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  1. Interview with Alan Gura (Lawyer that Argued McDonald)
  2. **ALERT ROUND 9 ** FL (HR-315), More Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration
  3. Gun rights and health care
  4. Good LTE in Roanoke Times
  5. This will be the shortest lived judicial decision on 2A ever
  6. Beware of European-loving gun restrictonists
  7. Vermont l: Maslack recently proposed a bill to register "non-gun-owners"
  8. Beach vs Kelly NYC
  9. Lautenberg Amendment Question
  10. Psychological Profile of Gun Banners by an MD
  11. ** URGENT ROUND 8 ** FL- Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration Bill, Sched. March 16
  12. More Guns, Less Crime - 3rd ed due in May 2010
  13. MA court upholds a state law requiring trigger locks
  14. California Lawmaker Introduces Bill Banning Open Carry
  15. Ohio Supreme Court to hear gun rights case concerning Cleveland
  16. Chicago mayor calls for more state gun control
  17. Liberals and the NRA have found common cause in a pending supreme court case.
  18. firearms education/Eddie Eagle in elementary school
  19. URGENT ROUND 7 Bill to STOP Gun Registration Up Tuesday, March 9
  20. N.Y. High Court Judge Takes Colleagues to Task Over Constitutional Issue in Gun Case‏
  21. Hit this poll...VA Subcommittee question
  22. Pro-Gun Companies
  23. VA: Special Subcommittee kills the bills
  24. A great article on privacy issues and CC
  25. REPORT -- ROUND 5: FL Senate Passes Trust Fund BiIl 31-9
  26. Soth Dakota Passes Firearms Freedom Act.
  27. VA Senate Blocking Constituent Email
  28. VA: Another Smack in the Face
  29. Virginia Members -- Action needed.
  30. Starbucks sticking to it's guns
  31. NRA
  32. Another Starbucks Poll to hit
  33. Mississippi CCW Bill 0289 pending - needs your help
  34. Supreme Court likely decision to overturn Chicago's gun ban could impact New York
  35. VERY GOOD Op Ed Roanoke Times
  36. One of the best pro-2A articles in a while!
  37. IOWA ..... what's going with you guys ?
  38. Local University tries to stop shooting range
  39. URGENT ALERT: ACT NOW -- FL Bill (SB-530) to STOP Gun Registration Up Thursday
  40. gun ban due to UN treaty
  41. Mcdonald Vs. Chicago Transcript...
  42. VA: Restaurant ban repeal has PASSED
  43. CNN Poll on SCOTUS McDonald vs Chicago Bill
  44. USA Today Poll
  45. GOOD LTE in Roanoke Times
  46. Politicians are no better than we are! HELP!!
  47. Poll; Chicago Handgun Ban, CNN.Com
  48. Putting the STAR in Starbucks!
  49. Virginia Dems cheap shot
  50. Maryland's HB52
  51. From 2009: Story from abc news: New awb on the way
  52. Article in American Thinker addresses Arizona's resturaunt carry, and more
  53. Supreme Court and 2A
  54. HELP-- URGENT *** ROUND 4 *** FL (House) HB-651 - Protect gun owners money from raids
  55. Utah governor signs controversial "firearm freedom act" bill into law
  56. Va's CC restaurant ban repeal
  57. Good: AL Senator Introduces Bill that will legalize guns almost anywhere
  58. URGENT! ** ROUND 3 ** FL - HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust Fund Money
  59. McDonald et al v City of Chicago [merged]
  60. Utah: Gun brandishing bill about to become law
  61. Good Letter-to-Editor -- Roanoke Times, Roanoke Va
  62. Colorado Sheriff Says He'll Actively Undermine Gun Ban On Campus
  63. NY Times Article (2/24/10) - From Yahoo News!!!
  64. News from Second Amendment March -- DC & VA
  65. Letter-to-Editor -- Roanoke Times, Roanoke Va
  66. Interesting article on MSNBC
  67. Something to keep in mind
  68. NOVA Special Election for the House of Delegates
  69. Virginia State Forest site is back up, ...
  70. BAD Op Ed ???? in Roanoke Times
  71. Video that will piss you off....
  72. Rather straight-forward coverage of NPS Carry (Merged)
  73. Shall Not Infringe
  74. SCOTUS Sets New Precedent
  75. Post Crossover day action needed
  76. What would this do to RKBA?
  77. To Keep and Bear Arms
  78. Restrict sex offenders and easing gun restrictions in same LTE
  79. This might be considered something of an endorsement
  80. Bad news from New Jersey in domestic violence case
  81. More good news!!!
  82. Bill O'Reilly Defends Illegal Seizures of Firearms
  83. WA Supreme Court: ‘2nd Amendment applies to the states via 14th Amendment due process
  84. wayne lapierre live at this link
  85. GOOD Op Ed
  86. the twisted outcome of gun control
  87. VA House passes several bills to relax gun laws
  88. GOOD: Reasonable Editorial in the Richmond TD
  89. POLL: Should Virginia repeal its one-a-month handgun limit?
  90. (Pistol Permit) Promises Get Judge in Trouble
  91. Maryland SUCKS!
  92. Judge says Seattle gun ban is illegal
  93. FL - URGENT ** ROUND 2 ** HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust Fund Money
  94. They are on the floor -- 18 Bills ready for vote of full house
  95. Arizona HB 2347
  96. 2010 elections are already getting dirty
  97. 2A SCOTUS case briefs?
  98. Virginia Employment Commission signs down
  100. VA Senate bills -- Action Needed on Some
  101. Action needed -- Va Restaurant Ban Repeal
  102. OR Sheriff Palmer wants to issue you an OR state CCW Permit in CA!
  103. Important ISRA Alert!
  104. Delayed Background Check?
  105. Salt Lake Tribune editorial's take on "brandishing for self-defense"
  106. Act now!!!
  107. FL SUPPORT HB-651 -- Protect the DOL Trust Fund
  108. MD Senate Bill 516: "Maryland Assault Weapons Ban of 2010"
  109. Starbucks Allows Open Carry, Brady Campaign Whines
  110. NPS ban in Maine?
  111. 2A links portal
  112. The RIGHT.
  113. Virginia members -- 18 bills need your help --
  114. I contacted my congressman, now what?
  115. Carry on School property, and one hand gun a month bill are up
  116. A question about FFL's
  117. What does this do to my gun rights?
  118. Unclear on the Gun Show Debate
  119. Maryland House Bill 52 - Gun Reciprocity with bordering states
  120. Delaware Public Housing: Defenseless by Decree
  121. Brady Bunch campaigning for Gun Show law change
  122. Second Amemdment Poll
  123. Blair Holt Bill surfaces again on the web
  124. Anti-Gun Senator Shoots Intruder
  125. Gura's reply brief in McDonald v City of Chicago filed
  126. Either I am Ignorant or Confused but..
  127. Hey Vermont, Read this and ACT
  128. New Yorkers, Blueprint for Change Conference
  129. Jerry Knowles
  130. Va restaurant carry, gun show & parking lot bills
  131. Things are heating up in Richmond -- 23 gun bills hearings, tomorrow
  132. Two bills that VCDL opposed are now dead
  133. Government & 2nd Amend.
  134. Virginia Castle Doctrine Bill
  135. Your Help Is Needed In Support of BATFE Reform Bills S. 941 And H.R. 2296
  136. McDondald v. Chicago Petitioner Supreme Court Brief
  137. NJ petition
  138. Have some fun in case you're on camera!
  139. Should LEOs disarm you during a non-violent misdemeanor or a "civil penalty" stop?
  140. Should LEOs disarm you when they perform a "non-felony traffic stop"?
  141. McDonald et. al. v City of Chicago
  142. Walgreen Denies Printing Firearm Photos
  143. More Dan Casey
  144. U.N. Gun Ban Treaty
  145. Gun Rights News Site, New and On-line
  146. Perry's comments after capitol shooting
  147. Good editorial in the Washington Times of all places...
  148. Liberals and Gun Control?
  149. those interested in defeating texas gun control
  150. Many Anti-Gun Bills Proposals in New York
  151. Great NRA membership deal
  152. From Battle Creek Mi...
  153. Amtrak Firearms Policy
  154. Did the BATF ban private gun sales at Austin Gun Show?
  155. For the Californians
  156. Utah Legislation addresses brandishing of guns
  157. Scott Brown wins in MA!
  158. NJ Legislation
  159. Politicians and guns...
  160. Gun Control Group Gives Obama an ‘F’
  161. Lobby Day draws more than 1,000!
  162. Castle Doctrine for Va ???
  163. International Treaty to Ban Handguns?
  164. ATF require background checks at TEXAS gunshow (MERGED)
  165. Maryland to recognize Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania -- MAYBE
  166. NC Gamelands carry-lets do something here
  167. Antis that don't fit the mold?
  168. GA Positive Alert!! Support HB615
  169. VCDL's analysis of pre-filed firearms bills is available
  170. Nampa Residents Indicted on Gun Charges
  171. Good ammunition to use against Gun control
  172. The antis crank up the rhetoric
  173. Who checks the checkers?
  174. Hit this poll...Please
  175. N. C. law?
  176. NRA’s big gun rolls into Albany
  177. NRA’s big gun rolls into Albany
  178. More good news for Virginia legislation
  179. A cool head in WA
  180. VA HB106 - CC in churches and restaurants
  181. VA: Firearms Freedom Act
  182. AB357 - California Shall Issue
  183. Knuckleheaded Editorial from NY
  184. NBA Player's Right to Bear Arms?
  185. England Gun Ban update (from 2008)
  186. Is the War on Drugs turning into the War on Guns?
  187. Karl Malone's anti-carry editorial in SI
  188. Reciprocity questions
  189. Post-Heller in the District of Columbia -- RKBA, yet?
  190. New Mexico concealed carry in Liquor-serving restaurants
  191. MUST READ--Obama's taking our guns soon!
  192. Quigley/McCarthy brief supporting handgun ban
  193. Email from Va. Tech. Pres. Steger and my response
  194. Just be ready
  195. An Internet Course On American Constitutional Law.
  196. Washington State - anti-gun legislation coming !!!
  197. ? on McDonald v. City of Chicago
  198. California Police Chiefs Association Calls for Firearms Microstamping Study
  199. (batfe): Reforming licensing and enforcement authorities
  200. Great Op-Ed in the Richmond Times-Dispatch today
  201. arms are weapons,we have a right to them
  202. More Guns Equal More Crime? Not in 2009 FBI shows
  203. Recruiting Article Writers for a New 2nd Amendement Website
  204. Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  205. Small gun groups don't stand chance vs. U.S. government
  206. Member Of?
  207. I LOVE this video!!!
  208. Missouri Residents BE ADVISED!!!
  209. Chicago files brief in McDonald v City of Chicago
  210. old vid but still good
  211. Federal Lawsuit Re: CHP & traffic stop
  212. Tracing device triggers backlash from gun industry
  213. The Blueprint For Federal Action On Illegal Guns
  214. Bloomberg’s “Blueprint for Federal Action on Guns”
  215. Rubio's Mexican Grill prohibits firearms on its premise...
  216. Bernie Madoff's son is gunning for a pistol permit.
  217. A Calguns Foundation Success Story
  218. Interesting reading: FBI Reports Huge Decrease In Murders-Crime :MERGED
  219. The NRA is Coming to Iowa! The Fight for Shall Issue Continues.
  220. Gun Owners of America Wins a Skirmish on ObamaCare
  221. Gun Owners of America Wins a Skirmish on ObamaCare
  222. HIT THIS POLL! from Senater Mike Crapo (Idaho)
  223. Guns are good
  224. How do you argue with the truly stupid?
  225. A good sign
  226. I wonder
  227. California Mag Question
  228. Mayors Against Illegal Guns -- bogus poll
  229. High Court Rejects Challenge to NRA’s Signature Law
  230. Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment
  231. NJ Gun Buyback Program Returns with Cash Infusion
  232. Lt. Col. Allen B. West speaks on Second Amendment
  233. NEWS FLASH city council voted on carrying gun
  234. Washington State lawmakers to seek ban on "military-style" weapons!!!!
  235. Carry on plane.
  236. Gun Show Background Check Act (S-843)
  237. Nice story on crime rates on MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit)
  238. Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed
  239. SCOTUS upholds firearms manufacturers immunity
  240. Gun Toters at City Hall (Richmond, VA)
  241. VPC has a CCW shooter page now
  242. Great Quotes
  243. How much does access to the internet help 2A gunowners?
  244. Bloomberg v. Virginia; a new fight brewing?
  245. Tomorrow, I'll say "Hi!" to Mayor Bloomturd's rats and spies.
  246. Maine joins federal case on gun ownership
  247. ***ALERT **** Florida Gun Bills Pre-filed for 2010 Legislation -- SO FAR
  248. Gun control history
  249. Obama Nominates another Rabid Anti-
  250. New Jersey Right to Carry Petition for Bill A1282