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  1. Florida bill would prevent doctors from "interrogating children about daddy's guns."
  2. Bill Passes In Oregon House To Recognize Other States Permits!
  3. Texas Bill Filed To Allow Open Carry - HB2756
  4. Terry Stop
  5. Very Sad: Young woman's suicide at mall puts focus on gun sales
  6. UN/US/coalition supports Libyan rebels. What if the Small Arms treaty was in effect?
  7. Supremacy Clause of the 2nd and Privileges or Immunities in the 14th
  8. Gun Laws for Georgia
  9. Carded at Wally World buying ammo
  10. POTUS announces intention to push for new Gun Control
  11. Louisiana Bill Would Make You Show Your Guns Before Buying Ammo
  12. Florida Carry Legislative Alert - SB 234 Stuck and Gutted
  13. Illinois House Bill 148 - The Family and Personal Protection Act.
  14. NC lawmakers want special privileges.
  15. Arizona SB 1201 Passed Senate
  16. Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  17. Wyoming 4th State in Union with Constitutional Carry
  18. Connecticut: High Capacity Mag Ban
  19. Tennessee - "Carry At Work" Laws?
  20. Illinois Officials Spar Over Order to Make List of Gun Owners Public
  21. It's creeping State control ....Alabama will be one of the last go for this...
  22. Fire Mission: VA moves to allow firearms in state forests - regulatory comment period
  23. Gun Registration and Ownership Tax Introduced in the New York Senate
  24. My condolences to Handgunlaw.us
  25. Permitless Carry introduced in Idaho
  26. Upcoming changes in VA, and update from one of our representatives
  27. Hey Colin Goddard...
  28. Brady on Facebook attacking high cap mags right now...funny
  29. *** GrassRoots Gorillas CALL TO ACTION! H. 3292 ***
  30. Texas Poised to Allow Concealed Carry On Campus by LAW
  31. OK Campus Carry bills need your help to survive
  32. New Indiana gun law
  33. Gun Bills currently filed in Texas Legislature
  34. Texas Girl on Gun Control
  35. NC Restaurant and park carry bill introduced
  36. URGENT: For the Illinois Gun Owners
  37. Churches wrestle with guns in the pews
  38. New Yorks Plan For Terror Response
  39. Positive news story on NC Castle Doctrine legislation.
  40. Guy buys home next to gun club, files suit to shut the club down. Bad precedent risk.
  41. OHIO-Restaurant Carry
  42. FL Carry Reform Bill in Committee needs YOUR HELP NOW!
  43. OR attempting to outlaw sale of most guns
  44. Congressional Research Service -- Good read on the examiner.com
  45. Who needs the 2A? Not Egypt...
  46. New NC Castle Doctrine 2 + Stand your ground
  47. FL Legislative Support for HB 45 and SB 402, as to state preemption law.
  48. gun rights vs gun control
  49. Now I'm pissed off...
  50. Where can I get one of these?
  51. NC Parking lot bill
  52. Here they come!!! Bill to ban high capacity magazines introduced in AZ
  53. "Why should anyone be allowed......."
  54. Another Celebrity on the Ban Wagon
  55. Obama's Newly Appointed US Attorney for Oregon Calls for Setting Dangerous Precedent
  56. Colorado introduces Constitutional Carry into State Legislature
  57. Florida alert!!!
  58. NC Castle Doctrine scheduled for reading
  59. Bloomberg twisting statistics?
  60. Magazine restriction tucked inside FAA bill
  61. Great article by Ann Coulter
  62. AND THIS LEGISLATION from Vermont
  63. Now THIS is gun legislation
  64. 30 Round Magazine Ban? (Long Post)
  65. Maryland Legislature Considers Reciprocity
  66. Got a Link to This Very Good Interview Today
  67. The ATF study on the importability of Certain Shotguns
  68. Article From buxmontnews.com
  69. Is it me, or are the States going in the opposite direction of the Feds?
  70. Reciprocity vs Recognition
  71. Here We Go-It was only a matter of time
  72. Possible change to OK Self-Defense Act...
  73. BATFE Losing Face?
  74. Virginia moves to call a Constitutional Convention
  75. Utah to make 1911 the State Gun!
  76. Changing the FL gun control climate
  77. Hypothetical: You are tasked to decide the number of rounds allowed after a mag ban
  78. And I thought Soviet gun laws were insane!!
  79. Remember the '86 Hughes Amendment? This will make your blood boil.
  80. How do you try to change the law
  81. The 2A, Politics and Those who would act wrongly.
  82. WSJ (Opinion): Why Federal Gun Control Will Not Pass
  83. Wyoming Concealed Carry Legislation Moving Forward
  84. Expanded concealed carry legislation introduced in New Mexico
  85. BAFTE new shotgun rulings??
  86. Michigan residents to action!
  87. America's Gun
  88. Group is suing pro-gun organizations
  89. NY Times Editorial: Saner Gun Laws
  90. Bill text and Poll, H.R. 308, the "Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act."
  91. Possible Pro-2nd Amendment Changes in NYS Concealed Carry Law
  92. WSJ Op Ed
  93. For those of you who are supporting a compromise to ban any magazine over 10 rounds..
  94. SCOTUS Shredding the Constitution!
  95. Opinion: Gun Control Emotions vs. Gun Control Facts
  96. Texas Legislator Files Bill to Protect Gun Owners at Workplace
  97. NRA Youth Education Summit
  98. Dick Cheney sells out
  99. Fire Mission -- CNN Poll Re: Ban on more than 10 rounds Mags (MERGED)
  100. Mayor Bloomberg: "Americans Can't Agree on Guns? Wrong."
  101. Rep. McCarthy Intros Bill to Ban High-Capacity Ammo Clips
  102. California Court Rules Ammunition Ban AB962 Unconstitutional
  103. Blog post prompts police to seize weapons from Arlington businessman
  104. Gun control measures don't stop violence
  105. On Feb. 1, people will no longer be able to purchase ammunition via the Internet or
  106. State Legislator States the Constitution Doesn't Guarantee a Right to Own a Glock
  107. SCOTUS Declines to Hear Airport Gun Arrest Appeal
  108. Great pro 2A editorial in local paper
  109. Still another new law proposed by schumer
  110. If I were a columnist (Arizona Safeway shooting)
  111. Democrats face tough fight on gun control after Tucson shootings
  112. Did Colin Goddard get the 'smack down' from this reporter?
  113. Virginia Legeslative session
  114. Wall Street Journal article on AZ shooting and Gun Control...
  115. Va. Supreme Court holds GMU's Ban on Guns.
  116. Apocalypse at Hand? Harvard Economist AGAINST Gun Controls & Published in Bloomberg
  117. The Business of Gun Control - CNN Video
  118. We the people are not animals
  119. Utah lawmaker: Guns should be legal without permit
  120. Another poll about gun rights
  121. Question Could this ever happen here?
  122. Feel good letter
  123. Another in NY Times: "Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?"
  124. Stratfor: Congressional Security and the Tucson Shooting
  125. Republican State Rep. Wimmer seeks to liberalize Utah’s gun laws
  126. Magazine Size Limit
  127. Huge Gun Bill In SC
  128. How to cut gun death toll
  129. New resource site......Constitution Watch
  130. University president opposes open carry law on campus
  131. VA Bill I Really Hope Passes
  132. More ridiculous knee jerk legislation
  133. Wrote my GA Congress Members
  134. OpEd in Today's NY Times: "A Right to Bear Glocks?"
  135. A free open society and the 2 end amendment
  136. New knee-jerk legislation resulting from the AZ shooting (MERGED)
  137. Statement from Rep. Carolyn Maloney Regarding yesterday’s tragic events in AZ
  138. National Constitutional Carry...
  139. ATF Request to track Semi Auto Rifles Delayed
  140. Arkansas gets closer to Campus Carry
  141. CCW re-allowed in NH Statehouse Complex, including House floor
  142. ACLU sues South Dakota over the right to concealed carry
  143. Constitution gets congressional reading!
  144. Media wrong again? AR law changed??
  145. University security officers "on leave" after exposing university's anti-gun policy
  146. GOP Chairman Candidates Debate
  147. Anti-gun Advocates In Senate Seek Rules Changes
  148. United States v. Chester
  149. Article Four of the United States Constitution
  150. What is the most important reason Americans should be armed?
  151. Second Amendment Advocate Dies....
  152. Good-Ohio Supreme Court upholds ban on local gun control ordinances
  153. To Arms! FL Chamber v. gun owners and consumers
  154. Guess who is considering a run for President?
  155. An Interesting Read on the 2A & Homeland Defense
  156. At last, border protection - NYTIMES OP-ED
  157. Carry permit confiscated apparently by being critical of TSA security
  158. Early Case Resolution - New program could resolve court cases more quickly
  159. Nj right to carry lawsuit proceeding swiftly
  160. New law being considered in Florida.
  161. Census, could this be good news?
  162. NRAILA -- Breyer Fires Warning Shot Across Second Amendment’s Bow
  163. ATF wants dealers to report multiple sales of certain semiautomatic rifles
  164. Thomas jefferson says
  165. Wow, I forgot about this.
  166. Why do / does the NRA / GOA wait for the Brady Bunch?
  167. December 15th: Bill of Rights Day
  168. Well at least it appears Chicago is better than DC's new restrictions
  169. Obama puts his support for the 2A in writing.
  170. Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Restrictions on Guns
  171. URGENT! Concealed and Open Carry Reform - Senate Bill 234 Filed Today
  172. Ignorance reigns - City properties could become weapons-free zones
  173. Daley annoyed that gun registry not up and running
  174. What the second amendment is all about...?
  175. Ohio May Allow Concealed Carry in Alcohol Serving Establishments
  176. Big sis invades wal-mart: 'if you see something, say something'
  177. Lautenberg Amendment and Juvenile Convictions
  178. The Second Amendment & Knives?
  179. Presidential pardons
  180. Portland's Mayor Solves Gang Problems, Yeah Right!!
  181. Odd hunting regulation, Southampton Co. VA
  182. Amtrak now allowing firearms in checked baggage
  183. Ward Bird - Guilty of "Criminal Threatening" - 3 to 6 years in the pokey
  184. ATF attempting to reclassify small arms ammunition without public input
  185. Question for the legal community RE: Felony Conviction.
  186. Second Amendment Challenge to Illinois Ban on Non-Residents’ Possession of Guns...
  187. Second Amendment Protects Gun Possession by the Housemates of Felons
  188. BATFE sued over 21-year age requirement
  189. PA: Castle Doctrine & Stand your ground
  190. Great News from the Garden State!
  191. Finally, a Post Office lawsuit to quash firearm ban, by NAGR
  192. Does "gun control" = "racism" or "prejudice"?
  193. Reciprocity between VA and GA?
  194. NRA/ILA Opposes Obama BATF Nomination......
  195. Relevant case law - something to add to your 2A/self-defense education
  196. State Reciprocity
  197. Castle Doctrine
  198. is it legal to?
  199. NJ judge delays layoffs of Newark police officers
  200. Good: I'm guessing they wont get robbed anytime soon...
  201. End of Liberty
  202. ODU students petition to carry concealed
  203. New York must modify tough gun laws to make it less vulnerable to legal assault
  204. Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?
  205. Guns Reduce Crime debate - Intelligence Squared
  206. NRA's Right To Hunt And Fish Amendments Adopted In Three States
  207. NYS Pistol License Suspension - Final Chapter
  208. 2010 tax form, guns?
  209. Hey Wisconsin, now is your chance!
  210. New security measures in effect at Energy Solutions Arena
  211. 2010 elections and the 2A. Did we make progress?
  212. Gun Control and Why I carry a gun.....
  213. Question About Carry Permits in Rhode Island
  214. VCDL 2010 Federal Candidate Survey
  215. Bloomy's gun-plan backfire
  216. Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun
  217. Advocacy Group Wants 'Guns For All' Bodega Owners
  218. HEADS UP!!!! Kansans
  219. Surprising sign on the Doctor's door.
  220. Legal updates....
  221. A Looming Threat: A Major U.S. Vulnerability.
  222. Colorado SUPREME Court will review guns on campus
  223. Current Election Research
  224. WI circuit judge sees it our way in Wisconsin v Schultz
  225. Phoenix Censors “Gun Safety for Kids”
  226. Chicagos List of "UNSAFE" guns
  227. 'Castle Doctrine' passes House & Senate in PA!
  228. Maybe looking at moving to Maine or someplace equally as pretty in the North...
  229. Long Term Effects?
  230. Stop spread of illegal guns from states with weak laws (CNN report)
  231. PLEASE help defeat Barney Frank
  232. Ignorances is bliss
  233. Texans debate allowing concealed weapons on campus
  234. Another no-guns-zone failure
  235. Please help with a poll
  236. NYT Story re: carry where alcohol is sold
  237. The Mexican Second Amendment
  238. How and why behind NRA endorsements
  239. GOA 2010 Candidate Ratings
  240. connection between weak gun laws and interstate gun trafficking.
  241. Bloomberg as Treasury Sec??
  242. An email from Assemblyman Michael patrick Carroll
  243. Arkansas open carry
  244. Compelling 2-A testimony before congress a few years back.....
  245. Conversation with an Anti (Warning long post)
  246. Good read -- 2010 Senate elections and 2A
  247. Another Youtube Video On the Doomsday Treaty
  248. Lifestyles of the rich and packin': High-profile celebrities seeking gun permits
  249. United Nations "small arms treaty" again...
  250. Gun Control Discussion Points