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  1. Gun grabbers thinking of other ways now.
  2. The Center for American Progress giving up on "AWB"
  3. Indoctrination in action
  4. Panera "no guns" not working
  5. Missouri Lawmakers Override Governor's veto -3 Major Gun Right Victories
  6. How much does it cost taxpayers for you to carry a gun?
  7. Proposed Arizona gun law
  8. NY: Gun Store Turns Over AR Sale Records to State Police
  9. SJR-19: vote scheduled 9/8/14
  10. The immorality of gun control in the age of isis
  11. Study: “Assault Weapon” and CCW Restrictions Associated With Higher Murder Rates
  12. More re: Operation Choke Point
  13. Bloomturd is taking his ball and going home
  14. Eddyville Iowa and the 2nd Amendment
  15. The deterrent effect of armed citizens - Chicago and Toppenish
  16. new Florida stand your ground laws
  17. Virginia Democrat Spews Hate At Gun Owners And the NRA
  18. Worked a Gun Show
  19. 2AO-2nd Amendment Organization
  20. Piers Morgan not finished yet with the NRA
  21. JPFO Article
  22. Looking up "new" laws and the process .....
  23. Geraldo Rivera: 2nd Amendment is ‘stupid’, its proponents dim bulbs and gun nuts
  24. Massachusetts AG race is all about smart guns—and both candidates are for it
  25. California 10 Day Waiting Period Ruled Unconstitutional
  26. Castle Rock, CO voters overturn open-carry ban
  27. I discovered another ridiculous gun law
  28. Justice or Revenge in Texas?
  29. Carry in Washington D.C.
  30. UBC question
  31. Gottlieb challenges Gate$ to gun control debate!!!
  32. Gates have been raised
  33. Banner Ad: Everytown for Gun Safety
  34. Waiting-period victory in California
  35. I won a pistol !
  36. Chicago crime down as CCW rises, says report
  37. MA Revisited
  38. Dealing with misinformation.
  39. Michael Bloomberg Is Twisting The Gun Control Debate In The Evergreen State W
  40. Privately owned firearms during World War III...
  41. More States are Still Nullifying Fed Gun Laws & Fed Enforcement.
  42. Good for the Sheriff's
  43. Five anti-gunners shoot at a range for the first time.
  44. Van Jones and a Well Regulated Militia/The State of Discourse in General
  45. Shotgun & Rifle Ownership Now "May Issue" in MA
  46. To infringe: documented proofs of the meaning during the Founding Era
  47. Pro-Gun demonstrations need to be canceled
  48. Kroger: Open carry "fight" (Bloomy and MOMS)
  49. Conflict of Interest at Work with Firearms
  50. the Framers and assault weapons
  51. Mass. town considers gun ban because someone might have had a gun at a meeting
  52. 15% discount for carry permit holders
  53. Mass Governor Signs New Gun Control Bills
  54. Bloomberg loses another one.
  55. Chris Christie
  56. Federal Judge: AR-15's Are Dangerous And Unusual
  57. David v. Goliath billionaires in WA gun rights battle
  58. The overlooked battles
  59. Red State Democrats Running From Gun Control Or Are They ?
  60. Florida considering legalizing supressors for hunting
  61. More "Good" News From NJ
  62. NJ Confiscates Firearms From Victim Of Domestic Abuse (Must Read)
  63. Sheriff Clarke in Bloomie's sights
  64. 22 State Attorneys And The 2A
  65. Unbelievable!
  66. Gunshows and alcohol
  67. James Brady's Death Ruled a Homicide
  68. Gabby Back Again.
  69. Gun Owners of America to Obama – Fix the Second Amendment Description on WH Website
  70. BAD: Georgia 4th Grader Suspended Three Days For Bringing Nerf Gun to Show and Tell
  71. College student considers dropping out due to gun policy
  72. How Far We've Come
  73. Missouri Election - 2A WIN!
  74. 2A - What? No blood in the Streets, unlike those places that ANTI-Gun Control! Rule!
  75. Great news from the Washington Times on the Second Amendment
  76. MO elections Aug 5th Please vote today
  77. ...and Send the Info Straight to BATFE and the NSA?
  78. James Brady Dies
  79. New California Bill and Mental Health
  80. Firearm sales about to decrease?
  81. Judy was right
  82. Property Owner, Campground in Dispute over Handgun
  83. Judge: No 2A Rights Outside Of Home
  84. Florida Carry and Gun Trust
  85. Take Bloomberg's Gun Ban Money - Lose My Vote!
  86. Ares Armor, San Diego 6 News Gun Law Loop Hole?
  87. The new third rail
  88. Maybe There Is Hope
  89. Subverted Bloomberg/Everytown PSA
  90. Finally joined the NRA
  91. Guns kill people (right?)
  92. Way to go, Mike!
  93. Thought it was a good article...at first
  94. Why we will win
  95. The Army's New Handgun: A Weapon For Criminals?
  96. Judge grants 90 stay on DC ruling
  97. Just what we DON'T need...
  98. Kansas AG's legal opinion --- on new law - 2014 (pre-emption did alot)
  99. So you like the court's decision to allow D.C. citizens to carry?
  100. Florida Appeals Court Gets It Right....
  101. Right of the People, or Reserved to the State
  102. Help where you can
  103. DC's carry ban ruled unconstitutional
  104. Boston Police Commissioner- NO GUNS
  105. 2A victory in florida
  106. Federal Appeals Court gets it right
  107. Exercised my 2a today
  108. Colorado Proves The Fallacy of UBC
  109. Make Access to Guns Mandatory
  110. Police Chiefs in MA rally for control of long gun permits
  111. Wait... Gun control laws *don't* stop criminals?
  112. Fox news---coverage
  113. Missouri Residents, Go Vote On August 5th!
  114. SC Policy Council: Constitutional Carry
  115. Foie Gras ban challenge
  116. I need some help everyone. 2nd Amendment and how to defend it.
  117. The Anti-Gunners' Play Book
  118. Well the light died more in CA
  119. The 5 Most Dangerous Guns in America
  120. Whats the overall outlook for our rights?
  121. John Lott's Scorcher On Chicago Gun/Crime Control
  122. Massachusetts senate refuses to make long guns may-issue also
  123. Can you imagine this today?
  124. Banning of AK47 and parts from Russia? Can anyone confirm this?
  125. Anti-gun studies
  126. Seriously?! Now the Antis are targeting our children!
  127. House amendment blocks DC from using funds to enforce gun laws
  128. WI: Wrongful discharge suit, gun in car
  129. Mother Of Two Arrested In New Jersey
  130. Seattle League of Women Voters intimidated
  131. Nssf opposes idea to disband atf
  132. My Facebook argument with the Brady bunch
  133. North Carolina: Published Concealed Carrier's info
  134. CCRKBA sues Eric Holder
  135. Gun free zone
  136. Tennessee Open-Carry Law Torpedoed by Underhanded Tactics?
  137. The kind of person to be aware of...
  138. "Being Honest Messed Up My Life"
  139. Gun-seizure laws as way to prevent mass killings
  140. Gov. Quinn renews call to ban "assault"weapons
  141. NYPD Unrestricted Carry Business License Disapproval
  142. Stupidity in Alabama
  143. Colorado CC Law and OC Law: Research Answers
  144. Can always depend on Harry.
  145. City of Chicago ordered to pay NRA Legal fees $940,000
  146. New Tennessee Gun Law
  147. Ohio State U. Students Sue Administration For Gun Rights
  148. New push from Everytown for WA state
  149. Countering Gun Rights Haters on the Street and in the Press
  150. Where Does Christie really Stand?
  151. Veteran Unlawfully Disarmed, and Arrested
  152. Seattle Times backs gun contro...again
  153. Anti-Gun Violence Advocates Take a Stand Against Gun Violence‏
  154. Gun "Buyback" Endangers Public in Order to Score Political Points
  155. From His Cold Dead Hands: When Should Grandpa Give Up His Guns?
  156. 2A - Open Carry, the other side of the story, beyond the Lies of the Anti-Gun Media
  158. Embarrassed for my hometown newspaper
  159. Everytown for Gun Safety says "We Don’t Want Your Guns!"
  160. Do you think people should be allowed to carry guns in public?
  161. Guess I wont be spending money at Target anymore. Now gun unfriendly
  162. christie vetoes magazine-ban
  163. What 'gun violence epidemic?'
  164. The Pitchforks are Coming!
  165. California chases off another gun manufacturer.
  166. Dick Metcalf spews more gall
  167. Washington State battle over "background checks"
  168. Gov Haley Visits PTR IND
  169. 2A and 4A: What about 'stop-and-frisk' ?????
  170. robin kelly
  171. Anti gun Virginia Democratic Delegate indicted Sex with a Minor Child Porn
  172. Gun store: gun free zone shocking email to VCDL.
  173. 2A - OOPS, Facts about Gun Deaths make Anti-Gun Heads Explode (BOOM!)
  174. Traveling - From Oklahoma to Florida - Any special gunlaws I need to be aware of?
  175. Another "Seattle Times" anti-gun article
  176. 2A - How Anti-Gunners Distort Language
  177. When losing a debate, try an insult, eh?
  178. Stand your Ground simplified.
  179. Colorado law
  180. Trying to educate on facebook
  181. PRO versus NO on GUN CONTROL
  182. Seattle's 'epidemic of violence' questioned
  183. Women and Activism - Take it Seriously
  184. Judge upholds CO mag restrictions.
  185. LETTER: Require signs warning of homes with guns
  186. S. 1290 = domestic violence to include those who harmed
  187. Retired NYPD cop stumps for 2A
  188. NY teacher disputes firing for ‘mental illness’ over gun buys,
  189. Interesting website: Pro-2A
  190. Pop Tart Gun Law
  191. RKBA: a limited right ... by tradition
  192. Why is Senator Feinstein obsessed with taking your guns?
  193. Confused about it all
  194. Twelve facts about guns and mass shootings in the United States
  195. Governor Hickenlooper About To Give Secret Service Power To Arrest Colorado Sheriffs
  196. Was the Constitution written to be understood...
  197. Obama: US is 'only developed country' where mass shootings happen
  198. THIS is why the fight for our Second Amendment rights should NEVER stop...
  199. New FloridaPro-Gun Laws Signed Into Law
  200. Help I Got Denied For A Firearms Purchase
  201. Flaw in New Gun Law in West Virginia?
  202. Kill Privacy -- Kill Gun Rights
  203. Barring criminals from the RKBA
  204. More "Common Sense " or Chew on this one, Duck Hunters.
  205. POPVOX? Who uses it?
  206. 2A - An Open Letter to the Legislatures of New Jersey and Rhode Island - Must Read
  207. The Trouble With Apologizing When You Sign Legislation
  208. Just because a Politician says they are Pro-Second Amendment...
  209. Anyone know the sponsors of the"Mike Malloy" radio show?
  210. Helping the kids with a GUN RAFFLE
  211. Chicago - Videotape All Gun Sales…Limit One Gun Per Month
  212. Open Carry Counter Rally For Gun Rights
  213. Divided we fall
  214. Gun Buyback in Santa Barbara
  215. Lest we forget: the official corporate TRAITOR list from 2013
  216. NC: Legislation Repealing Firearm Registration in Durham County
  217. Pediatricians, Guns, and the Law?
  218. 2A - SHH! DON’T TELL ANYONE: More people killed in Chicago than all spree killings
  219. Daily Kos poll
  220. Bloomberg Grabs Defeat From The Clutches of Victory
  221. Would banning firearms reduce murder and suicide? (Harvard Journal of Law)
  222. Surprising candor from gun control insider
  223. Supreme Court Rules You Cannot Buy A Gun For Another Approved Person.
  224. ISIS agrees with MDA, MAIG, and Everytown
  225. Gun in a camper in CA
  226. "74 "school shootings in America since Sandy Hook": BS by investigators
  227. I-594 supporters at Seattle Farmer's Market
  228. Crime reduction through gun control - why should we care?
  229. Why an Anti-gun Rally in the Most Anti-gun City In America?
  230. 2A - oops. Current admin get it all wrong again, and again, and again..............
  231. Debating thread
  232. 2A - EPIC FAIL (Moms Demand = NUTS!) Boycot Target Shareholders = FAIL
  233. MDA March over the Brooklyn Bridge & pundit attempts to turn tables on "74" map
  234. 2A So.................. Which Political Party has the most Hate/Shooters = Dem
  235. 2A - It did not work In Australia - Gun Crime Out of Control after 17 year Gun Ban
  236. Colorado Governor Hickenlooper Apologizes
  237. How-to: Effective steps to keep "mental" threats from harming others
  238. How-to: Arming the citizenry while reducing likelihood of armed criminals
  239. Did banning machine guns stop machine gun crime?
  240. Accused Arms-Smuggler Gets Nearly 300,000 Votes in California Election
  241. New NRA Advertisment
  242. CCW Announcement
  243. Obama hearts gun confiscation
  244. 2A - Mass Cops Seize Dad’s Firearms License, Hunting Rifle After Argument With School
  245. Mainstream media is catching on to Bloomy's tactics!
  246. Anyone else scared?
  247. 'Moms Demand' Founder: Good guy with gun 'has never' stopped bad guy with gun
  248. a graphic about the Las Vegas shooting...
  249. Blowback on gun crime and good legal CCP holders
  250. Question Pertaining to S.C. And Florida CCW