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  1. Colorado Democrat Senator Evie Hudak RESIGNS Rather Than Face Recall!
  2. 2A - Ya must see this: Bloomberg Anti-Group Printable Placemats for Turkey Day! LOL
  3. Useless gun law MUST be renewed???
  4. 2A and the nuclear option - from the GOA
  5. Organizations Which Are Actively Anti-gun
  6. Saw the first NO CCW on this property sign this morning...
  7. Has Bloomberg Become a Liability to Those He Supports?
  8. Washington gun groups turn in signatures to prevent Universal Background Checks
  9. Russia has fewer guns and more murders than the U.S.A.
  10. Japan and firearms
  11. Virtual State of the Union.........
  12. Politically Corrected Glossary of Terms
  13. Infringement or not: list of steps you feel are/aren't infringements on the 2A
  14. Gun Control
  15. I want gun control for everyone else thank you
  16. WA state: First batch of I-591 petitions delivered
  17. 2A - Why can't I own this! It is time for us to mount a Full Court PUSH!
  18. Diane Feinstein not JUST against 2A, but freedom overall
  19. WA alert! I-591 backers to deliver petitions Thursday 11-21
  20. Ohio conceal carry
  21. 2A- Pay attention! IDIOTS who own GUNS and...... Socialists Rading Homes, no joke!
  22. Nationwide Constitutional carry -- pros/cons
  23. New mayor in PA will quit Mayors Against Illegal Guns
  24. US HB3484 Introduced, Bans All Weapons From Airports With Limited Exceptions
  25. US HB3483 Introduced, Adds Exceptions For Firearm Prohibition For Marijuana
  26. One Thousand Words, or a Picture:
  27. 2A should be repealed, replaced — law prof
  28. Suitable curtailments of crime that are not infringements on the 2A? Your ideas??
  29. 2A -Hypocrite NASA ASTRONUT Mark Kelly and, Um, Her. He is trying to be Revelant....
  30. 2A - CDC Data Refutes New Anti-Gun Study's Claims on Child Deaths by Guns
  31. Guns and Violence: The English Experience
  32. Dems Vow Passage Of Background Check Bill
  33. Can I CCW in a... Laws are vague at best. Colorado
  34. Ted Cruz Talks Gun Control on The Tonight Show
  35. County Wants Dealers to Help Implement Gun Control
  36. If your job knowingly puts you in harms way, should they deny your right to SD?
  37. 2A - New 2A Group? Armed Citizens United - Any of you know anything on this?
  38. So apparently brandishing an intimidaion are acceptable "protest" techniques
  39. 2A - Small Town Brain (elected) wants Police to search your homes for Gun Violations
  40. Look at this Jewel,NYC has always been restrictive
  41. I have a friend who is paralyzed , gun rights?
  42. Ruger American Rimfire Review
  43. What Mass Killers Want—And How to Stop Them: WSJ
  44. 2A - Court tells CA to Go Pound Sand! CA can still buy Ammo on Internet!
  45. 2A - Ex veteran/Astro-Nut Mark Kelly wants Veterans to be Anti-2A
  46. Florida's Stand Your Ground Law Stood Its Ground Against Attack
  47. 2A - Bloomberg's Antis take Huge Election Hit with 23 Reelection Failures - Yeah!
  48. Media silence
  49. 2A, Compromise and Cake
  50. Purchasing two handguns in PA Question
  51. Virginia AG Election: Obenshain versus Anti-2A Forces: UBC versus 2A
  52. Guns & Ammo responds to the Dick Metcalf article
  53. Gov. Cuomo's SAFE Act: A New Class of Criminals
  54. H.R.3335 - Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act
  55. U.S. District Judge: Open Carrying a Handgun is Reasonable Suspicion of a Crime
  56. Possible hope for VA?
  57. Have 10 round mags ever helped?
  58. Seattle libraries
  59. FLA- bill to repeal castle doctrine ----- please spread the word
  60. Infringement or righteous regulation?
  61. Carrying is more dangerous than not
  62. Guns and Ammo writer does a Zumbo
  63. Dianne Feinstein On Aws
  64. Idea: anonymous "Defensive Gun Use" web database
  65. 2A - Feinstein backs off of gun control regardless of LAX shooting (Priceless!)
  66. Gun control efficacy in DC
  67. Liberty -- important quotes, points
  68. Constitutional Republic vs Democracy -- practical distinctions, in your view
  69. What we need......
  70. Wasington DC: Weed=OK, Empty shell casing=jail time
  71. Important gun rights race in Virginia
  72. Please help me understand Texas SB1400
  73. DOJ Argues International Treaty Trumps Constitution (Merged)
  74. 2A - How the EPA is working to restrict your ammo......Lead no more....... No Joke!
  75. Get Amazon to contribute .5% of your purchaces to NRA/SFA
  76. Latest From Kalifornia: SF Approves Confiscatory Ban on Mags over 10rds
  77. New Pa Bill HB1812 - Adds Back In Duty To Retreat To Castle Doctrine
  78. Seattle libraries change gun policy..belatedly
  79. Demolishing Guns and Common Sense
  80. Embattled Colorado Lawmaker Holds Gun Control Rally
  81. Colorado School teachers allowed to CC
  82. Conversation with a history school teacher
  83. Seattle Mayor
  84. Disgusting and outrageous!!
  85. N.Y. Mayoral Front Runner Bill De Blasio On Gun Control
  86. Morrisville NC amends ordinance allowing legally concealed firearms in parks
  87. what companies sold out during last panic?
  88. New Report: UK Crime Statistics Fudged to Justify Gun Ban
  89. School Shooting
  90. Bloomberg Donating To Terry McAuliffe Campaign
  91. Worldwide 2A?
  92. Another Colion Noir Video - Anti-Gunners tend to live in a.....land of..........
  93. Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire Update
  94. Nevada Middle School Shooting
  95. Hopefully the right place for this
  96. Current Colorado recall- If you own a gun, you have a dog in this hunt.
  97. Bloomberg's Anti-Gun Group: Mass Exodus Of Mayors
  98. Illinois At It Again - this time a 2% surcharge on ammunition
  99. Gabby Giffords co-writes gun control bait & switch op-ed
  100. Psychiatrists Claim No Crystal Ball
  101. Potential 2A Rights Stripped: Feds Study Social Media for "Depression Surveillance"
  102. Gun buy backs: One police chief gets it
  103. The Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Concealed Carry Cases
  104. 2A - Whoo - Whoo Number of Concealed handgun permits in Florida reaches 1,177,051!
  105. Senate Rejects U.N. Arms treaty
  106. 2A - “The ATF Cited Not a Case where NFA Firearm Transferred to Legal = 0 Crime!
  107. Self Defense Immunity Laws
  108. 2A in Maryland injured further today
  109. Gun Buyback Programs
  110. 2A - Video - Colion Noir - There is no right to feel safe - how to argue with Antis
  111. This is only 3min 9sec.
  112. Hinkenlooper Tells Bloomgerg To Stay Away
  113. Redistribution of.......
  114. More showboating from Giffords , et al
  115. Brown vetoes semi-auto ban, but bans lead hunting ammo
  116. California recall??
  117. Bloomberg On Colorado Recall: We Didn't Lose.
  118. Thoughts on Wendy Davis?
  119. Guns save lives day - dec. 14
  120. Illinois SB2594 - sets up fines for businesses that don't ban weapons and more
  121. Gun control initiative racking up signatures 'very, very quickly'
  122. SYG changes approved in FL committee.
  123. U.N. Arms Treaty signed by Mr. Obama
  124. Question about full auto weapons
  125. N.Y. Paper Files Lawsuit
  126. gun store calls the cops on a customer for asking questions.
  127. Got a phone call from the principal.
  128. RI GOP raffles AR
  129. Off-duty LEOs can't carry at NFL Games
  130. Top 11 most dangerous cities and gun control laws
  131. Washington St Gun Control Group Pushing For UBC
  132. Felt kinda strange today, restaurant carry.
  133. Concealed carry in school zones
  134. High School Girl Allowed to wear NRA shirt.
  135. The Firearms Coalition
  136. Another Colorado Senate Recall Petition!
  137. 2A - Who is this new group? Possibly Antis posing as Pro-2A? New ARPA Group Website
  138. Straight A California Girl Told to remove NRA Shirt!
  139. NYC Biker Gang and NYPD's thoughts..
  140. City Youth
  141. Terry McAuliffe (Va)
  142. Feminine protection: What's better, a new law or a new gun?
  143. Judge Won't Block Maryland's Gun Control Law
  144. Questions on NY laws pertaining to out of staters
  145. a bit of history on gun control
  146. Federal Bill HB3199 - Repeal Ban On Armed Servicemen
  147. Call to the Georgia voters regarding CC
  148. Lesser Known Sandy Hook Family...
  149. Overt Anti Gun Bias visible in news article on Iphone AP
  150. Guns, Politics, and More Record Sales
  151. SAF sues in New York over mag limit
  152. 2A - NRA Online Petition Against the UN Gun Ban Treaty (Against USA Involvement)
  153. 2A - THINK PROGRESS: Female gun owners are stupid...Wow, just Wow!
  154. Maryland fights new gun law
  155. NRA Funds
  156. Biden Praises Bloomberg
  157. After CO Recalls Sen GOP Aim To Repeal Gun Laws
  158. Gov't site wrong on 2nd Amendment
  159. Please support either the NRA or GOA or both. Our only hope..
  160. Caught: NY Gun Owner Set Up Camera after Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen
  161. Free shotguns for Florida residents!
  162. NATO Arms Treaty to be signed, possibly today
  163. A heads up for our friends in Virginia
  164. Wisconsin bill would better verify abuse suspects' gun possession
  165. 2A -- interesting recent history, and useful list of 2A reading
  166. Any Independents out there?
  167. 2A - Your future 2A rights as addressed by POTUS on 9/22/13
  168. Gun Control Survey
  169. Changing my affiliation
  170. 2A - Co Recalled Giron 'whines' about how she won, because she was thrown out!
  171. Obama wants to move on Gun Control again.
  172. 2A - The British Banned Guns On Our Founding Fathers & It Brought About A Revolution
  173. 2A - The U.S. Has Many More Guns, But Russia Has Many More Murders
  174. 2a - American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world intervene?
  175. Gov't gets poor marks on protecting gun rights
  176. 2A- Recall Elections work! Sen Joe Manchin afraid of his Gun Control Stance! Oops!
  177. Nevada Nullification Petition Start!!!
  178. Prior Service Army Infantry, NEED LEGAL HELP!!!
  179. But wait, there's more : CNN talks mental health, not gun control
  180. WA: anti-gun initiative backers exploit Navy Yard
  181. Here in CA we are absolutely desparate. Please help.
  182. Addled by the AR-15
  183. California Mayor Won't Join MAIG
  184. 2A - MD Candidate’s gun control plan even harsher than new MD law = No Guns
  185. POLL: Govt doing "worse" on protecting 2A rights these days.
  186. 2A - Sen FrankenFeinstein has a learning disabilty, no? She is an IdiMoron...........
  187. 2A - Black freedom and the gun control debate
  188. The Swiss and our 2A
  189. 2A - Gun Control? O****'s Chicago New U.S. Murder Capital= Real Numbers tell FACTS!
  190. Kansas University Professor Wishes the Deaths of NRA Members Children
  191. how to cut down on crime with out sacrificing our liberty ? warning, long rant.
  192. coming soon to a country near you......
  193. Shall not be infringed - POLL
  194. For Virginia Gun Owners
  195. Dangerous Politicians
  196. Wow. A pro-gun piece from CNN . . .
  197. Constitution Day -- Tues, Sept 17, 2013
  198. Teaching the "New Meaning" of the 2nd Amendment
  199. Text Book Defines 2nd Amendment!
  200. Shooting at Wash Navy Yard
  201. 80, 90% ?!?
  202. 2A - Dissecting the CO Recall Elections - Proves that as Gun Owners = we are One!
  203. 2A - Bloomberg MAIG LIES published - overstates amount of firearms homicides
  204. Is Bloomberg Buying Manchin?
  205. I Shouldn't Ever Read Buy-Back Articles
  206. Newtown Parents Back For More Gun Control
  207. What's going on with the GOA?
  208. Proposed Restrictive NFA Rule Changes- Please Comment
  209. Carry in not-posted, possibly federal buildings?
  210. 2A - ‘Emily Gets her Gun’ Book draws big names in D.C. - Go Girl - !!!!!!!
  211. California High Cap Magazine Ban Bill Fails Today
  212. Have We Lost More or Gained More?
  213. 2A - Anti 2A Study on how if you own a Gun, you are more prone to commit Homicide!
  214. Missouri moves to legalize machine guns
  215. 2A - 'DeNile is a River in Egypt' Video of CO Sen Giron WHINING on CNN
  216. Illinois Supremes say 2A extends outside home
  217. 2nd Amendment!!!
  218. VA Gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe Dodges Question On AW'S
  219. After Recall Co Governor Softens Talk On Gun Control
  220. California lawmakers pass semi-auto rifle ban
  221. Mo house overrides governor's veto
  222. Chicago Makes More Changes With Gun Laws
  223. Anti-gunners plan Sept. 19 event, but face new challenge
  224. When will we know the results of the colorado recall?
  225. Like this will help with anything. .
  226. Chicago City Council Approves Rewrite Of Gun Laws
  227. Ohio town battles state over gun law.
  228. None of Your Damn Business
  229. Local Sears store a gun free zone- sort of
  230. New Wisconsin Bill Removes Contiguous State Language From 175.30
  231. Money pours into Colo. to support Dems in gun vote recall
  232. Just when you thought gun laws couldn't get any stupider!
  233. Be sure to vote in this 2A poll
  234. Question about New MD Mag Laws
  235. 2A - Send a Message against background checks in CA for AMMO! On Line Poll
  236. Jackson MS Town Council Pushing Local Bill To Ban Guns & Knives
  237. OK Reps Trying TO Repeal Firearm Business Liability Laws, Replaced With Indemnity
  238. NC prohibits destruction of firearms.
  239. Canadaian Police Seize weapons during flood
  240. The latest gem from CSGV
  241. The "Most Efficient" Weapon
  242. 28th Annual Gun Rights Conference in Houston Sept 27th-29th. Who is going?
  243. Pride of Ignorance on Firearms
  244. Am I Legal To Carry Here?
  245. Gun Control Rally is Overwhelmed by Pro Gun Supporters Who Take Over Podium
  246. Proposed NY A08159 Amends Safe Act - Still Not Good
  247. Stag Arms To Decide
  248. Dayton City Commission Says No To SYG
  249. California Appropriations Committee Results Out Today
  250. Bloomberg Missed The Bus In Columbus, Ohio Today