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  1. Palatka police officer shot
  2. Do you have a file with the FBI?
  3. One day old baby, kidnapped from Florida hospital, recovered safe and sound
  4. DEA agents are losing their guns!(merged)
  5. Outsourced passports netting govt. profits, risking national security
  6. Marine amputee deploys again
  7. FBI Firearms Instructor School
  8. NY Times: Supplier Providing Substandard Ammo to DOD (Merged)
  9. Guns being smuggled into Mexico
  10. Submit a Comment to CNN
  11. Vet cuts down Illegal Mexican flag flying above U.S. Flag
  12. Wichita PD officer shot.
  13. Jihadists and Children Suicide Bombings
  14. Border Patrol Recruiting
  15. LA Swat
  16. COURT ROOM COMBAT: Semper Fi!
  17. I've seen the light WE MUST HAVE GUN CONTROL NOW!!!
  18. How Embarassing!
  19. Question the LEO's out there...
  20. Wear Blue and support our troops
  21. This Marine Makes Me Proud
  22. What happened to the Army I used to know?
  23. They Don't Want To Do This At My House
  24. Campus PD not allowed to carry inside....
  25. San Francisco police!
  26. Soldier honored for stopping shooting in Las Vegas
  27. What do you think the military should use as a standard issue rifle
  28. They want to be famous.... in a stupid way
  29. Family heading to Sandbox
  30. Army takes HK416s from special unit
  31. Best headline of the night!
  32. BG shooting at cops more often
  33. my observations after a ride-along last night
  34. Never Underestimate the Ladies
  35. "Old Corps" Marines
  36. A Soldier's Song Video
  37. Marine Corps memories...
  38. Questions for LEO on police/civil authority
  39. The new supergun weapon against the Taliban can kill from over a mile away
  40. Attention LE Officers/Deputies
  41. Somalia and al Qaeda; Airstrikes
  42. U.S. Spent More Than $49 Billion On Corrections In 2007
  43. Gun Saftey Lesson Turns Deadly.
  44. Spanish Police Deal With Bank Robber
  45. Migrants exiting Arizona in droves
  46. One tough Indian soldier
  47. Nasty infectious disease coming out of the war zone
  48. Job/career news for me
  49. +1 for the good guys!
  50. If I die before you wake(Flashshow)...Sentiments from soldier in Iraq.
  51. Another Great Soldier
  52. The Iraqi Army to dump the AK for the M-16
  53. Armor being issued to USMC
  54. "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" BEWARE the KILLER Robots!
  55. MDPD Scanner... Hell of an eye opener!
  56. Looking To Join The Army, Navy, Or Coast Guard
  57. Oklahoma Highway Patrol
  58. Air National Guard- stay in/get out?
  59. Call for gun ban at war weekend (UK)
  60. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
  61. Navy Enlisted To Naval Aviator Warrant Officer/NFO Program
  62. Military and LEO
  63. Trial in shooting opens for 2 Pa. troopers
  64. From FD to PD. Should I???
  65. Gotta Brag... forgive me...
  66. What A Great Marine! A Different Sort Of Hero.
  67. New for 2008, US Dept of State's Passport Card
  68. Navy Medals
  69. Charges and Chases
  70. Evidence locker question (firearms)
  71. Re-enlist or LEO? Decisions, decisions...
  72. Polygraph, Lie Detector
  73. Sheriff's Deputy Out of Line in Hillsborough County, FL?
  74. OK, These four are Darwin Nominees
  75. Did This LEO Go Overboard While Dealing With Skateboarder?
  76. "Don't taze me BRO...!!!"
  77. Son joining Mississippi Air National Guard
  78. Toledo Mayor tells Marines to leave.
  79. Were NYC Auxilliary Police issued firearms...?
  80. Maybe an LEO knows the anwser
  81. Two disturbing stories....both eroding civil rights. :MERGED
  82. Active duty military to wait til 60 to draw retirement?
  83. LEO stories
  84. Fill me in LEOs...
  85. Question for the LEO's
  86. Proposal to Raise Age to Collect Active Duty Retirement Pay
  87. Leo shot in the face released from the hospital
  88. NYC Aux Cops get Vests, no guns
  89. Question for you vets out there
  90. Cali Needs to go! Berkeley Against USMC Recruting Station: MERGED
  91. Combat Ruck Packing
  92. Thugs arrested for messing with the wrong guy!
  93. Been a busy 24 hours for Amarillo PD
  94. LEOSA of 2004 and the US Coast Guard
  95. Son-in-law left for Boot-camp
  96. Tasers
  97. Tennessee, Jump on This--All Others, Read and Heed: Bullet Coding
  98. Jacksonville SO shot, suspect dead
  99. LEO's simulated training - on CNN
  100. Ranking
  101. This Photo Should Move You
  102. Border Patrol Agent Killed in California
  103. Taunt Cops, get slammed
  104. 2 officers ambushed in GA
  105. Enemy Looking at the Military
  106. Where is the ACLU ? Illegal search - invasion of privacy
  107. FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics
  108. In uniform off duty(rant)
  109. Why attack an army base?
  110. Abilene PD Officer Shoots Attacker
  111. Philly Police Faulted For Shootings
  112. Receiving End Of A10 :)
  113. "Have a plan to kill everyone you meet"--from Fox News: MERGED
  114. Vietnam Memorial defaced
  115. WA state trooper shoots crazed man on I-5
  116. PFC Fouty and SPC Jimenez
  117. Name any crimes that FULL AUTO weapons were used...
  118. Off Duty Corrections Officer
  119. Off Duty Officer shoots would be robber...
  120. SWATing
  121. LEO and former LEOS, this ones for you
  122. Could we be winning the illegal immigrant war?
  123. We all should take a minute to.....
  124. Police Begin Fingerprinting on Traffic Stops [Green Bay]
  125. Charges reduced in chase that killed 2 PBSO deputies
  126. Picking out a Vest
  127. Picking out a duty weapon?
  128. Ah, the Air Force...
  129. Global Incident Map
  130. Civilian Reserve Corps
  131. Bad Info Leads Cops to Wrong House, 2 Officers Shot: MN (Merged)
  132. Nightmare Scenario
  133. LEO Out of State carry
  134. Traffic officers (not gun related). A question, please?
  135. Quote from a Wash D.C. gun buyback/amnesty
  136. Not-so-nice LEO encouter
  137. New Security "Officer"
  138. Wreaths Across America
  139. New Phila. Chief of Police
  140. LE Responsibility; SCOTUS case
  141. Duty Belt Set Up Worth It Or Not
  142. Video Links - Hand to Hand Techniques?
  143. Islamic Terrorists Target Ft. Huachuca, AZ With Mexican Help
  144. Victim had fought in Iraq twice
  145. Ride Along With The Blue Angels
  146. Duty Belt Recommendation?
  147. Lets not forget...
  148. Arizona Town Sick of Crime
  149. Fight Fire With Fire?
  150. Gotta tell one on my AF brothers...
  151. Taser Fires Back at U.N. Anti-Torture Committee
  152. Hostages in NH
  153. Newly released home video- detailed up close 9/11 WTC
  154. 2 Palm Beach County deputies killed during chase
  155. Seeking advice for becoming a police officer
  156. Terrorists target Army base in Arizona
  157. Gotta love the CORPS for common sense ROE!
  158. ASP Handcuffs - Best link to purchase from?
  159. U.S. Soldier Re-Enlists Hours After Being Seriously Wounded
  160. How Not To Act When Stopped For Speeding - Video
  161. "Citizen Soldier"
  162. Gumball Immigration
  163. When should we loose / regain our rights
  164. Mk 19 vs. VBIED
  165. State Militia
  166. Want to be LEO - need to run!
  167. Here is one for the books..
  168. Local Sheriff's office says they have no practice ammo
  169. LEO Reciprocity
  170. Definition changing for people's privacy
  171. 11/11/07
  172. US Military Operations Casualties Stats
  173. Happy Birthday Marines!
  174. Question for LEOs
  175. What is a standing army?
  176. LEO plane travel with weapon
  177. Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs
  178. LEO's in arms race with BG's
  179. 911 Put on Hold!
  180. I'm thinking about becoming a LEO...
  181. S. FL announces that criminals are stealing lots of cops' guns!
  182. Border Patrol
  183. Duty weapon for personal carry?
  184. Deputy recovering from head shot
  185. Question for the Navy/Coast Guard
  186. Peace Officer question
  187. Curious about military rifle handling
  188. Considering joining the military
  189. Wedding Rings On Duty??
  190. Shipping out to Iraq
  191. Lieutenant Michael P. Murphy, United States Navy
  192. Murtha apology!
  193. Leading Ladies: Adhamiyah women join Volunteer Guard Force
  194. Arkansas code, and travelling
  195. Veterans Budget Petition
  196. A perspective on Blackwater/security contractors
  197. Officer killings lead to IACP call for new AWB
  198. Going to Balad AB, Iraq
  199. Branch of service, if any?
  200. Visiting the USA
  201. Swiss Army
  202. FYI: This may affect your safety!
  203. German Parliament Extends Afghanistan Mission
  204. Officer killed in training incident
  205. Can personal firearms be used in Iraq?
  206. Teens shoot Orlando LEO...
  207. Officer shooting/Rampage?
  208. Police Recover Stolen 65 Million $ Da Vinci Painting
  209. Marines not allowed in Oakland airport during layover from Iraq
  210. First LEO Encounter While Carrying
  211. Patrol Rifle/Carbines
  212. Gun confiscation
  213. Now this is a sheep dog.
  214. Officer Encounter @ Taco Bell
  215. Another reason to keep your mouth shut.
  216. Less than half of military votes overseas counted
  217. Democrats give away veterans' benefits
  218. Old: Why LAPD went to Glock
  219. In Remembrance....
  220. Military and off-duty carry
  221. I just took a new job
  222. New Job
  223. Iraq Revokes Blackwater's License?
  224. USMC Silent Drill Platoon in the heart of Lib Country
  225. Congress is at it again...
  226. Terrorist dry run??
  227. Cyber Jihadi tries real-life jihad in Michigan
  228. 4 Miami-Dade police officers shot, 1 dead; suspect fled
  229. Officer shot in chest later admits shooting himself
  230. Question for any LEO's out there - after a defensive shooting
  231. Vietnam Wall apparently defaced
  232. Global Incidents Map
  233. Sept 11th 2001 Memorial Video (LINK)
  234. Law enforcement-1 Pot grower-0
  235. Anyone else feel offended when civvies make Military jokes?
  236. Bakersfield police cleared in firing 62 shots at man
  237. 9/11
  238. Mexican truckers in US?
  239. US Army Special Forces (Delta) in action (Video)
  240. Vietnam Veteans Reunion 9/13-16
  241. Sgt John Gebhardt Air Force
  242. Gathering of Eagles
  243. A touching Military story
  244. Time Magazine: Osama & Global War on Terror (link)
  245. Not Your Average Door Gunner
  246. Homeland Security threat?? (long)
  247. Guns With No Clips?
  248. I had lunch with a Maryland State Police Trooper
  249. Bullet From Oklahoma Police Gun Range Hits Military Veteran a Mile Away [MERGED]
  250. She called