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  1. Amarillo Police officer dies from car crash injuries
  2. United effort on gangs.
  3. GOOD IDEA: Virtual Stake Outs - Live Border Cameras (Merged)
  4. Two Oregon Police Officers Killed In Bomb Blast; Suspect Arrested
  5. It's official, I don't need CHL anymore
  6. How old is too old?
  7. 10 Silver Stars for soldiers in Afghan cliff clash
  8. Hopefully not the smartest move they ever made.
  9. Police cruiser of the future
  10. Question for a police officer....
  11. Boyce Chief Convicted; Will Resign Office
  12. Could it happen again?
  13. Great: USN Presidential Drill Team
  14. Pirates Alert!
  15. Associate degree in Criminal Justice degree, any advice?
  16. December 7, 1941(merged)
  17. My Ride Along
  18. Support of our Military
  19. Our SRO just got back from a Conference of High Schools and Terrorists.
  20. Pilots' holsters prone to AD?
  21. Ride Along Question
  22. Plan would dedicate 20,000 uniformed troops inside U.S. by 2011
  23. Feds, Do They Always Carry In Condition 3 ?
  24. LA Police Chief William Bratton: Wants more $$ for Force
  25. Sheeps and Wolves
  26. Farah Province,Afghanistan 18 Nov 08
  27. LEOs And Their Guns
  28. FOUR Officers down
  29. Thinking of joining the police force...
  30. Ooops! .. SWAT Member Leaves M4 on Neighborhood Lawn
  31. Street Smarts
  32. Agents used stun gun on pallbearer
  33. Patriot Guard
  34. Safest area around Arlington VA?
  35. Bad: FBI Agent Slain Serving Drug Warrant In Pittsburgh Suburb
  36. FBI Agent Was Killed During Drug Raid (PA)
  37. Another 'gun free zone'........the high seas!
  38. French Soldier's Opinion of US Troops
  39. If he has this much determination...
  40. Stupid:Reynosa officer shot
  41. Inside the minds of gang members
  42. Watch those corners...eh, make that mirrors
  43. Military/police dogs
  44. They gave me a rookie.
  45. Unloading Question
  46. Police "ride-along"
  47. L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns
  48. Blair Bodyguard Fires Gun in Israeli Airport
  49. Veterans Day!!
  50. LEO Testing
  51. Branched FA
  52. New job
  53. Happy Birthday, Marines!
  54. Great military pictures
  55. 8th of Nov Drinks to our Airborne!!
  56. For the Vietnam Vets..
  57. Welcome home Lance Cpl. Luis Palacios
  58. Normal traffic stop behavior?
  59. Hell in a can!
  60. What if - Another 9/11.. false flag...
  61. Just asking for opinions here
  62. California Cities Cut Police Budgets
  63. Update to Botched Raid in Atlanta Re: 92yr. Old Woman Shot
  64. Simunitions and Sights.
  65. Vetrans Shoot NRA Range.
  66. Another video
  67. What Every Cop Should Carry...These Days
  68. bad impressions?
  69. Gave an Attaboy to a soldier today
  70. How to decide if lethal force is appropriate quicker than you have been
  71. I had ASP training today!
  72. Military conceal carry
  73. Interesting FLIR video, just another day at the office
  74. LAPD - The Film
  75. Police are expensive/Lower LEO Patrols? :Merged
  76. Texas ain't kidding around
  77. "Rookies" Armed traffic stop
  78. Looking to join the Law Enforcement team.
  79. So who is and isn't a LEO around here?
  80. Playing hardball
  81. Military actions on patrol in the us
  82. Former Border Patrol Agents Up For Resentencing
  83. What not to do to a LEO: Man charged with punching deputy
  84. Do you think this guy was a sheriff?
  85. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya on your way to your virgins...
  86. TAPS
  87. Military locator
  88. West Fargo, ND - Citizen's Police Academy - Week 4
  89. Any of you Texans participating in the National Night Out?
  90. Back at it!
  91. Man shot by Largo police officer dies: MERGED
  92. Lunch with Delta Force
  93. Fire support team resources (redlegs please help)
  94. Posse Comitatus is Gone. US Army Deploys in US
  95. Brandishing a Plastic Knife at Someone
  96. 4 killed in Maryland State Police helicopter crash
  97. "Half men and half boys"
  98. On the Way to the Border
  99. Tasers again...You still think yours works?
  100. Nice to see something like this for a change.
  101. LEOSA and the Coast Guard Update
  102. SigArms Rebate program
  103. Bad: Female Officer Killed, Fleeing Suspect Shot By Police
  104. Now, that is Honor
  105. ATF Loses 76 guns
  106. If you're going to be a bad cop, may as well go all the way...
  107. Police Officer on Life Support Following Charity Boxing Match With Firefighter
  108. 411 Guns Surrendered at Brooklyn 'Gun Buyback'
  109. Clemency denied for convicted killer of Savannah officer
  110. Question for LEO's re: enforcement
  111. San Diego police kill gun-brandishing man
  112. Letter of Apology
  113. Sheriffs reserve
  114. Mayhem after the election?
  115. 9-11 Never Forget
  116. Remembering Sept. 10th and 11th 2001: MERGED
  117. Crossing the US/Canada border with my Glocks.
  118. NJ weapons for war: Weapons seizure: Merged
  119. Kingston cop charged after firing weapon in home
  120. Deputy shoots himself in leg
  121. Iraq vet's patriotic video.
  122. Good deal thought I would pass it along
  123. For infantry, what is the standard issue firearm?
  124. Bringing Weapons on a Military Installation
  125. Video: Police car chase ends as car crashes and flips multiple times
  126. Cappucino with an extra shot, please
  127. Big Brother
  128. Funeral Services For MHP Trooper
  129. Moving Video
  130. Accepted for Reserves
  131. Bad: NY cop slams woman on floor (Caught on tape)
  132. RCMP erred in using Texas Rangers, report says
  133. First Line of Defense Against Terrorists
  134. Aviono AB Housing worth anything
  135. Questions about disability.
  136. Montana HP Trooper Killed In Traffic Crash
  137. Lousy: Guard survives Iraq, dies on job at U.S. prison attack
  138. Passenger indicted in trooperís slaying.
  139. Army green Class A uniform is no more
  140. Army v. USMC boot camp
  141. Sad: Illegals are leaving in record number
  142. Amazing Helo: Afghanistan Rescue
  143. Go Army!
  144. Two Female NY City Cops Busted
  145. BAD: MD State Police go Ninja on Ammo Purchases
  146. Wounded Warrior Appreciation Drawing - Nominate a Soldier and Say "Thank You"!
  147. Mistaken 911 call question
  148. Question for the LEO's
  149. New U.S. Navy Uniforms
  150. Where is the Secret Service?
  151. Either Cops need a raise, or starbuck needs a price drop
  152. BAD: Deputy killed responding to alarm call
  153. Teen plans to attack President Bush?
  154. Deputy gunned down in robbery attempt
  155. Secret Service arrest Miami man, guess why.
  156. SWAT team kills 2 dogs in [Mistaken] raid on Md. mayor's home
  157. Authority of LEO
  158. Request for Interviews: USMC Vets only , thanks
  159. Negligent Discharge in Courthouse - Deputy U.S. Marshal (Merged)
  160. Uncle Mike's Duty Holster
  161. Off duty detective shoots robbery suspect
  162. Deputy tells of the moments following gator attack
  163. Unfortunately, a LEO Gone Bad
  164. Marine Corps Rules
  165. A Tribute
  166. Deputy resigns
  167. 8 officers honored in raid gone wrong
  168. McDonalds to power Manila's police cars
  169. The (possible) story behind my dadís bronze star
  170. Is it possible to be a Ohio LEO before age 21
  171. Coast Guard Ratings
  172. Can someone identify some military decorations?
  173. Ramos-Compean convictions affirmed
  174. Coast Guard
  175. Letter from Afghanistan
  176. Teen Killed By Police After Attempted Robbery--Nashville, TN
  177. Here's why I'm against the "police cams"
  178. Woman arrested after pulling officer from wreck
  179. U.S. Marine Corps Mascot Retires
  180. Reserve Deputy question
  181. Marines Packing Heat.
  182. Thoughts and Prayers for the Recent B52 Accident
  183. Chinese Swat Awesome Getsome
  184. Ex-cop may be charged in case of man Tasered to death
  185. Well, 1 year until I graduate
  186. A citation from the President
  187. Taser Death in Winnfield, La ruled Homicide by Coroner
  188. How Sad Is This?
  189. Off-Duty requirements
  190. North of the Border: American Soldier Facing Trial for Gun Possession in Canada
  191. Officer Suspended After Taser Use Causes Death - Charlotte, NC
  192. "The Academy" & LA Sheriffs Department Pistol Qualification Requrements
  193. Online police scanner
  195. Wow, What A Dumb Way To Lose Your Job - Daytona Beach, FL
  196. National Guard Armory...
  197. Officer wrecks squad car 29 minutes into job
  198. Police Shootout Results - **GRAPHIC PICS WARNING**
  199. A Policeman's Belt
  200. Morons abound
  201. Why I need to quit whining...
  202. LEO's Over The Line In Irving, TX?
  203. Illegal To Take Photo Of LEO In Tennessee?
  204. Sheriff RESERVES
  205. Cheap home alarms
  206. Man fires at officers, killed by return fire.
  207. Homeland security needs?
  208. Just a little embarassing
  209. Fort Lauderdale police chiefís wife held in home shooting
  210. Marine Corps picture thread
  211. Betty crocker or what?
  212. Want some torture with your peanuts?
  213. Florida LEO's - Am I too old to join the force?
  214. STUPID: Idiots Try To Jack Unmarked PD Vehicle With LEO's Inside - Santa Ana, CA
  215. JPD Officer Reported Shot in West Jackson
  216. New defensive tool against crime: text messaging
  217. I went on a ride-along last night
  218. Post 9/11 dragnet turns up surprises
  219. FYI - D.C. Asks Your Support of Ward 57
  220. Finding prior service records
  221. Do you ever talk about your combat experience?
  222. Leos And Security, Homeland Defense Free Gunsmithing Giveaway.
  223. Colombian Hostages rescued in a Bait & Switch Operation
  224. Police, feds shoot, kill suspect in West Palm during illegal-gun sting
  225. Escape to the Country
  226. Md. officer killed after being struck by truck
  227. Nra Civil Rights Coalition Sues San Francisco
  228. Man accused in border agent's death freed in Mexico
  229. Moveamericaforward.org
  230. Any LEO's Here?
  231. Senate Committee Approves Montana LE Training Facility
  232. Take just one minute
  233. Budget cuts and qualification shoots.
  234. Legal question for college paper
  235. Fla. man charged in weapons contracting case
  236. Todays episode of...What the?
  237. NSA Surveillance Program
  238. North Carolina State Trooper Shot and Killed at Traffic Stop
  239. I need motivation
  240. Police: Officer kills man who beat child to death--CA: MERGED
  241. Del. man fatally shot after firing pellet gun
  242. Does any one work for APD ?
  243. A Pin Drop
  244. Missing M-16s Returned -- With Apology
  245. European scanners in America.
  246. Oldest Living Purple Heart Recipient Dies In Red Lodge, MT
  247. NYPD getting TASERs
  248. The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
  249. LE dept approved weapons
  250. "The Boys of Pointe du Hoc"