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  1. BP taking fire near Donna, TX
  2. Authorities Arrest 2 at Hawaii Airport for Impersonating Police
  3. Iranian bombs in Iraq? No way!!
  4. Good thing for GITMO
  5. More fuel for Bloomberg (Merged)
  6. "13-year-old racks up 128 charges during crime spree"
  7. There should be a law for military exemption for guns and ammo
  8. Court Papers Show How 'Iron River' of Guns Flows Into Mexico
  9. what to do when pulled over?
  10. Remember 'Ballistic Fingerprinting'?......
  11. Its been a long night... two officers down
  12. Jury Duty (a bit long)
  13. Idiot shot after aiming a BB gun at a Guardsman after Katrina. Merge
  14. News story: Excessive arsenal in vehicle? - merge
  15. Beretta USA LE Division Poll/Survey
  16. To Catch A Predator
  17. LEOSA
  18. The exception that proves the rule...
  19. FL - I lost my wallet, and my security/CCW card
  20. FL armed felon puts himself in jail
  21. LEO-Bat Belt Tech is here!
  22. The Criminal Justice system should just let us...
  23. UK- Dunblane author- '...[gun] bans have failed utterly'
  24. WT*--Air Force wants handguns
  25. Ohio Soldier dies a year after being wounded
  26. "Cops will cry"
  27. Vietnam Pilot Receives Congressional Medal of Honor
  28. Personal Longarms?
  29. WSPD officer dies in night club shooting.
  30. Equipment Problem or Training Problem -- Boston PD Melts Down Pepper-pellet Guns
  31. International use of Miranda
  32. Please Remember Fallen Officer
  33. 'Blair Plans to Overhaul U.K.'s Gun Laws'
  34. 'Tiny cameras to prevent hijackings....'
  35. Follow-up: SLC Trolley Square Mall Shooting
  36. Toledo Detective Killed in Line of Duty
  37. Officer faces gun charges in I-81 incident
  38. here'a a eye-opening read about potential terrorism in the US.
  39. Swat training at my son's school
  40. Remember the anti's reasons for not allowing .50BMG sales?
  41. On His way Home!
  42. LEOs/AD Military, read about gangs in military/ with military training
  43. Vets staging counter-protest to protect Wall
  44. Rare video of Puerto Rico Police & Fire securing a crime scene
  45. Preparation and Inventories
  46. Are We Breeding a Police Culture of "Additional Victims?"
  47. Suicide bombers in America?
  48. Snipers in Iraq
  49. LEO discount
  50. Ray Gun?????????????
  51. Muslims in the U.S. Military
  52. Which branch of the Military if any are/were you in?
  53. How many victims?
  54. Starbucks
  55. William Arkin's Harsh Critique of U.S. Military Personnel
  56. Young warriors
  57. New drivers licence
  58. Hell Week in Jackson County, Florida
  59. Top Iranian Nuke Scientist Assassinated by MOSSAD
  60. Tin Hat News
  61. Must see:Radical Islam: Terror in Its Own Words
  62. Great video
  63. Potential Terror "PROBE" at BARRETT Manufacturing?
  64. Domestic Terrorist Captured -- 4 decades after the crime.
  65. Asking For A Prayer
  66. Charlie Daniels On Real Homeland Security
  67. A great letter from a Marine
  68. Southwest Ohio Police Impersonator
  69. Two Cincinnati Police officers injured overnight
  70. Diplomatic Immunity
  71. US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard Drill Team
  72. Hard People v. Soft People - Long, but worth it.
  73. Oops...Not Good! 7 Weapons Stolen From FBI Vehicle
  74. US Army CIAS Missions - Video
  75. Pop. Mech. article on SWAT raids, no-knocks, militarization of the police
  76. A childhood friend of mine in Afghanistan
  77. What did you do 9/11/2001?
  78. An Interesting "Take" On Bug Out Survival
  79. Terrorists attack on U.S. Embassy
  80. Building clearing (the flashlight thread continued)
  81. Terrorist explosives
  82. TRIBES by Bill Whittle
  84. Tennessee State Trooper Slain in West Tennessee
  85. Boston- 'City Hall to buy $1.5m system to track gunshots'
  86. New Orleans Eyes Curfew After 8 Slayings
  87. I had a visit with a Marine today...
  88. What's the scoop on the two convicted Border Patrol agents?
  89. Mexican Gunmen overrun US National Guard
  90. SIGARMS Academy Receives VA Approval
  91. Thank You Santa Ana Police...
  92. Saddam is Gone!
  93. Military's hardest duty
  94. The Federal Badge Law - Year 2000
  95. Change in Iran?
  96. Silly String for Troops
  97. UK- Middle class is arming themselves.......
  98. Becoming a Contractor
  99. Some Links To Support The Troops At X~Mas
  100. Just thought I'd pass this along...
  101. Gunmen in Bagdad take hostages
  102. "Dogfights" on the History Channel....
  103. FBI fear mongering
  104. Fired Cop Sues N.J. Troopers Over Arrest
  105. Something of interest to LEO's
  106. Newly discovered pics of Pearl Harbor
  107. Indiana Town Swears In D-List Celebrities as Cops
  108. Holiday Policing?
  109. The Interview--part II
  110. Top secret security clearance
  111. This Christmas....
  112. Minneapolis airport situation, what were they doing?
  113. "Good Deal In Florida"
  114. Curiousity about non-uniformed off duty policies
  115. Backup- vest carry
  116. Maybe a small something extra for our boys
  117. No "Homeland Security" with NO "Homeland!"
  118. We're All Spaniards Now
  119. anthrax threat letter at Lincoln Memorial
  120. Congratulations Lieutenant Kelly George
  121. LEOs in Mexico are an endangered species
  122. Free NRA Membership for Military
  123. 92 year old woman killed in shootout with police
  124. Even when off duty LEOs Intervene things can go south
  125. Idle speculation
  126. Bionic Hornet
  127. Sand box images
  128. Al-Quieda happy with U.S. Election Results
  129. Marine receives Medal of Honor on MC B-Day
  130. New Orleans is safe now...
  131. Beware of Fake FBI knocking on your door
  132. A corpsman with absolute dedication.
  133. Just a thought
  134. Care Package headed to Iraq
  135. Prosecutor Kimball Mason Sentenced
  136. Crooked deputies sold guns, drugs to public
  137. Living in a Surveillance Society: Coming HERE Soon?
  138. Jelly Bellies Memo means the loss of a job.
  139. interesting question
  140. Recruiting for Insurgent, (Terrorist) Organizations
  141. Advice for a newbie security guard.
  142. Another enemy state emerges.
  143. Kansas Sheriff Killed by Gunman--in the office
  144. Another pause for thought
  145. Gang Warfare on Cops in France
  146. ATTN Texas Officers
  147. Just to show how bad the UK is getting....
  148. LEO Application
  149. Evacuate! Are you ready?
  150. Westboro is at it again.
  151. Navy SEAL Dives On Grenade - R.I.P. Michael - merged
  152. Running of the...Elephants???
  153. Police Union tells members not to hurry...
  154. This seems crazy!
  155. Does this sound legitimate?
  156. Fox News Thread
  157. WBX To Protest Amish Funerals
  158. Airborne "All The Way"
  159. Another Gun Brought to a School (Nashville, TN)
  160. LEO total compensation?
  161. Gang Leader's Perspective;Thought Provoking
  162. Deputy Matt Williams
  163. This just in... Amber Alert for all of North Carolina, and possibly South Carolina.
  164. Anybody wanna know what it's really like?
  165. Military Pay Scale + Questions?
  166. Honoring those who serve.
  167. NRA fluff piece on TSA
  168. Lakeland, FL - Two deputies and K9 shot - one deputy and dog killed
  169. Are you kidding me?--Police to brief Muslims before terror raids (UK, of course)
  170. "Mexican leader knocks U.S. crime rates"
  171. Terrorist Paintball = What do you make of this?
  172. WWII tank recently pulled from a lake
  173. Good article on Iran's Presidents speech
  174. Humorous headline "New York the safest big U.S. city"
  175. Thai Military Launches Coup
  176. To all the military and patriots out there.
  177. For all you Jarheads (and those who wish you were)
  178. Scary Article
  179. International Picture Of The Year Photos
  180. 235 Certified Agent-PA
  181. Canada College Shooting (merged)
  182. Rick Rescorla
  183. New "flexible" Level Iii/iv Body Armor!
  184. What does the Austin, Tx PD use?
  185. N.J. judge yanks gun permit for bounty hunter
  186. Army Reserves..question
  187. USAF Help
  188. What can I expect?
  189. Rest In Peace ~ Officer Jonathan A.J. Schroeder
  190. Difference between TX DPS and PD
  191. Sept 10 8pm Est.
  192. How often is calling the PD too often?
  193. SWAT Team (Maybe some LEO's can help)
  194. Farewell, Marine
  195. Italians Seize Arms (CLASS III) Shipment Headed for USA
  196. Crimes against humanity -- by what standard?
  197. Best Practices: Steps citizens should take when working with LEO's
  198. Questions for the NAVY guys....
  199. Pros and Cons of armed security
  200. gas siphoning at my work
  201. Just who are "UN peacekeepers"
  202. Dakotaranger's Airline Safety Plan...that never will be
  203. Police Video of a Shooting
  204. How'd you feel being shot five times in one day?
  205. Police training in the sand box.
  206. Incredible Speech by PM of Israel
  207. More Little Old Lady Security at Airports
  208. Support our Troops
  209. What is "Winning" to the Islamic Terrorists?
  210. Airport Security Trigger Control
  211. OK.... this is definately worrysome
  212. Possible Pending New Attack On U.S. Soil
  213. Reuters Doctoring Photos from Beirut to make Israel look bad?
  214. Awesome video
  215. Army Retirees?
  216. Good article
  217. Homeland thoughts, humanity and things
  218. Pallywood
  219. Happy 216th birthday coasties. You don't look a day over 91.
  220. World War 3 ?
  221. Iraq vs. New Orleans in July
  222. Working in Iraq's Most Dangerous Neighborhood
  223. Lucky to be Alive
  224. Dallas Police Chief
  225. 20 y/o shot for pointing a pellet gun at a cop
  226. NYPD switch back to revolvers? (merge)
  227. NYC cops overseas
  228. downloadable vid for the trainers here
  229. Hidalgo County, TX
  230. Neo-Nazis in Military
  231. Deputy shot, suspect killed.
  232. Read it and Believe it!
  233. A Good Man Has Passed.
  234. Positive things you NEVER hear about in IRAQ
  235. Marine Imposter Sentenced
  236. F-14 Tomcat Video
  237. Terrorist's Miranda Warning as per SCOTUS
  238. Whoa, Nelly!
  239. HR 218 and Military Law Enforcement
  240. Illegals in the Park
  241. Khobar Towers, Iran and Louis J. Freeh
  242. I thought it was a joke.......
  243. Korea attack?
  244. Weapons of Mass Destruction Found in Iraq
  245. Awesome letter
  246. Federal Agent and BOP Suspect Killed
  247. Why aren't we using artillery more?
  248. Maximum Adrenaline Flow
  249. 2005 Summary of Officers Killed - Prelim
  250. A Bad Week for the Mullahs