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  1. class 3 questions
  2. Can DC be compelled (subpoena) to provide my posts to the prosecution?
  3. Wanting book recommendation on 2A and carry rights and legislation
  4. And the ATF shows their true intent...ALL 5.56 ammo
  5. WaPo: 'Gun industry’s helping hand triggers surge in college shooting teams'
  6. ***Action Alert*** WV Constitutional Carry Bill Needs Help!
  7. The ATF and what they really think of 5.56/.223 Ammo
  8. Fantastic Article Re ATF Proposed Ban On HuffPo!
  9. My Senator Contacted Me Today
  10. 223/556 Green tip
  11. Tennessee DC'rs - Firearms bills that have been heard or to be considered.
  12. Our 2A- ATF drops efforts to ban 5.56,.223-62grain steel ammo
  13. looks like M855 Lives on
  14. 3/10/15@1410 ATF shelves controversial bullet ban proposal
  15. My Email to the ATF
  16. New ban list
  17. is m855 banned or what?
  18. congressman Tim Ryan wrote back to me
  19. So, someone would like to argue our gun culture ?
  20. Couple Denied as Foster Parents Because They Legally Carry Guns
  21. Would you want to be President of the United States? yes or no?
  22. Connecticut Legislature Tired of Hearing About Guns?
  23. Easier to buy a gun then veggies ....
  24. The M885 / Green Tip Ammo Ban Is Now Law !!
  25. Hi Cap Mag Ban-Here They Come Again !
  26. Reply from Sen Tim Kane in regards to M855 proposed ban
  27. Ca handgun sales skyrocket, gun-related homicides plummet
  28. My New Book
  29. Changes, clarifications, and case law in FL gun laws
  30. Police say bullet ban isn't needed, AR-15 round isn't a threat
  31. The ATF Has No Constitutional Authority to Ban Any Ammunition
  32. Number of guns
  33. NEW MEXICO - Pro 2A!
  34. Wisconsin legislature proposing a bill to eliminate 48-hour waiting period.
  35. Felons and firearms in Missouri.
  36. State handgun permit rejection - NICS reporting required?
  37. Repeal of SAFE ACT
  38. Emily got her gun, now she gets her permit to carry
  39. The Second Amendment Takes Another Hit In California
  40. Gun Rights Haters: Victims or Aggressors?
  41. Will West Virginia go with no Carry Permit?
  42. Gained more or lost more?
  43. This is not a time to sit, wait & watch the outcome.
  44. Maine Constitutional Carry
  45. WV, NH, KS Constitutional carry Passes Senate ....
  46. Spokane: Man exercising 10A rights about to lose 2A rights altogether...
  47. What Happened to the Crime Rate in Ma.?
  48. What would you ask Police Chief nominees if given a chance?
  49. Anti Gun Liberal – A Peek Behind the Curtain
  50. Ban Gun-Free Zones
  51. NH man prevails in years long effort to have pistol permit reinstated
  52. SD 'Constitutional Carry' shot down
  53. GOA Letter to Stop BATFE Ammo Ban: To Senators and McConnell: ACT NOW!
  54. ATF Milling Legislation
  55. Illinois Bill SB1413 (Registration)
  56. Constitutional Carry 'Wins' in 6 States
  57. Colorado: Please Act Now!
  58. Wapo: Europe proves expanded background checks useless
  59. Micro-stamping, CA awaiting court decision.
  60. "MDA" and "Everytown"
  61. National CCW reciprocity? CCRKBA supports measure
  62. New Jersey and Hollowpoint Bullets
  63. Too much junk mail from the NRA? Simple fix.
  64. U.S. Senator says millions of Americans are 'arming against the government'
  65. Texas is just one of 10 states pushing for open carry
  66. Gun Rights Haters Try To Learn About Guns
  67. Shannon WATTS, the new Emily Litella
  68. Colion Noir on BATF Ban on M855 / SS109 "Green Tip" Ammo
  69. Audio Captured: Bloomberg's Racist Basis for Gun Control.
  70. Virtual POTUS...Bill Whittle
  71. Brass knuckles, blackjacks coming back to Virginia?
  72. One more reason carry is needed in the District ...
  73. Is it possible to get 2A back when each state adopts its own twisted gun legislation?
  74. Widow Blames Gun Store for Husband's Death [Lawsuit]
  75. Anti Gun Attorney Arrested At Airport
  76. Stanford Review: Concealed Carry on Campus
  77. New Jersey strikes again -- another outrage
  78. Let's talk about 'sensible' gun laws
  79. Another Mag limit bill
  80. STOP THE XM855 BAN: Sign and Share this Petition!
  81. Anti 2A Bloomberg Blocking Vid of His Own Racist Coments.
  82. Friends of the NRA Banquets: Teller County Colorado May 2!
  83. NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | More Jersey Injustice
  84. BATFE To Ban Common AR-15 Ammo
  85. Senator Ellis of Houston is entering a mag cap bill
  86. The NY Times: Concealed Carry's Body Count
  87. State Affairs committee member tries to bait a panelist on JFK quote
  88. Ky Alert Ky Mayors in Bloomies Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  89. Ky pro gun legislation (HB13 and HB120) KY get ACTIVE this time around.
  90. Federal Judge Strikes Down Interstate Handgun Transfer Ban
  91. FFL free gun transfers
  92. Civil Rights Victory in Federal Court/ Mance v. Holder
  93. 2A for muskets only! VIDEO
  94. Clueless teacher episode #627
  95. "Pennsylvania town packs heat, and wants visitors to know it"
  96. texas lawmakers set to debate open and campus carry...
  97. Eric holder: Inability to pass gun control my ‘single failure’
  98. SC voters: Please Make Calls, ASAP
  99. In Honor of Black History Month
  100. Single issue voting
  101. People Want To Get Arrested For Carrying?
  102. Mr. Bloonberg has new ideas to save minority youth.
  103. A great way to fight for your 2nd Amendment Rights! - The easy way!
  104. NRA Junk Mail
  105. Why the anti-2A AG pick is important?
  106. Look who went to GUNSITE!
  107. Conoy Township warns visitors: “Not a gun-free zone”
  108. Newtown Activists Introduce Bill Banning High-Capacity Magazines
  109. For our Colorado brothers.....
  110. " Green Decoys"
  111. Gun rights leader says failure to pass open carry law “punishable by death
  112. A 2nd Amendment case that should be front page news...
  113. tx campus carry, gunowners may get shaft...
  114. Washington smart gun push ignores key issues
  115. SAF Files Federal Lawsuit Challenging G&S in Disctrict of Columbia
  116. Illinois Gun Owners
  117. Open Carry Poll
  118. The 'battleground' West
  119. USCCA Claims the NFL would not allow them to advertise
  120. texas fast tracks two open carry bills
  121. Operation Choke Point gets choked, taps out
  122. God Given Rights...........
  123. Mike Huckabee Says Anti-gun Nuts Really are Nuts
  124. 16 States to Nullify Fed Gun Control
  125. "The Drumhead" from Star Trek TNG a prophetic episode?
  126. Background check battle coming back to Oregon
  127. Virginia wins big!!!!!!!!!!
  128. Why on earth would anyone need a gun ?
  129. different signs for chl and open carry in texas?
  130. “Nation’s first” smart gun symposium
  131. WA State Gun Rights Fight is YOUR Fight
  132. Gun show monitoring?
  133. Proposed DEA & BATFE Shenanigans Aborted
  134. Smart Guns Coming to WA?
  135. laws and such
  136. Second Amendment vs. Assize of Arms
  137. Owning Body Armor a Crime
  138. Anti-gunners want pro-2A journalist Emily Miller fired!
  139. Get ready Oregon...
  140. liberal media at it in austin...
  141. 2a. Right to bear drones shall not be infringed?
  142. Montana Shooting Sports Association 2015 Gun Legislation Update
  143. Throw your NY permit renewal forms in the trash...
  144. NRA ballot
  145. Indiana following (4) other states; i hope
  146. Gumbel calls NRA 'pigs'
  147. Need help defeating the Bloomberg machine
  148. Kansas --- Bill submitted for Constitutional Carry
  149. Proud of my 3rd grader
  150. Anti gun blog reads our stuff.
  151. If you live in AZ read this .. HB 2118 and HCR 2009 criminalize the private transfer
  152. For Virginia members...
  153. Finally: A More Honest Look
  154. Write your Congressman : Bill HR 131 on legal transport of gun while traveling
  155. Bloomberg Stages Anti -gun Indoctrination Camp-media-mogul-bloomberg-stages-ant
  156. Obama puts NY CT style gun regs in 2015 budget proposal
  157. ATF Reverses Decision on Pistol Braces
  158. now this is the way to get open carry passed.......
  159. Anti's Put Up Rare Examples As Proof Of Their Assertions
  160. The Right to Bear Arms, in Europe?
  161. How to change the tide for gun rights
  162. 2A to be impacted by "Fast Track"?
  163. Anti to headline Wash. State 2A rally?
  164. A Liberal's Interpretation of Second Amendment: Humorous!
  165. yep, that's the way to get open carry passed...NOT
  166. More common sense legislation from the right
  167. "You Have a Mayor Who Hates Guns"
  168. Hoosier Daddy: Indiana rep wants CCW license dropped
  169. There Are No Law-Abiding Gun Owners.
  170. 2015 viginia lobby day is coming up
  171. Pennsylvania Towns Are Throwing in the Towel as Gun Owners Challenge Illegal Rules
  172. *reminder*gun rally, olympia wa, jan. 15 2015
  173. Something different in the news from South Carolina!
  174. Representative seeks to ban 'human targets' at shooting ranges (PA)
  175. Maybe Bloomberg can't spend enough to disarm us!
  176. Reminded why I stopped watching the news.
  177. Another reason a felony shouldn't prevent gun ownership
  178. Majority rule vs COTUS
  179. Why I oppose constitutional carry
  180. Lawmaker wants special rights for legislators in Kentucky
  181. The 14th Amendment as Support for Gun Rights?
  182. Washington Examiner: Wake-up for U.S. journalists to be armed?
  183. Grand Jury Recommends Criminal Charges for PA AG
  184. Can you spot something in SPD video that's pretty smart?
  185. ATF Ruling Vast Expansion of its Power
  186. EPA can't regulate lead bullets, says federal court
  187. Anybody catch Frontline's take on the NRA?
  188. Your self defense is "laughable"
  189. How Gun Control Lobby Can Bypass The NRA?
  190. Chicago Is Dodge City...
  191. Moms Demand Leader Deemed A Threat To Her Kids, Barred From Owning Guns
  192. Fight On Guns Is Being Taken To State Ballots
  193. Guns Confiscated for Seeking Insomnia Treatment?
  194. Bill Engvall - not so funny
  195. Changes at Taco Mac?
  196. Gun control groups scrounge for cash, ideas to fight GOP-controlled Congress
  197. 2A - New Anti 2A Gun Group (money channeling) to pay attention to in 2015
  198. 2A - Just read the nonsense of this Tax Payer Funded Anti-2A Professor
  199. National stand your ground act?
  200. Man loses guns over kicking an owl?
  201. Odd gun laws in Michigan
  202. Time is overdue to repeal 2A?
  203. Yale gun prohibitionist vs. 2A
  204. BREAKING! SAF challenges gun control I-594 in federal court
  205. More uneducated drivel from the leftist media
  206. Apathy, Empathy or just do not care
  207. TOP GUN stories of 2014
  208. Some Fast and Furious info
  209. Battles the anti 2a won so far. But pro 2a is a great term.
  210. Stop blaming mental health for gun violence
  211. ATF seems to be changing their tune on Pistol Braces
  212. The progressives plan or part of it...
  213. It was only a matter of time
  214. Refusal as a weapon
  215. Doctors Should Tell the Truth About Guns
  216. Criminals Can't Buy Guns - It's Against the Law
  217. Incredibly stupid anti-gun PSA on Youtube
  218. HS Yearbook photo
  219. Pro-gun legislation
  220. Just got done reading some posts on liberal message boards
  221. All That Luxury! And Guns??? In CA???
  222. Gun Control Group Are Terrified Of Identifying Themselves
  223. Former Mental Patient Gets Gun Rights Back
  224. Ranking of states for firearms laws
  225. Virginia’s McAuliffe proposes 2A infringements on BOR Day
  226. Help needed
  227. Australian: Americans should "crush any effort" to weaken 2A
  228. PBS gun control poll backfires?
  229. A Compelling Argument For Concealed Carry On Campus
  230. Why Gun-Control Advocates Lie about Guns
  231. Senate sells out the NRA
  232. Amnesty VS. Your Gun Rights
  233. Suing Everybody
  234. 2A - Pro 2A Protest in Wa State, Pics and Video
  235. Ratified December 15th, 1791, The Bill of Rights
  236. 'Residents should volunteer to have officers search homes for guns.'
  237. Virginia Governor McAuliffe to propose spate of new gun control measures
  238. Judges confiscating weapons
  239. The meaning of "arms" in 2A
  240. 2A - Attorney General Eric Holder: International Law Trumps The Constitution
  241. One Problem With Brightly-colored Toy Guns
  242. Protecting 2A by changing the general public's perception of us.
  243. Newtown Nonsense
  244. Let's treat 1A like 2A.
  245. Morality Police Are Targeting 2A businesses
  246. Growing Public Support for Gun Rights (MERGED)
  247. What If Our Clubs and Ranges Stood Up?
  248. Not in Kansas anymore....heads up
  249. Here we go again....
  250. Kroger profits up 21 percent after refusing to ban guns