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  1. The NRA's amicus brief on the NSA Spying appeal
  2. Oklahoma Sheriffs Not Welcome in Capital Building
  3. Conn: If they know where to mail the letters, what was the point of the legislation?
  4. Michigan SBR Bill Heading to Governor
  5. Connecticut Cops now Class D felons
  6. Indiana Legislature passes pro gun bill to allow guns in school parking lots...
  7. Lawful Gun Ownership = Trigger for No Knock Raids? Supreme Court Rejects Appeal
  8. Bill to block police seizure of firearms in Idaho
  9. Go ahead, ruin my day: Rahm Emanuel for president ???!!!
  10. Just how far are they willing to go? Nothing but bluff.
  11. New Jersey, that bastion of freedom, strikes again
  12. Care2PetitionSite email info
  13. FL Bill introduces school carry
  14. CT LEO Threatens Friend on Facebook.
  15. Murthy nominated for Surgeon General Not good for the 2nd Amendment: Your thoughts?
  16. NRA Annual Meeting: DC meet up
  17. What if the Supreme Court ruled against CCW rights?
  18. Conn. Police Refuse to Enforce New Gun Laws
  19. Don't argue...just watch. Chicago Sun-Times on CCL permits.
  20. Once again NRA supports gun control and gun confiscation legislation
  21. What is the Proper Response for CT Gun Owners, and Why?
  22. The Attack on Stand Your Ground in SC Begins
  23. Illinois concealed-carry: predictions on crime reduction?
  24. Hollywood anti-gunners and Charlton Heston
  25. Idaho guns on campus bill passes House, goes to Governor!
  26. Brady Campaign mailing info
  27. MO Rep wants to get rid of Castle Doctrine
  28. Chuck Woolery on the 2A
  29. Great Article about CT
  30. Anti's at Work on Social Media
  31. New Jersey and Justifiable Need........
  32. Terry McAuliffe FIRST order of buisness Anti gun legislation
  33. Statisticians/pollsters -- correct design of a poll of N respondents
  34. New Job at Armed Security, and this is what my trainer had to say about the 2A
  35. Poll says majority voters in 3 states back nat'l gun registration
  36. Another CT Molon Labe
  37. Yet another school suspension.
  38. Connecticut Carry - Press Release
  39. Rhode Island: Ocean State Assault on the Second Amendment
  40. Cool Pro-Gun Music Video
  41. Let's Try This Again - State and the 2A
  42. NY times op ed professor on guns at Boise State
  43. Magazine Limit, NJ At It Again
  44. CNN - Hello Sarah Brady...
  45. Civil Disobedience or Federal Crime?
  46. Brady Celebrates 20 Years
  47. MSNBC Poll concerning background checks backfires.
  48. If It Is This Bad In Connecticut, What Will Happen In New York
  49. This Lady gets it right.......
  50. “Ma’am, It Sounds Like You’re Anti-American.” WOW!!
  51. Concealed Apps FLooding into California
  52. Ares Armor threatened with jail time for sign advertising 80% lowers
  53. Why Just the 2A?
  54. Burger King Blocks firearms related domains
  55. Connecticut Confiscation letters go out
  56. SCOTUS Declines To Hear Gun Rights Cases
  57. Preparing to teach Social Studies
  58. BUH BYE Piers Morgan!
  59. A warning to my fellow gun friends
  60. Business Rights
  61. Illinios at it again
  62. What happens when the government has rifles and the citizens don't
  63. Missouri SB 613 passes in the Senate. Now goes to the House
  64. If they are reported, they won't pass NICS.
  65. The survey says: People like stand-your-ground laws
  66. Concealed carry allowed in Chicago
  67. Virginia now recongnizes Kansas Concealed Carry License
  68. South Carolina 2A carry news
  69. Is the TPP good for gun rights?
  70. OH boy ‘Handgun Trigger Safety Act’ is out there now
  71. Judge says he gets his guns back even though he is blind
  72. John Paul Stevens Wants to Amend the Second Amendment
  73. Anyone Remember Adam Kokesh?
  74. Gun companies heading south as a result of counterproductive state legislation
  75. Gun Laws - based on Hollywood movies?
  76. GRAA Open Letter to CT Governor Malloy
  77. NnnnSssssAaaaaaa data collection from online gun forums
  78. MA senator wants 'personalized gun' requirement
  79. California Columnist Gets It Right
  80. WV State Senate Bill- Allow Teachers to Carry in School with Permit
  81. Repeal of Missouri's Background Check Law Associated with Increase in State's Murders
  82. The Real Gun Control fear?
  83. South Carolina Gun Owners
  84. Good article to dispel the anti's myths
  85. Conn. Gun Owner Open Letter to Police - You are not the Enemy - Yet
  86. Are You From Mass ?
  87. Your State: does it allow for some muni/cty ordinances limiting carry locn/method?
  88. Gov't excercises extra scrutiny on lawful gun owners
  89. 2002 New Jersey Smart Gun Law Expected To Be Triggered This Year
  90. Do you risk concealed carry on college campus/work
  91. Unintended consequence? NY "SAFE" Act/Tantrum
  92. Let's take constitutional carry a step farther...
  93. Pro gun?
  94. Gun Safe for thee, never for me
  95. Open Carry Rally in Conroe, TX
  96. Brady Campaign Statement
  97. California gets a smack from the 9th circuit--must allow some type of public carry
  98. Slipping another one in.
  99. 2AO
  100. Interesting talk at range on UBC
  101. 9th Circuit - CA May Issue Unconstitutional
  102. SCOTUS review sought in NJ carry case
  103. Airport Security Confiscates Toy Story Doll's Gun
  104. State-Wide Act of ‘Civil Disobedience’ by Gun Owners
  105. Citizens for a REALLY Safe Ashland
  106. Kentucky bar carry
  107. Mark Kelly Testifies in Favor of Gun Control and Then Goes Shooting
  108. 2A - Gov training Military against you if you are pro-2A?
  109. Policy Approaches for Moderates
  110. 2A Supporter Makes It Personal For lawmakers(Video)
  111. Canadian Warning about Confiscation
  112. Manuel Martinez Speaks to Oregon Lawmakers Re: Gun Legislation
  113. There is Going to be a New Sheriff in Town
  114. Shoulder holster at the Olympics
  115. NY: Safe Act Arrest (Ironic)
  116. CA: New law being challenged as a ban.
  117. Gov Haley To Sign Bill for CCing In A Business Serving Alcohol 2/11/14
  118. Gun Control: A War Not a Conversation; American Thinker: A Call to Vote
  119. Why Good People Should Be Armed (Josie The Outlaw)
  120. Texas gov candidate Wendy Davis supports open carry law.
  121. Georgia: Repeal of SYG Unlikely
  122. A learning curve for California DOJ?
  123. Who has your vote?
  124. Buying a gun in Massachusetts
  125. Massachusett's Anti-gun at it again.
  126. And yet again
  127. Recalled CO legislator's replacement tries to repeal UBCs in CO
  128. 2A - Arizona Senators Advance Nullification of Federal Gun Laws - GO!
  129. Should non-profits be allowed to censor?
  130. Support for the NRA and the 2A
  131. Evidence of anger / rage problems? Does this raise questions?
  132. Gun debate on c-span tonight
  133. Compromise, explained
  134. Rand Paul pushing to end gun ban in U.S. Post Offices
  135. CT: Federal Court Upholds AW Ban
  136. Looking for an academic response to pro-gun-control "finding"
  137. Should a felon have his 2A rights restored on release?
  138. How to start a conversation about gun control
  139. Castle Rock (CO) to allow open-carry of guns in public buildings, parks
  140. Has the ACLU EVER taken a 2nd ammendment case?
  141. Guns In Tonight's Speech
  142. The anti-gun male
  143. Rand Paul to propose carry in Post Offices
  144. Taking on Piers Morgan
  145. Attn: WA members: Gabby Giffords to testify for I-594 gun control measure
  146. Latin King leader wants to conceal and carry
  147. State of the Union: Reminder
  148. Another gun free zone fail - Maryland
  149. oklahoma senate bill 1473
  150. My Letter to the Editor of our local paper about "Gun Free Zones"
  151. AeroPrecision now selling "Ghost" stripped lowers
  152. Glock will Not Micro Stamp for Kalifornia
  153. S.C. Update For CCer's In Business That Serves Alcohol
  154. Supreme Court ruling on Abramski could limit Obama’s radical, gun-control aims
  155. Breaking: Illinois Proposes Confiscating Firearms from Medical Patients
  156. 2A- The Regressive Progressive Left shifts Terms on you Legal Firearms Owners
  157. 2014 NRA Board of Directors Voting
  158. Kentucky Fire Mission, Senate Bill 60
  159. Watched a documentary of the Waco Siege
  160. Injunction against Corps of Engineers gun restrictions- 2A
  161. Annals of Internal Medicine study
  162. Virginia State Senate Special Election
  163. Gun buy back - question.....
  164. You have to see this :D
  165. Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols to Fall Off CA DOJ Approved List
  166. Chicago CCW applications outpace surrounding counties
  167. Chicago Case: SO much wasted money trying to rewrite history and law
  168. well regulated - the prefatory clause
  169. 2A - If you do not read anything else today - Read This, Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  170. What if "Regulated" and "Militia" were the emphasis
  171. Breaking news on California politicians
  172. An idea......
  173. What's the real reason behind gun bans?
  174. Update For S.C. On Carrying In A Business That Serves Alcohol
  175. FBI/NCIC records updates
  176. Weinstein and Streep to make big anti-NRA movie
  177. 2A - Gun Facts - great website source of info
  178. CA: Saturday Nite Specials, Cop Killer Bullets, High-cap Assault Weapons, Now This...
  179. Had the most HORRIBLE dream last night. Woke up sweating and shaking.
  180. The Calguns Foundation Wins Handgun Carry Lawsuit Against the Los Angeles Sheriff’s D
  181. MS Senator Omeria Scott Proposed a Bill
  182. A Motown Cop’s Case for Concealed Carry
  183. Thank god for the second amendment.
  184. 2A and the Anti's
  185. Beretta Gave Money to Mike Miller's Campaign
  186. Georgia state Legislative session begins today
  187. From the SHOT Show: Guns and politics
  188. 2A - band together with other states to defy certain federal gun control regulations.
  189. Insight of Bloomberg and MAIG
  190. NSSF Files Suit to Invalidate Unworkable Microstamping Law
  191. CA does not give up
  192. The shot heard 'round....
  193. Cornyn introduces Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2014
  194. Here you go more fun in CT if you miss the deadline
  195. Missouri Senator Wants Gun Owners To Report Guns To School District
  196. "Words Have Meaning": good article
  197. Democrats Under Fire After Magpul Leaves
  198. Venezuela - A Gun Control Dream Come True
  199. I am nominating Wayne LaPierre
  200. Here Comes The Flood Of New Gun Legislation - Updated Post #21
  201. Bloomberg Being Asked To Give Up Gun Control
  202. United States V B.H. "committment to a mental health institution"
  203. McCarthy to Retire from House
  204. How far would you go to defend the Second..?
  205. All theBest PTR Industries
  206. Getting people on-board with citizen carry: highway signs, PSA's and other ideas
  207. PTR gets warm welcome in SC
  208. Judge knocks down Chi towns no gun store law
  209. Indiana firearms on school property
  210. New Study: Gun control laws do not reduce violent crime
  211. Interesting Anti-gun argument page
  212. Gun grabber logic refuted in one meme
  213. NY Gov. Cuomo's new idea to "help" sportsmen
  214. Detroit (new) police chief sees the light
  215. Executive action clarification
  216. UK cops we still have gun crime ..
  217. Gun Myths Gone in Five Minutes: ABC News 20/20
  218. Iowa: Anti-gun and Pro-Gun politicans.
  219. Magpul finally says bye-bye to Colorado
  220. *Obama administration proposes new executive actions on gun background checks*
  221. Justifiable Need – New Jersey Courts Rule You Have None
  222. Florida: Support SB-448 -- Threat of Force to Stop Attackers
  223. Did Rasmussen poll call you about 'assault weapons?'
  224. 2A - ‘Looks Like Weimar Germany’ Register your Guns......................
  225. Colorado:Campus gun ban may go to ballot
  226. Connecticut residents waiting to register their guns
  227. New York State Ammo Laws change on 1/15/14---Need Ammo shops in NJ and PA
  228. 2A - From Pravda no less.......Americans never give up your guns
  229. A Pro 2A registry for businesses.
  230. Bloomberg unencumbered...and gun control is a priority
  231. NY SAFE act! Court Decision!
  232. Just found this at another site...
  233. Progress for the Gun Industry
  234. How do we take back the schools?
  235. Another Log on the California Gun Burn
  236. Hypocritical Politicians
  237. How do we win the "reasonable restrictions" debate?
  238. Federal Judge rules Kalifornia 10 day waiting period unconstitutional
  239. How do we get rid of the Hughes Amendment?
  240. Interesting Opportunity
  241. Bloomberg and his thugs - assisting in vulnerability of the law-abiding.
  242. How to handle Social Media; comments and thoughts
  243. 2A - Bite me! How Government Officials Doom Gun Registration Laws
  244. NSSF survey results challenge anti-gunners on background checks
  245. Blame Hollywood
  246. Infringements -- justifiability of certain measures, within confines of 2A
  247. Patriotic to what?
  248. My thoughts regarding MDA and MAIG joining together...
  249. "Shall not be infringed"
  250. You get that feared knock on the door.............