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  1. I am glad to be here.
  2. Oregon to uphold CCW privacy
  3. Article from CNN.com
  4. Louisiana: Gun Ban Bill Struck Down in Committee
  5. Knock, Knock...We're Here to Inspect Your Weapons
  6. Obama is serious about it this time!
  7. Didnt expect this from FOX news!
  8. New HR 2159 Anti-Gun Blacklist Bill Introduced in U.S. House
  9. Anyone want to critque my letter To Senator Alesi
  10. 40 Reasons to Support Gun Control
  11. Tennessee Senate OKs change in gun laws
  12. Foxnews poll results
  13. Senators John McCain speach to the NRA
  14. U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn gun measure draws fire from foes
  15. Oath Keeper Sheriff Richard Mack
  16. Another attack on our rights !!!
  17. Sen. Graham is Sponsoring a Bill That Will Result in a National Anti-gun Database
  18. Guns as a Supreme Court Litmus Test?
  19. Government and Ammo Price
  20. New AWB Bill to be Introduced This Week
  21. Any one else heard this????
  22. Democrats Divided On Gun Legislation
  23. Parking Lot Bill Passes House, Heads to Senate in Arizona!
  24. Stumbled across some NY Legislation..
  25. New York Dem Taunts Gillibrand on Gun Control Positions.
  26. Gun Legislation Storm Looming - New Zealand
  27. Concealed Carry in National Parks provision passes! (Merged X 7)
  28. Arizona Bill HB2474 (heard from Steve Montenegro Member, Arizona House of Representa
  29. Letter in the Berkshire Eagle: New Gun Law an Insult to Citizens
  30. Watch The Glenn Beck Show On Fox On Friday, 15 May
  31. SC S.794 - Joining Montana, Utah and Texas's Lead
  32. Florida ccw holders read now!!!!!!!!!
  33. Article: Shooting sports shift with political tide
  34. H.R. 2159, The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009
  35. Next step? No guns allowed for right-wing 'extremists'
  36. NRA lobbied against Illinois LCT bill
  37. S 347 south carolina (Merged)
  38. (Important Pro-Gun Bill Moving Forward in Arizona!) AZ moving in the right direction
  39. State Legislators Against Illegal Guns
  40. Glenn Beck on May 7th... Utah and Texas following Montana's lead...
  41. Support shrinking for new efforts to regulate guns
  42. Check out this anti...
  43. Montana rocking the boat!
  44. NY Gun Laws
  45. Challenge to concealed weapons ban at the University of Colorado was thrown out
  46. Texas Trouble-Help needed
  47. Lawsuit challenging CCW issuance in California
  48. S.845 - Respecting States Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009
  49. Results of a local poll on gun rights
  50. NC Acorn Group now calling for ammo background checks
  51. Colorado: Important Pro-Gun Reform Heading to the Governor!
  52. The continuing saga of the Tennessee restuarant bill - latest
  53. 2009 NRA Sybil Ludington Women's Freedom Award
  54. What are your thoughts?
  55. Second Amendment March
  56. CIFTA treaty :the Obama backdoor gun control
  57. Gun Show Nation
  58. South Carolina S593
  59. Saf, calguns foundation challenges california handgun ban scheme
  60. Texans, need to take action now
  61. Proposed ammo law constitutional
  62. CA "Safe Gun" Roster sees huge changes
  63. how awesome is my congressman??!?!!
  64. NY Legislation passed
  65. Blair Holt Gun Control Bill
  66. Missouri House Bill 866
  67. Arizona's HCM 2009
  68. Castle Doctrine in NC
  69. Urgent: This just in from TFA (TN) re: parks and restuarant bills-update 30-Oct
  70. The Motor Vehicle Exception Rule
  71. Supreme Court Ruling Curbs Unattended Car Search By Cops Without Warrant
  72. Response from MO Senator
  73. Additional thoughts on the UN and world-wide Gun Control
  74. Any lawyers out there to help with a question
  75. State Assembly Hides from New York's Sportsmen
  76. Howard Dean on assault weapons ban
  77. MSNBC: Obama backs off AWB
  78. Another assault weapons ban poll
  79. Anyone else heard about this?
  80. USA Today Gun Poll
  81. Bill to ban private sales in Congress
  82. North Carolina: Finally a sensible law proposed.
  83. NY Lawmakers Want Five Year Handgun Licenses
  84. Well, Tennessee House just rejected the Senate restuarant bill...
  85. Face the Nation with Wayne...
  86. Daily Press Editorial, NN Va
  87. Libertarians call out Obama's stats
  88. Libertarians and Gun Laws
  89. More Dread in NY
  90. Uh oh...Are you licensed to reload that ammo?
  91. NYS Unconstitutional Pistol Licensing
  92. A good read.
  93. Wayne LaPierre on Face the Nation 4/19/2009
  94. Montana Joined by Alaska & Texas - Guns not under ATF
  95. 9th Circuit: 2nd Amendment applies to states - merged X 2
  96. Great reply to anti gun idiot
  97. How a politician stands on the Second Amendment
  98. !!FREE!! 1 year NRA Membership
  99. An idea to promote gun rights
  100. Has H.R. 45 moved out of Committee?
  101. USA Today Gun Poll - Vote Now
  102. Why the run on guns and ammo?
  103. President Obama support UN treaty that would require gun registration in the US
  104. No appeal to CCW in Parks ruling
  105. Article IV, Section 1?
  106. Op ED Roanoke Times
  107. PA, VOTE HIM OUT!!! and SHUT HIM UP!!!!
  108. Why Dont Liberals get it?
  109. Fed Lawsuit Filed Against Napolitano Over Extremism Policy
  110. The NRA says MO House of Representatives Pass Castle Doctrine Expansion Bill
  111. Obama Rescinds Campaign Vow On Weapons Ban
  112. AWB and U.S. vs Miller?
  113. Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  114. The Enemy of 2A on Today Show
  115. PA Governor pushing for AWB...
  116. ABC's Shameful '20/20' Experiment-John Lott
  117. Great Article: Gangs, Guns, and Political Games
  118. HR 45 Blair Holt Firearm Licensing & Record of Sales Act of 2009
  119. The check is in the mail....
  120. Coloradoan Opinion article on reinstating assault weapons ban
  121. Possible new rules for Amtrak soon
  122. Another gun show loophole !!! (Merged)
  123. Guns in parking lots at work; Idaho
  124. Armed America: Behind a broadening run on guns
  125. Warning: it is NOT legal to have a gun in a vehicle on school property in TN
  126. Front page news...
  127. TN guys, a little help with this re: CCW... IMPORTANT UPDATE - SEE POST #6
  128. Nordyke 9th Circuit opinion presumably imminent
  129. Bad guns, bad guns, bad guns...
  130. What keeps you going?
  131. The United Nations (UN) and International Gun Control
  132. 60 Minutes/VCDL segment to air on Sunday 7p est
  133. Blair Holt Licensing Act - The Montana Answer
  134. NC Castle Doctrine introduced 6 April 09
  135. Time to End to America’s ‘Lock and Load’ Mania
  136. CNN'S Propaganda
  137. Okay guys, correct me if Im wrong but I believe MO just lowered CCW age to 21?
  138. First Budget Skirmish Yields Mixed Results For Gun Owners‏
  139. AG Eric Holder "Looks forward to working with the NRA"
  140. Gallup Poll: Very Interesting!
  141. Good News For Montana (Updated)
  142. A Little Gun Control History
  143. MSNBC Article
  144. More NY double speak.........is that weapon "unloaded"...maybe not???
  145. reinstitute the assault weapons ban will be a positive impact in mexico
  146. conceal carry in Illinois???
  147. Pelosi Flip-Flops on Assault Weapon Ban
  148. NP and NWR RKBA Legislation Introduced:
  149. VA Leg working on Veto Override
  150. Tennessee House passes bill to allow guns where alcohol is served
  151. ABC News Poll
  152. Carry in national parks bill introduced...
  153. I agree with this anti-gun group
  154. Poll in local paper
  155. Guns Made In MT Exempt From Federal Regulation. (Merged X 2)
  156. The beginning of the End??? Is it?
  157. Letter from Representitve Cantor
  158. Health Plan Threatens to Feed Your Gun-related Data Into a Nationl Database
  159. A reply from my congressional rep.
  160. fox news: 90% of Mexican crime guns number is BS
  161. Colorado: Act Today: HB 1180 Without Amendments
  162. Lies, more lies
  163. Watch this Vid.!!(Suzanna Gratia-Hupp)
  164. Pray for your Northern neighbours that this goes through.
  165. NFA Ruled Unconstitutional by 7th Circuit???
  166. Never have these words rang truer.
  167. Greater battles over gun rights loom
  168. TN Senate Bill 576 carry where alcohol is served
  169. Action Item: VETO Override
  170. Gun Control from a Criminal's Perspective
  171. Obama & Gun Haters this is for you
  172. Second Amendment Second to None Rally, Harrisburg, PA
  173. Time for a review....
  174. Fox News: The power of the NRA
  175. Montana - Update HJ 14 - Guns in National Parks
  176. state of mich.
  177. Montana "Bills" - Self Defense, Montana Made Guns & Ammo, and National Park Carry
  178. Governor Kaine vetoed Virginia guns bills
  179. Kansas: moving toward Vermont?
  180. We need more leaders like this one
  181. Fellow Tennesseans - we really, really need to take action on this...
  182. A new favorite: Lou Dobbs
  183. Hillary on Greta
  184. Sometimes 2A Discussions Can Hurt You
  185. Texas Proud (Merged)
  186. Texas Legislature
  187. Vote for Ronnie Barrett for NRA Board of Directors Now!
  188. Newsweek: Holder Backing Off Weapons Ban Under NRA Pressure
  189. Tea Party
  190. I thought this was kinda cool
  191. WV Delegates too special to wait???
  192. Bill calls for tracking of large-capacity weapon magazines
  193. his stolen gun is out there posing a greater threat to public safety
  194. Please vote - Poll carry conceal weapons
  195. HB 246 legal challenge to regulate guns and ammunition
  196. NRA and WA
  197. Gun Ban
  198. Texas-
  199. VA Laws need help
  200. SACBEE: Proposed easing of concealed-weapons law draws fire
  201. Concerning "All private guns will be confiscated.."
  202. Albany -NY Ammunition control?????
  203. Gun Control, Post-Heller
  204. All private guns will be confiscated by september 2009, us tells russia
  205. Massad Ayoob interview on pending ammo legislation, and open carry.
  206. Didn't have to wait long for the NRA. (Merged)
  207. What is this? "Gun Guys" website??
  208. Montana-made guns bill, passed 80-20 (Merged)
  209. Poll on KTRH website about CC at work- Vote!!
  210. Montana contact your local state representatives today
  211. Glenn Beck with Wayne LePierre
  212. NPS carry blocked
  213. Get Active in New York!!!
  214. Just in - court blocks rule allowing CCW in National Parks
  215. WOW: My baby made me proud
  216. Dems send letter to Attorney Gen
  217. Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
  218. Are we really that bored?
  219. Google gun polls.
  220. A news clip and than a vote
  221. A letter from / to my NJ Senator
  222. Anyone know the vote from the CC defeated in Illinois
  223. NC - House bills 269 and 170 - HURRY
  224. Montana - Self Defense - HB 228
  225. Montana gets DoD to reverse Brass Decision (Merged)
  226. Calling All Coloradans, House Bill 1180
  227. Orlando Sentinel Poll please vote !
  228. Podcast - Interview of Va Tech Students for Concealed Carry
  229. NY Times: "Few Ripples From Supreme Court Ruling on Guns"
  230. Standing Guard In America by Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Paul E. Vallely
  231. Support Montana - HB 228 Self Defense
  232. Montana - Public Safety v. Private Safety
  233. Some montana sheriffs & attorneys attack self-defense
  234. Violate any part the of 2A then are a Commie, Nazis, Facist, or at least a Socialist
  235. NEW FOR 09: Accidental Firearm Deaths stats
  236. BG With Guns (Controversial Questions/Opinions)
  237. MONTANA informs the Senate & takes on the DoD
  238. NYT Article: Issue of Gun Rights Still Holds Sway
  239. Democrats Leak Gun-Ban List (Merged)
  240. Hope for NY
  241. Where is the NRA?
  242. MO to consider lowering CCW permit age limit
  243. Brady Campaign talks about Alabama shooting
  244. New CNN poll (Merged x2)
  245. CC defeated in Illinois
  246. Oath Keepers (Merged)
  247. Do you watch Lou Dobbs on CNN?
  248. Kentuckians legal carry on trails.
  249. New York Fails To Revive Gun Lawsuit
  250. In a land not so very far away....