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  1. Bill Maher gets it wrong, then gets it right
  2. Liberal Gun Control Proposal
  3. Reporter's Father Joining the Gun Control Fight
  4. gun violence in Europe, Gang violence in Sweden....use it to undermine anti gunners
  5. Milwaukee County Sheriff Challenges Obama: 'Forego Your Secret Service Protection'
  6. Protests in Chicago against the right to carry in a grocery
  7. A Lesson from the "Three Little Pigs".
  8. Crime Prevention Research Center on CBS News Tonight
  9. Why Americans are prone to mass shooting...(sigh)
  10. VA governor calls for gun control after shootings
  11. Gun control proponent: Women too weak to carry guns for self-defense
  12. NRA sues over Seattle's adoption of 'gun violence tax'
  13. California.............enough said.....
  14. Ha - anti's may have stepped on their zippers
  15. Motown Chief of Police Call to Arms for the Citizenry
  16. Shouldn't we stop blaming 'lax' gun laws?
  17. Hillary Clinton: statement about gun laws
  18. GOA Alert!
  19. Minnesota will no longer recognize Texas or Missouri concealed carry licenses
  20. Waco biker shooting from May...what happened or went wrong?
  21. CAIR goes after Gun Shop declaring muslim free zone
  22. A Great Day for the People's Republic of Maryland!
  23. Is it possible for history to repeat itself in this country of ours? 2A
  24. How America can free itself from guns (W. Post Opinion Column)
  25. Tale of Two Positions From Same Candidate!
  26. Yet another assult on gun ownership.
  27. Gay marriage does not equal gun rights
  28. Pew poll: Majority favors background checks, gun sales tracking
  29. Moms Demand Action Applauds Kim Kardashian's new Gun Control Push
  30. Dems go after Bass Pro and Cabelas
  31. Madison, WI, Transit Can Prohibit Concealed Carry on Buses, Appeals Court Says
  32. Convo with my semi-anti Dad.
  33. New law change
  34. Why One Sheriff Won't Enforce Oregon's New Background-Check Gun Law
  35. Carly Fiorina on the 2A
  36. Madison society
  37. Megan Kelly tonight
  38. Questions we'd like to ask the candidates
  39. America and guns: Why do so many stoke paranoia about firearms?
  40. GOP Gun Legislation
  41. New York Cracks Down on Toy Guns
  42. Sen. Schumer, comedian Amy Schumer call for more gun control
  43. How To Respond to a Gun Grabber
  44. Alabama governor lifts gun free zones at state rest areas
  45. One of the Reasons I left Illinois
  46. Florida medical prohibition about gun ownership law upheld!
  47. Futility of GFZ
  48. Best and Worst States for Gun Owners
  49. Mother Jones hit piece on John Lott
  50. Los Angeles city bans 10+ round magazines.....
  51. Seattle/Washington State gun restrictions don't seem to be working
  52. WaPo, MSNBC show people like guns, want to carry
  53. General Honore (Ret) Future Gun Grabber
  54. Dershowitz Has Lost His Mind
  55. LEO Gun Free Zone
  56. Military 'Right-to-Carry' legislation
  57. Martin o’malley: ‘ban sale of assault weapons,’ launch ‘national gun registry’
  58. Gun Registration required at range in order for use. (US ARMY Installation/MWR)
  59. Obama's Greatest Regret
  60. NC County Commissioner wants concealed carry on county property
  61. Letter to representatives
  62. Richard dreyfuss: Rewrite second amendment so it applies to militia only
  63. Exploiting Lafayette: A shooting in a gun-free zone
  64. Arizona Rated #1 for Gun Owners!
  65. Need some top cover on this article.
  66. Northern Front Range National Forest Shooting Update- Hold on to your butts!
  67. Citizens no longer have to swear to take up arms to defend the US
  68. Bill to end GFZs at Military bases
  69. My Interaction with a Liberal Anti in Maine this weekend....
  70. executive action
  71. Here's a new one from the "gun control" crowd
  72. Auto Accidents: What a Tragedy versus Gun Accidents
  73. Can I ever be able to own a handgun?
  74. Another EO from Obama: Now SS Recipient Fiduciaries
  75. Armed Citizen Stand Guard to Protect the Military
  76. Liberalism Explained in a single photo
  77. NRA Instructor gets apology about his hat
  78. Gun-Control Movement Is Borrowing the Marriage-Equality Playbook
  79. NJ Town Restricts Right to Peaceful Assemble
  80. Chattanooga shooting provides an interesting observation
  81. Illinois SB836 Effective 10JUL15
  82. How Seattle city government views guns...
  83. A Thought on Gun Free Zones (Re-post)
  84. What is the San Francisco City Council Smoking these days?
  85. Michigan Constitutional Carry Bill Introduced
  86. Discussing Guns with a French Citizen: Range Report! NEW Photos Added!
  87. Another Ex-Liberal sees the light
  88. Charles CW Cooke - Main & c.
  89. FBI chief says Charleston shooter shouldn't have been able to buy gun
  90. Hillary Clinton's push on gun control marks a shift in presidential politics
  91. Another New Jersey CC case
  92. Alleged Serial Killer, Accomplices Apprehended
  93. Murder Rates: Comparing The USA Only To Other Developed Countries Is Deceitful
  94. Who IS this guy?
  95. 2A vs Thugs
  96. Lazy Report Mentions Gun Show Loophole
  97. Seattle City Council proposes gun and ammo taxes
  98. Only Let Women Own Guns
  99. Not 2a worthy: Chicago Groups Sue Suburban Cities for Gun Control
  100. Why Nothing Happens on Gun Control
  101. Oh Canada... this ain't right
  102. Colion strikes again
  103. Lynne Russell: The second amendment saved my life
  104. Where's this 'middle ground' in gun control debate?
  105. Clueless Prez (a great read)
  106. Louis Gomert encourages C.C.
  107. A minority's view on 2A
  108. Some Info on the Gun Free School Zones Act
  109. Waiting for the Bloodshed.....
  110. Interesting argument or precedent
  111. DC gun carry applications more than triple in wake of federal court ruling
  112. 2A only for militias? Not so fast. Interesting fact...
  113. FLESA question on magazine capacity (California LEOS thoughts please)
  114. We have a case now
  115. Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals: Bonidy v. US Postal Service
  116. Judge Puts Brady Center in its place
  117. GOOD:This one cost the Brady Center some money
  118. SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision applied to Concealed Carry?
  119. gun control stats don't count for the 3rd world, cause, like, it's the 3rd world.
  120. Here 's that "C" word again!
  121. The President's Gag Order: Revisions to ITAR
  122. An Open Letter to the NRA and its Trolls
  123. Getting right to the heart of 2A debate
  124. Islands, Churches, and Guns
  125. Four Percent Compliance With NY SAFE Act
  126. 3rd world violence and anti gun extremists....
  127. what motivates retailers?
  128. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Where the 2016 candidates stand on gun rights Read more
  129. Justification to Repeal the 2nd Amendment?
  130. Gun Control and Racism
  131. Karl Rove wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment??
  132. With Friends Like This...
  133. Mr. President, Cut The Crap (repost)
  134. it's time for more regulation and control, TODAY!
  135. Black Conservative Leadership & the NRA
  136. OMG! Are the antis finally getting it?
  137. Important to Exercise Caution in Speech: Charles Cotton
  138. Puerto Rico is now Constitutional Carry
  139. Bill O'Reilly is a Loon. A liberal in disguise.
  140. Political Hypocrites
  141. Bloomberg Throwing In The Towel ?
  142. “How many people do we need to see cut down before we act?” -- Hillary Clinton
  143. Made a dfference today! Silencer related
  144. Judge alex ferrer; another elitist anti 2a
  145. President to trample the 2A in about 15 min
  146. Florida Governor Signs Gun Club Tax Prohibition
  147. Peruta En Banc panel oral arguments today at 3:30 pm.
  148. Charitible 2 A orgs. using Amazon.com
  149. The handgun Purchase Act of 2015
  150. Bill clinton: ‘you can’t have people walking around with guns’
  151. Excellent Perspective on Constitutional Carry in NH
  152. Maryland Gov Hogan takes some action
  153. Governor Abbott signs bills
  154. What are the worst states or cities to try to get a gun?
  155. Don't Get Caught Carrying Without a License In Maryland
  156. Gov. Christie Pardons Steffon Josey-Davis
  157. No one helped her
  158. Watch out for 'safe storage' measures, thx to SCOTUS
  159. John Lott on Reporting on Mass Shootings and DUGs
  160. Hannity gives brady pres a pass
  161. NRA Rejected by U.S. Supreme Court on San Francisco Gun Law
  162. Michigan moves to end registration
  163. Obama Regulation Outlaws Gun blogs, videos, web forums, etc.
  164. Academia just doesn't get it
  165. 2015 trigger safety act to ban normal guns....
  166. The 2nd Amendment and "expansion of rights
  167. Brady Bunch lawsuit on 2nd Amend Protection Act gets tossed (Kansas)
  168. Republicans wield power of the purse to block Obama's gun regs
  169. Another Win for the 2nd Amendment
  170. Woman murdered while waiting on 'approval' to own a firearm.
  171. We can't carry in schools, Nevada just ok'd semi auto assault pop tarts in schools
  172. 2A & a step in our direction but FOX news....really?
  173. Kniferights Working with WI
  174. Geraldo: Vince vaughn sounds like timothy mcveigh defending gun rights
  175. Reeling In the Anti-Gun Administration and DOJ
  176. Nevada legislature improving gun rights
  177. NY mets are anti 2a
  178. Why people are #WearingOrange today
  179. Texas guv reportedly ready to sign OC bill
  180. Guns killing our country?
  181. Administration preps new gun regulations (The Hill.com)
  182. Proposed mandatory liablity insurance for gun owners
  183. Hbo, mtv, and a host of celebrities to join bloomberg for anti-gun event
  184. ATF Begins Denying NFA Paperwork for Washington State Residents
  185. After violent weekend Emanuel says stronger gun laws needed.
  186. Maine votes
  187. GOA Gun Owner Census Document
  188. South Carolina Pending Legislation
  189. How I deal with the car vs. gun anti-gun nutter argument....
  190. HB910 Passes And Goes To Gov. Abbott for Signing.
  191. Want to irritate gun grabbers?
  192. Break out calendars, hunter orange...and guns
  193. Self defense for gun grabbers.....a new set of techniques....
  194. Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015
  195. Civilian Marksmanship Program may get surplus M1911A1 pistols
  196. May Issue On The Ropes?
  197. Abolish BATFE?
  198. ATF Definition of Residency
  199. Like A Bad Penny
  200. Fed. Judge smacks DC's "good reason" requirement
  201. Well this will certainly "Chap" some hides in Washington DC!!
  202. Supreme Court ruling supports felons rights
  203. Wanted to support the 2nd Amendment...
  204. A Pro-2A Soon-To-Be Presidential Candidate
  205. Justifiable Homicide - Legal Question for Attorneys
  206. Mom sues school district over son's arrest for NRA t-shirt
  207. House Dems. want to control online ammunition sales
  208. Propaganda
  209. A patriot's history
  210. The 2nd Amendment the "second front"
  211. Cut The Crap, America (terrorism gone viral) Re-Post
  212. Has California BANNED 45ACP AMMO?
  213. Country Star Supports 2A Wholeheartedly
  214. 3-D-printed gun designer sues Federal Government
  215. Even A Lefty Can Get It Right
  216. North Carolina Gun Bill Stalled
  217. Indiana: Governor Signs Pro-Gun Legislation into Law
  218. Real gem in the HuffPo today- Stronger Gun Laws, Less Violence
  219. Taking Brady Campaign Advice (Re-Post) Good news is where you find it !
  220. We have to constantly teach and inform....if we want to keep our rights...
  221. New anti-2A ad is very vulgar and bizarre
  222. When they argue registration, licensing and insurance
  223. South Carolina 3799 is a bad bill
  224. So close but for nothing?
  225. Newtown Won't Debate Dr. Lott.
  226. NRA Being Investigated for Financial Irregularities?
  227. Question about subcontractors
  228. North Carolina House Bill 562
  229. One of Illinois' most vocal (read: annoying) anti-2A guys published a book!
  230. TTAG about South Carolina bill passed in House
  231. How current are you on your State Concealed Carry Laws
  232. TN Gov. (former member of Bloomberg Mayors) signed Park Carry
  233. Did I miss something?
  234. Partial List of CCers Who Stopped a Mass Shooting
  235. The end of permission slips ? CLOSED !!!!
  236. Anti-gun WRAL at it again: misleading info.
  237. Grainger is Anti Gun But Now Sells 5.11 Gear
  238. Tennessee governor amends 'Guns in Parking Lots' law to protect workers
  239. MD does away with ballistic fingerprininting
  240. Wisconsin Senate Votes to End 48hr waiting period on handgun purchases
  241. NRA Under Fire
  242. National Right To Carry
  243. Veterans' memorial under fire for rifle depiction
  244. Tim McGraw & Billy Currington Headlining Anti-2A Concert
  245. Gun Violence and Legal Gun Owners Alway Get Blame
  246. State senate bill proposed to broaden NC concealed carry
  247. Wal*Mart Overpowers Trinity Church at Appellate Level
  248. Question: Current and new Orange County California CCW applicants
  249. Ted Cruz: The Constitution trumps public opinion.........
  250. Hum .. NRA might have stabbed us in the back ..again