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  1. Naturally, they demonize gun in NY shooting
  2. Plain-Language reading of the Second Amendment (2A) -- how should it read?
  3. Jim Carrey wants to ‘revise’ Second Amendment
  4. Statistical causes of death in the US - table
  5. Tulsa 'Concealed Carry Neighborhood' Sends Message To Would-Be Thieves
  6. Progress, one county at a time.
  7. Sikhs are looking to arming themselves with firearms = GOOD NEWS
  8. States with most Active Concealed Weapons Permits
  9. I'm sure this has been posted before but I couldn't find it in search ...
  10. CU to Segregate Dorms over Concealed Carry Permits
  11. Politician of Unparalled Integrity calls for Police to Boycott Firearms Makers
  12. Life without the first ten amendments.
  13. Follow-up Gun store owner to stop giving range users' names to police
  14. Gun Control Article in Time Magazine is Plagiarized
  15. Where in the 2nd Amendment does it say you can bear arms for personnel protection?
  16. Paul Ryan's position on guns?
  17. what do schools say about the 2nd amendment?
  18. Complete Gun Confiscation
  19. Recent CNN posting on what Americans think about guns - not what you'd expect
  20. Eugene Volokh on the constitutionality of RKBA restrictions post Heller
  21. What they think of gun ownership in America "Down Under"
  22. If you thought California gun control laws are strict now... just wait
  23. If handguns are the problem, why is banning semi-auto rifles the solution?
  24. New Anti-gun Chart
  25. Background checks & forms to purchase handguns
  26. Watch what happens when Guns are banned in Australia - News Report
  27. Discussion with UK family
  28. Free Download - Gun Facts - Guide to Debunking Gun Control Myths - Excellent Resource
  29. Guns in public housing
  30. Bad: Letter From a Ding-Dong
  31. Good: Letter From Ted
  32. Bloomberg: Working With Existing Gun Laws 'Just Preposterous'
  33. Warning!! Milwaukee gun range voluntarily reports law-abiding customers to police
  34. Oregon Congressman's Embarrasing Survey On Firearms Sales And "Gun Safety"
  35. A Stinger for Scalia...
  36. Aurora an echo of VT????
  37. Good Article on CNN
  38. Gun store goes on radio supporting the ban in internet sales of ammo.
  39. The proper application of the 2nd Amendment
  40. The History of the Second Amendment
  41. Australian Gun Law Update
  42. Gun owners debate in wake of Aurora tragedy
  43. Illinois Gun Owners need to get in the game
  44. MILLER: Dispelling gun myths
  45. parallel to gun control
  46. BATF guns linked to crimes in NY last year purchased in Virginia.
  47. CO open carrier arrested in movie theater.
  48. White House gives cool welcome to bill restricting online ammo sales
  49. Senate is voting on CyberSecurity Bill w/ amendment "high cap magazines".
  50. Website news station other forum wherever it may be.... i
  51. Understanding of 2A RKBA verbiage
  52. My response to the Gun Grabbers in the wake of Colorado
  53. Editorial: Conservatives vs. Liberals on Gun Control
  54. "HOW GUNS WON" Time magazine's cover story, 8/6/2012
  55. Scalia "Open" To Gun Control?
  56. Good LTE in the anti-RKBA Roanoke times
  57. this should make your blood boil...
  58. Florida First state on Track to reach 1 MILLION CCW Permits
  59. Senators try to sneak gun control in cybersecurity bill.
  60. Fire mission - oppose high capacity magazine ban amendment
  61. Fire mission -- debate between gun owners
  62. 24 out of 25 Gun Uses for Self Defense, Not Crime
  63. UN treaty
  64. Does AK-47 sound scarier?
  65. Obama calls for measures against gun violence.
  66. Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls for Police Strick until Citizens are Dis-ARMED
  67. Pres. Obama comes out against "assult Rifles"
  68. Tools for murder? Valuable crime fighting asset? Apparently one and the same
  69. When should we have a gun-control debate?
  70. New hunting bill signed by AZ Governor
  71. Ny times op-Ed...not as bad as I thought it would be
  72. Great Quote from T.J.
  73. Time to ban a real killer...
  74. Maryland Must Issue?????
  75. Petition Self-Defense for New York State Residents
  76. Fire mission -- Would you favor an assault-weapons ban poll
  77. ICE-T defends gun rights
  78. Fear drives opposition to gun control
  79. US Ambassador to UK on our gun laws
  80. Crime prevention punnishes honest citizens
  81. Mexico urges U.S. to review gun laws after Colorado shooting- Just Can't Make This Up
  82. Bullet/talking points for discussions with anti-gunners
  83. Re: Aurora Incident - Online ammunition sales will be targeted next
  84. 56 Million Exterminated Under the Guise of Gun Control - Video
  85. Sept 2012 Manhattan NYC Community Board Public Hearing
  86. Current concerns to our 2A, and what can we do right now?
  87. Will Smith's response
  88. Anti-Gun Email From A Political Action Committee
  89. Response from a Senator
  90. Fox News piece: UN gun control treaty will reveal gun laws Obama really support
  91. BATF Acting Director threatens whistle Blowers
  92. Just watched an interesting episode of "The Rifleman"
  93. A professor with more than a half a brain
  94. Slate "Correction"?
  95. times up
  96. New Kentucky law
  97. Amazing Pro Gun Report WRAL NC
  98. Mr LaPierre Speaking For Us
  99. ~Seriously???~
  100. H.R. 6079 - 2A Defenders Stand
  101. Have you contacted your US Senators about the UN Small Arms Treaty?
  102. Chicago's Mayor Rahm Emanuel in a CBS interview
  103. If guns kill people, do spoons make people fat?
  104. College campus police profiling gun owners...
  105. 2A - Decipher This 'Stand Your Ground' Study and Homicides
  106. Law changes in Virginia
  107. The Definitive Guide to Virginia’s Air Gun Laws
  108. Which groups want to ban all guns?
  109. NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors
  110. Chicago Gun turn-in is a fundraiser for NRA Youth Camp
  111. UN Arms Treaty (MERGED)
  112. Mandate gun ownership?How would libs like that
  113. Bill of Rights Under Attack, SCOTUS says OK!
  114. Second Amendment Challenge to Cook County IL Gun Ban Moves Forward
  115. Missouri: Implementation of HB 1647 (Right to Carry) in Jeopardy!
  116. Chicago Mayor acts on Federal Judge Ruling.
  117. 2A - STOP SB249 - Progressive CA Gun Laws Step on Legal Owner's Necks - Socialism
  118. 2A - Ammo Attack: Scavenged (Lead) Bullets Dooming Condors - Same old argument
  119. Most Gun Friendly State
  120. 1st Time NJ’s Higher Court Applies Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  121. Another Story Dealing with Fast and Furious
  122. This article made me sick!
  123. Grand Slam? Denny's supports 2A - 34 second Video
  124. N.c. Hb 111
  125. Open Carry Confusion in OK, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains
  126. Chicago gets spanked by a Federal Judge once again!
  127. Should you be required to lock up...
  128. Gun Owner, Not Thief, Could be Held Liable for Murders in New Hampshire
  129. 2 'Fer - Attacks on Gun Ranges/Businesses from EPA, OSHA & 'Nanny' Local Supervisors
  130. Wis. DOJ wants more cash, workers for gun checks
  131. MI House votes to eliminate permit to purchase
  132. Breaking: 'game changer' (2) DOJ whistleblowers have come forward - Gunwalker Today!
  133. Decade Long Gun Control Rebellion by Americans in Wake of Brady Bill
  134. NY Ammo Laws!
  135. Democrat to offer bill repealing 'Stand Your Ground' laws
  136. Pushing Micro-Stamping Again
  137. Go Idaho! Proud of my State!
  138. I Really Like The Second Amendment, And The First One, Too.
  139. Il State - Concealed carry advocates continue efforts - Legislatative Vote Soon?
  140. Jesse Jackson: We Are Going to March on Gun Shops (Like, um, Gun Shops Kill People? )
  141. "Rev" Jesse is stirring a pot.
  142. Florida SYG Task Force meeting to be open for comment.
  143. "Stand Your Ground" Gets Lots of Ink In Tampa
  144. Public opinion about the National Rifle Association
  145. UCLA Law Professor Eugene Volokh - 2A Interview (video)
  146. Vindicating the Second Amendment: A Pioneering CA Gun Rights Case Comes to a Close
  147. Are your tax $s paying anti-gun lobbyists
  148. WA State Warning: Push to change CWP Law from 'Shall Issue' to 'May Issue'
  149. Why indifference to gun violence is a national crime He's talking to or about YOU
  150. Law: Calif deputy's guns found in criminal hands
  151. History repeats itself - Venezuela bans private gun ownership
  152. Despite ‘Castle Doctrine,’ defendant is convicted in slaying - PA - Philly
  153. Virginia glove compartment et al storage
  154. Any thoughts on where this idea came from?
  155. Retired CA cop shows the importance of concealed-carry for safety - Most CA Cannot!
  156. Positive Aritcle on Ohio Carry in Bar Law
  157. Look Out...Interstate reciprocity...democrat style
  158. Tester-Moran Amendment to Block Use of Taxpayer Money to Lobby for UN Gun Ban Passes
  159. DHS looks for these words scanning posts, twitters, profiles, and conversations.
  160. Congress should force anti-gun governments to obey federal transport laws
  161. NYS Assembly Codes, Tuesday May 22:
  162. Would you support multi-level CCW permits
  163. Important Victories for Missouri Gun Owners & CCW (May/2012)
  164. Just A Thought Aboiut H.R. 822
  165. Congress moves to stop states from stepping on Second Amendment
  166. Oops! Anti-Gun Politicians Accidentally Make "Shooting Fundraiser" a Huge Success
  167. After talking tough... 3 ways you can act to peserve your 2A Rights! Act now.
  168. Gander Mountain kicks the NRA out of WI stores
  169. Wash DC - City hassles wounded veteran of Afghanistan war - won't give guns back
  170. Senator Roy Blunt on Small Arms Treaty
  171. Inalienable versus Unalienable
  172. 20 years A bit harsh
  173. No Weapons Sign That Should Be Mandated By Law
  174. Blind man wins back his guns and 2nd Amendment Rights
  175. Trayvon Martin's Mother in Bloomberg Gun Control Video
  176. New York S1427-2011: Proposes a constitutional amendment protecting the RKBA
  177. They wrote shall not be infringed and they meant it!
  178. How are Gun rights God-Given and Inalienable?
  179. Open Carry Firearms Bill Now Headed to Oklahoma Governor
  180. Are State permit "need" requirements unconstitutional ?
  181. NC Restaurant Carry
  182. Write your Senators about this treaty.
  183. Media Matters Hates the 2A and you, if you legally own a firearm
  184. Obama Administration Trying to Keep Door Open to Register Long Guns
  185. House to vote on Trayvon Amendment
  186. More California Gun Control: Bill to Ban Open Carry of Rifles & Shotguns
  187. Notice !!!
  188. CA Assembly Passes Bill to Ban the Carry of Rifles (unloaded) anywhere
  189. Rep. Issa Pushing Contempt Order Against Eric Holder
  190. MI senator, Carl Levin, responds to nat'l reciprocity
  191. Handguns Allowed At GOP Convention
  192. American Hunters
  193. If you're from TN, you may not like this one.
  194. Florida Governors Task Force meeting on SYG-Watch Live
  195. Fetal homicide law.... Sort of.
  196. not good for Ted on YouTube, The U S A is going down the
  197. Harry Reid At It Again
  198. MTV Martial Law Commercial
  199. Margie Omero’s Open Letter to Pollsters Seeks to Control Gun Control Debate
  200. 8 Ways the Media does't understand gun owners
  201. Op-Ed: Shoot First Ask Later — Gun Laws in the U.S
  202. NAACP defends lawbreakers, wants self defense laws changed
  203. 'They' might' be coming for you. Not Sure. ATF and Legal Firearms in TX - 2A threat?
  204. Kentucky Employees May Not Be Fired for Lawfully Storing Guns in Their Cars
  205. Will you let them take them?
  206. Bank of America cancels business with Firearms company
  207. "Justifiable homicides" questioned in Detroit
  208. IRS to revoke gun rights and passports?
  209. The Battle of Athens, TN 1946...A little known history lesson...
  210. Stay Viligant! Attacks on your right to Carry - AZ Article/Response to Attack
  211. CNN: Florida Stand Your Ground Poll
  212. Congressman: Safety Concern for Obama Because of Folk Around this President with Guns
  213. Irony Alert - NAACP weighs in on what they say is a "Stand Your Ground" case against
  214. Wisconsin issues 100,000th concealed-weapon permit - Whoooooo Hoooooo!!!!!
  215. Man who resisted police wins Supreme Court case
  216. Election Year Issue - More on Fast and Furious (and hiding in open sight)
  217. Negroes With Guns
  218. Video - Clinton Signs the Brady Bill - 1993 'for Sarah Brady'
  219. Nothing has been rushed about the new Wisconsin gun rights law
  220. Stand Your Ground Laws and the Dignity of Human Life
  221. Florida task force setup to review stand your ground law
  222. Important 'Sportsman's Heritage Act' Passes House
  223. Ted Nugent's message to Obama
  224. Brady Campaign President: NRA Put ‘the Gun in George Zimmerman’s Hands’
  225. Defensive Gun Uses Save the U.S. One Trillion Dollars Per Year - and many lives
  226. Mother of fallen Virginia Tech Student speaks out..
  227. Collective Right?
  228. Chicago, the perfectly safe Gun Free Zone - Gun Related Homicides Soar in 2012!
  229. Does the GOP Convention hate freedom..
  230. Question About NRA and Wayne LaPierre
  231. President Obama & Gun Legistlation
  232. Janet Napolitano Signed 'Stand Your Ground' Law for Arizona in 2006 - Just sayin.....
  233. Gun sales increase across the state (TX), but also the Nation .
  234. Superior Court Orders Newton Police Chief (New Hampshire) to Issue Gun License & $Pay
  235. FL License to Carry for Military & Vets Under 21 is now Law
  236. 'Ding Dong' NY State DNA firepin stamping/microstamping is DOA as of today, for now!
  237. Bloomberg to push to overturn 'stand your ground' laws nationwide
  238. Mayor against illegal guns believe hr 822 dead in the senate
  239. Texas "Castle Law" (ennacted 2007)
  240. How Some Canadians Are Celebrating The Demise Of The Long Gun Registry.
  241. We should consider a new amendment to clarify the 2A
  242. SYG Support Causes Coca-Cola To Withdraw Backing
  243. Doesn't the 2nd Amendment apply to all weapons?
  244. Canada's Long Gun Registry Dead As Of Today, Unless you live In Quebec.
  245. And now for some really good news ....
  246. I'm Angry
  247. Hr 4269 - a stronger FOPA
  248. Utah public school carry
  249. National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act 2012
  250. Assoc. Press article obscures the point on the NC gun ban/state of emergency case