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  1. Good News for Missourians
  2. Confused about 2A
  3. Another "Smart Gun" push coming.
  4. Grey's Anatomy
  5. Tracking the flow of guns used in crime is inexact science
  6. Everyone Please Cast Your Vote to Show Support for GA Campus Carry
  7. Buffalo Wild Wings
  8. A speed bump in my pro gun argument
  9. Could SC be #11 with permtless CC???
  10. VA Gov. McAuliffe Allows Felons to Vote in November
  11. Disturbing parallels between pre-WWII Germany and the U.S.
  12. Measuring "Gun Violence" - More Nonsence from the Wizards of Smart
  13. More Gun Control Laws for Illinois
  14. I hate to ask........
  15. New Brady Campaign Ad (Alice in Wonderland)
  16. Tennessee: HB1736 - House to Vote on Higher Ed Self-Defense Legislation
  17. This may be old but I couldn't find anything on DC-- Wisconsin hits 300,000 CCers
  18. 2A: Where Are We Now?
  19. New York City CCW permits for sale
  20. The Gun Show Loophole, According To CNN.
  21. Gov W/gun signs bill, moms mad
  22. Legal SKS in New Jersey?
  23. Sandy Hook Lawsuit: Judge Rules Against Gun Companies
  24. Trump on 2A
  25. How Many AGGIES Can Carry Concealed On Campus ?
  26. Obama’s Newest Gun Control Scheme Involves Social Security B
  27. GUNS, AMMO & the GOP
  28. Buy guns online, ship to house
  29. 260,381 Veterans lose gun rights
  30. $1000 handgun tax??
  31. AL: Senate Bill 14 to Allow Guns in Cars w/o Permit Opposed by "Most" Al LEO leaders
  32. VA Executive Order 50 - Learned Something New
  33. gun control question
  34. Shaming Anti 2A State Legislators - Had Some Fun Tuesday Morning
  35. MO Supreme Court Allows Suit Against Gun Dealer Over Sale
  36. Worth a Fresh Read Given 2A Assaults
  37. Texas AG Puts Local Governments on Notice for Infringing Concealed Carry Rights
  38. Gun Owners of America Claims Victory over ‘Bloomberg’s Billions’
  39. Moms target Fresh Market
  40. Governor Cuomo's April 1 Announcement
  41. Bill of rights - constitutional amendments
  42. I got to meet Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly - Woo-Hoo!!!
  43. MS Senate Approves NRA-Backed Permitless Carry Expansion
  45. U.S. Capitol Shooting
  46. 50 State Stun Gun Carry Coming Soon?
  47. Looks like we're getting cans
  48. Idaho goes constitutional
  49. Question about Army Corps of Engineers land
  50. Petition for OC at Cleveland GOP Convention
  51. Supreme Court overturns stun gun ban
  52. State 2A Gains Over Several Years
  53. SCOTUS rules in favor of 2nd Amendment rights today
  54. Presidential Candidates and the 2nd Amendment
  55. NRA/Bernie supporter...?
  56. Handgun Owning/Carrying Democrats
  57. NRA recall of board member....
  58. Idaho constitutional carry bill goes to the Governor!
  59. Md. Reciprocity bill
  60. Obama SCOTUS nominee - anti 2nd amendment
  61. Merrick Garland and the Second Amendment
  62. 2A CCW History Made In Maryland Tonight And You'll Only See It Here!
  63. Making A Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA
  64. I love Sheriff Clarke
  65. Status Requested: VA Interstate Travel with CC
  66. NSA Data: Domestic and Foreign Surveillance without Court Orders
  67. CBS Sunday Morning Gun Segments.
  68. Conceal carry at work
  69. Gun Laws in your state
  70. Crap statistics?
  71. SC/Ga. Reciprocity
  72. Media reveals location of gun owners in Texas
  73. Does your state have a Citizens Defense League?
  74. Permitless carry in Missouri
  75. Concealed Carry Takes a Hit In DC
  76. Great Day For A Protest
  77. MD is becoming the CA of the east
  78. Executive Order May Ban Private Gun Transfers
  79. 2016 Dems clash on gun control at debate
  80. Sheriff Conway gets it!
  81. West Virginia Going Constitutional Carry
  82. Tennessee: Vote Coming Tuesday on Permit-Less Carry
  83. Why do some think, polling places ought to be any different ?
  84. Voter turn out today, got to be a record.
  85. The debate point: loose gun law states increase gun violence in gun control cities
  86. A Danish citizens take on Obamas gun grab and terrorism
  87. Quit my gym - 2A infringement
  88. Alternate names for gun free zones
  89. Texas Campus Carry referendum
  90. SCOTUS judge Thomas shocks court with 2A argument questions.
  91. WA state concealed carry surge continues
  92. Permitless carry passes house Jackson
  93. NICS background checks
  94. VCDL Presidential Candidate Survey
  95. Official Trump 2A thread
  96. Lexington Massachusets Gun grap attempt March 21, 2016
  97. Concealed Carry Reciprocity Deal Signed in Virginia HB1163
  98. Question About MD / TX Law ....
  99. Gun owners in GA...
  100. Voting in the Primary
  101. Irrational Houston Faculty Come Unhinged Over Campus Carry
  102. Some More on the Kalamazoo Shooting
  103. Bushmaster being sued over Sandy Hook murders.
  104. Visited the Texas State Capitol in Austin
  105. Remember This One.........
  106. 2016 Georgia HB1060 Relating To Carrying & Possession Of Firearms:
  107. votes on Texas campus carry
  108. Pro-gun Groups In the May Issue States?
  109. The Scalia vacancy...
  110. Showdown looms in Texas over university's reading of campus carry law
  111. Second Amendment Foundation Email
  112. So glad I don't live in California anymore!
  113. Pat Rogers NRA GAOS NRA News
  114. Reality Check: Concealed Carry and Gun-Free Zones
  115. Jeb Bush Gun Pic on Twitter
  116. The Constitution is clear....
  117. Crash Dummy Explains Gun Control - 3rdA twist
  118. Full Reciprocity, Idea and Confusion
  119. Can I Legally Own a Gun Now? What are my rights.
  120. Comedian Jackie Mason Mocks Bloomberg
  121. Recent events
  122. Justice Scalia Died!!! One Thread Only!!
  123. Moving to Montana
  124. Gun ownership 'not a disease'
  125. If You're Going To A Range In.....New Jersey.
  126. The Least Pro-2A Republican is Out
  127. 2016 Georgia Campus Carry Legislation: HB 859
  128. Criminologists, Economists Find Benefits to Gun Ownership
  129. California Gun Stupidity
  130. Warning to American gun owners from Canada
  131. Bloomberg for President? Watch gun and ammo sales surge...
  132. WV Tries Again For Permit-less Carry
  133. 2 retired campus cops challenge New Joisey gun law
  134. Michigan man planned a church attack. His reason?
  135. Michigan Constitutional Carry Legislation
  136. More Info Will Result in Tougher Laws
  137. N R A
  138. Warning to America!!!
  139. Breaking News out of Maryland Kolbe vs. Omalley
  140. Gun Grabbers Hating on Virginia's Governor
  141. Bill Whittle Video - "It's steel" - A Must see..
  142. Canadian Gun Registration
  143. 2A Tuesday
  144. Opinions Needed
  145. Favorite Articles and Videos?
  146. Looks Like Chicago's Strict Gun Laws Are Really Paying Off....
  147. Just Created This Facebook Page
  148. 3 guns? Is this real? NO!
  149. TN Bill Would Allow a Person to File a Lawsuit if they Were Injured in a ‘Gun-Free Zo
  150. This Legislator Is Delusional, Stupid, or Both
  151. Bill Introduced To Make "SWATTING" Illegal
  152. Georgia legislator proposes confiscation of semi-automatic "assault rifles"
  153. Florida may "expand" stand your ground law.
  154. Ky bill to allow carry in schools
  155. Ohio, This Guy Wants A Constitutional Amendment Against Guns
  156. Virginia will once again recognize concealed carry permits from other states
  157. Massad Ayoob telling it like it is or will be.
  158. Obama to SCOTUS?
  159. Kentucky bill to void big Os executive orders on gun control
  160. 2nd Amendment and Political Correctness
  161. New anti-gun movie wants donations!
  162. How do YOU define the 2A in one paragraph or less
  163. Massachusetts licensing outrage, Renton theater incident
  164. VCDL Lobby Day 2016 write-up summery
  165. National Reciprocity at the Federal Level (2 bills)
  166. At SHOT, the REAL gun safety experts speak
  167. Calling The Organizer on His Assertions
  168. A Taste Of Their Own Medicine
  169. A thought about compromises
  170. Bill allows suits over gun-free zone incidents in TN
  171. Sign at the Huntsville, TX Kroger
  172. Reporting from SHOT #1: The debate effect
  173. Smart guns will be pushed on the gun makers in exchange for lawsuit protection...
  175. 5th Amendment and 14th Amendment protections for gun owners?
  176. Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms
  177. Check your 1st Amendment at the door!
  178. The NRA has challenged Obama to a debate
  179. Article: Hollywood's Hypocracy on Guns, Drugs, and Breaking the Law
  180. Stars & Stripes: Obama should learn why Americans ‘cling to guns’
  181. Brady Campaign endorses Hillary
  182. I have got to get out of this state.
  183. Silence of SCOTUS on 2A
  184. Reaction to Obama's Town Hall by Florida gun owners
  185. The Evolution(?) of Chris Christie on Guns and the Second Amendment
  186. ACTION ITEM: Comment on permanent state-agency gun ban! Read more: http://vagunforum
  187. So easy, a child can understand.
  188. Local Distract Tells California Governor Clown to Pound Sand
  189. 18Jan16 Lobby Day, Virginia....Anyone Going?
  190. Constitutional Convention proposal -- Restoring The Rule Of Law ...
  191. False Narratives About Guns from POTUS
  192. Meet Kimberly Corban (vs POTUS) on CNN
  193. Internet. Gun Sales w/o background check ?
  194. Chris Kyle's Wife on Gun Control
  195. Is The Associated Press Going Objective???
  196. LEO Encounter...
  197. Obama's EA Reverses Clinton Policy
  198. Do Background Checks make us safer?
  199. CNN Poll on the "new expanded background checks" (EO)
  200. NRA answers POTUS
  201. 2016 Proposed Firearm Legislation - IE Here We Go Again
  202. If obama is going to use the excuse that "even if one life is saved"
  203. WE Are the Problem
  204. Trump tells Clinton to disarm bodyguards
  205. NC Dem AG beats Obama - bans F2F sales as we know it.
  206. Surely, I read this wrong.
  207. Contacting White House
  208. Our Second Amendment Gun Legislation
  209. RKBA Town Hall meeting -- CNN to host Obama, Thurs Jan 7
  210. How would you Define this.
  211. Another Looney "Moms" group
  212. Potus Executive Orders
  213. Spikes Tactical's Response
  214. Please join the NRA
  215. Very long wait for background check yesterday.
  216. Is the 2nd Amendment a relic?
  217. The pen is mightier than the gun!
  218. The war on gun ownership battle plan......the long game coming to it's end...
  219. New York wants to limit ammo sales.
  220. Are we going to see another gun run?
  221. Texas Range Bans Open Carry
  222. California law will allow seizure of guns starting January 1st
  223. Obama planning Exec order on gun control after Jan 1?
  224. New low for Cali??
  225. 2015 Assault Weapons Ban
  226. 15 Minutes to Stay Alive
  227. Lies Worth Telling Are Lies Worth Repeating
  228. Another Drooling Idiot
  229. Chilling future for gun rights according to January 2016 Nat'l Rifleman
  230. Liberal Media and false statements
  231. Follow up: Maine landlord wants crippled retiree to give up gun after using it
  232. Pistols and shotguns defined as "assault weapons"?
  233. Why Women are Buying More Guns
  234. next president of the U.S.A? (POLL)
  235. NBA getting in bed with Everytown
  236. Letters From The VA AG to states they dropped recirprocity with and WHY!
  237. Proposed Amendment to Missouri Constitution to Nullify Federal Laws
  238. What can Obama do?
  239. From Soviet New York
  240. Contact Virginia Governor's Office
  241. Gun Ownership Rates, Crime and Suicide
  242. Richmond Poll about VA Reciprocity
  243. About Universal Background Checks
  244. VA To Drop Reciprocity With 2 Dozen States
  245. Gun free zones, just the facts
  246. An Ohio Politician Sells Out The Second Amendment
  247. Recent Carnage in Las Vegas
  248. Stop Hiding Behind the Second Amendment
  249. Irish Democracy theory and the Federal government
  250. IJR: Here's What a Gun-Grab Looks Like