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  1. LEO plane travel with weapon
  2. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs
  3. LEO's in arms race with BG's
  4. 911 Put on Hold!
  5. I'm thinking about becoming a LEO...
  6. S. FL announces that criminals are stealing lots of cops' guns!
  7. Border Patrol
  8. Duty weapon for personal carry?
  9. Deputy recovering from head shot
  10. Question for the Navy/Coast Guard
  11. Peace Officer question
  12. Curious about military rifle handling
  13. Considering joining the military
  14. Wedding Rings On Duty??
  15. Shipping out to Iraq
  16. Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, United States Navy
  17. Murtha apology!
  18. Leading Ladies: Adhamiyah women join Volunteer Guard Force
  19. Arkansas code, and travelling
  20. Veterans Budget Petition
  21. A perspective on Blackwater/security contractors
  22. Officer killings lead to IACP call for new AWB
  23. Going to Balad AB, Iraq
  24. Branch of service, if any?
  25. Visiting the USA
  26. Swiss Army
  27. FYI: This may affect your safety!
  28. German Parliament Extends Afghanistan Mission
  29. Officer killed in training incident
  30. Can personal firearms be used in Iraq?
  31. Teens shoot Orlando LEO...
  32. Officer shooting/Rampage?
  33. Police Recover Stolen 65 Million $ Da Vinci Painting
  34. Marines not allowed in Oakland airport during layover from Iraq
  35. First LEO Encounter While Carrying
  36. Patrol Rifle/Carbines
  37. Gun confiscation
  38. Now this is a sheep dog.
  39. Officer Encounter @ Taco Bell
  40. Another reason to keep your mouth shut.
  41. Less than half of military votes overseas counted
  42. Democrats give away veterans' benefits
  43. Old: Why LAPD went to Glock
  44. In Remembrance....
  45. Military and off-duty carry
  46. I just took a new job
  47. New Job
  48. Iraq Revokes Blackwater's License?
  49. USMC Silent Drill Platoon in the heart of Lib Country
  50. Congress is at it again...
  51. Terrorist dry run??
  52. Cyber Jihadi tries real-life jihad in Michigan
  53. 4 Miami-Dade police officers shot, 1 dead; suspect fled
  54. Officer shot in chest later admits shooting himself
  55. Question for any LEO's out there - after a defensive shooting
  56. Vietnam Wall apparently defaced
  57. Global Incidents Map
  58. Sept 11th 2001 Memorial Video (LINK)
  59. Law enforcement-1 Pot grower-0
  60. Anyone else feel offended when civvies make Military jokes?
  61. Bakersfield police cleared in firing 62 shots at man
  62. 9/11
  63. Mexican truckers in US?
  64. US Army Special Forces (Delta) in action (Video)
  65. Vietnam Veteans Reunion 9/13-16
  66. Sgt John Gebhardt Air Force
  67. Gathering of Eagles
  68. A touching Military story
  69. Time Magazine: Osama & Global War on Terror (link)
  70. Not Your Average Door Gunner
  71. Homeland Security threat?? (long)
  72. Guns With No Clips?
  73. I had lunch with a Maryland State Police Trooper
  74. Bullet From Oklahoma Police Gun Range Hits Military Veteran a Mile Away [MERGED]
  75. She called
  76. News media shows it's lack of knowledge again
  77. Airline problem
  78. waaaahhh....we're being mugged....[Wash DC]
  79. Rookie cop who killed himself removed clip, left bullet in chamber
  80. Leo Interview
  81. Daughter Joined the Army!
  82. BSO. Another deputy falls.
  83. U.S. Dept of Education = head in the sand
  84. Tsa Checking Bus Riders Now!!!!
  85. Undercover deputy shot
  86. Shout out to the cops on "issue" firearms & ammo?
  87. Soldier's tooth stops bullet!
  88. Philippine Prisoners Video....
  89. Hotels being recon' as future targets?
  90. What do LEOs really think?
  91. Military Heroes
  92. Military Motivator
  93. Funeral likely to be the last for a Confederate service member
  94. Passenger pulls gun even after free to go
  95. Ultimate truck gun, or truck mounted laser
  96. Threat Forces Airliner to Return to Seattle
  97. PA State Police
  98. I don't even know what to say to this
  99. Petition- Border patrol agents
  100. Who said ride alongs are boring?
  101. Tribute to Jim Cirillo
  102. Dude wheres my car? Thanks King County Leo's!!
  103. LEO Interview
  104. Ramos/Compean Hearings C-Span 7/17/07
  105. LEO in training shoots himself in foot...with shotgun
  106. Airman shot by anti-war/anti-gov't nutjob
  107. New PA state web site
  108. Fake Officer Stops Real One
  109. Al Qaeda Cell in the U.S. Or On Its Way, According to New Intel
  110. Danger in Uniform (Newsweek)
  111. Video rebuttal of the Dragon Skin issue
  112. 10 yr old boy w/ plastic gun = SWAT call-out (UK)
  113. Reserve Officer!
  114. Everyone's Fault but the Criminal's? N.H. shooting suspect
  115. Iraq arms report.
  116. Critically wounded soldier evac'd with.. an Apache?!?
  117. Yahoo has this as one of their Pics of the day
  118. The Brits Need Guns
  119. Michigan Militia???
  120. ATF Ignored Addresses for gun purchases
  121. Who does the FBI call when they are robbed?
  122. Sig SSG 3000
  123. +1 for CWP
  124. When the anti-terrorism cop is Muslim
  125. MAD MAX Invades Afghanistan
  126. resistance war on horizon
  127. Something to think about,,,
  128. Can a policeman chime in here?
  129. hello, i have a question about BATF and a career in Firearms?
  130. Don't Ever Mess With Ex Marines !
  131. Joe Arpaio For Chief Of "ice"
  132. You contact Senator & express pro-gun opinion, then LEOs show up.
  133. E-mail request for our troops
  134. A fence on the Southern border?
  135. I was thinking this and then Glenn Beck said it about Texans
  136. Suicide bombers sent to USA.
  137. Dept. That Can't Shoot Straight..Documents Show Officers Struggle To Hit Live Targets
  138. NYPD 2005 Firearms Discharge Report
  139. CBS 2 Exclusive: Secrets Of The NYPD
  140. Duty weapons
  141. Didn't the BG see the signs??
  142. Body Armor Hanger
  143. Patrol Rifle Saves the day in Court House Shooting (Video)
  144. Utah doesn't seem so quiet anymore
  145. Montana HP Trooper Battles Rattlesnakes
  146. Lawsuit: Katrina Pets Executed
  147. A 15 year olds view
  148. A fine way to celebrate our vets.
  149. Police Raid Wrong Home, Kick Man In Groin
  150. Impersonators In Home Invasion
  151. Suicide is media's dream...
  152. Criminal get's settlement
  153. "Sweet boy" attempts to kill KC cop...
  154. Commercial vehicle question for LEOs.
  155. Another reason for a BUG
  156. SWAT team in standoff at Hampton McDonald's
  157. Inside Special Forces - Documentary by National Geographic (Video)
  158. UK- " Police marksman suspended after shooting civilian"
  159. Breaking News, 6-2-07
  160. The Cold War is returning says Russia.
  161. 2nd degree murder charges filed in TN
  162. VERY new weapons for the military
  163. Two LEO shot in Orlando
  164. Non "California-Legal" firearms in California: Can they be stored in an armory?
  165. Police Arrest 5 for Allegedly Jumping Deputy at Disney World
  166. Presidential Power Grab?
  167. White House Hits Pay Plans
  168. Hospital Security
  169. N.Y. cops charged in N.J. home invasion
  170. UK Eye in the Sky
  171. People Are Unreal - How Low Can You Go ?
  172. Dragon Skin Truth or Media convenience ?
  173. Cincinnati Police Shoot Suspect
  174. Totally unacceptable action
  175. Orlando gun shop breakins
  176. Canadian Snowbird Down
  177. Is this Ritter guy for real?
  178. FATS for non-LEO?
  179. Apparently, I too, have been tortured
  180. Cop missing, cruiser found torched
  181. 1st LEO encounter
  182. New Hampshire Officer Shooting
  183. Government X-Ray vehicle.
  184. New Army uniform, bad for CC
  185. Failed Terrorist Attack on Fort Dix, New Jersey
  186. Parris Island
  187. Here's an odd one
  188. Marine Drowns Saving 2 Boys
  189. Why it is "our" problem... (video)
  190. Firefight - an Insurgent's view of it (video)
  191. F-22 Raptor WHOAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
  192. The War In Iraq: A Soldiers Perspective (animated drawings)
  193. Jihad isn't going away!
  194. Not ALL of the VT Victims Died Like Sheep
  195. I really like this idea
  196. 2 Dead in Calif. Workplace Shooting
  197. No gun for Hillary
  198. Blackwater
  199. Montana Teenager Shot By Police
  200. 170 shots, 9 minutes & 3 chained doors.....
  201. TWO NY Cops dead
  202. Question for you LE guys
  203. Kentucky releases 19 yr old that assaulted an elderly guy by mistake.
  204. Florida Alert!!!
  205. 'Va Tech shooter bought magazines from Ebay'
  206. I don't care
  207. Blue Angel Down
  208. The AF going back to the .45?
  209. AF taking steps in the right direction
  210. High-flying Handguns-Handguns mag
  211. A negligent discharge by the Secret Service
  212. Brady's are already misleading the public......(merge)
  213. PBS Special: America at a Crossroads
  214. Cell Phone look up
  215. When can honorably discharged veterans wear their military uniform.
  216. Hostage situation in my neck of the woods
  217. Not cool, Target
  218. I think this belongs here..
  219. Ohio Community hasn't forgotten MIA soldier
  220. NC Swat getting new weapons
  221. FBI agent possibly killed by colleague
  222. Trade a gun for other items ??
  223. YCMTSU: Global War on Terror... BANNED!
  224. The BEST Defense is....
  225. Terrorism: Coming SOON to a SCHOOL near YOU!
  226. 3 shot in Atlanta attempted mall robbery
  227. I was wondering if this is standard operating procedure...
  228. Feinstein Resigns from MILCON
  229. I am John Doe......
  230. BP taking fire near Donna, TX
  231. Authorities Arrest 2 at Hawaii Airport for Impersonating Police
  232. Iranian bombs in Iraq? No way!!
  233. Good thing for GITMO
  234. More fuel for Bloomberg (Merged)
  235. "13-year-old racks up 128 charges during crime spree"
  236. There should be a law for military exemption for guns and ammo
  237. Court Papers Show How 'Iron River' of Guns Flows Into Mexico
  238. what to do when pulled over?
  239. Remember 'Ballistic Fingerprinting'?......
  240. Its been a long night... two officers down
  241. Jury Duty (a bit long)
  242. Idiot shot after aiming a BB gun at a Guardsman after Katrina. Merge
  243. News story: Excessive arsenal in vehicle? - merge
  244. Beretta USA LE Division Poll/Survey
  245. To Catch A Predator
  246. LEOSA
  247. The exception that proves the rule...
  248. FL - I lost my wallet, and my security/CCW card
  249. FL armed felon puts himself in jail
  250. LEO-Bat Belt Tech is here!