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: The Second Amendment & Gun Legislation Discussion

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  1. This could get interesting.
  2. Gov.Assaults on our Veterans & S.S. benificiaries
  3. Washington State Democrats Seek Bans on Semiautomatic Rifles, Pistols
  4. New Golden Age?
  5. 2017- HR-367 Hearing Protection
  6. HR 34 - Bill to Repeal the GFSZA
  7. 2017 Proposed Firearm Legislation - State & Federal
  8. NH May Be Moving Towards Constitutional Carry; Bill Passed Out of Senate Committee
  9. North Dakota Constitutional Carry
  10. Washington AG Pushing For Mag Limits and AWB
  11. New CA Magazine and Ammo Restrictions (Contrasted to OK)
  12. Ohio State Students For Concealed Carry Member Shot and Killed
  13. My First Gun "Purchase" of 2017
  14. The great State of Texas purposes constitutional carry.
  15. National Recoprocity Act of 2017
  16. Grandma Got Run Over by Obama: SSA Finalizes New Gun Prohibition Rule
  17. Another Gun Rights Win Against The City of Cleveland, Ohio
  18. FBI Nixes Nevada UBC Law: Bloomberg Fail
  19. Who Oversees the ATF?
  20. US government opposes compiling a "names" list
  21. National Carry Solution
  22. The Race Is On In California
  23. CBS Tries Rating States
  24. Sandy Hook, corpse dancers and other thoughts
  25. 12/19/2016
  26. Ninth Circuit Upholds 10-day Waiting Period
  27. Ohio's Recent Gun Legislation Held Up as Great Victory By BFA
  28. Washington introduces bill for carrying at stadiums
  29. Obama's Largest Policy Failure
  30. National Reciprocity Question
  31. Texas could be next.
  32. Vote on Ohio Concealed Carry Revision Laws Expected Tomorrow
  33. The argument against carry: "myth of the good guy with a gun"
  34. Thoughts on the 2016 POTUS Election and the future of gun legislation.
  35. Friendly Bet about National Reciprocity??
  36. NY Times & LA Times editorials attack the national carry reciprocity as "dangerous"
  37. North Carolina Questions
  38. Quite a list of defensive gun usage
  39. Help Change Ohio Concealed Carry Gun Law
  40. NFA Mods?
  41. Universal Background Checks Hampering Suicide Prevention Efforts
  42. Gun rights and the election
  43. Great new video by the NRA on campus carry!
  44. State Law vs US Constitution
  45. Post election 2A NRA message
  46. Give credit where its due...
  47. Second Amendment protection act Kansas 2013
  48. Any chance of 50-state CC reciprocity, or perhaps a Federal CC permit?
  49. What is your wish list?
  50. Why we almost lost our liberty
  51. Calif passes laws requiring background check for ammo and right to confiscate guns!
  52. 2016 Election---Can we breathe easier yet?
  53. Why gun control doesn't work.
  54. Why do professional athletes carry?
  55. Mass AG up to her usual shenanigans
  56. More gun control on the way.. Thanks to leftist billionaire funding
  57. Being informed so as to protect our 2nd Amendment.
  58. The reason for government
  59. Most states have no laws about guns in polling places ...Except
  60. KY Senate Bill BR172
  61. Chicago wants tougher gun control and why it won't work.
  62. The NRA is our best ally
  63. FBI to Re-open Investigation -'bout time!
  64. Illinois is at it again
  65. NY Daily News,, Ny is wanting to shut down, "out of state gun trafficking"...
  66. Michigan House Bill 2016 HB 5996
  67. More HRC emails on 2A gun control
  68. Our PHENOMENAL Local Elected Official
  69. The Australian "buyback" - a model of...
  70. I support the Second Amendment"!
  71. Remington lawsuit in Sandy Hook incident dismissed.
  72. Project Veritas Infiltrates Russ Feingold (Interesting HRC Comments)
  73. Hillary to use executive order to attack 2nd ammendment
  74. Getting my 1911 back.
  75. Private Gun Ownership Versus Accidental Gun Deaths
  76. Bloomberg Targets More States
  77. Article about Austrailian gun confiscation
  78. Selling at gunshow
  79. Storm on the horizon
  80. Carrying handgun my wife bought to range (WA State)
  81. Yet another abuse of power?
  82. Fatal flaw in FBI NICS check for gun sales?? CBS report
  83. Chinese Immigrant nails it on gun control. MUST WATCH!
  84. Bloomberg doubles down
  85. Gun rights group raffles rifle, picture of Hillary Clinton
  86. Buying a gun through private sale
  87. Should we be buying some 10 round mags?
  88. Pennsylvania House Democrats Holding Pro-Gun Bill Hostage - Political Terrorism
  89. Please make an urgent contribution to NRA-ILA right now. matching funs
  90. What To Do When Your Doctor Asks About Your Guns
  91. Helping to defend our rights
  92. Obummer giving our free Internet to U.N.
  93. ALERT: Watch Gun Rights Policy Conference live-stream
  94. Missouri Becomes 11th Constitutional Carry State
  95. VCDL Suing Katie Couric
  96. Illinois Lawmakers Go After Guns and Bullets . . .
  97. 'Black Rifles Matter' sign offends
  98. Illinois self defense law
  99. My Contribution to Local Democrat Anti-Gun Resolution
  100. Fire Mission: CT folks respond to Sen Murphy's survey
  101. Maine Needs Help Fighting Bloomberg! Please Read!
  102. WA State Assault Weapons Ban
  103. 80 million gun owners and YOU!
  104. Cold War Anolgy
  105. US court upholds ban on gun sales to marijuana card holders
  106. Swiss veterans rejecting EU gun control plans
  107. Keeping guns out of the wrong hands and not taking them from the good people.
  108. The 2nd Amendment, The Supreme Court and Infringement....
  109. Christie vetoes NJ gun legislation
  110. Two important dates: Gun tax appeal set, Gun rights conference looms
  111. Previous Arrest record, but no conviction?
  112. Dan Walters (Sacramento Bee) Calls Out hypocrite gun grabbers
  113. Libertarian VP, iffy on 2A
  114. Losing Your Guns
  115. New study debunks anti-guners position on gun crimes
  116. Anti-gunners and the problem that doesn't exist
  117. Venezuala destroys 2000 guns
  118. How Obama may yet get to kill the 2A
  119. Heller Decision....Diissenting Opinion
  120. Interesting perspective on what is at stake with the 2A
  121. Texas Protest
  122. California Senate looks to exempt themselves from their own gun law
  123. Anti-2a Hypocrite+winning raffee tickets = Hilarity
  124. Bradley Cooper. Typical Hollywood anti 2A
  125. Reserve Officers sue CA Attorney General to own "Assault Rifles"
  126. ATF breaking the law, again, tracking lawful gun owners.
  127. The Second Amendment Tent Is Getting Bigger
  128. Unbiased journalism
  129. Here it Comes so Armor UP!!!!.
  130. Any resources on what "proof" is required to have a stolen firearm returned?
  131. What does the 2nd Amendment really mean?
  132. Another EO restricting gun owners...
  133. If you are a gun owner and still thinking about voting for Hillary!!!
  134. Gun Study Is Junk Science Critics Say
  135. More than 14.5 million licensed to carry
  136. National Review: Police Overwhelmingly Support 2nd Amendment
  137. Massachusetts gun owners rally
  138. fake news site deleated story
  139. VA firearms banning
  140. Handgun Purchase by Resident Alien
  141. Mass Shooting in Munich
  142. Wisconsin: Seems like just yesterday
  143. NRACARSFORFREEDOM.COM just got my junker..
  144. Unfortunate NRA Magazine Cover
  145. How would vehicle control proposed legislation look like
  146. Mass. AG plans re: Assault Weapons Ban (Not Good)
  147. Mass shooting stats
  148. Police Union Asks Ohio Governor to Declare Emergency & Suspend Gun Laws in Cleveland
  149. Outlaws with guns
  150. Gun Ownership Skyrockets, While Gun Homicides Plummet
  151. Matt Damon Desires Mass Confistication Of American Guns
  152. White House Petition: Disregard the petition to ban the AR-15
  153. North Carolina, Catawba County
  154. University Of Texas Professors Sue To Block Guns In Classrooms
  155. Regulated Militia; Home Defense
  156. CA Law Enforcement Boycott Master List
  157. How we can save the Second Amendment and hopefully California
  158. Grandfather clauses
  159. dark day for California
  160. Erich Pratt Stumps CNN Host with Facts
  161. California gets 6 new gun control laws
  162. They aren't just after your 2A rights
  163. Well this may help lessen the number of gun free zones in Tennessee
  164. The most astute reading of the 2A I have seen
  165. Supreme Court Toughens Gun Ban For Domestic Violence
  166. Voisine v. US. - SCOTUS rules . . .
  167. Missouri Governor Vetoes Bill To Eliminate Concealed Carry Permits
  168. The ethics of gun ownership and the 2A
  169. VA Gov. McAuliffe's Restoring of Rights to Felons has Unintended Consequences
  170. Democrats vs Republicans and the reality of the media.
  171. Trump……Could it be?
  172. It's not just "them" that seek to erode your rights... Ben Carson on the 2nd
  173. Bipartisan U.S. House Members Vow To Keep Gun Control Fight Alive
  174. My Latest Letter to the Editor
  175. CA will now study Gun Violence
  176. 2nd amendment night at baseball game
  177. Terrorism, Gun Rights
  179. Diane Feinstein: You Should Be Guilty Until Proven Innocent
  180. Yet another anti-gun/CCW bill proposed in California
  181. New Yorker mag: Making a Killing -- The business and politics of selling guns.
  182. US Rep Charlie Rangel says he deserves protection. We don't.
  183. Quote for today !
  184. The state of man on the other side of the gun debate
  185. Democrats throw hissie -fit on the House floor over the Second Amendment
  186. A good read from "The Guardian". Found this on Huff-Post of all places!
  187. Knew they were not done with this nonsense
  188. Code Pink and Patriot Picket At NRA HQ 6/20/16 AAR - Pic Heavy
  189. Constitutional Carry in NC?
  190. Why is it OK to .....
  191. Four gun control possibilities up for vote at 5:30 ET today
  192. SCOTUS Upholds Assault Rifle bans...refuses challenges
  193. Ban on Semi-automatic rifles or another case of conflating "Semi" with Full" auto?
  194. The Benefits Of Gun Control (NOT)
  195. NRA , wrong side of the fence again
  196. Judge upholds suspension of boy who chewed pop tart into shape of gun
  197. Profound Explaination (circa 1909)
  198. If we could go back in time and enact a law.....
  199. Restrictive firearms legislation
  200. Under Pressure, Senators Formulate Gun Control Compromise
  201. Somewhat political question
  202. Brevard County Sheriff--THE 4 A's OF SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER SCENARIO...
  203. NRA-ILA Call to Action
  204. Nra's response
  205. That pesky "due process".
  206. President's Speech in Orlando Today
  207. Protesters at NRA HQ June 20-21. Counter Demonstration Being Planned
  208. Internet sales....background checks.....I'm not getting it
  209. GOP folding on gun control.
  210. Anyone else see this? Academy Caves?
  211. NRA folds on terrorist watch list.
  212. No fly, no buy?
  213. Fox news bimbo (aka 'Wretchen' Carlson) calls for AR15 ban
  214. What can actually be done to stop evil people from legally buying guns?
  215. Gun Control is Now Part of Homeland Security
  216. James Clyburn - lawmaker, Dem., the REAL biggest fool to walk the face of the earth
  217. In the case of a possible "assault weapons ban"....
  218. Progress in Lawsuit by Newtown Families
  219. Alan Grayson- lawmaker, Democrat, biggest fool ever to walk the face of the earth
  220. USA Today Poll on AWB
  221. NARRATIVE FAIL: Orlando Islamic Terrorist Did NOT Use An AR-15
  222. Not nailing my own coffin lid
  223. My Thoughts on Gun Control & Mass Shootings
  224. According To The Rolling Stone !
  225. Has Anyone Seen This? Bbc -O interview
  226. Pink Pistols Group - Statement on Florida shooting
  227. Call AR-15 cop guns....
  228. If gun rights disappeared?
  229. Pistol purchase permits could be eliminated in North Carolina
  230. Veterans Coalition for Common Sense
  231. Alabama Veterans To Get No Charge Concealed Carry Permits.
  232. Two sorry people
  233. Florida: contempt for 2A
  234. Gavin Newsome and His Plan
  235. Apalled depressed and disgusted
  236. 2A takes another hit. 9th circuit court decision
  237. 9th Circuit at it again
  238. Peruta vs San Diego: En Banc
  239. Interesting analysis of possible changes to Supreme Court
  240. The perfect politician
  241. Couric's under the gun confesses to Federal Gun crimes
  242. Well I guess that shows what apologies are worth... {Under the Gun}
  243. Chicago needs to re-assess their gun laws.
  244. What if...just, what if...
  245. Should there be a minimum age requirement with the Second Amendment?
  246. Well, if you are Scottish, this is emabarrassing
  247. 2A Link
  248. Looks like progress to me.
  249. No Good News For DC License Seekers
  250. HI Legislation to Register Gun Owners