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  1. Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment
  2. NJ Gun Buyback Program Returns with Cash Infusion
  3. Lt. Col. Allen B. West speaks on Second Amendment
  4. NEWS FLASH city council voted on carrying gun
  5. Washington State lawmakers to seek ban on "military-style" weapons!!!!
  6. Carry on plane.
  7. Gun Show Background Check Act (S-843)
  8. Nice story on crime rates on MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit)
  9. Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed
  10. SCOTUS upholds firearms manufacturers immunity
  11. Gun Toters at City Hall (Richmond, VA)
  12. VPC has a CCW shooter page now
  13. Great Quotes
  14. How much does access to the internet help 2A gunowners?
  15. Bloomberg v. Virginia; a new fight brewing?
  16. Tomorrow, I'll say "Hi!" to Mayor Bloomturd's rats and spies.
  17. Maine joins federal case on gun ownership
  18. ***ALERT **** Florida Gun Bills Pre-filed for 2010 Legislation -- SO FAR
  19. Gun control history
  20. Obama Nominates another Rabid Anti-
  21. New Jersey Right to Carry Petition for Bill A1282
  22. March 2, 2010
  23. Letter to SCOTUS idea
  24. Federal Measure to Crackdown on Illegal Guns
  25. This is what a Pro Gun Organization looks like
  26. When 2A belief hinders your social life.
  27. Colorado: University Votes to Ban Guns
  28. North Carolina legislation
  29. NRA: Pro 2nd or government lapdog?
  30. What?
  31. Supreme Court schedules argument in Chicago gun case
  32. Roanoke Times is at it again
  33. Support 2nd Amendment outside NRA?
  34. The New Second Amendment...according to Signet publishers
  35. Enabling the next Fort Hood?
  36. Judge rules that Tennessee's restaurant carry law is unconstitutionally vague
  37. Wiki and Castle Law
  38. And you think you have it bad (Scotland to Ban Airguns)
  39. Historical Analysis of Rights and Politics, and Grand Hypocrisy from the NAACP
  40. OSU's Second Amendment Center Runs Out of Ammo
  41. do you feel your permit is.....
  42. Loophole makes most fed gun laws illegal?
  43. Hit this poll!
  44. Anyone get this e-mail: snopes says it's *TRUE*
  45. Firearms obsolete?
  46. TN: Idiot Judge strikes down restaurant carry law
  47. 'Anti-gunner' OSHA nominee advances without questions 'By fiat could outlaw firearms
  48. Attorney General Holder Reveals Aggressive Gun Control In Response to Ft. Hood Terror
  49. Canadian Co-Worker's Interest In 2A
  50. Stat twisting and omission...
  51. Court: Criminal Record May Not Prevent Gun Ownership
  52. Here we go again...
  53. UVU student newspaper opinion editor opines on so-called "rights" on campus...
  54. Second Amendment Protects All Americans, Supreme Court Told
  55. Assembly Bill A1282 "Citizen's Protection Act" needs to be brought to a vote!
  56. A modest proposal
  57. 6 things you need to know...
  58. Virginia Firearms Freedom Act
  59. A critical Second Amendment case goes before the Supreme Court
  60. The Law? ATF, Mexican Gangs, and Eastern Washington
  61. Searching for Bills and upcoming policy changes -- StateScape.com
  62. A good reminder of the need for vigilance
  63. N.J. judge says quadriplegic can have guns
  64. Anti-gun Brady Campaign wants 100 cosponsors by January
  65. Dan Casey -- Virginia Tech chapter of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus.
  66. Gov'mt Heath Care & Your Guns
  67. Where is your Representative?
  68. WV Firearm sale/gift/rent law question...
  69. New 2A poll on ABC news
  70. Federal facilities; let's write a bill
  71. Why you might need a gun in the woods
  72. Barr: "Perfect Storm" For UN Gun Control Agenda
  73. Greensburg gun grab......
  74. VA RKBA Election analysis
  75. NYS rifle law
  76. hate crimes & 2a
  77. Corzine down in flames... Will NJ Get Sensible Gun Reform?
  78. What's going on with Corzine/Cristie in New Jersey---or Deeds/McDonnell in VA?
  79. Finally .... A Sensible Gun Registration Plan That Will Work
  80. "No Guns"- sign an insult...What if it said "No Jews"?
  81. Va legislation / elections -- "I support A2, but...."
  82. Firearms in polling places?
  83. Sensable gun registration
  84. Credit Cardholder's (and National Park carry) Bill of Rights
  85. My trip yesterday to the local VA hospital
  86. Tennessee AG blinks on felons with guns, similar to recent NC court decision
  87. Is the BATFE using your tax payer dollars and violating of federal law
  88. U.S. quietly begins to study gun safety
  89. Does the 2A cover carry?
  90. Good (very interesting)
  91. "Guns don't kill people, ammo does."
  92. Will this give him the authority to affect our gun ownership under Marshall Law???
  93. NY State Firearm Limit? Need Clarification!
  94. H.R. 45 111th Congress
  95. ATTN: Va CCers - Carry in Restaurants that serve alcohol
  96. Biased Article (imagine that)
  97. Michigan Residents: Write your State Reps TODAY!
  98. News coverage of Freedom Rally
  99. Interesting 2nd Amendment Youtube Video
  100. Standing Armies and the Second Amendment
  101. (Utah Valley University student newspaper) Concealed weapons pose a threat to campus
  102. Gallup and Rasmussen polls show gun control advocates are outside the mainstream.
  103. Facebook poll
  104. Pistol-Packing Pastor Quits to Work for Gun Rights, Protecting Churches
  105. Firearms in the news...
  106. ObamaCare Could be Used to Ban Guns in Home Self-Defense - Vote
  107. New Illinois Gun Law
  108. Tester leads charge for gun rights in another Supreme Court case
  109. Teens used machete, knife in N.H. mother's murder
  110. Gun owners are 4.5x more likely to be shot during an assault than non-GO...
  111. AG Holder proposes banning splintered wooden boards...
  112. Bloomberg at it again: So called gunshow loophole
  113. AB962 on Gov. Schwarzenegger's DESK!!
  114. How many of you...
  115. Rehburg and the SATF
  116. Guns are the new "Abortion" in politics
  117. GA laws on 'Public Gatherings'
  118. Bloomberg at it again
  119. Your opinion on these bills?
  120. Retaining a lawyer
  121. Illinois Governor hopefull's response to my email.
  122. Oregon University System on the attack
  123. can Green Card holders own guns?
  124. Missouri AG Argues Against Right to Have Arms in Home if Intoxicated
  125. Supreme Court taking on Chicago Gun laws: MERGED
  126. Tomorrow is the 29th of September - AZ laws change..
  127. Help California on A.B.962
  128. "Machine-Gun Social" campaign launch
  129. ATTENTION ALL Michigan CPL/CCWers
  130. Letter to Corzine
  131. Georgia restaurant carry law doesn't make sense ...
  132. Virginia Railway Express now supports 2A...
  133. Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act Improvements Act of 2009
  134. How long before we lose the 2A?
  135. California...Helping others feel better about their state of residence.
  136. Good: Man Turns Tables On Attempted Robber.
  137. GOOD Article
  138. CSGV busts Pres. speech gun toter as repeat criminal offender
  139. Sheriff cites benefits of gun registry
  140. Justice Alex Kozinski quote
  141. Speaking Out Against Firearms on Amtrak‏
  142. Students for Concealed Carry on Campus at Virginia Tech needs help
  143. Chuck Norris
  144. Fitchburg MA police reviewing gun licenses following murder
  145. Firearms refresher course
  146. CCW at FL. beaches?
  147. Amtrak now required to allow transport of firearms. [merged]
  148. American Rifleman - 'The Truth About Gun Shows'
  149. St Louis, MO - Gun Rights Policy Conf Sep 25 - 27, 2009
  150. Federal judge rules police cannot detain people for openly carrying
  151. VIN SUPRYNOWICZ: Which group of armed men should we fear?
  152. ACORN conspiracy against gun owners discovered
  153. South Florida residents strike back at intruders
  154. Open Public Meeting, Gun Laws, Trenton, NJ
  155. Finally can carry while bow hunting
  156. I hope my CHL isn't in trouble.
  157. Federal judge rules for NM open carrier
  158. The Time to Mobilize is NOW!
  159. My letter to my Senators
  160. Good video
  161. Clarksville among 70 other TN cities to opt out of Parks Carry
  162. Another Kook up for office
  163. Supreme Court to get another shot at 2A
  164. New Anti-Gun Legislation
  165. WTH?
  166. Brady score vs. gun violence
  167. Senete Bill SB-2099
  168. Judge Andrew Napolitano: "Constitution In Exile" -- pros/cons?
  169. martial law and ccw
  170. Lee County Florida is Misrepresenting Gun Laws
  171. Illinois residents are "thrown a bone"
  172. NC Supreme Court restores felon's gun rights
  173. MO State Senator and Concealed Carry on Campus
  174. Hooter's bans CCW from their restaurants in TN
  175. Concealed Carry on Campus: MI
  176. Confusion re TN Restaurant Bill...Anyone know?
  177. Worried about this civilian security force?
  178. Britain: British Medical Association plans to "tag" medical records of gun owners
  179. GOA sponsoring conference on "Events that will Impact Your Life"
  180. Talk about a smoking gun...
  181. AARP ... anti 2A stance..... (& an alternative)
  182. Anti Gun Case Worth Keeping An Eye On
  183. Packing Heat at Presidential Events.
  184. Obama's New Under-Man
  185. Recent discussion on gun rights
  186. News
  187. On the docket...
  188. Anti-Gun NC Senator Soles, shoots intruder: MERGED
  189. Especially for MI residents
  190. What would it take?
  191. Another Mayor Drops Membership in "Mayors Against Illegal Guns"
  192. Elections to the US Senate And House
  193. Stop lautenberg!
  194. Boycott Arizona ?????????????
  195. The Burden of Proof
  196. Gun Control Through the U.N. MERGED
  197. Colorado Governor Ritter Wrong Again!
  198. Free Speech vs. Hate Speech Article
  199. More guns at an Obama event- Arizona
  200. Finland: New Gun Law Opening Doors To Police
  201. Please help me with a poll
  202. Rules Against City of New York for Violation of Constitutional Rights
  203. Release of gun listings has owners crying foul
  204. New anti-firearms bill
  205. Got this in my email today. Really Sneaky
  206. Guns you own to be itemized on your 2009 tax return ???
  207. Add AARP to the list of Antis
  208. Va gubernatorial debate & so called loophole
  209. Maine Non Resident Permit
  210. We need to be vigilant!
  211. this is scary
  212. Appleseeds
  213. Mediocre gun states
  214. Kay Hagan NC Senator mail box full again! Call her next week.
  215. Yet More in Store for NJ: Corzine and Booker call for more gun safety laws
  216. Tea parties and Town Hall meetings
  217. SAF sues DC for carry permits
  218. Rights VS Privilege? What Are Your Thoughts?
  219. why stay in anti gun states..
  220. I tried out one of the quotes in a thread on someone I know.
  221. Gov. Corzine to sign bill limiting N.J. handgun purchases today
  222. Need your Pro-2A vote for the NY Daily Times
  223. New Truck = Free AK 47
  224. Concealed Carry in Natl Parks???
  225. PBS Fires Another Missile at Gun Owners
  226. This is a big one here, immediate attention needed!
  227. We The People
  228. How governments create crime
  229. Do we FL gun owners have a class action Suit against Bloomberg?
  230. Gay Iraqi recognizes value of 2A
  231. What Changed That Made 2A "Invalid"?
  232. Up in arms over gun: Replica rifle has Brooklyn man at odds with cops‏
  233. Usa today poll
  234. Writing Your Representatives
  235. Shortest and best anti vs pro conversation.
  236. HR45!!
  237. SB-2099 Bill?!?! Gun control to me
  238. Answer from Bill Nelson (D FL)
  239. Washington Post Editorial: "Arm the Senate"
  240. proposal to require each state to honor concealed weapon permits issued by other Stat
  241. Freedom
  242. Anti-gun member of the General Assembly supports VCDL
  243. Where To Get Online Copy of New 4473 Form
  244. My idea for nationwide CCW / does it pass DC.com muster?
  245. Denver Post editorial: [Colorado] Senators misfire on gun measure
  246. See how your politicians view the issues
  247. One of the few voices of reason...
  248. Obama Lies on Gun Control
  249. Gillibrand Urges Colleagues to Oppose Concealed Carry Amendment
  250. Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy On the Thune Amendment