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  1. FBI/Terror Task Force Raid
  2. Very cool Youtube Vid Dedicated to Vets,
  3. Man shot during melee involving Baytown police
  4. Raptor Holster Training
  5. Someplaces still remember what we did for them 60 years ago
  6. What is going on there?
  7. LEO .45 ACP Question?
  8. Virtual Border Fence Fail
  9. Checking in From A-stan
  10. Full Body Scan x-ray -- Coming to an airport near you
  11. The Schnoz Knows vs. "You can't fix dumb"
  12. duty belt help
  13. Weapons in Germany?
  14. Wrong House
  15. BAD -- Corrections Officer St at Home
  16. Should I be worried?
  17. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh
  18. Cop v. train / cop wins (sort of)
  19. Scottsdale police officer party to 6 shootings
  20. Uighurs appeal dismissed
  21. Police Pistol Qualification
  22. Security Related i.e., "security fiasco"
  23. Multiple Officers down in Cali...
  24. LEO's looking to relocate to Texas
  25. For soldiers that served in Afghanistan....
  26. Can we send a soldier a 1911?
  27. Looking at career with DEA
  28. Wow, even I am a little nervous about this one
  29. The New Rules of War
  30. Becoming a LEO
  31. Flying with a gun this week
  32. Side arms in WW2
  33. A tribute to our Military
  34. LEO's..What would happen in the US??
  35. The US Military's German Fetish
  36. Homeland Security agents can't keep track of their guns
  37. What to consider when buying duty gear
  38. From JPFO--Long, Potentially Polarizing
  39. How late is to late to get into law enforcment
  40. Hired guns secure ships, stir controversy
  41. Good Day
  42. Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afghanistan: Taking Back the Infantry Half-K.meter
  43. #2 son ships off to Navy Basic tomorrow
  44. Oldest Death Row Inmate in U.S. Dies at Age 94
  45. Law Enforcement Career Switch Question
  46. Veterans programs
  47. Where the U.S. went wrong on the Christmas Day bomber
  48. What's Ford going to do for the police market?
  49. BP Agents attacked and Return Fire
  50. King, NC, and "martial law?"
  51. Virginia Carry and LEOSA
  52. The other side of the story to the Sheriff's ride
  53. IWO Jima photos...
  54. Checkpointusa.org and the law.
  55. Sheriff's New Ride!
  56. U.S. Department of Justice Wants You!
  57. IRS is buying shotguns
  58. Reserve/Auxiliary/Volunteer/Pubic Safety Officers weigh in!
  59. LEO Question: How to become an Air Marshall?
  60. Sheriff monitoring UPS shipments
  61. Swedish Police Trainer Seeks Info
  62. Don't Mess With MOSSAD! (Lessons for the USA?)
  63. Have you seen this video?
  64. any deployed soldiers want some free magazines
  65. Portland Officer Mistakes OC Spray for Fire Extinguisher!
  66. Memorial vandalized - MI
  67. Calhoun County Dep.Confronted with gun
  68. It's what we do, We're Americans...
  69. Thanks to all who serve.
  70. local to Federal LEO employment change
  71. FFL to FFL Transfers
  72. Show your support for the USAF Parabomber Association!
  73. Where did this guy get his training?
  74. American Rifleman: ' Winning the Sniper War in Iraq'
  75. "We are Americans, this is what we do"
  76. Just got word, I'm going to get an Island vacation
  77. An editoral I found in the Naval Enquirer for concealed carry on our bases
  78. Got a letter from the police today
  79. Can't Fix STUPID
  80. TIPS and InfraGard
  81. Israel, Airports and Flying: A Better Model?
  82. Thinking about going back...
  83. US Army Col. Lewis Millett: MOH
  84. Met a Medal of Honor Receipient today...
  85. NY State Police: 'Police-on-Police Confrontations Survey'
  86. Any Texas LEO? Looking for some advice.
  87. FBI's Magfed 20mm Rifles
  88. A plea for a little help --
  89. Does proximity to LE stations affect crime rates?
  90. Ninth Circuit Strikes Again!
  91. CIA Suicide Bomber Was Jordanian Doctor
  92. New Screening and Carry On Rules
  93. To all Correctional Officers
  94. Interpol to operate in US with complete immunity
  95. Judge Dismisses Blackwater Case
  96. Airport Security Israeli Method
  97. Taser.... Ruling by Fed. Appeals Court
  98. Terrorist Bomber Blows Up His Underwear
  99. Off duty LEO on a military base question
  100. The Nigerian PETN device
  101. Officer Bryan Lawrence -- Update
  102. Border War
  103. Midair Bomb Attempt Fails
  104. Cleric linked to Ft. Hood attack may be dead
  105. MILITARY: for your "little" Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines
  106. LEOs - What was your #1 Dumbest BG of '09?
  107. Is the war effort suffering from timid senior officers?
  108. Change in maximum entry-age requirements for Veterans’ Preference Eligibles (Federal)
  109. Robin Sage
  110. San Jose Police to try out head cams
  111. DC Cop Brings a Gun to a Snowball Fight
  112. Dancing traffic cop... Cool or embarrasing?
  113. Care package FROM Afghanistan
  114. U.S. to announce transfer of detainees to Ill. prison
  115. Be a good victim
  116. Let your voice be heard
  117. Ollie North Video at NRA Convention
  118. It is that time again.......
  119. PVA, a worthy org.
  120. Are you happy with your academy/department firearm training, seek private training?
  121. RIO, Brazil LEO stats
  122. Trained Service Members carrying on a installation?
  123. Finally got my LEOSA card taken care of...
  124. " I didn't even do nothin, man!"... Hey LEOs
  125. Why can I not carry concealed in Uniform or on Post?
  126. What do you see?
  127. Marines Launch Operation "Cobra's Anger" Against the Taliban
  128. Does Patriotism Matter?
  129. LtCol West, congressional candidate
  130. A fallen Marine's home videos
  131. Israelis Baffled by News of Defenseless US Soldiers
  132. Does Sarah Palin have a security detail?
  133. 104,366 Reasons the U.S. Never Need Apologize to Europe
  134. The truth about Ft Hood
  135. Photographs from Afghanistan
  136. New Rules of Engagement
  137. Military Retirees: How MEDICAL-CARE BILL WILL AFFECT YOU!
  138. Possible Terrorist dry run on Airline
  139. Red Cross Delivers Holiday Cards to Wounded Service Members
  140. This is sickening
  141. Could not have said it better myself
  142. To all LEO
  143. WSJ: Iran Earmarks $20 Million to Support Militants
  144. LEO Airline carry to NYC
  145. Obama may allow U.S. soldiers to be prosecuted by the world court
  146. Apocalypse When? Our enemies are contemplating attacks worse than 9/11.
  147. Is this guy a Tango?
  148. Having a job where there is public scrutiny
  149. This Rare Photo was actually Taken --Inside a Full Can Of "Whoop-A$$"---
  150. Just wondering if anyone knew...
  151. Leaving on a Jet Plane...
  152. Is this a case of the fox guarding the hen house?
  153. Raw video; Yesterdays CPD shooting.
  154. HPD officer receives Medal of Valor for stopping gunman
  155. Secret Service question
  156. Alaska Troopers
  157. "For the sake of diversity if not for PC perversity..."
  158. Brothers In Arms Foundation
  159. Doesn't get much better...
  160. Sad; but it was bound to happen
  161. 500,000 Veterans’ Social Security Numbers Published in the Congressional Record
  162. Point me in the right direction please
  163. Standing tall in harm's way
  164. Happy 234th Birthday Devil Dogs
  165. Hasan's choice of gun likely saved lives
  166. LEOSA should it cover MP'S as well
  167. A Proposed Solution to Fort Hood
  168. First person account of ft hood massacre
  169. My Sheriff has a Clue
  170. Seattle assassin nailed
  172. Your branch of service and why
  173. Fort Hood
  174. a good day for me in iraq
  175. 5 UK Troops Killed (Helmand Province)
  176. WSJ: Sniper Competetion
  177. Bomb Disposal Hero Killed in Afghanistan Days Before Leave
  178. Open Letter to LEO's.
  179. Do COPS keep their guns loaded and cocked?
  180. WOW
  181. Need some input...sticky situation...
  182. The FBI Has Been Very Busy Lately
  183. Drinking Cop and haunted house.
  184. Vet's wife faces deportation
  185. Residents of Arlington NAtional Cemetery
  186. Massive FBI Raid on Islamic Slaughterhouse Mystifies Tiny Illinois Town
  187. Muslim accused in Boston terror plot is son of former Muslim American Society leader
  188. Specialized computers software and electronics for wounded Vets
  189. Voting easier for troops
  190. AF Basic question for a friend
  191. Good news for Vets
  192. Cleaning an M16 in the field
  193. new use for Smart Carry holster
  194. Arlington Cemetery
  195. Farewell baghdad!!!
  196. LEO Advice. What do I do?
  197. Considering joining the Navy Nurse Corps
  198. I have to say Thank you!
  199. FAKE Vet(read wannabe) charged
  200. Anybody using the new GI Bill?
  201. The Final Inspection
  202. In 2008 Afghanistan firefight, US weapons failed
  203. Academy complete!
  204. News: Somali pirates attack French warship
  205. Any LEO in Montana know about this?
  206. Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy
  207. Read anything good lately
  208. Leo Jobs
  209. Meanacing & Disorderly: threatening others with AirSoft gun
  210. Eyes Forward Boys Pay Attention.
  211. China's 60th Anniversary National Day (Military Might)
  212. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team
  213. Leave the Medal of Honor Alone
  214. Get ready to "bend over" at the airport
  215. Marine Corps Silent Drill PLatoon
  216. Navy Drill Team.....what a video !
  217. Must-read cw2 thread from arfcom
  218. What can we do to brighten a cop's day?
  219. I almost shot an 11 year old boy
  220. Another U.S. terror Cell?
  221. Who in our community is LEO of some kind
  222. Question for Lee county,FL sheriff deputies here
  223. oc certification today....
  224. Mayor says to LEOs: "No more car or foot chases"
  225. Off duty LEO carry in Indiana
  226. Deputies Receive Medal of Valor
  227. Nice
  228. CC in National and US Forestry Parks?
  229. One LEO crawls away, another returns fire.
  230. LEO's: Does concealed-carry make a cop's life on the "street" more/less dangerous?
  231. Ataboy
  232. Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- poor maintenance by the federal government,
  233. Need for Private Guards Grows -- Iraq
  234. Nice shot
  235. Warriors in the night
  236. online sites
  237. Need help finding federal law
  238. $50 a gun
  239. "If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about."
  240. Texas Leo's
  241. Police Scanner Question
  242. How Do I Get into Law emforcement @ 40yrs old
  243. SO MAD about Border Crossing! (long rant)
  244. Please help with rules on civilian access to firearms?
  245. Can LEO office workers carry?
  246. Impersonating a police officer or not..
  247. Props. to Phoenix PD
  248. WWII Vets ~ Did You Know This? ~~~> ?
  249. Requesting input from LEO's on forum
  250. West Melbourne Fl. Handgun