?
  209. NRA Truth About Gun Owners Poll
  210. This local gun ad was banned by comcast
  211. Is It Time to Organize the Revolution?
  212. I really want to feel good about this....
  213. Gun control legislation that works!
  214. Democrat's War on Women
  215. Breaking News – U.S. Federal Court Hits President Barack Hussein Obama with...
  216. Report: Sandy Hook shooter motives
  217. Gun Control Is Needed: For the Government
  218. A Response from a California Representative
  219. South Carolina S162 SC Gun Safety Program
  220. GA: Liberty Supressors announced no more sales to NY. Good!
  221. Event:*February 23, 2013*Day of Resistance
  222. Amendment was made to protect government...
  223. Dear PA residents
  224. New Missouri bill introduced HB633
  225. Update March 1: Colorado Call to Action! HELP!
  226. I e-mailed Walmart and I DON'T like the response
  227. NRA Letter to Congress
  228. Chicago Police Superintendent Fail
  229. Banning Illegal Guns and Banning Illegal Drugs
  230. Guns and the Mentally Unstable
  231. Obama's Gun Control Website Now Live
  232. Ashamed of my Colorado Legislature
  233. Can you believe this?
  234. WA Alert: REAL 'gun safety' measures in State Senate
  235. Washington State gun bill includes annual home inspections - yeah, your home
  236. Here's a response I like to see
  237. Companies refusing LE/Govt them now!!!!
  238. We are all Corruptors and a Danger
  239. Good place to go to lunch!
  240. Democratic Email
  241. Whining about the Senate Gun Ban Bill
  242. Video: Fiery Speech opens 'Molon Labe County Project' to 3000 NY Gun Owners - Resist
  243. Walmart - I'm disappointed
  244. San Diego Police Chief takes guns in one generation
  245. 2A - Gun Rights: Are There Any Peaceful Solutions Left? Two Articles
  246. Maryland Gov. O’Malley emails licensed hunters to push gun control
  247. HR 142: Ban internet sales of ammo, etc.
  248. 2A - Battle of Athens - 1946. Why 'they' want to unarm Legal Citizens and the 2A
  249. Several stores had AR's today - is this a good sign?
  250. Comcast Cable Drops firearms related advertising