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  1. Former U.S. Official Pleads Guilty to Abusive Sexual Contact & Possession of Firearm
  2. Governor Paterson Introduces Legislation to Enhance Gun Laws‏
  3. Firearms Industry Launches Radio Blitz to Stop Microstamping in NYS Senate‏
  4. Brady Campaign withers away
  5. Another self-defense gun use validates saf chicago lawsuit
  6. June 8th, maybe the beginning of the end for NY'rs
  7. Virginia vs Massachusetts
  8. DOJ Says ATF Unprepared for WMD Response
  9. Violence Policy Center (VPC) newest cooked stats...
  10. Gun-unfriendly businesses. Call or email them.
  11. Gun Control: The Ultimate Human Rights Violation
  12. GA: SB291 and 308 still not signed.
  13. The Second Amendment is dead
  14. SCOTUS rules you must speak up if you want your right to remain silent!
  15. Are National Parks posting outdoor areas where you visit?
  16. SCOTUS previously said gun carry is a right?
  17. WTOL Toledo Ohio Poll Resturant/Bar Carry
  18. PA - Castle Doctrine leaves committee finally!
  19. ATF Redefines 40-Year-Old Law on Gun Transfers!
  20. USACE & Don't Ask Don't Tell
  21. Virginia schools & NRA-only gun education...
  22. Fire mission -- Virginia members...
  23. South Carolinians: Defeat Henry McMaster June 8 in the Republican primary
  24. NYC - Shoot to "Ill" - Is there something in the water?
  25. Elena Kagan opposes Americans' Second Amendment
  26. NC Castle Doctrine, stuck in committee
  27. It is about children
  28. Mexican President is asking for a revival of the U.S. assault weapons ban
  29. Mexican President wants new assault weapon ban in the US
  30. Gun-hater Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) turns on Obama
  31. Brady bunch...
  32. Another Bill to keep an eye on
  33. "free State"
  34. Application for NYC Premise license & FFL01 & C&R
  35. A well regulated militia...
  36. Putting things in perspective (life/death clock)
  37. This Bears Watching
  38. NRA's Wayne LaPierre Exposes the Truth: How Drug Gangs Terrorize America
  39. For Virginians & those traveling in Va
  40. Gun Control Movement Looses Relevancy
  41. How about gun rights?
  42. All of Mexico's problems are our fault
  43. Good Video 2010 VCDL Lobby day
  44. NYSRPA Opposes Recently-Passed Microstamping Bill
  45. Brady Center joins fight over state gun rights
  46. NYS Pistol License Suspension - Chapter Two
  47. SSGJoshua May, Utah NG, refused order to confiscate arms after Katrina
  48. Eleanor Holmes Norton can't read...aka Washington D.C.'s gun registration folly
  49. Florida Alert! - Court May Review "Stand Your Ground" !!!
  50. have you seen this
  51. Poll re: Full Auto
  52. Bloomberg Plan Would Simplify Gun-Permits
  53. modulate our understanding of the Second Amendment
  54. No select fire is a violation of our rights... why cant we get them back?
  55. Carrying a gun while intoxicated could lead to jail time
  56. Is the Brady Campaign a closet klavern of the Klan?
  57. Hillary Clinton signed the small arms treaty with the UN.
  58. Gun Shows in MI
  59. Colorado Community Colleges lift gun ban.
  60. Welcome to Shreveport, Louisiana: Your rights are now suspended.
  61. Roanoke Times against Prior restraint?
  62. Are virginians protected by castle doctrine?
  63. TN 'bar carry' passed into law
  64. Illinois Is At It Again
  65. Syracuse University students helping Bloomberg
  66. These two bills should be re-named the "Gun Owners Are Probably Terrorists Acts"
  67. Ex-Army Officer: Nation's gun cancer spreads
  68. More blood running in the streets
  69. Roanoke Times Editorial -- agreeing with the NRA
  70. Should there be prior restraints on 2A?
  71. yahoos with guns, wannabe militia
  72. Gun Grab 2010-11, how likely?
  73. Firearm Safety in VA Elementary schools
  74. GOA: Huge Liberal Power Grab Underway
  75. Is GA opening reciprocity further?
  76. PR as 51st state
  77. Who is next to go Shall Issue?
  78. Arizona SB 1153
  79. School zones and churches,check for updates...
  80. CCRKBA Backs Second Amendment Enforcement Act
  81. Zero correlation of Brady Center scores with (preventing) violence
  82. LEO and NG Charged?
  83. NYSRPA Opposes Microstamping Bill
  84. Dayton, Ohio, church groups get involved in local gun shows, too:
  85. Sen. John McCain takes on Washington DC
  86. Arizona now gets a 2/100 from Brady Campaign!
  87. 2A Rally @ the PA Capital Building (Updated w/ Pictures)
  88. I told you so....
  89. Another Bloomberg-MAIG Lie About Gun Shows
  90. Ontario County Board votes to oppose gun legislation
  91. Anyone know anything about NAGR?
  92. Urgent for TN residents!!!
  93. Should public schools teach gun safety?
  94. The new Hosuton Texas site is now open for business
  95. Great gun quotes
  96. Arizona H.B. 2629
  97. Carry in DC
  98. Fire Mission: Letters to Your Senators Needed -- re: gun-shows
  99. The Bangor Daily: Mayors’ group pushes for background checks on sales at gun shows
  100. Kansas Governor Signs Castle Doctrine Clean Up Bill
  101. Went to a gun show in Utah on Sunday...
  102. Federal Code 18 USC § 930
  103. A new trend among states?
  104. 2A, Militias, Constitution and . . . . Catie Couric
  105. Constitutional Carry is signed in AZ!!
  106. Web Site: The Second Amendment Police Department
  107. How about the 1st Amendment
  108. Help Iowa Become Shall Issue -call now
  109. Good RKBA Slogans?
  110. Governor Bob McDonnell Signs VA Restaurant Carry into Law
  111. You need to check out HR 45!!!
  112. Oklahoma Tea Party Militia?
  113. From the Bangor Daily: Residents raise the issue of need vs. constitutional rights
  114. Who supports gun control!
  115. A Torch With No Flame
  116. Retirement on SCOTUS
  117. AZ Constitutional concealed carry bill headed to Gov. Brewer for signature!
  118. Ab 1934
  119. Kansas Congress considers CC on campus
  120. California Demoncrat at it again!
  121. Council supports legislation against illegal guns
  122. Michigan News
  123. I am willing to compromise with Bloomturd's Herd.
  124. Utica City Council Resolutions 13 & 14
  125. Nullification: Twenty-five States With Firearms Freedom Acts
  126. If you like this forum....
  127. Heavily-Armed Cartel Attacks Mexican Army;
  128. Editorial -- Stafford County, VA
  129. Gun permit reform
  130. The national event for Second Amendment March is scheduled for April 19, 2010.
  131. Elected Officials Link
  132. Time to think outside the box... Nat. ID Card...
  133. Form Letter, but positive, from Kentucky, Gov. Beshear
  134. Roanoke Times Op Ed -- Roanoke Va
  135. His-Dishonor-from NYC at it again
  136. 3rd circuit says FOPA doesn't cover hotels
  137. Levy grazed by gun question
  138. Concealed Handguns Won’t Make Bars Shooting Galleries
  139. National Parks Carry Info Online
  140. Want to carry when in Maryland...
  141. NPS/Firearms in Wolf Trap
  142. US District Court upholds several DC gun laws
  143. Road rage & Townsend propaganda
  144. NY Law Enforcement Council announces legislative agenda
  145. NYC bill prohibiting "Saturday Night Specials"
  146. NRA Life Membership
  147. Banning Guns from the Kentucky Capitol Building.
  148. New article on MSN
  149. REPORT -- ROUND 10: The FL House Passed the CW Trust Fund BiIl 115-0
  150. Im thinking of moving to MT, any quick run downs on what legislation is being passed?
  151. Richmond Rally?
  152. Rattling the Second Amendment Saber
  153. Need some research help
  154. Is your state on this list?
  155. Penn & Teller clips I just stumbled upon
  156. Go indiana!
  157. Why 21?
  158. GA citizen's help desperately needed
  159. Illinois Castle Doctrine Petition
  160. Hidden Gun Restrictions in HC Bill?
  161. Iowa and Shall Issue: Updated-Post 30-CALL Our Governor!
  162. What do you know about a Virginia CHP holder?
  163. "Don't Tread on Me" Mail Campaign
  164. Fire Mission/poll --Should Gov. Bob McDonnell veto or approve a bill easing concealed
  165. Anti-RKBA Press still at it -- Re VA Tuck
  166. Are we going to submit to global gun laws?
  167. Interview with Alan Gura (Lawyer that Argued McDonald)
  168. **ALERT ROUND 9 ** FL (HR-315), More Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration
  169. Gun rights and health care
  170. Good LTE in Roanoke Times
  171. This will be the shortest lived judicial decision on 2A ever
  172. Beware of European-loving gun restrictonists
  173. Vermont l: Maslack recently proposed a bill to register "non-gun-owners"
  174. Beach vs Kelly NYC
  175. Lautenberg Amendment Question
  176. Psychological Profile of Gun Banners by an MD
  177. ** URGENT ROUND 8 ** FL- Help Needed To Stop Gun Registration Bill, Sched. March 16
  178. More Guns, Less Crime - 3rd ed due in May 2010
  179. MA court upholds a state law requiring trigger locks
  180. California Lawmaker Introduces Bill Banning Open Carry
  181. Ohio Supreme Court to hear gun rights case concerning Cleveland
  182. Chicago mayor calls for more state gun control
  183. Liberals and the NRA have found common cause in a pending supreme court case.
  184. firearms education/Eddie Eagle in elementary school
  185. URGENT ROUND 7 Bill to STOP Gun Registration Up Tuesday, March 9
  186. N.Y. High Court Judge Takes Colleagues to Task Over Constitutional Issue in Gun Case‏
  187. Hit this poll...VA Subcommittee question
  188. Pro-Gun Companies
  189. VA: Special Subcommittee kills the bills
  190. A great article on privacy issues and CC
  191. REPORT -- ROUND 5: FL Senate Passes Trust Fund BiIl 31-9
  192. Soth Dakota Passes Firearms Freedom Act.
  193. VA Senate Blocking Constituent Email
  194. VA: Another Smack in the Face
  195. Virginia Members -- Action needed.
  196. Starbucks sticking to it's guns
  197. NRA
  198. Another Starbucks Poll to hit
  199. Mississippi CCW Bill 0289 pending - needs your help
  200. Supreme Court likely decision to overturn Chicago's gun ban could impact New York
  201. VERY GOOD Op Ed Roanoke Times
  202. One of the best pro-2A articles in a while!
  203. IOWA ..... what's going with you guys ?
  204. Local University tries to stop shooting range
  205. URGENT ALERT: ACT NOW -- FL Bill (SB-530) to STOP Gun Registration Up Thursday
  206. gun ban due to UN treaty
  207. Mcdonald Vs. Chicago Transcript...
  208. VA: Restaurant ban repeal has PASSED
  209. CNN Poll on SCOTUS McDonald vs Chicago Bill
  210. USA Today Poll
  211. GOOD LTE in Roanoke Times
  212. Politicians are no better than we are! HELP!!
  213. Poll; Chicago Handgun Ban, CNN.Com
  214. Putting the STAR in Starbucks!
  215. Virginia Dems cheap shot
  216. Maryland's HB52
  217. From 2009: Story from abc news: New awb on the way
  218. Article in American Thinker addresses Arizona's resturaunt carry, and more
  219. Supreme Court and 2A
  220. HELP-- URGENT *** ROUND 4 *** FL (House) HB-651 - Protect gun owners money from raids
  221. Utah governor signs controversial "firearm freedom act" bill into law
  222. Va's CC restaurant ban repeal
  223. Good: AL Senator Introduces Bill that will legalize guns almost anywhere
  224. URGENT! ** ROUND 3 ** FL - HELP Us Protect Gun Owner's Trust Fund Money
  225. McDonald et al v City of Chicago [merged]
  226. Utah: Gun brandishing bill about to become law
  227. Good Letter-to-Editor -- Roanoke Times, Roanoke Va
  228. Colorado Sheriff Says He'll Actively Undermine Gun Ban On Campus
  229. NY Times Article (2/24/10) - From Yahoo News!!!
  230. News from Second Amendment March -- DC & VA
  231. Letter-to-Editor -- Roanoke Times, Roanoke Va
  232. Interesting article on MSNBC
  233. Something to keep in mind
  234. NOVA Special Election for the House of Delegates
  235. Virginia State Forest site is back up, ...
  236. BAD Op Ed ???? in Roanoke Times
  237. Video that will piss you off....
  238. Rather straight-forward coverage of NPS Carry (Merged)
  239. Shall Not Infringe
  240. SCOTUS Sets New Precedent
  241. Post Crossover day action needed
  242. What would this do to RKBA?
  243. To Keep and Bear Arms
  244. Restrict sex offenders and easing gun restrictions in same LTE
  245. This might be considered something of an endorsement
  246. Bad news from New Jersey in domestic violence case
  247. More good news!!!
  248. Bill O'Reilly Defends Illegal Seizures of Firearms
  249. WA Supreme Court: ‘2nd Amendment applies to the states via 14th Amendment due process
  250. wayne lapierre live at this link