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  1. Wouldn’t you feel safer with a gun?
  2. What do we do if SCOTUS votes against us?!
  3. USA Poll: Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?
  4. Article on Students for Concealed Carry
  5. Another Poll We need to Hit!
  6. Poll: Overturn the DC Ban?
  7. Help Finding incriminating article
  8. DC Gun Ban poll on NBC4: merged
  9. Scotus Is Going To Hear It / DC Gun Ban : MERGED
  10. PA Reject Gov's Appeal for Gun Control
  11. Georgia And South Carolina Fighting Back
  12. Boston Police To Search For Guns In Homes
  13. URGENT-NOVA People
  14. Boston Police plan to search homes for firearms...
  15. John Edwards on the Right to Bear Arms
  16. The Journalist's Guide to Gun Violence Coverage
  17. Another Case For The SCOTUS?
  18. For Non-Gun Owners: The D.C. vs. Heller Case
  19. Racist Roots of Georgia Gun Control Laws
  20. Poll: Renew Assault Weapons Ban?
  21. Urgent - PA members.
  22. SCOTUS Declines DC Case
  23. A Pivotal Moment
  24. US right to bear arms may get its day in court
  25. Greg Rotz LTCF (PA) Reinstated : MERGED (includes previous pre court thread)
  26. Penn & Teller on Showtime
  27. Could Be Next Year For DC Gun Ban Case
  28. Recieved a letter from Federal Senator
  29. USA TODAY article: correlation between high gun ownership & low violence in Finland
  30. A Question Of Commas
  31. Elections Show Anti 2A Not The Way To Go
  32. Poll: "Should a homeowner be arrested for shooting an intruder?"
  33. Congressman Ron Paul on the Second Amendment
  34. Another Virginia Tech in the making?
  35. Very Good Article On The Castle Doctrine
  36. Brady Anti-CCW Campaign Continues
  37. Why Criminals Are Still Getting Guns
  38. LEO saw the gun
  39. Fred Thompson: UN Doesn't Respect Right To Self Defense
  40. The Brady Campaign
  41. Former Spokesman Fires At NRA
  42. taught a few Germans what freedom is like
  43. I just couldn't resist
  44. House Adds Clarifying Amendment to Heritage Areas Bill .....
  45. Ministers 'covered up' gun crime.
  46. Yay for zero tolerance!!!
  47. 'Dear Abby' is a blissninny!
  48. Murderer = NRA "Poster Child"
  49. Trend in our favor - less americans for more gun control
  50. Giuliani on gun control
  51. Gun Owners of America - Brady Bunch Debate
  52. Beware Of The New Anti Propaganda
  53. Moms against guns
  54. Small opinion article in college newspaper
  55. If the NRA started calling you at 8:30am
  56. Here's one to watch - Reporter with CCW arrested on school property (merged)
  57. ZOMG!! Ban Deadly Black Powder Muzzle Loaders!
  58. Richmond Gun Show protestors, Million Mom's.....all 32 of them!
  59. Example on how to use the anti-gun Media's words against them- courtesy VCDL
  60. Archery Park in Wisconsin bans archery
  61. National Empty Holster week.
  62. You're given an opportunity...
  63. Tired Old Pro-Gun Messages
  64. PBS discussion on gun control...
  65. H.R. 2640 Military.com Gun Bill Not Anti-Veteran
  66. Collective Right
  67. Rapper arrested in sting after receiving "machine guns and silencers"
  68. Worse Case Scenerio
  69. Microstamping and lead hunting ammo bans signed into CA law
  70. Is this true?
  71. Public Support For More Gun Control Low
  72. Student Suspended For Advocating Gun Rights (Merged)
  73. Albany Machine Gun Scandal:
  74. OK Fed judge says no locked guns in the lot
  75. The Nra Before Or In Iowa - Pres
  76. Doc, what’s up with snooping? (Merged)
  77. Help Block HR 1022
  78. Buckeye Firearms awarded Grassroots Organization of the Year
  79. Wyoming Sues The Feds
  80. Where they all stand on Gun Control
  81. NRA-ILA - The Nics Improvement Bill: Myth And Reality
  82. Federal Court inTulsa Shafts Workers Re:Guns
  83. Gun Ban Maybe A Good Idea?
  84. USAToday editorial from today about 2nd Amendment
  85. Gun rights groups, other cities wary of DC appeal on handgun ban
  86. An Open Letter To The Pro-gun Community
  87. Gun Free Zone Sign
  88. 2A Blog of Interest
  89. Cities Fight For Gun Laws
  90. From the situation in Myanmar
  91. ARTICLE: Enough NRA Bashing!
  92. UN Push for Weapons Prohibition
  93. Coincidence?? ANOTHER college shooting
  94. A Voice That Resonates
  95. Opinion: NYPD creating an additional endorsement for CCW?
  96. Looks like it's a done deal
  97. Gun Law Helping Victims
  98. Is everyone in the forum a member any RKBA group?
  99. New Jersey has now equaled the UK in toy gun STUPIDITY!
  100. Please Support The NRA Today!
  101. Good anti-gun control article
  102. Glenn Beck (CNN) Speaks at NRA
  103. Exposed: Ohio anti-gunners' 2004 & 2005 IRS returns
  104. Federal Court Blocks Bloomberg Move
  105. Wisconsin Circuit Court Sides With Gun Owners!
  106. Ohio's Coalition of One-Toby Hoover
  107. IACP, Joyce Foundation and Rudi Giuliani
  108. 2nd Amendment Rights Not for Individuals?!
  109. America's Modern Revolution
  110. Vote to protect the 2nd Amendment
  111. Veterans Disarmament Act To Bar Vets From Owning Guns Has Passed
  112. NRA-ILA State roundup (Sept 23)
  113. BEWARE: Freedom States Alliance & Gunguys.com
  114. Very Pro-2a Huckabee - Former Gov Arkansas
  115. Missouri: Police Threaten, Detain Motorist for Parking After Hours
  116. Candidates meet the NRA (Merged)
  117. How's this for another anti type move? (WI)
  118. ATF at it again - still harassing Red's Trading Post
  119. How Do Gun Bans Affect Non-Gun Owners?
  120. The Constitution - Just As Relevant As Ever
  122. Illinois FOID Cards
  123. The "Assault Weapon" disinformation continues
  124. Fred Thompson visits Gun Show
  125. America's Gun Culture Must Change
  126. Assault-Weapon Attacks on Rise in Miami-ap
  127. Thompson: No gun limits
  128. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance
  129. Guns At Home - But Not Carry? (DC)
  130. Violent Crimes Down In Tucson
  131. Register your opinion on Micro Stamping Bill!
  132. Mich. Lawmaker Wants to Arm Educators
  133. Might be old, but a real gem to read...
  134. Single Issue Voter
  135. Cleveland Mayor springboards off of shooting death.. what else? More gun laws!
  136. "British attitudes are supercilious and misguided" - Editorial
  137. D.C.'s flawed reasoning
  138. JustFacts.com - A good reference
  139. News from NRA on U.N. gun ban
  140. California's done it again...
  141. I like this Guy
  142. "Assault Weapon" ban
  143. does anyone know anything about this (FL car storage law)
  144. Who's the most pro-gun GOP candidate?
  145. Just another interpretation
  146. New York's efforts not going unnoticed
  147. Gun Prohibition
  148. A Double Daily Dose
  149. Well, they did it... DC Asks SCOTUS to take Parker
  150. Need help with NY state assault weapons ban
  151. The Triangle Of Death
  152. Gun Facts
  153. Video series on the constitution.
  154. Am I reading this law right?
  155. Guns or Plows
  156. John Lott defending gun rights on Glen Beck
  157. U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people
  158. Tom Gresham and Clint Smith made a Debate Video.
  159. Continuing Proof Gun Bans Don't Work
  160. Reasonable Gun Control Solution
  161. A thread I ran into on another site
  162. 66% 0f voters want NO new gun laws.
  163. History of Gun-Control Laws Question
  164. Gun And Colleges
  165. Quote: Even those who disagree, AGREE
  166. NY Times Bashing Virginia Again
  167. Disturbing privacy issue for OR permits
  168. Another Daily Dose
  169. A Daily Dose
  170. HR 2640 - Is It A Threat?
  171. Another threat to 2A
  172. NRA-ILA, state news 8/17/07
  173. ATTENTION Pennsylvania Members! PICS OUTAGE!
  174. Stopping Power why 70 million Americans own guns
  175. Comparing guns to cars.
  176. Gun Control Lobby is Working: FFL's on the decline
  177. Analysis Of The 2A
  178. Another VA poll on CC on college campus
  179. NRA Board member against assault weapons
  180. Online Poll - Should college students carry guns on campus? (please Vote)
  181. City of Sacramento - Off its ROCKER
  182. Fantastic 2nd Amendment Article
  183. Ken Jenne, enemy of "assault weapons," likely faces felony charges
  184. FBI investigates Sacramento "CCW for favors" ex-sheriff
  185. Interesting Feinstein quote!
  186. Typical Lame Response on National Park Carry
  187. Time to admit the 'gun nuts' are right
  188. NRA-ILA States News today
  189. Trade your 4th Amendment for the 2nd?
  190. "Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder And Suicide?"
  191. Newsweek Article On DC Suit
  192. H.r. 1897
  193. HR 2666 - Full blown "mother-may-I" firearm licensing and registration
  194. It could happen here....
  195. Jesse Jackson joins the anti crowd!
  196. "GUN CITY USA" facing possible litigation!
  197. State Constitutions also assert our rights
  198. Charles Grennel (Army Reservist) to Jill Edwards (University of Washington)
  199. San Francisco anti-gun crowd at it again. MERGED
  200. Terrorist Boy Scouts? (Yes Second Amendment Related)
  201. Political Fund Raiser with Automatic Weapons
  202. Man Gives City Lesson In 2A
  203. Sen Biden & Dem Debate...
  204. LEO & Law Abiding CCW: Edited
  205. Newspapers & our 2A Rights
  206. Airgun Ban
  207. States 2A news today
  208. Kicked out of Barnes & Noble!
  209. What happened in/to the UK Shooters?
  210. Calendar of 2A Meetings and Events
  211. NRA Puppets
  212. The Indiana DNR gets it.
  213. Bloomberg: Guns equal prison.
  214. Will you fight for your 2A rights?
  215. Long-Range Sniper Rifle Safety Act of 2007 (Introduced in Senate)
  216. Gun control working in Philadelphia
  218. DC appeals Parker case to SCOTUS
  219. Obama: Reinstate AWB...(MERGED)
  220. Castle Doctrine Petition for NC
  221. Tiahrt upheld...
  222. The history of gun control, part 3- Froman
  223. Great News !! BATFE says we can now legally own shoe strings (sometimes)
  224. Current Gun Legislation in the 110th Congress (Analysis)
  225. CCW Licensing seems contrary to The Framers' intent
  226. OSHA wants to regulate small arms ammo
  227. Canadian gun reg' - failure.
  228. My letter to Wayne LaPierre / VA is NOT "Shall issue"
  229. Attack on CCW study by Lott on another forum
  230. More Madness In The PRM
  231. Celebrating America, and history's lessons
  232. OSHA Going After the Firearms Industry? Labor Dept Will Revise OSHA Explosives Rule
  233. Bloomberg Dealt Major Setback in Quest for Gun Control
  234. Something For Pro-second Amendment Groups To Support
  235. Awb - New Approved Gun List - Where Is The Nra On This Topic ?
  236. When will we be free?
  237. From "Dr. Helen" and Michelle Malkin...
  238. Members: Contact your Senators on Senate Appropriations Committee
  239. Anti-Gun Film Festival Honors Pro-Gun Filmmaker -- Sort Of
  240. Texas Members: Please Contact Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson
  241. Outraged at the NRA: Why I No Longer Support The Nation's Largest Gun Control Lobby"
  242. "Why The Gun In Civilization"
  243. "Look Out! The Ladies are Armed"
  244. Jesse Jackson arrested outside Chicago area gun shop
  245. Can Doctors keep you from owning?
  246. NRA's rationale on the new Act
  247. Best BBQ evAr... 4 squad cars, about 6-8 uni's, a helo! and a RIOT SHIELD. hah
  248. Psychoanalyzing the Public...for Possible Government Intervention....
  249. A friend sent me this!
  250. Should convicted felons lose their rights?