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  1. Debating thread
  2. 2A - EPIC FAIL (Moms Demand = NUTS!) Boycot Target Shareholders = FAIL
  3. MDA March over the Brooklyn Bridge & pundit attempts to turn tables on "74" map
  4. 2A So.................. Which Political Party has the most Hate/Shooters = Dem
  5. 2A - It did not work In Australia - Gun Crime Out of Control after 17 year Gun Ban
  6. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Apologizes
  7. How-to: Effective steps to keep "mental" threats from harming others
  8. How-to: Arming the citizenry while reducing likelihood of armed criminals
  9. Did banning machine guns stop machine gun crime?
  10. Accused Arms-Smuggler Gets Nearly 300,000 Votes in California Election
  11. New NRA Advertisment
  12. CCW Announcement
  13. Obama hearts gun confiscation
  14. 2A - Mass Cops Seize Dad’s Firearms License, Hunting Rifle After Argument With School
  15. Mainstream media is catching on to Bloomy's tactics!
  16. Anyone else scared?
  17. 'Moms Demand' Founder: Good guy with gun 'has never' stopped bad guy with gun
  18. a graphic about the Las Vegas shooting...
  19. Blowback on gun crime and good legal CCP holders
  20. Question Pertaining to S.C. And Florida CCW
  21. Has America lost its mind?
  22. Disarmament of the populace will not stop if guns are banned
  23. JPFO Article
  24. Is NICS a gun registry?
  25. Banning Seventy-year-old "Military Grade" Firearms
  26. More issues in Illinois?
  27. Some good op-eds about our 2A rights.
  28. Experienced attorney? Philanthropist?
  29. West Virginia waives NICS checks for CHL holders
  30. Handgun sales booming, says CNN
  31. IN Man Loses Drivers License, but Allowed to OC AR
  32. Gun Control Won't Work, But Will Give It a Good Chicago Try
  33. 2A - Gun Control Won’t Work, But Ammo Control Could
  34. Putting the fun back in plinking
  35. Elitists open wallets big time for WA gun control effort
  36. Alcohol vs. Rifles
  37. Iowa Primary today...who to vote for and vote out?
  38. WV City Repealing "Old Gun Laws" to Impliment New Ones
  39. Why gun hatred is irrational and a mental disease
  40. DOJ accused of targeting gun industry with 'Choke Point' program
  41. The Truth About Guns.....
  42. Hypocrisy in action
  43. Lots of anti-gun media attention right now.
  44. An Anti- Poll from NOLA.com we need to team up on
  45. Did I miss something? Gun "reforms" as part of spending bill?
  46. How many will WORK, really WORK?
  47. NOT ONE MORE.......They want to play.....Lets Play
  48. $10M for CDC to study gun violence
  49. Article 4, Sec. 2 of the Constitution - entitlement to all privileges of all states
  50. Seattle cops sue city, cite 2A violation!
  51. A reason to support the NRA
  52. Something very bothersome
  53. GOA Alert
  54. Here's a notion.
  55. California lawmakers push 'gun violence restraining order' after mass killing
  56. 2nd Amendment for the Blind?
  58. Men's Health - Antigun Articles
  59. The Left Utilizing "Joe The Plumber" in new push for control
  60. The Backdoor Policy To Gun Control
  61. Beware this woman.
  62. Daily Kos and Chipotle restuarants
  63. Ammo control
  64. So What Happened With Connecticut's Mandatory Gun Registration Law?
  65. Moms Demand Extortion may have a Pyrrhic Victory
  66. No CC posted on local business door
  67. Only a day and a half later....the legislative rumbling begins.
  68. Gun Buster Signs "Not the usual discussion"
  69. Unintended Consequences and the Difference Between Us and Them
  70. Anti Gun Candidate in VA Tweeting 2A Supporter Info
  71. Pick a Ride, Any Ride, They All Go Around-The Shooting They Have Been Waiting For
  72. The 2A battle will never be over?
  73. How does your state rate on gun rights?
  74. ATF rules that a trust is not legally a person, and creates the argument....
  75. NJ 2A Mag. Count
  76. Repeal the Texas 30.06 law
  77. Need assistance in finding violently anti-gun quotes
  78. Time for a boycott? Guess who, before you read this........
  79. ACTIVISM: How much is enough?
  80. If you own a firearms related business this is for you.
  81. Colorado College campuses under fire by Gun Control group.
  82. Sometimes it's hard to believe...
  83. Brady bunch suing NJ
  84. Bloomberg playing new gun control word games
  85. 2A - Targeted? Gun sellers say ‘high risk’ label from feds cuts off banking options,
  86. New Jersey Smart-Gun law a violation of Heller?
  87. The propaganda continues
  88. GOA Alert
  89. Anyone interested in going one-on-one...
  90. Louisiana-2014 failed & passed firearm legislation results.
  91. Lower Court Attempting to Override Heller in DC???
  92. If this has been posted MOD's please delete it
  93. Why cant you Illinois guys pull a Colorado on these people
  94. Should we be doing more?
  95. Louisiana permit holders get new bills sent to Governor
  96. Illinois change to drivers license
  97. 16K more Ohio CCW permits
  98. Yet another attempt to reframe People control
  99. The antis are trying a new tactic
  100. Colion Noir's new NRA show "reviewed" by lib media outlet
  101. This a cool pro-2nd Amendment article
  102. More unintended consequences (or maybe they were intended?)
  103. SCOTUS Denies Cert In Concealed Carry Case
  104. 1A protects 2A in Arizona appeals court ruling
  105. Madison's original wording of the 2A
  106. Subverting MDA/Everytown posters
  107. Gunsense Party: we should do this!
  108. About a year ago, I posted this...
  109. Tacoma WA gun shows now require background checks for all gun purchases
  110. What does the gun hating LEFT look like?
  111. Moms Demanding More Action
  112. So.....Here It Is....New Jersey.
  113. Time for SCOTUS to take up RTC?
  114. CA bill to watch AB 1964 ..End of SSE guns .. Not good at all
  115. An Amendment to the Amendment ??
  116. SAF, Florida Carry sue Tallahassee
  117. Crime news shows why UBCs won't work
  118. "gunny delight" Daily Show
  119. Bloomberg's Point Man Quits
  120. Are Guns Violent?
  121. Constitution day PSA
  122. JPFO Article
  123. New NRA recruitment video
  124. Any News About The Anti-NRA Protest in Indianapolis?
  125. Sarah Palin at the stand and fight rally
  126. Do civil rights end at the state line?
  127. NRA Annual Meeting; Wow!
  128. Bloomberg's New Ad
  129. Tom Ridge Leaves Bloomberg Organization
  130. Sheriff David Clarke at NRA 14
  131. There is an arms race in GOP pro 2ndA politics
  132. $50M V.S. Millions of $25
  133. An abbreviated look at rancher Cliven Bundy's family history
  134. Only Fox news is covering the tragic stabbing of a teenager in her school
  135. CA's Latest and Greatest Hope: AB 1563
  136. NRA Opens in Indy; grassroots in Washington
  137. Finally Joined the Second Amendment Foundation-Gunr Rights Policy Conference in Sept
  138. Video from IL - How many here are...
  139. Georgia's New "Guns Everywhere" Law
  140. Fire Mission
  141. Second Amendment March.
  142. Age of Forum Members
  143. HooRay for Georgia
  144. Would you give your vote to Dr. Carson in 2016?
  145. Civility Works Both Ways
  146. Must Watch! Immigrant knows our constitution better than anti-gunners
  147. What can we learn from the Bundy ranch situation?
  148. 'Everytown' antis plan anti-NRA demonstration
  149. Ex-Justice Stevens says Ban Guns
  150. What is the militia?
  151. Odd thing over at Facebook "Everytown for Gun Safety"
  152. Just a few "anti-MDA/Everytown" emotional pics
  153. Today in history - April 19, 1775
  154. Strange email from Every Town for Gun Safety
  155. The NRA Loves Michael Bloomberg
  156. Newest email from Bloomy & MDA
  157. LA: Two gun bills die
  158. N.R.A "Beg-a-thon" Offering huge membership discounts..
  159. FIRST ARREST? Connecticut Man Faces Charges For Unregistered “Assault Rifle,” Standar
  160. KY Pro Gun Reform Bill signed into law last week. HB 128
  161. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/16/bloomberg-to-spend-50m-on-new-gun-control-
  162. Remember These Names!
  163. Bloombergs Plan
  164. Official "entrusted with the duty to protect and serve the American public"
  165. There is no cavalry coming. WE ARE THE CAVALRY.
  166. Sad Day in New York State
  167. The Battle of Athens
  168. Cop who helped rescue Jaycee Dugard sues for right to carry concealed weapon
  169. A Giant Has Awoken: Resistance in the Blue Zone
  170. WA State & Short Barreled Rifles - Finally!
  171. The 2nd amendment examined by a historical language scholar.
  172. Feinstein & 81 other Democrats
  173. CT: Special Election
  174. Louisiana HB 72 & HB 1066 Need your help
  175. New alert from GOA
  176. Congressman Jeff Duncan (S.C.) Speaking on the 2A And Military Bases
  177. Awesome 2A Campaign Video
  178. Eric Holder wants money to study gun tech
  179. Safe Act-NY
  180. Anti-gun Moms coming to Seattle; will they talk about knives?
  181. Pro-gun Rights March Against Mainstream Media
  182. Juan Williams Anti 2A
  183. Florida Sheriffs attempting to rid use of guns in emergency......
  184. Does your gun need a bracelet?
  185. Texas: Senate Committee to Hold Interim Hearing on Open Carry...
  186. Jack Kimball ~ If You Intend To Harm Our Children ...
  187. New Yorkers rally against Safe Act
  188. Kansas ... passes some new protections (Hb2578).. awaiting Gov signature.
  189. Not sure what you can do?
  190. Anyone else getting bombarded by the NAGR?
  191. Keeping Guns From The Mentally Ill
  192. The SAFE Compliant AR is now being sold...
  193. Go MO!
  194. Is this how it really is............?
  195. What limitations would you SUPPORT?
  196. Good news: Anti-gun Boise Police chief to retire
  197. Harry Reid's lame reaction" Let's revisit background checks!
  198. Another Federal Court Victory
  199. STOP national gun registration
  200. SAF wins case v. New Mexico "citizens only" CCW requirement
  201. Is civil disobedience now the thought process for gun owners?
  202. How much we betting this guy walks away no charges
  203. Gun Control 1934 - Bloomberg would have loved it!!!
  204. Piers Morgan face palm
  205. Replica bullets earn weapons conviction for former Washington man
  206. A Michigan Win...
  207. New York State Police Will Not Enforce 7-round Mag Limit
  208. Worth Listening To
  209. Viva Michigan! Hello SBR's!
  210. Mexifornia Sentor Trafficking in Guns
  211. Appeals Court Ruling Overturned by SCOTUS, Bloomberg Claims a Win
  212. Good news in RI
  213. Feinstein after your guns......again
  214. If the 2nd doesn't protect AK47s, the 1st doesn't protect modern media
  215. Anti-gun Caifornia state senator in legal trouble
  216. NC: CCW permits are not public record.
  217. Hobby Lobby and the 2nd
  218. Bloomberg Report on Georgia's New Laws
  219. All students suspended!
  220. 'Common-sense gun safety is bull,' says Bill Maher
  221. Sheriffs advocate standing against Anti-2nd laws
  222. Martin Niemoller on the 2A
  223. The Second Amendment: A Symbol of Freedom or an Invitation to Violence?
  224. Idaho Gov Signs Emergency Legislation to Nullify Fed Gun Laws
  225. Another "Outdoorsman" trashes everyone else.
  226. Illinois school handout teaches Second Amendment
  227. Good video: "No Guns for Negroes"
  228. Yay Georgia, or, Another Black-Eye for Bloomberg
  229. TN : HOA Makes Guns Illegal for Residents
  230. Di-Fi is at it again!
  231. New florida bill makes warning shot legal 3 21 2014
  232. Writing your state legislators
  233. Austin Gun Range needs support
  234. Well heck is staring to freeze over HI is close to shall issue now ..
  235. WA: 591 vs. 594
  236. Charleston, WV Mayor Goes Wild Over Gun Law Change
  237. GUN NUTS: "Your 2nd Amendment is Outdated!"
  238. Set these politicans right about 2A - both parties. SC/TN pay esp attention to this!
  239. self-determination of states
  240. feds-raid-gun-parts-stores-despite-court-order
  241. NJ 10 round bills
  242. First American Store to Sell “Smart Gun”
  243. NY "SAFE Act" possible protest?
  244. The real meaning of gun control
  245. NRA victory over housing authority a blow to 'gun free zone' mentality
  246. Listen to the dummy ....An easy approach to Explaining our constitution .
  247. Anti-gun Mayor of Charleston WV..angry
  248. Panel Recommends Erosion of Florida Carry Rights
  249. Shooting on Private Property
  250. The NRA's amicus brief on the NSA Spying appeal