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  1. How Some Canadians Are Celebrating The Demise Of The Long Gun Registry.
  2. We should consider a new amendment to clarify the 2A
  3. SYG Support Causes Coca-Cola To Withdraw Backing
  4. Doesn't the 2nd Amendment apply to all weapons?
  5. Canada's Long Gun Registry Dead As Of Today, Unless you live In Quebec.
  6. And now for some really good news ....
  7. I'm Angry
  8. Hr 4269 - a stronger FOPA
  9. Utah public school carry
  10. National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act 2012
  11. Assoc. Press article obscures the point on the NC gun ban/state of emergency case
  12. Update on Brian Aitken's case in NJ
  13. Ammox Tax rider in healthcare bill?
  14. Florida Stand Your Ground law
  15. Emergency powers 2a victory in NC
  16. Georgia Bill needs your action today!
  17. N.Y. Micro Stamping Bill Finally Bites The Dust fFor Good!
  18. "Silencers" Could Soon Be Allowed For Hunters
  19. Consider this old barn the next time you vote.
  20. Minnesota/Iowa
  21. Miami Herald poll on repealing stand your ground - get your vote in!
  22. Ny microstamping proponent - priceless
  23. Shall issue = more permits denied
  24. One county in IL approves CC law
  25. Anyone seen sound test data on Black Powder weapons?
  26. Pennsylvanians Unite!
  27. A NEW Protest at JMU on April 2nd!
  28. As Expected
  29. New Mexico is NO LONGER RECOGNIZING Virginia CHPs
  30. A Safer Society with Guns by Jeff Jacoby
  31. First salvo at the “Stand Your Ground” law.
  32. Administration Banning Re-Import of Surplus Military Weapons (M-1911 and M1s)
  33. TN tourist busted at NYC 9/11 memorial site
  34. The AG
  35. We've Got To Brainwash People Against Guns
  36. ACLu sides with 2A, again. Interesting case out of 5th Appeals Court
  37. The 1946 Battle of Athens Tennessee
  38. Governor vetoes permitless conclealed carrry in SD
  39. Not your gun.
  40. Louisana news
  41. go ahead, ban guns...
  42. What’s Next for Gun Rights?
  43. Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Legislation goes to the US Senate.
  44. Is anyone else having problems with the BLM Rangers?
  45. 1st amendment also under attack?
  46. I'm sure this is a repeat, but I couldn't find another thread with this
  47. Gun instructors hope measure is shot down
  48. Gun Control and the Second Amendment symposium
  49. Illinois legislature to consider CC again
  50. Carry on the job? Boss a 'prohibited person?' You're a criminal!
  51. A sad day for Oregon University students...
  52. Virginia Legislative Update as of 3/7/2012
  53. 12 states on path to guns with no permits
  54. Illinois Members
  55. Colorado= win some/lose some
  56. Colorado Supreme Court rules against campus gun ban
  57. Victory in Maryland!
  58. Kid Draws Gun - Dad Arrested
  59. Question About Florida Gun Purchase laws?
  60. Paul Quander, Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice, says...
  61. The Battle Of Athens
  62. Gun rights advocates score a double-barreled victory in the Oregon Senate
  63. Mayor Bach (Colorado Springs) REJECTS MAIG and Bloomberg!
  64. The Big List of Gun Haters
  65. Campus Carry in Florida....
  66. Illinois House Executive Committee Passes Ammo Tax and Handgun Registery Bills
  67. Seattle case illustrates total gun control failure
  68. Enemies Foreign & Domestic
  69. Virginia SP "Instant" background checks funding
  70. Virginia Legislative Update as of 2/26/12
  71. Another good Virginia bill passed this week...
  72. Bristol Ranges in Kenosha WI say no CC allowed
  73. Anti-gun celebrities
  74. Very good read: The Facts about Gun Shows...
  75. Employees of local governments firearms in goverment parking lots
  76. Campus carry on Mississippi universities
  77. Anti-2A Hypocrisy
  78. Both Houses have passed repeal of Virginia's OGAM law
  79. Marine says NO!
  80. Some good news for virginia gun owners today!
  81. Email generator for bill that VCDL OPPOSES
  82. Virginia Legislative Update as of 2/17/12
  83. New Jersey
  84. The Obama anti-gun monster has begun to growl.
  85. Arizona now honors Arkansas permits
  86. Passed, The Long Gun Registry To Be Scrapped In Canada. Victory!!!!
  87. Please request Virginia Senators to support a number of bills...
  88. G.O.A. email regarding United Nations Arms
  89. Anti-gun Hypocrisy
  90. (WA) Olympic College revising campus weapons policy (for the better)
  91. HR 822 PASSES US House Of Representatives
  92. Virginia Legislative Update as of 2/10/12
  93. Bill allowing guns in Virginia airports delayed a year
  94. Rep. Carolyn*McCarthy’s district on the chopping block :)
  95. Educate yourselves and the masses!!!
  96. Rahm Emanual Proposes Gun Tax In Chicago
  97. Missouri- Alert Your Reps. Vote No Blair's Law!
  98. VA House passes Castle Docrine bill
  99. More illegal gun purchases by reporters
  100. GA - Just got this 2a related email.. Might be worth looking into....
  101. Another good night for Virginia! Action Item/Help needed
  102. PilotOnline.com -- Va. Legislature loads up on gun-rights initiatives w/ poll
  103. The bloomberg add...
  104. Mayor Bahhumbug at it again!
  105. Legislative Update 2/3/12 - mixed news
  106. Special treatment for retired Commonwealth Attorneys
  107. Legislative Update 2/2/12 - more good news
  108. Virginia Legislation -- ACTION ITEM for Virginia members -- VSP & background checks
  109. Right to Carry in NH
  110. Convicted felon? Want to carry a gun? Get elected sheriff.
  111. This is why we must cherish and maintain our right
  112. Eric Holder's 'Fast and Furious' woe
  113. Colorado
  114. Virginia Legislative Update
  115. Idaho's Governor, a face to face conversation.
  116. Bills in South carolina
  117. Tennessee parking lot/employee safe passage
  118. New Jersey Assembly aims to ban all handgun, some rifle ammo
  119. Calling All SC Citizens H3293 is not dead
  120. HUGE docket has been prepared for Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee...
  121. You think we've got it rough?
  122. Virginia Rant
  123. George Washington Once Said
  124. Gun Owner ID Cards Soar In Chicago
  125. Illinois members - you have a bill to defeat
  126. Virginia Members: Fire Mission Re: GUN BILLS TO BE HEARD TOMORROW, JANUARY 26!
  127. Meet the 'gun reformers'
  128. Virginia Legislation -- More Fire Missions for Virginia members.
  129. Concealed Guns Without Permit Bill Fails (Colorado)
  130. Could it be genetic?
  131. Virginia Legislation -- Fire Mission forl Virginia members.
  132. Texas banning guns-Chicago Ok'ing guns outside the home?
  133. My NICS denial is overturned.. ish? I'm confused.
  134. Cook County weapon ban legal case
  135. Legal fees finalized for 2008 Heller v DC decision
  136. Question on Utah non-resident CCL
  137. The dangers behind not exercising a right....(long)
  138. In Oregon, you can have your weed and your gun, according to the state supreme court
  139. 20 years of work will be lost in a flash
  140. CC on Idaho college campus? Just checking...
  141. Update on SAF versus NJ lawsuit
  142. The Gun is Civilization
  143. Gun Free Zones LOL
  144. Idiot delivers a rant about the "right to keep & bear arms"
  145. Have you seen "CCW Killers" website?
  146. Michelle Obama’s warning to gun owners
  147. California "Shall Issue" legislation
  148. NEED: Sample letter to legislator supporting Castle Doctrine legislation
  149. Brady Bill Mailing Propaganda
  150. MD CC permittee takes misdemeanor plea in NYC, no jail time
  151. New York City's Gun Laws Nab Another One: Former Marine Arrested
  152. Videos of speakers at the VCDL Virginia Tech protest on November 17
  153. City here, tries to find a way to create a "gotcha" law.
  154. ATF has no clue Gun Makers Baffled
  155. Year of record gun sales and of people shot or killed
  156. Could the Virginia bottle-neck on approval of sales be on its lasy legs?
  157. The Jimmy John's Gentleman gets it...why don't others? :dunno:
  158. Absolutely idiotic anti-2a youtube channel
  159. National Foundation for Gun Rights
  160. A Tough Year for Gun Control’s Brady Campaign
  161. Another victim of NY/NYC lack of reciprocity. 39 y/o med student faces prison time.
  162. Don't watch this,it'll make you sick!
  163. Question on:campus, your handgun, and your car?
  164. The opening of the Virginia Legeslative session and VCDL's Lobby Day is almost here!
  165. New Statistics from National Center for Health Statistics
  166. Graphs and Heaven and the Second
  167. Obama : 2nd term ? and gun rights..............
  168. Ok Florida! Another attack on our Concealed Carry Rights! HB 1087
  169. Utah Lawmaker says, stop harrasing defensive carry.
  170. Holder plays race card
  171. Push for stronger self-defense law in WA!
  172. "Illegal immigrants have no right to arms"- Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit
  173. What 2nd Amendment?
  174. Gun Control Issue on Kentucky college at KY Supreme Court
  175. anti-terrorist language in Defense bill??
  176. New Bloomberg investigation
  177. VA: Vote for Bills You'd Like to Become Laws
  178. Congressman blames NRA for Fast and Furious
  179. H.R.822, the National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act
  180. Congressman holds Tea Party and NRA responsible for Fast and Furious - WTH!
  181. [CBS] ATF Used Fast and Furious to Implement Gun Regulation
  182. This is common sense gun legislation
  183. Interesting Trend In Issue Rights
  184. Bill passes allowing govt' to imprison American citizens without the right of Habeus
  185. Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) has drafted a bill that would block ...
  186. Bill introduced to protect WA gun owners at work
  187. new Post Office case
  188. NC Gamelands carry changes.
  189. New Year's Wishes
  190. Fixing a bad law in Indiana. Fianlly.....
  191. The Economist: A Cite to DC.com
  192. Gun Issues and the Current Administration.....
  193. Feds bag idea of curbing target practice on public lands
  194. A caution about new Kel-tec pistol for non-CHP holders in Virginia
  195. Viginia may change its laws
  196. Some Apparent Good News for Gun Owners
  197. Shooting on public land allowed...for now
  198. HR822 Passes in House
  199. Apparently Bloomberg is against the 1st and 2nd amendment
  200. More "Hope and Change" ...
  201. FYI: H.R. 822 vs H.R. 2900 Gun Owners of America
  202. Another Fire mission Poll on Campus Carry -- GMU this time
  203. Obama: no plans to implement new controls on arms sales
  204. Democratic Lawmakers Urge Obama to Veto Gun Measure
  205. House Considers Expanding Gun-Carry Laws
  206. Please contact your U.S. Representative Immediately!
  207. New Initiative to Make California Shall Issue
  208. Too bad they did cite "unarmed victim zones"
  209. USA Today Wants Your Opinion on the 2nd Amendment
  210. Contact Representatives: H.R. 822
  211. H.R. 822 will be considered week of Nov 14th
  212. Michigan and Maine
  213. Alex Wagner's Opinion of the 2nd Amendment
  214. 2011 election -- Virginia Gun Legislation Discussion and VCDL-PAC endorsements
  215. Once again, another country DEMONSTRATES why we need the 2nd Amendment!
  216. Appeals Court --- Seattle gun ban in parks illegal
  217. Way(s) to influence pro-gun legislation / more places legal to carry
  218. SAF, NRA win again in Seattle gun ban lawsuit
  219. Fire mission Poll on Campus Carry...
  220. Citi Bank is Anti 2A
  221. Fast and Furious Update
  222. Wisconsin application form available now on line
  223. Wisconsin CCW law Update Info
  224. Gun Control Facts
  225. Armed (with AR 15's) "militia" group shows up at Occupy Phoenix
  226. A new anti-firearm organization?
  227. Well done, old chaps
  228. Gun Rights Policy Conference Audio Available
  229. H.R. 822, the Trojan Horse gun bill, has reached the House floor.
  230. Gunner in Iraq, cant own at home?
  231. New York AG 'warns' against national CCW reciprocity
  232. Liberal Courts Still Gunning Against Second Amendment Rights
  233. The saga of gun ownership in NJ
  234. Obama Administration -- Less protection for gun rights
  235. Two important Bills need a YES vote.
  236. If CA gets its way....
  237. Senate votes to end 'Fast and Furious' gun program
  238. Letter from the anti-freedom Virginia Center for Public Safety...
  239. Silencers / Surpressors legal in Washington?
  240. BLM tries to ban shooting on public lands
  241. Canton, Ohio CHL Motorist of Video Fame To Be Tried
  242. Petition to the Whitehouse, H.R. 822
  243. Common sense alternative to H.R. 822 (carry reciprocity)
  244. TN guns in bars bill sponsor charged with having gun while driving drunk
  245. Californa Open Carry Ban....
  246. VCDL Announces "Operation Campus Safety"
  247. Campus carry unofficially approved by dean
  248. Tennessee gun crime rate is among highest
  249. Illinois Congressman takes on the "anti's"
  250. Fl. Campus carry set to be heard in November