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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. December 15th: Bill of Rights Day
  2. Well at least it appears Chicago is better than DC's new restrictions
  3. Obama puts his support for the 2A in writing.
  4. Founding Fathers Would Have Allowed Restrictions on Guns
  5. URGENT! Concealed and Open Carry Reform - Senate Bill 234 Filed Today
  6. Ignorance reigns - City properties could become weapons-free zones
  7. Daley annoyed that gun registry not up and running
  8. What the second amendment is all about...?
  9. Ohio May Allow Concealed Carry in Alcohol Serving Establishments
  10. Big sis invades wal-mart: 'if you see something, say something'
  11. Lautenberg Amendment and Juvenile Convictions
  12. The Second Amendment & Knives?
  13. Presidential pardons
  14. Portland's Mayor Solves Gang Problems, Yeah Right!!
  15. Odd hunting regulation, Southampton Co. VA
  16. Amtrak now allowing firearms in checked baggage
  17. Ward Bird - Guilty of "Criminal Threatening" - 3 to 6 years in the pokey
  18. ATF attempting to reclassify small arms ammunition without public input
  19. Question for the legal community RE: Felony Conviction.
  20. Second Amendment Challenge to Illinois Ban on Non-Residents’ Possession of Guns...
  21. Second Amendment Protects Gun Possession by the Housemates of Felons
  22. BATFE sued over 21-year age requirement
  23. PA: Castle Doctrine & Stand your ground
  24. Great News from the Garden State!
  25. Finally, a Post Office lawsuit to quash firearm ban, by NAGR
  26. Does "gun control" = "racism" or "prejudice"?
  27. Reciprocity between VA and GA?
  28. NRA/ILA Opposes Obama BATF Nomination......
  29. Relevant case law - something to add to your 2A/self-defense education
  30. State Reciprocity
  31. Castle Doctrine
  32. is it legal to?
  33. NJ judge delays layoffs of Newark police officers
  34. Good: I'm guessing they wont get robbed anytime soon...
  35. End of Liberty
  36. ODU students petition to carry concealed
  37. New York must modify tough gun laws to make it less vulnerable to legal assault
  38. Poll: Have you had a firearm stolen?
  39. Guns Reduce Crime debate - Intelligence Squared
  40. NRA's Right To Hunt And Fish Amendments Adopted In Three States
  41. NYS Pistol License Suspension - Final Chapter
  42. 2010 tax form, guns?
  43. Hey Wisconsin, now is your chance!
  44. New security measures in effect at Energy Solutions Arena
  45. 2010 elections and the 2A. Did we make progress?
  46. Gun Control and Why I carry a gun.....
  47. Question About Carry Permits in Rhode Island
  48. VCDL 2010 Federal Candidate Survey
  49. Bloomy's gun-plan backfire
  50. Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun
  51. Advocacy Group Wants 'Guns For All' Bodega Owners
  52. HEADS UP!!!! Kansans
  53. Surprising sign on the Doctor's door.
  54. Legal updates....
  55. A Looming Threat: A Major U.S. Vulnerability.
  56. Colorado SUPREME Court will review guns on campus
  57. Current Election Research
  58. WI circuit judge sees it our way in Wisconsin v Schultz
  59. Phoenix Censors “Gun Safety for Kids”
  60. Chicagos List of "UNSAFE" guns
  61. 'Castle Doctrine' passes House & Senate in PA!
  62. Maybe looking at moving to Maine or someplace equally as pretty in the North...
  63. Long Term Effects?
  64. Stop spread of illegal guns from states with weak laws (CNN report)
  65. PLEASE help defeat Barney Frank
  66. Ignorances is bliss
  67. Texans debate allowing concealed weapons on campus
  68. Another no-guns-zone failure
  69. Please help with a poll
  70. NYT Story re: carry where alcohol is sold
  71. The Mexican Second Amendment
  72. How and why behind NRA endorsements
  73. GOA 2010 Candidate Ratings
  74. connection between weak gun laws and interstate gun trafficking.
  75. Bloomberg as Treasury Sec??
  76. An email from Assemblyman Michael patrick Carroll
  77. Arkansas open carry
  78. Compelling 2-A testimony before congress a few years back.....
  79. Conversation with an Anti (Warning long post)
  80. Good read -- 2010 Senate elections and 2A
  81. Another Youtube Video On the Doomsday Treaty
  82. Lifestyles of the rich and packin': High-profile celebrities seeking gun permits
  83. United Nations "small arms treaty" again...
  84. Gun Control Discussion Points
  85. Report: 10 states sell half of imported crime guns
  86. $500 a year???
  87. ATF targets gun dealers to stem sales to Mexican cartels
  88. RT and Dan Casey are at it again
  89. We Lost, The Canadian Gun Registry Stays!
  90. PALADINO for Governor And the 2nd Amendment
  91. Halloran Opposes Proposed Rule Amendment Regarding Gun Licenses
  92. Something to think about from Charlton!!!
  93. Interesting opinion of Ex LEO, now city councelman.
  94. Anti-gun Salt Lake Tribune editorial demands Utah state drop "non-resident" UT permit
  95. NRA Accused of "Interfering" In Canadian Politics!
  96. NC travel during a state of emergency
  97. Fire Mission -- Dan Casey's Blog Roanoke Times.
  98. TN: "Guns haven’t changed state parks"
  99. Please, Please Hit This Poll And Help Us Canadians!!
  100. (NYC) DA 'guns' for the little guy
  101. Friend opens gun shop - endless hassles from local bureaucrats and ATF
  102. NRA News For Law Abiding 18-20 Year-Olds
  103. Chicago mayor race wide open as Daley steps aside
  104. Prepaid Legal Services as legal defense?
  105. Dont argue but ... this is why we need 2a fully opened and select fire.
  106. Tennessee permit holders can carry in restaurants again!
  107. Minor Victory in CA
  108. NYSRPA Primary ratings & endorsement
  109. Really Bad : Fed Wants To Dismiss Firearm Lawsuit
  110. Multiple lawsuits-LEOS confiscate legal guns-Philly-ACLU weighs in +
  111. FIRE MISSION: Dan is at it again
  112. It's official: NRA Declines to Endorse Reid!
  113. "Kicks For Guns" lies..... But so did I.
  114. EPA Considering Banning Lead Ammunition. Action Needed!
  115. Action Target Joins Lawsuit over Chicago Gun Range Prohibition
  116. Please help your neighbours to the North and hit this poll!!
  117. Another Anti crosses over!
  118. National Lawmakers Meet in Chicago to discuss Gun Control
  119. Unarmed Security at my University: Advice on changing this?
  120. WVCDL Protests Proposed Gun Registration
  121. Sometimes the NRA pisses me off...
  122. Latest challenge to the District's firearms laws -- Washington Post coverage
  123. New Utah laws 2010
  124. This can't be good...
  125. Blind Man Having His Guns & License Confiscated (NJ)
  126. LEOs and Gun Control
  127. Scope gives $5k to saf for help in new york lawsuit
  128. NYPD looking for public comments
  129. NYC Landlord Tells ATF Inspector No Firearms Allowed
  130. San francisco eyes ammunition registry; ccrkba vows lawsuit
  131. ACLU Second Amendment
  132. Judge tells sheriff issue permit, study First Amendment
  133. Gun Control Issues -- great list of RKBA articles, quotes
  134. Kagan makes it....
  135. Tonight on ABC Nightline news!
  136. California: Push for legislative changes in wake of McDonald and Heller rulings??
  137. Snowe becomes fourth Republican to endorse Kagan's confirmation
  138. Local Article on "Reasonable" Gun Laws
  139. Shreveport, LA. : "Do you have rights ?"
  140. Is It Your Right, or A Privilege?
  141. City can't find it's park (to define where OC is legal)
  142. 2A and Self defense for Family Members who have Felony conviction
  143. More on Defining the Scope of Heller....
  144. SAF Sues in Maryland Over Handgun Permit Denial
  145. Mexico trying to have it both ways on guns from America.
  146. FOXNEWS: Pro-Gun Dems May Get a Boost
  147. 2nd Amendment bracelets
  148. Court ruling; Past drug minor misdemeanor drug convictions takes away right to carry
  149. Headlines in Minneapolis Today
  150. Recommended read....Why liberals should love the Second Amendment
  151. "Why liberals should love the Second Amendment"
  152. Gun Control from a Brit’s Point of View
  153. Lawsuit to Overturn California AB962 Filed – et al vs. State of CA DOJ
  154. How to find an attorney in case of a self defense shooting ?
  155. (Editorial) Pro & Con: Should Georgia continue to ban guns in places of worship?
  156. Attention all ARKYS...
  157. ACLU defends gun owner's civil rights in FL
  158. Why Liberals should LOVE guns!
  159. Gura and SAF go after NYS's "Good Cause" permitting system
  160. Chicago's new Unsafe/Banned Gun List
  161. Katrina - New Orleans Disarmament Indictments
  162. Fire Mission -- anti-gun bartender
  163. Fire Mission & Ronoke Times -- "news" on VT families & gun shows...
  164. Chattanooga Times Free Press editorial: Founders’ vision vs ours
  165. We Are Still A Few Votes Short Of Killing The Kagan Nomination
  166. Article -- Why Liberals Should Love the 2A
  167. What does the lower court in McDonald do now?
  168. Anti-gunners Holding Forum on Gun Shows
  169. Just out of curiosity
  170. Please vote in this stupid poll
  171. Duck and Cover (NRA article about concealed carry on campus)
  172. Law makers
  173. Daley Says "Stick It" To The Supreme Court
  174. Judge Orders Sheriff To Take Class On Constitution [merge]
  175. Emailing your senator to oppose Kagan confirmation
  176. Minister Sues Georgia Over Gun Ban In Church
  177. More "Militia" Talk - Aren't we allowed?
  178. Mc vs Feds - Open military base rights? Opinion q and a.
  179. Gun Rights Are Civil Rights...
  180. Daytona Beach Police ask for Gun Shop records
  181. 2A Article
  182. Federal housing confiscates gun?
  183. Lets talk Militia (The US Code Militia)
  184. Winning hearts and minds
  185. Some 2nd Amendment Ammo Here/Why Liberals Should Love the 2A.
  186. Interesting discussion of 18 U.S.C. § 926A ...
  187. The racist roots of gun control
  188. Hillary Vows to stop the flow of weapons to Mexico
  189. No Guns For Negroes
  190. Chicago passes revised gun law, allowing handgun ownership
  191. WI District Attorney declares most state gun laws unconstitutional
  192. I have a newfound level of respect for Clarence Thomas
  193. U.S. Supreme Court targets liberal superstition
  194. FFL Transfer age?
  195. NRA Now Leans Toward Endorsing Harry Reid
  196. Potential elimination of Utah conceal permit requirements (MERGED)
  197. NRA Joint Statement in opposition of Kagan
  198. Restaurant Carry Now Legal In Va.
  199. Chicago City Council to Vote on New Gun Law
  200. NC gun ban in state of emergency
  201. Fight Elena Kagan nomination at SCOTUS
  202. Texas ban on public possession after McDonald
  203. SAF Isn't wasting any time-NC "Emergency Powers" Gun Ban
  204. Mayor Daley Vows New Gun Laws To Impede High Court Ruling
  205. Fox POLL : Time to Put the Gun Issue to Rest?
  206. SCOTUS ruling / NJ
  207. NRA Issues Gag Order to Its Board Members on Anti-Gun Elena Kagan Hearings
  208. Bloomberg speaks
  209. Huge gun debate going on right now @ -- Lets clear the benches. ;)
  210. McDonald win
  211. The McDonald Decision - Gun Rights Prevail!! (Merged)
  212. VA Anti-Gun TV Stations...
  213. Saf founder, attorney at supreme court monday for landmark ruling
  214. McDonald vs Chicago
  215. 52 shot, 8 dead and mayor daley still resists self-defense
  216. New York Gun Owners Need Your Help!
  217. Guns are hazardas materials in NM?
  218. SC Voters: Vote for Leighton Lord for attorney general on Tues, June 22
  219. House Democrats Close to Reinstituting Penalties for Criticizing Congress
  220. Scotus ?
  221. All things H.R 5175 MERGEDX4
  222. (Pennsylvania) Park gun rule could lead to federal civil action, advocate says
  223. "disparity of force" varies. Some states don't have this law.
  224. Almost Heaven, West Virginia
  225. Fire Mission --PARADE magazine
  226. Obama’s Appeals Court Nominee Favors Leniency for Sex Offenders and Serial Killers
  227. GA update for non GA citizens.
  228. U.S. Constitution Being Sold With A Disclaimer
  229. is there a state where they may confiscate for emergency?
  230. Former U.S. Official Pleads Guilty to Abusive Sexual Contact & Possession of Firearm
  231. Governor Paterson Introduces Legislation to Enhance Gun Laws‏
  232. Firearms Industry Launches Radio Blitz to Stop Microstamping in NYS Senate‏
  233. Brady Campaign withers away
  234. Another self-defense gun use validates saf chicago lawsuit
  235. June 8th, maybe the beginning of the end for NY'rs
  236. Virginia vs Massachusetts
  237. DOJ Says ATF Unprepared for WMD Response
  238. Violence Policy Center (VPC) newest cooked stats...
  239. Gun-unfriendly businesses. Call or email them.
  240. Gun Control: The Ultimate Human Rights Violation
  241. GA: SB291 and 308 still not signed.
  242. The Second Amendment is dead
  243. SCOTUS rules you must speak up if you want your right to remain silent!
  244. Are National Parks posting outdoor areas where you visit?
  245. SCOTUS previously said gun carry is a right?
  246. WTOL Toledo Ohio Poll Resturant/Bar Carry
  247. PA - Castle Doctrine leaves committee finally!
  248. ATF Redefines 40-Year-Old Law on Gun Transfers!
  249. USACE & Don't Ask Don't Tell
  250. Virginia schools & NRA-only gun education...