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  1. A conversation at work
  2. Just wow
  3. Unbelievable! Sheepdog converts to sheep
  4. One Dead After Man Opens Fire At Hillcrest Restaurant
  5. Ohio requires CCwers to fess up to Paramedics?
  6. Kansas Wal-Marts, anybody want to address this?
  7. Snoop Dogg Wants Guns To Be Banned
  8. Woman shoots self in leg after hot shell falls into shirt
  9. What Are You Listening To?
  10. Forces of gun prohibition on the march again…
  11. 2a - Next Years Are Again Important
  12. Bush Administration Reverses Ashcroft Interpretation of Second Amendment
  13. From the mouths of babes...
  14. Beaumont,Texas car-jack
  15. NRA membership question........
  16. Do guns really cause crime?
  17. Why you should care about MA.......
  18. The NRA Today?
  19. Disarming anti's
  20. Got gun?
  21. The report also looked into why people wanted to carry guns.
  22. More Ohio Legislation
  23. Hard to believe
  24. Article Bashing Brady Campaign
  25. Cook County IL Bans More Firearms
  26. Dunham's Sports + pistol ammo = records
  27. Now that's incentive... (merged)
  28. Bullets slip through hole in gun laws
  29. Ohio Members: Your Help Is Needed
  30. Interesting Op-ed regarding the 2nd & Militias.
  31. I found this video today.
  32. This is useful - PA carry addition
  33. Ohioans-Contact Your Senator NOW
  34. Forsyth County, GA repeals gun ban!
  35. Bloomberg attacks again......
  36. Has anyone seen this? "Scope of 2nd Amendment's [sic] Questioned"
  37. Man they make me mad
  38. Even the gun experts have bad luck
  39. Man pulled gun during fight in Wal-Mart store
  40. Manhunt on for suspect
  41. 'They've been threatening to kill us'
  42. Intruder getting into Chesapeake homes through unlocked doors, windows
  43. Coweta County, GA refuses to repeal illegal ban on carry
  44. 1 home SD gun - proposed ordinance.
  45. Gun lobby has misinformed public
  46. If you wanna get really angry...
  47. Bolton to Step Down
  48. NRA-ILA: A Look At The States 12/04/06
  49. Police: Boy, 14, fatally shot after egging SUV
  50. Would stricter gun laws save lives?
  51. U of Utah loses in court, goes back to legislature
  52. Boston Bus Reminds a City of Young Gun Victims
  53. Most robberies are nonviolent (snicker), however...
  54. 15 Ways To Fight For Our Second Amendment Rights
  55. State Constitutions and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  56. Gun fanatic jailed for abusing boys
  57. Striking a Patient is Never Warranted
  58. House With Ammunition In Every Room Catches Fire, Explodes
  59. If Government can't protect driver's info why is gun registration a good idea?
  60. local news story/ gun control
  61. GUN VICTORY IN OHIO: CCW Improvement Bill On The Way To The Governor - (merged)
  62. Idiot criminal kid kills friend with gun they stole from cop!
  63. Gun makers to appeal ruling that allows gun lawsuit to continue
  64. Poor victim selection
  65. Democrats getting gun control fever
  66. Frightening New Gun Appears On Pittsburgh Streets
  67. Man shot by wife says shooting accidental
  68. Proposed restriction on RKBA in VA
  69. A Secret Service agent is going to lose his job...
  70. Rangel and Jefferson Agree on a National Service Program
  71. Gun Control Doesn't Work in Germany?
  72. Justfacts.com - Great statistics
  73. News discussion I'm in, help!
  74. Plumber Shoots Self While Putting Gun Back in Holster
  75. Campaign contributions Pro gun vs. Anti.
  76. Maybe she's not as strong as some fear.
  77. Is the 2A wording a good thing?
  78. Aussie "Buy a Gun" day draws fire
  79. Milwaukee newspaper takes on ballistics and medicine
  80. Political Action - CHP in National Parks
  81. Chicago's nationwide list of gunowners
  82. Locked doors failed to prevent this gun crime
  83. When I have kids, this is what I will start them reading!
  84. Some questions to put antis on the defensive next time.
  85. What? Air guns?
  86. What would you say to this?
  87. Property v. human rights redux
  88. The Second Amendment emerges from the election relatively unscathed.
  89. It will be a long 4 years for Wisconsin
  90. State Election Results
  91. Get ready for the long fight
  92. House of Representatives FLIPS. Bad News for Gunowners?
  93. PA- It looks like Santorum has closed the gap.
  94. It helps to know your current State law.
  95. PA Luzerne County 120th HR Dist.(Phyllis Mundy)
  96. Gun buyback in Wichita (KS)
  97. Oklahoma "Stand your Ground" law effective Wednesday
  98. A few of my 2A thoughts
  99. Vote Nov 7
  100. Which National Organization Does More for 2nd Amendment Rights?
  101. A Shocking Story of Gun Confiscation In America
  102. .50 BMG story
  103. Folks, you can't make stuff like this up!
  104. Teenager is uninjured in accidental gun firing
  105. Eastside church stages gun buyback
  106. Castle Doctrine for Texas - A Strong Possibility
  107. It begins: Counter attack on Stand Your Ground
  108. Prison and Liability in Damages For Denying or Interference With Gun Rights?
  109. A horrible thought.
  110. Your feeling on 2A
  111. Brits try their hand at gun registry, ballistic fingerprinting
  112. Drunk and Armed: On Duty with the Ohio State Highway Patrol
  113. David Stern on concealed carry
  114. Tongue in cheek satire!
  115. Teen killed by LEO, mental thought process of family
  116. Gun buy backs don't work
  117. International Pro-Gun Organization?
  118. Tulsa has a real problem with gun shows (read to bottom)
  119. Park forced to take down no-gun signs
  120. A question to you Permanent Residents (and others).
  121. Ironic.....'Park Service pamphlet entitled "First Amendment Activities." '
  122. "The Vile Consequences of Gun Control"
  123. Hope this trend continues......
  124. Do you know what one thing is helping our cause?
  125. Does The NRA Compromise Too Much?
  126. Costco Bans Guns
  127. Which One Would You Prefer?
  128. Cook County IL - listen up folks
  129. For those of you who would vote Dem, or not at all, to spite the Republcans!
  130. Outstanding new organization in Georgia
  131. Oh, yeah!!!
  132. "IN"security? Unarmed security guard killed
  133. Man accidentally shot at public shooting range
  134. Gun discharges at Fayetteville mall, hits teenage girl
  135. Brutal. New book coming out.
  136. Some Sheep Haven't Figured Out the Situation in Florida...with Tragic Results
  137. More Bloomberg idiocy!
  138. Need help with Argument
  139. The Buckeye Firearms Association Were Guests On A Radio Show
  140. Larry Pratt (GOA) Radio Show
  141. UK vs. USA... Interesting...
  142. While we all know what the Founders intended
  143. Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  144. Anti-gun backlash
  145. Neutralizing the "Victim turned anti-gun activist"
  146. MSNBC video on arming teachers
  147. Larry Pratt of GOA is a white supremacist?
  148. Gonzales on CNN
  149. Pennsylvania Members (and others) Take Note..
  150. Last night's CSI:
  151. Mayors at it again.
  152. Mayors vow to snuff out gun crime
  153. CNN Poll: Arm school employees?
  154. I'm So Ronery:
  155. Framing the argument (Long post)
  156. Anti Gun / School Rampage Book Pushed on School Kids
  157. Pacifism – a Refuge of the Simple Minded
  158. The Uncomfortable Truth About School Shootings
  159. Leave a comment on BBC News' website
  160. Elections are coming.
  161. My conversation with Wayne LaPierre at the CCW rally on Long Island
  162. Congress expressly recognizes that the 2A secures an INDIVIDUAL right
  163. Congress Passes NRA-backed “Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006”
  164. Besides filing a lawsuit...
  165. "If it only saves one life"
  166. State of NH Dept. of Safety
  167. Personal Protection, a Personal Responsibility
  168. local editorial.
  169. 2nd Amendment misunderstood intentionally
  170. NRA news - a look at some states.
  171. NRA news - more guns - less crime
  172. NRA news - pro-gun bill
  173. Indiana's Third CCW-Friendly Law In Recent Memory
  174. New Arizona gun laws take effect Thursday
  175. Oh my <sigh>
  176. Rights vs Laws
  177. PA members of CC - urgent. (Merged, another 2)
  178. University of Utah Gun Ban Overturned
  179. Letter to the Editor
  180. More Fuel to the Fire
  181. Grants aid rifle range at no cost to city of Casa Grande (Arizona)
  182. Info needed for my Criminal Justice Class
  183. "New Study Reveals One Assault Rifle is Traced Back to Crime in Md Every 48 Hrs"
  184. "Kill the McCarthy Gun Grab!"
  185. Columbus Seeks to Ban CCW in Parks
  186. Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius Raising Money in Texas
  187. The other side's POV
  188. Bad News for Ohio: Beatty Loses Appeal
  189. Public citezens welcome Anti-gun?
  190. Constitution ? house vs appartment
  191. Arguments Surrounding the 2nd Amendment
  192. A better read
  193. 2nd Amendment Paper
  194. HR 5122...READ this and get MAD!!!!!
  195. I am near speechless!
  196. NRA's look at the states again
  197. How much cash does the NRA have?
  198. Where to find High-Res Images of the Bill of Rights, D of I, Constitution etc...
  199. Miami Herald :New law gives too many people a license to kill.
  200. Meaning of Lieberman’s Defeat to Gun Owners
  201. does the 2nd amendment leave room for any rules?
  202. Add Amazon To The Enemies List
  203. More CA gun laws
  204. New knife group -- USKTA
  205. Daniel Sayers - Oregon, Ohio Open Carry Encounter
  206. Ten People Who Are Threatening Your Ohio Gun Rights
  207. A new NRA announcement re NOLA guns case.
  208. Those who oppose self defense at it again, at home and abroad
  209. NBA star arrested in DC
  210. Another victory for us!
  211. Florida self-defense law ...
  212. Anti Gunners Don "Camo" As Elections Loom
  213. National Interest In A “Victim Bill of Rights.”
  214. Making A Difference In STATE Politics
  215. Clarett Arrest Shows Columbus Is Still Mentelly Challenged
  216. Sean Hannity Show incident...
  217. Saving the Children
  218. New York pro-2A Bill (CCW) shot down by NRA and NYSPRA
  219. NBC Takes "Aim" at the right of Self Defense
  220. Hamrick Second Amendment Case Transfering to Arkansas
  221. The state of some states - NRA info
  222. A New Anti-Gun Website
  223. NY Times attacks the Castle Doctrine
  224. Gun-toting Drivers Are More Prone To Road Rage
  225. This seems crazy!
  226. The Battle of Athens -- August 1, 1946
  227. What will the Plain Dealer think of next?
  228. Talk about BAD reporting
  229. Ohio: Very Important Endorsement For Attorney General
  230. Show Your NRA Pride In Ohio
  231. Pro-Gun Ohio Representative Stung By Article In The Enquirer
  232. The gun POV angle
  233. ABC News Flash
  235. Note I just sent to the Brady Campaign
  236. The Great UN Gun Debate
  237. House passes HR 5013 :)
  238. WSJ attacks "Tactical Knives"
  239. Watch out - here she comes!
  240. Times Ledger erroneous gun article
  241. NRA - a look at the states - CO, KS, MI, MO, NE, NY, OK, TN
  242. Seems great news for Omaha
  243. Bi-Lo Stores...CCW Not Allowed
  244. Canada Gun Registry
  245. CATO Institute: Policy Research
  246. Raid Map
  247. Chicago to confiscate firearms?
  248. Heads UP in California! Gun Confiscations Underway!
  249. Trace Data Amendment Rejected
  250. Senate Supports 2nd Amendment Rights During Emergencies