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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. Voisine v. US. - SCOTUS rules . . .
  2. Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill To Eliminate Concealed Carry Permits
  3. The ethics of gun ownership and the 2A
  4. VA Gov. McAuliffe's Restoring of Rights to Felons has Unintended Consequences
  5. Democrats vs Republicans and the reality of the media.
  6. Trump……Could it be?
  7. It's not just "them" that seek to erode your rights... Ben Carson on the 2nd
  8. Bipartisan U.S. House Members Vow To Keep Gun Control Fight Alive
  9. My Latest Letter to the Editor
  10. CA will now study Gun Violence
  11. 2nd amendment night at baseball game
  12. Terrorism, Gun Rights
  14. Diane Feinstein: You Should Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  15. Yet another anti-gun/CCW bill proposed in California
  16. New Yorker mag: Making a Killing -- The business and politics of selling guns.
  17. US Rep Charlie Rangel says he deserves protection. We don't.
  18. Quote for today !
  19. The state of man on the other side of the gun debate
  20. Democrats throw hissie -fit on the House floor over the Second Amendment
  21. A good read from "The Guardian". Found this on Huff-Post of all places!
  22. Knew they were not done with this nonsense
  23. Code Pink and Patriot Picket At NRA HQ 6/20/16 AAR - Pic Heavy
  24. Constitutional Carry in NC?
  25. Why is it OK to .....
  26. Four gun control possibilities up for vote at 5:30 ET today
  27. SCOTUS Upholds Assault Rifle bans...refuses challenges
  28. Ban on Semi-automatic rifles or another case of conflating "Semi" with Full" auto?
  29. The Benefits Of Gun Control (NOT)
  30. NRA , wrong side of the fence again
  31. Judge upholds suspension of boy who chewed pop tart into shape of gun
  32. Profound Explaination (circa 1909)
  33. If we could go back in time and enact a law.....
  34. Restrictive firearms legislation
  35. Under Pressure, Senators Formulate Gun Control Compromise
  36. Somewhat political question
  37. Brevard County Sheriff--THE 4 A's OF SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENARIO...
  38. NRA-ILA Call to Action
  39. Nra's response
  40. That pesky "due process".
  41. President's Speech in Orlando Today
  42. Protesters at NRA HQ June 20-21. Counter Demonstration Being Planned
  43. Internet sales....background checks.....I'm not getting it
  44. GOP folding on gun control.
  45. Anyone else see this? Academy Caves?
  46. NRA folds on terrorist watch list.
  47. No fly, no buy?
  48. Fox news bimbo (aka 'Wretchen' Carlson) calls for AR15 ban
  49. What can actually be done to stop evil people from legally buying guns?
  50. Gun Control is Now Part of Homeland Security
  51. James Clyburn - lawmaker, Dem., the REAL biggest fool to walk the face of the earth
  52. In the case of a possible "assault weapons ban"....
  53. Progress in Lawsuit by Newtown Families
  54. Alan Grayson- lawmaker, Democrat, biggest fool ever to walk the face of the earth
  55. USA Today Poll on AWB
  56. NARRATIVE FAIL: Orlando Islamic Terrorist Did NOT Use An AR-15
  57. Not nailing my own coffin lid
  58. My Thoughts on Gun Control & Mass Shootings
  59. According To The Rolling Stone !
  60. Has Anyone Seen This? Bbc -O interview
  61. Pink Pistols Group - Statement on Florida shooting
  62. Call AR-15 cop guns....
  63. If gun rights disappeared?
  64. Pistol purchase permits could be eliminated in North Carolina
  65. Veterans Coalition for Common Sense
  66. Alabama Veterans To Get No Charge Concealed Carry Permits.
  67. Two sorry people
  68. Florida: contempt for 2A
  69. Gavin Newsome and His Plan
  70. Apalled depressed and disgusted
  71. 2A takes another hit. 9th circuit court decision
  72. 9th Circuit at it again
  73. Peruta vs San Diego: En Banc
  74. Interesting analysis of possible changes to Supreme Court
  75. The perfect politician
  76. Couric's under the gun confesses to Federal Gun crimes
  77. Well I guess that shows what apologies are worth... {Under the Gun}
  78. Chicago needs to re-assess their gun laws.
  79. What if...just, what if...
  80. Should there be a minimum age requirement with the Second Amendment?
  81. Well, if you are Scottish, this is emabarrassing
  82. 2A Link
  83. Looks like progress to me.
  84. No Good News For DC License Seekers
  85. HI Legislation to Register Gun Owners
  86. When, not if...
  87. Unethical journalism: Couric alters words of VCDL members
  88. Background checks for ammo? California says yes!
  89. In 15 minutes Donald Trump Live NRA Annual meeting
  90. U.S. District Court Judge John J. McConnell Jr. rules in favor of Bristol, RI police
  91. NRA News: Cam & Company Interview with Dave Kopel
  92. Hillary and the 2nd Amendment
  93. Harriet Tubman and CCW for self defense
  94. The attack continues
  95. Federal judge blocks 'good reason' requirement in D.C.
  96. 2A Victory in Alameda County...
  97. 9th circuit ruling!!!
  98. "Nobody is going to take away your guns!"
  99. Missouri permit needed in future?
  100. Let your voice be heard
  101. WI Open Carry Laws?
  102. 411 For fellow Missouri CC
  103. The truth about gun control.
  104. State Constitutions
  105. Just Desserts
  106. Article on American Liberalism
  107. 2A ruling by SCOTUS -- Caetano v Massachusetts
  108. Why you should ignore those pesky signs...
  109. DOJ to stop using the word "felon" or "convict"
  110. Another record gun sales month
  111. Trump for fence sitters
  112. Find a liberal friend and tell them what is at stake.....
  113. Time to Unite if 2A is to survive
  114. Georgia Governor Vetoes Campus Carry Bill
  115. I fear Hillary will win.
  116. Cooler Heads In California On Gun Restrictions
  117. Chelsea Clinton: "Now that Scalia's gone, we can enact gun control"
  118. Sometimes common sense gun laws don't seem so common sense
  119. Good News for Missourians
  120. Confused about 2A
  121. Another "Smart Gun" push coming.
  122. Grey's Anatomy
  123. Tracking the flow of guns used in crime is inexact science
  124. Everyone Please Cast Your Vote to Show Support for GA Campus Carry
  125. Buffalo Wild Wings
  126. A speed bump in my pro gun argument
  127. Could SC be #11 with permtless CC???
  128. VA Gov. McAuliffe Allows Felons to Vote in November
  129. Disturbing parallels between pre-WWII Germany and the U.S.
  130. Measuring "Gun Violence" - More Nonsence from the Wizards of Smart
  131. More Gun Control Laws for Illinois
  132. I hate to ask........
  133. New Brady Campaign Ad (Alice in Wonderland)
  134. Tennessee: HB1736 - House to Vote on Higher Ed Self-Defense Legislation
  135. This may be old but I couldn't find anything on DC-- Wisconsin hits 300,000 CCers
  136. 2A: Where Are We Now?
  137. New York City CCW permits for sale
  138. The Gun Show Loophole, According To CNN.
  139. Gov W/gun signs bill, moms mad
  140. Legal SKS in New Jersey?
  141. Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Judge Rules Against Gun Companies
  142. Trump on 2A
  143. How Many AGGIES Can Carry Concealed On Campus ?
  144. Obama’s Newest Gun Control Scheme Involves Social Security B
  145. GUNS, AMMO & the GOP
  146. Buy guns online, ship to house
  147. 260,381 Veterans lose gun rights
  148. $1000 handgun tax??
  149. AL: Senate Bill 14 to Allow Guns in Cars w/o Permit Opposed by "Most" Al LEO leaders
  150. VA Executive Order 50 - Learned Something New
  151. gun control question
  152. Shaming Anti 2A State Legislators - Had Some Fun Tuesday Morning
  153. MO Supreme Court Allows Suit Against Gun Dealer Over Sale
  154. Worth a Fresh Read Given 2A Assaults
  155. Texas AG Puts Local Governments on Notice for Infringing Concealed Carry Rights
  156. Gun Owners of America Claims Victory over ‘Bloomberg’s Billions’
  157. Moms target Fresh Market
  158. Governor Cuomo's April 1 Announcement
  159. Bill of rights - constitutional amendments
  160. I got to meet Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly - Woo-Hoo!!!
  161. MS Senate Approves NRA-Backed Permitless Carry Expansion
  162. PROUD of MY STATE
  163. U.S. Capitol Shooting
  164. 50 State Stun Gun Carry Coming Soon?
  165. Looks like we're getting cans
  166. Idaho goes constitutional
  167. Question about Army Corps of Engineers land
  168. Petition for OC at Cleveland GOP Convention
  169. Supreme Court overturns stun gun ban
  170. State 2A Gains Over Several Years
  171. SCOTUS rules in favor of 2nd Amendment rights today
  172. Presidential Candidates and the 2nd Amendment
  173. NRA/Bernie supporter...?
  174. Handgun Owning/Carrying Democrats
  175. NRA recall of board member....
  176. Idaho constitutional carry bill goes to the Governor!
  177. Md. Reciprocity bill
  178. Obama SCOTUS nominee - anti 2nd amendment
  179. Merrick Garland and the Second Amendment
  180. 2A CCW History Made In Maryland Tonight And You'll Only See It Here!
  181. Making A Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA
  182. I love Sheriff Clarke
  183. Status Requested: VA Interstate Travel with CC
  184. NSA Data: Domestic and Foreign Surveillance without Court Orders
  185. CBS Sunday Morning Gun Segments.
  186. Conceal carry at work
  187. Gun Laws in your state
  188. Crap statistics?
  189. SC/Ga. Reciprocity
  190. Media reveals location of gun owners in Texas
  191. Does your state have a Citizens Defense League?
  192. Permitless carry in Missouri
  193. Concealed Carry Takes a Hit In DC
  194. Great Day For A Protest
  195. MD is becoming the CA of the east
  196. Executive Order May Ban Private Gun Transfers
  197. 2016 Dems clash on gun control at debate
  198. Sheriff Conway gets it!
  199. West Virginia Going Constitutional Carry
  200. Tennessee: Vote Coming Tuesday on Permit-Less Carry
  201. Why do some think, polling places ought to be any different ?
  202. Voter turn out today, got to be a record.
  203. The debate point: loose gun law states increase gun violence in gun control cities
  204. A Danish citizens take on Obamas gun grab and terrorism
  205. Quit my gym - 2A infringement
  206. Alternate names for gun free zones
  207. Texas Campus Carry referendum
  208. SCOTUS judge Thomas shocks court with 2A argument questions.
  209. WA state concealed carry surge continues
  210. Permitless carry passes house Jackson
  211. NICS background checks
  212. VCDL Presidential Candidate Survey
  213. Official Trump 2A thread
  214. Lexington Massachusets Gun grap attempt March 21, 2016
  215. Concealed Carry Reciprocity Deal Signed in Virginia HB1163
  216. Question About MD / TX Law ....
  217. Gun owners in GA...
  218. Voting in the Primary
  219. Irrational Houston Faculty Come Unhinged Over Campus Carry
  220. Some More on the Kalamazoo Shooting
  221. Bushmaster being sued over Sandy Hook murders.
  222. Visited the Texas State Capitol in Austin
  223. Remember This One.........
  224. 2016 Georgia HB1060 Relating To Carrying & Possession Of Firearms:
  225. votes on Texas campus carry
  226. Pro-gun Groups In the May Issue States?
  227. The Scalia vacancy...
  228. Showdown looms in Texas over university's reading of campus carry law
  229. Second Amendment Foundation Email
  230. So glad I don't live in California anymore!
  231. Pat Rogers NRA GAOS NRA News
  232. Reality Check: Concealed Carry and Gun-Free Zones
  233. Jeb Bush Gun Pic on Twitter
  234. The Constitution is clear....
  235. Crash Dummy Explains Gun Control - 3rdA twist
  236. Full Reciprocity, Idea and Confusion
  237. Can I Legally Own a Gun Now? What are my rights.
  238. Comedian Jackie Mason Mocks Bloomberg
  239. Recent events
  240. Justice Scalia Died!!! One Thread Only!!
  241. Moving to Montana
  242. Gun ownership 'not a disease'
  243. If You're Going To A Range In.....New Jersey.
  244. The Least Pro-2A Republican is Out
  245. 2016 Georgia Campus Carry Legislation: HB 859
  246. Criminologists, Economists Find Benefits to Gun Ownership
  247. California Gun Stupidity
  248. Warning to American gun owners from Canada
  249. Bloomberg for President? Watch gun and ammo sales surge...
  250. WV Tries Again For Permit-less Carry