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  1. Secret Service question
  2. Alaska Troopers
  3. "For the sake of diversity if not for PC perversity..."
  4. Brothers In Arms Foundation
  5. Doesn't get much better...
  6. Sad; but it was bound to happen
  7. 500,000 Veterans’ Social Security Numbers Published in the Congressional Record
  8. Point me in the right direction please
  9. Standing tall in harm's way
  10. Happy 234th Birthday Devil Dogs
  11. Hasan's choice of gun likely saved lives
  12. LEOSA should it cover MP'S as well
  13. A Proposed Solution to Fort Hood
  14. First person account of ft hood massacre
  15. My Sheriff has a Clue
  16. Seattle assassin nailed
  18. Your branch of service and why
  19. Fort Hood
  20. a good day for me in iraq
  21. 5 UK Troops Killed (Helmand Province)
  22. WSJ: Sniper Competetion
  23. Bomb Disposal Hero Killed in Afghanistan Days Before Leave
  24. Open Letter to LEO's.
  25. Do COPS keep their guns loaded and cocked?
  26. WOW
  27. Need some input...sticky situation...
  28. The FBI Has Been Very Busy Lately
  29. Drinking Cop and haunted house.
  30. Vet's wife faces deportation
  31. Residents of Arlington NAtional Cemetery
  32. Massive FBI Raid on Islamic Slaughterhouse Mystifies Tiny Illinois Town
  33. Muslim accused in Boston terror plot is son of former Muslim American Society leader
  34. Specialized computers software and electronics for wounded Vets
  35. Voting easier for troops
  36. AF Basic question for a friend
  37. Good news for Vets
  38. Cleaning an M16 in the field
  39. new use for Smart Carry holster
  40. Arlington Cemetery
  41. Farewell baghdad!!!
  42. LEO Advice. What do I do?
  43. Considering joining the Navy Nurse Corps
  44. I have to say Thank you!
  45. FAKE Vet(read wannabe) charged
  46. Anybody using the new GI Bill?
  47. The Final Inspection
  48. In 2008 Afghanistan firefight, US weapons failed
  49. Academy complete!
  50. News: Somali pirates attack French warship
  51. Any LEO in Montana know about this?
  52. Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy
  53. Read anything good lately
  54. Leo Jobs
  55. Meanacing & Disorderly: threatening others with AirSoft gun
  56. Eyes Forward Boys Pay Attention.
  57. China's 60th Anniversary National Day (Military Might)
  58. Air Force Honor Guard Drill Team
  59. Leave the Medal of Honor Alone
  60. Get ready to "bend over" at the airport
  61. Marine Corps Silent Drill PLatoon
  62. Navy Drill Team.....what a video !
  63. Must-read cw2 thread from arfcom
  64. What can we do to brighten a cop's day?
  65. I almost shot an 11 year old boy
  66. Another U.S. terror Cell?
  67. Who in our community is LEO of some kind
  68. Question for Lee county,FL sheriff deputies here
  69. oc certification today....
  70. Mayor says to LEOs: "No more car or foot chases"
  71. Off duty LEO carry in Indiana
  72. Deputies Receive Medal of Valor
  73. Nice
  74. CC in National and US Forestry Parks?
  75. One LEO crawls away, another returns fire.
  76. LEO's: Does concealed-carry make a cop's life on the "street" more/less dangerous?
  77. Ataboy
  78. Vietnam Veterans Memorial -- poor maintenance by the federal government,
  79. Need for Private Guards Grows -- Iraq
  80. Nice shot
  81. Warriors in the night
  82. online sites
  83. Need help finding federal law
  84. $50 a gun
  85. "If drugs were legal, there would be nothing to fight about."
  86. Texas Leo's
  87. Police Scanner Question
  88. How Do I Get into Law emforcement @ 40yrs old
  89. SO MAD about Border Crossing! (long rant)
  90. Please help with rules on civilian access to firearms?
  91. Can LEO office workers carry?
  92. Impersonating a police officer or not..
  93. Props. to Phoenix PD
  94. WWII Vets ~ Did You Know This? ~~~> ?
  95. Requesting input from LEO's on forum
  96. West Melbourne Fl. Handgun
  97. Drug and Bomb Dogs Tomorrow
  98. New Team to Question Terror Suspects
  99. Negligence Suits Likely Over VA Procedures
  100. End-of-Life Care Guide for Veterans
  101. Air Force guys..question
  102. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles - Video Report
  103. AAR: K9 Training day
  104. Poor Judgement of LEO
  105. my Consolation Prize from the PD
  106. And he is toast, literally
  107. Are you carrying any bombs?
  108. Back from the Range with my local PD
  109. Concealed Carry, Firearms Purchase, and LEO Hiring
  110. Any experience with French Foreign Legion?
  111. Absolutely Brilliant (NOT)
  112. Vietnam vets get a stirring welcome
  113. Hey all you paratroopers out there!
  114. Shooting with my local PD tomorrow
  115. One hell of a great shot from a British sniper!!
  116. Happy VJ Day
  117. ATf agents inspecting Houston gun dealers
  118. ATF Firearms Trace Data
  119. Hero's Heart Beats On -- Young Army Ranger chose to be an organ donor.
  120. Britain's X-Troop: The real story behind Quentin Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds"
  121. H1N1 leading to a "Police State" ???
  122. Weird Border crossing~~~at least for me( kind long)
  123. AAR: the K-9 Ride-along
  124. Recent cadets/graduates of Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy Florida
  125. Who Remembers C-Rats?
  126. Any LEO's in West Virginia loitering here ?
  127. Surviving A Nuclear Attack On Washington DC
  128. Miami-Dade Cops Rock!
  129. LEO Questions
  130. Etiquette question
  131. When the music stopped.....(I hope this is true)
  132. Ok one final question
  133. Post-9/11 GI Bill article
  134. Remains of Cpt. Speicher found in Iraq
  135. Question for Leo's
  136. Leo job offers
  137. SPC Justin Coleman, 21, KIA Afghanistan 24 July 2009
  138. Virginia LEO question
  139. Florida LEO Identification?
  140. How to talk yourself into a ticket...
  141. Straw Purchase Prison time
  142. Honoring the Fallen
  143. A Terror Strike on the U.S. in the Next Few Months?
  144. I goofed in SWAT school
  145. Emotions....
  146. Visit to American Cemetery Normandy France
  147. Live RPG removed from soldier
  148. my first traffic stop with a CHL
  149. Fallen Heros: Military IDs N.C. airmen killed in Afghan crash
  150. The myth of the highly trained LEO?
  151. Police in Winter Haven FL DUMP the GLOCK
  152. LEO and Cruise Ships
  153. Positive LEO story - For those that think all cops are pigs
  154. How-to: Disarming a Deputy Sheriff with a Glock
  155. Military Developing Half-Robot, Half-Insect 'Cybug' Spies & Robotic Bats
  156. Major refuses orders to deploy
  157. It's that time of year.
  158. What are thebooks that every soldier should read?
  159. Law Enforcement .223
  160. U.S. Marshal convicted of buying gun for reputed N.J. gang member
  161. Any K9 Team Officers here?
  162. Flag flown in distress
  163. Question for the LEO's of the forum
  164. Small Town America Still Gets It, And Gets It Right
  165. Police Chief shoots Officer
  166. How many "nukes" within range of your location?
  167. Pictures of our fallen Canadian heroes.
  168. Everyone should watch this,.. Specially Vet's..
  169. Video: Super police car technology
  170. My 4th Of July Salute To Our Troops
  171. Written account of my Lakewood ride along - kind of long
  172. Ft. Benning GA, here I come
  173. Military Permits?
  174. "Fear Note" From A Police Academy Commander
  175. Band Of Brothers Hero, Darrell ‘Shifty’ Powers Dies
  176. The United States is pulling out of Iraq tomorrow
  177. Just scheduled a ride along with Lakewood PD
  178. State police give a trying tale a happy ending
  179. Scheduled for US Secret Service POST test in 2weeks. Few ??s
  180. FlyClear becomes FlyByNight
  181. BATFE Asks: "May We See Your Guns?"
  182. The Price of Freedom: Staff Sgt. John Beale’s arrival home
  183. Foreign Troops on US Soil... coming to a state near you... on this July 27th!
  184. Tracking the "Lone Wolf" Gunman: FBI Tripwires
  185. Strange little incident involving an LE
  186. Armored Car licence?
  187. LA Sheriff Dept. Pulls Smith & Wesson M&P Pistols From Service.
  188. BAD, Local LEO part II
  189. BAD! -- Local LEO
  190. Does Gun Control Benefit LE?
  191. Looking At the Air Force. AFOSI specifically
  192. Any Correctional officers here?
  193. Government Demands Inventory of All VFW Weapons
  194. Three held in gun thefts from police cruisers
  195. Thinking of joining the Air Force
  196. NYPD seeks way to let guns 'talk' to one another
  197. Update: I'm joining the millitary
  198. 65 years ago, they did the impossible (Merged)
  199. Home!
  200. New Border rules as of June 01 for re-entry to U.S.
  201. Shamelees thread but a good cause
  202. Vetern Needs our help~~~~Just got this e-mail from PGR
  203. Excellent Read
  204. US firm says handheld puke ray is ready to go
  205. joining the army...
  206. Police Academy Orientation Yesterday!
  207. I just enlisted in the Army National Guard...
  208. The New 5.11 Light For Life?
  209. LEO's: what procedures to you follow to ensure BG or GG?
  210. I'd like to beat her with a bat too!
  211. NYPD Cop Dies After Fellow Cop Shoots Him
  212. Help me find a .40
  213. For Active Duty and Retired Military
  214. Could Have Been Worse: Suspect Grabbed Detective's Gun, Shot Detective Then Self
  215. Thoughts from a World War II battlefield
  216. Thank You for Your Service!
  217. From Newsmax
  218. FTO Rants and raves
  219. "Because I Can't Say It Any Better Than Last Year"
  220. The Wall is Special
  221. My little Memorial Day post...
  222. Handcuffs
  223. Sacrifice: Dad steps in line of fire to protect son
  224. Just wanted to say...
  225. Thanks to former and active duty Service men and women.
  226. Army's 'Future Soldier 2030' Equipped With Super-Human Technology
  227. LEO to janitor: "Here, hold my gun."
  228. Kerik: NY Terror Arrests Prove Patriot Act Works
  229. Tribute for Memorial Day
  230. Birmingham Cops in Trouble
  231. UGLY: Illinois Sheriff Arrested For Peddling Dope
  232. World Police and Fire Games 2009
  233. Are you feeling safer yet?
  234. Tried To Buy A Marine A Drink Tonight
  235. Coast Guard suggests arming US flagged ships against pirates Arrghh!
  236. A HUGE thumbs up for my local PD
  237. Changing careers..
  238. Man pulled over for bumper sticker
  239. Thanks for your service.
  240. $1 million in salary being paid to officers restricted in their jobs.
  241. FBI Safe Streets Task Force?
  242. Ataboy LEO
  243. POLL ONLY: Which service did you serve in?
  244. Any SWAT officers willing to be interviewed for school paper?
  245. 3 most important items for a soldier
  246. Marine's coming together
  247. Military members, need medals/ribbons replaced??
  248. Sailor sues over safety of pirated Maersk Alabama
  249. Army contract for Sig....
  250. Milwaukee trades old shotguns for new S&W rifles, even money!