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  1. Houston zoo reposts no gun signs.
  2. Obama: Talk About Gun Control on T'Day
  3. Vehemently anti-gun WRAL with more misinformation.
  4. WOW! D.C. top cop says people could 'take down' active shooters
  5. Which American Gun Laws Aren't Being Enforced
  6. Wash Dc documents
  7. Maryland Scraps 'Gun Fingerprint' Database as Complete Failure
  8. Should suspected terrorists be able to buy guns?
  9. "So God Made a Patriot", narrated by Fred Thompson
  10. Attn: Illinois Gun Owners! End the FOID
  11. Why Do The Liberals Want Our Guns?.
  12. Shine the light on to the blinded mind
  13. Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year
  14. Do Magazine Restrictions Work?
  15. Gallup Poll results -- various polls on Gun Control
  16. Interesting Conversation
  17. Response from my Congressman
  18. Florida HB-169 Burden of Proof
  19. Brazil Seeks to Copy U.S. Gun Culture
  20. The gun I didn't buy today
  21. Shall Not Be Infringed -- video essay from Colion Noir, NRA
  22. France disaster
  23. SAFE Act of 2013 Upheld
  24. Carrying on Texas Colleges?? Mmm??
  25. CCW Revoked by Executive Order
  26. Did I really just read this!
  27. Can we really talk about guns?
  28. Makes perfect sense.
  29. Marbury v.s. Madision 1803
  30. Maryland Scraps ‘Gun Fingerprint’ Database as Complete Failure
  31. Americans fear guns more than terrorism
  32. ATF Really? Really? or should I call you AFT?
  33. An Oregon County's attempt at nullification
  34. When was the last time you got polled?
  35. Obama Gun Control Poll
  36. Maryland scraps gun "fingerprint" database after 15 failed years
  37. Hearing Protection Act
  38. Number One With A Bullet
  39. Drug overdoes killed more Americans than car crashes or GUNS
  40. Everytown's Bloomberg Nonsense
  41. Martin o’malley pledges 7 ‘unilateral executive’ gun controls if elected
  42. Yes, they want to take your guns
  43. Oregon county ends compliance with state, federal gun control
  44. Looks Like a Bloomberg Fail in VA
  45. Media Makes the Argument Against Gun Control
  46. Outstanding 2A Editorial (Bob Livingston)
  47. Armor of light
  48. Anita Soliciting ProGun Sites
  49. Indoctrination of Our Youth Against 2A - a sort of humorous story
  50. Promises from POTUS (I'm NOT Going to Take Your Guns, etc.)
  51. LA Passes law: lock up or disable their handguns at home if they aren’t close at hand
  52. Is Indiana to blame for Chicago gun violence?
  53. PA gun control legislation
  54. The U.N. Resolution 2117
  55. Can CHL holders carry illegal knives in Tx?
  56. Amy Schumer, Senator cousin call for crusade on guns
  57. Pew: Annual firearm-related homicides down nearly 50 percent from 20 years ago
  58. Mothers Against Deranged Killing (MADK)
  59. The Progressive Gun Control Charade
  60. Interpretation of 2A why and how.
  61. Perfect Example of Gun Control Fail
  62. Hardcore Libs On Hearing Protection Act
  63. Gun Control Panel Discussion in Richmond
  64. OMG more illegal guns traveling to NYC.
  65. NRA Scores High in Latest Gallup Poll
  66. Campus carry and Gallup
  67. Women Disarming Women
  68. On the issues
  69. October 20, 2015 Court decision paves the way for Australian-style gun ban
  70. Louisville arena may lose ability to be gun free
  71. No Joe - good or bad for 2A protection?
  72. My Argument For Constitutional Carry
  73. Friedman v City of Highland Park (IL) -- SCOTUS mulling on possible case
  74. A Look at the Facts on Gun-Free Zones
  75. Mass Shootings vs Mental Illness
  76. The Sheeple Mindset
  77. Top California official pushes ammo background checks
  78. Wife shooting 'my' guns / straw purchase clarification
  79. The Evil of Gun-free Zones
  80. Clinton Considers Mandatory Gun "Buy-Backs" - Ignites Confiscation Concerns
  81. What do you think of this?
  82. Keep A Eye On This One
  83. sitting out this election is a mistake....
  84. My Letter to the Editor Hit the Airwaves Last Week
  85. Municipal Semiautomatic Ban Probably Going to SCOTUS
  86. Hoard or Hold???
  87. My Church won't allow carry
  88. No surprise - We're under attack in VA from our own Governor
  89. So let's assume the worst and the Govt does a gun grab...
  90. Greta van Susteren Comes Out for Bullet Control
  91. I joined the NRA for the first time today. Can't believe it
  92. More proof of liberal agenda to disarm - school curriculum is now blatantly anti
  93. Maine 'goes constitutional'
  94. Carson's Jewish Resistance WWII Comment
  95. Wisconsin bill would expand CCW on college campuses to inside buildings.
  96. A rational case for gun ownership
  97. 2 Officers Sue Gun Store Owner
  98. Charlie Daniels and Straight Talk on Gun Control and Obama
  99. Michigan SB 442 - Exemption From Pistol Free Zones
  100. Non Federal Firearms dealers and Background checks
  101. Chicago archbishop: Founding fathers could not have intended 2nd amendment to apply t
  102. Wayne LaPierre is a Jedi
  103. (Video) NYC-based Saturday Night Live mocks America's obsession with firearms
  104. Bernie sanders: Gun manufacturers may need to be held liable for gun crime
  105. Dr Ben Carson Got it Right
  106. Good Quote
  107. "Local" paper is anti-gun and won't let go of the subject
  108. Students protest TX campus carry law with obscene display of protest...
  109. An Armed Society Is a Polite Society -- resisting the defilers
  110. Armed guards protect Senate Democrats as they demand new gun-control laws
  111. Another lost soul with a dangerous voice - Jeff Yang
  112. Obama, The Pen and the Phone
  113. Petition circulated In Person County, NC to arm teachers
  114. Yet another professor quit tenured position due to TX campus carry law
  115. Ted Cruz on the 2A
  116. Russia will soon have better concealed carry laws than parts of the US
  117. Hillary & Co. Fight a Phony War on "Gun Violence"
  118. FBI gun statistics
  119. Gun control truther:Carson attacks prove MSM prefer children helpless and defenseless
  120. The NFL banned commercial story should not be forgotten
  121. References needed to buy a gun? Huh? That's a plan?????
  122. The FBI's Threat Assessment Team - Actually stopping mass shootings
  123. Interesting read from an unexpected source.
  124. Matt Drudge: “I challenge Hillary, take away your Secret Service. Take it away now!”
  125. Some in Roseburg, Ore don't want Obama to come & push anti-gun agenda
  126. "Why We Question Your Motives on Guns, Mr. President"
  127. Reversed - NY prosecutor allows DAs to own guns again (isn't that nice of him)
  128. The Mentally Ill Aren't The Ones Doing The Killing
  129. "Hellery" campaign announces renewed attacks on gun owners.
  130. Largest felony civil disobedience rally US history
  131. Stasi: State Department must list gun-loving NRA as terrorist organization
  132. Need help battling anti-gun Memes
  133. Some stats on Mass shootings from Mother jones vs. accidental death rates..the truth.
  134. More Mis-Direction from CNN
  135. TRUMP on 2A
  136. Gun Control's Biggest Problem
  137. I'm Following The President's Decree
  138. Jeb Bush: ‘Stuff happens,’ but no need for new gun regulations
  139. Think Progress - good guy with a gun...
  140. POTUS Calling For Complete Gun Confiscation, Really !
  141. Clients' files audited, subscriber healthcare info released to state
  142. Strawmen, False Media Narratives and BS
  143. Legal clarification on handgun laws
  144. Oregon School Shooting - 15 Confirmed Dead
  145. Murders down, CPLs up..
  146. Here's a nice start to challenging the Anti stance of schools
  147. High school nazis at it again: Are there any guns in your house?
  148. Colion Noir defense of arms ownership -- Freedom Requires No Justification
  149. Badger Guns now Brewcity shooter shop
  150. Dana Loesch NRA commercial
  151. NY prosecutors BANNED from owning handguns
  152. Colorado Sheriffs Move Forward With Challenge Of State Gun Laws
  153. Request for AG opinion carrying on school property.
  154. San Francisco's LAST gun shop to close
  155. UofM: We decide campus gun laws not the State of Michigan
  156. Carrying on USACE land
  157. Is your permit public information?
  158. Amazon Smile Second Amendment Foundation Donations: 11,858 as of Aug 2015
  159. Trump Speaks On the 2nd Amendment
  160. SCORE in fed. court v. District of Columbia
  161. We demand gun safety! No, wait, we really don't....
  162. Constitution Day -- Sept 17, 2015
  163. Case set to test Ark. carry laws off to a fiery start - literally
  164. Ever wonder where they would go if the anti's won registration?
  165. 18 year old in WI charged with guns in trunk of car
  166. New anti gun strategy join NRA
  167. O'Malley releases gun control platform
  168. Seattle Enlists Legal Help to Fight NRA Lawsuit Over Gun Tax
  169. Houston Zoo 30.06 Sign Comes Down
  170. Mississippi Coloege Shooting.
  171. Gov. Terry mcauliffe brings armed guard to gun control rally
  172. Denied in Wash. D.C
  173. It’s Time for John Boehner to Go!
  174. Mexican government praises gun control efforts by congressional democrats, urges more
  175. Mommies Demand Acquiesce invade Raleigh, NC
  176. Marcus Luttrell NRA Commercial
  177. Anti Gun rally in Wichita today....
  178. Reciprocity, New York-style
  179. Jeb Bush Lovin' On Gun Control With Stephen Colbert
  180. Gun Dropbox
  181. FL Carry sues FSU for violating state firearm law
  182. The myth that strict gun laws help to prevent violent crime.
  183. "Law won't prevent shooting, but it would be easiest to pass"
  184. Should Guns Be Regulated Like Cars?
  185. Anti-gunners playing dangerous game
  186. Perspectives: About those so-called loopholes
  187. Number One With a Bullet video
  188. Proof of Ownership
  189. #whateverittakes: new hashtag from Everytown
  190. Anti-gun stupidity: Honolulu PD
  191. What percentage of legal gun-owners commit crime with their guns?
  192. Study: Chicago criminals avoid gun shows, internet sales, buy guns on street
  193. Bill Maher gets it wrong, then gets it right
  194. Liberal Gun Control Proposal
  195. Reporter's Father Joining the Gun Control Fight
  196. Milwaukee County Sheriff Challenges Obama: 'Forego Your Secret Service Protection'
  197. Protests in Chicago against the right to carry in a grocery
  198. A Lesson from the "Three Little Pigs".
  199. Crime Prevention Research Center on CBS News Tonight
  200. Why Americans are prone to mass shooting...(sigh)
  201. VA governor calls for gun control after shootings
  202. Gun control proponent: Women too weak to carry guns for self-defense
  203. NRA sues over Seattle's adoption of 'gun violence tax'
  204. California.............enough said.....
  205. Ha - anti's may have stepped on their zippers
  206. Motown Chief of Police Call to Arms for the Citizenry
  207. Shouldn't we stop blaming 'lax' gun laws?
  208. Hillary Clinton: statement about gun laws
  209. GOA Alert!
  210. Minnesota will no longer recognize Texas or Missouri concealed carry licenses
  211. Waco biker shooting from May...what happened or went wrong?
  212. CAIR goes after Gun Shop declaring muslim free zone
  213. A Great Day for the People's Republic of Maryland!
  214. Is it possible for history to repeat itself in this country of ours? 2A
  215. How America can free itself from guns (W. Post Opinion Column)
  216. Tale of Two Positions From Same Candidate!
  217. Yet another assult on gun ownership.
  218. Gay marriage does not equal gun rights
  219. Pew poll: Majority favors background checks, gun sales tracking
  220. Moms Demand Action Applauds Kim Kardashian's new Gun Control Push
  221. Dems go after Bass Pro and Cabelas
  222. Madison, WI, Transit Can Prohibit Concealed Carry on Buses, Appeals Court Says
  223. Convo with my semi-anti Dad.
  224. New law change
  225. Why One Sheriff Won't Enforce Oregon's New Background-Check Gun Law
  226. Carly Fiorina on the 2A
  227. Madison society
  228. Megan Kelly tonight
  229. Questions we'd like to ask the candidates
  230. America and guns: Why do so many stoke paranoia about firearms?
  231. GOP Gun Legislation
  232. New York Cracks Down on Toy Guns
  233. Sen. Schumer, comedian Amy Schumer call for more gun control
  234. How To Respond to a Gun Grabber
  235. Alabama governor lifts gun free zones at state rest areas
  236. One of the Reasons I left Illinois
  237. Florida medical prohibition about gun ownership law upheld!
  238. Futility of GFZ
  239. Best and Worst States for Gun Owners
  240. Mother Jones hit piece on John Lott
  241. Los Angeles city bans 10+ round magazines.....
  242. Seattle/Washington State gun restrictions don't seem to be working
  243. WaPo, MSNBC show people like guns, want to carry
  244. General Honore (Ret) Future Gun Grabber
  245. Dershowitz Has Lost His Mind
  246. LEO Gun Free Zone
  247. Military 'Right-to-Carry' legislation
  248. Martin o’malley: ‘ban sale of assault weapons,’ launch ‘national gun registry’
  249. Gun Registration required at range in order for use. (US ARMY Installation/MWR)
  250. Obama's Greatest Regret