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  1. FTO Rants and raves
  2. "Because I Can't Say It Any Better Than Last Year"
  3. The Wall is Special
  4. My little Memorial Day post...
  5. Handcuffs
  6. Sacrifice: Dad steps in line of fire to protect son
  7. Just wanted to say...
  8. Thanks to former and active duty Service men and women.
  9. Army's 'Future Soldier 2030' Equipped With Super-Human Technology
  10. LEO to janitor: "Here, hold my gun."
  11. Kerik: NY Terror Arrests Prove Patriot Act Works
  12. Tribute for Memorial Day
  13. Birmingham Cops in Trouble
  14. UGLY: Illinois Sheriff Arrested For Peddling Dope
  15. World Police and Fire Games 2009
  16. Are you feeling safer yet?
  17. Tried To Buy A Marine A Drink Tonight
  18. Coast Guard suggests arming US flagged ships against pirates Arrghh!
  19. A HUGE thumbs up for my local PD
  20. Changing careers..
  21. Man pulled over for bumper sticker
  22. Thanks for your service.
  23. $1 million in salary being paid to officers restricted in their jobs.
  24. FBI Safe Streets Task Force?
  25. Ataboy LEO
  26. POLL ONLY: Which service did you serve in?
  27. Any SWAT officers willing to be interviewed for school paper?
  28. 3 most important items for a soldier
  29. Marine's coming together
  30. Military members, need medals/ribbons replaced??
  31. Sailor sues over safety of pirated Maersk Alabama
  32. Army contract for Sig....
  33. Milwaukee trades old shotguns for new S&W rifles, even money!
  34. Terrorists IDed by Virginia State Police Fusion Center
  35. Secret Service Story
  36. Duty guns?
  37. Where can I go to download this video?
  38. Arrests of U.S. border agents on the rise
  39. Petraeus: Shippers should consider armed guards
  40. Has Napolitano's apology helped or hurt us?
  41. DHS Chief Napolitano: Illegal Immigration Is Not a Crime
  42. Said thank you to a soldier
  43. Soldiers
  44. The Veterans Second Amendment Protection Act
  45. A couple photos from my Deployment (thus far)
  46. Vehicle Searches
  47. New way to run the Boston Marathon
  48. Many Contra Costa [county] crooks won't be prosecuted (CA)
  49. Honoring Veterans, what a concept
  50. Waterboarding?
  51. Sigarms for military current & retired
  52. Poll for calling Janet Napolitano to resign
  53. Your Opinion-The Military vs. U.S. Citizens
  54. The American's Creed
  55. The end of an Era
  56. Federal, State and City LEO - On/Off Duty Carry?
  57. It's not about Trade, it's about Control
  58. Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along!
  59. Scarecrow technique for Pirate problem?
  60. MEPS
  61. U.S. Navy Drill Team...
  62. Never Forget our troops!!!!!
  63. I Salute Him
  64. Police are not required to protect you.....
  65. Navy SEALs - Concealed Weapons Permits
  66. Looking for WWI info, 80th Div.
  67. Penn State Insults Veterans
  68. stolen Cessna from Canada
  69. Semper Fi Marine
  70. Police lagging in emergency response time (ATL)
  71. question for LEOs or forensics experts
  72. Citizen's Rights In Montana.
  73. Too much pay....
  74. Homeland Security checking Southbound cars for weapons now
  75. Piece on 90% of arms come from America
  76. An Alarming video every Westerner should see
  77. Mass Shooting vs. Bombing
  78. Officer shot going to lose his eye
  79. Email exchange with TSA
  80. MHP Trooper Killed In Traffic Collision
  81. Dennis Blair Confirms Potential Release of "Gitmo" Detainees into US
  82. US-Mexico Border, Drugs and Weapons
  83. LEOSA and State Residency
  84. Coast Guard Boarding Officer DOES fall under LEOSA!
  85. New security on souther border
  86. An Honest Question About Posse Comitatus...
  87. LEO opinion request: 'Deputy Sheriff Reserve'
  88. C-141 Starlifter - The End Of The Line
  89. New video, aftermath of an IED explosion that killed 2 Canadian soldiers on Friday
  90. FOP Associate Membership
  91. Ugly: 4 officers need your prayers...Oakland, CA
  92. We lost four more kids in Afghanistan today!
  93. Iraq War Anniversary
  94. Possible LEO Opening in PA
  95. Strip Murtha's Reward
  96. Who else thinks that we'll be invading Pakistan before long ?
  97. Terrorist
  98. Soldiers pledge to refuse disarmament demands
  99. Army Troops In Samson, Alabama (Merged)
  100. "Eyes Right!"!
  101. Another hit at the 2 A (Merged)
  102. The Honor and Remember Flag Project
  103. How Much Does our PD Have to Tell Us?
  104. To Our Military: We Support You
  105. Bad, SWAT team member leaves rifle at scene.
  106. Gangs
  107. Homeland Security Chief Seeks to Stem Flow of Cash, Guns
  108. Active Duty and Military Retirees Gaston has a deal for you
  109. What gun are you issued.. and what gun to you carry
  110. Update--leo career
  111. LE eyes to be everywhere and record everything in the server in the sky
  112. Female LEO's
  113. Memories of the Northern Ireland Troubles
  114. The most recent final trip of three of our heroes.
  115. Online Police Scanner
  116. MONTANA, Sheriff Yellowstone County
  117. 100,000 foot soldiers in Mexican cartels...
  118. Reserves???
  119. UPDATE: Marines - I need your help
  120. A few pics from my deployment
  121. U.S. Gun Trial Echoes in Drug-Torn Mexico
  122. Foreign troops to police US Citizens
  123. Kydex Badge Holder
  124. We Own This Road
  125. Military cheerleader
  126. Freedom Team Salute
  127. What NOT to do when arrested
  128. Adopted A Soldier
  129. Chaos on the Border?
  130. Iowa National Guard to practice house to house gun searches!! (MERGED)
  131. Odd LEO encounter...
  132. MARINES: Attention on Deck
  133. Texas DPS
  134. local jail
  135. Need LEO career advice
  136. Big Brother Elevates Anti-RKBA Police Chief
  137. Montana "home guard" hb bill 479
  138. California -- Forced release of 1/3rd of prisoners??
  139. Sunny Fort Polk Louisiana
  140. How to help neighbor kid prepare for Marines?
  141. Officers need to stop the threat and survive
  142. Another domestic dispute LEO Shooting
  143. My rookies lessons learned file
  144. William Steele Jr: guilty of aggravated malicious wounding
  145. Need help finding info
  146. The Spy Factory
  147. Off-duty Carry
  148. Military Weight Loss Program
  149. Hearing Protection while on patrol/combat?
  150. Terrorists Getting Mexican Passports
  151. A great letter.....
  152. Do you ever worry about reprisals
  153. Do BG use holsters?
  154. 50,000 Names...George Jones
  155. Chicago Police "Duped" by 14 year old
  156. Does anyone know of any forums that have real LEO that answer questions about...
  157. Proud of local Sheriff
  158. FBI HRT Innauguration photos take #2
  159. pretty cool shots of security at the innauguration
  160. Bush Commutes Sentence for Border Control Agents
  161. Need Duty Holster
  162. Application is in!
  163. Another "shot in the back" thread
  164. Jobs: FBI Needs 2,100 ASAP!
  165. LEO's: Question regarding comment in a report
  166. For the VETS on here...
  167. Needs replies from other LEO or labor specialists
  168. Non gun question for a LEO...
  169. A US Senator has been stopped by Border Patrol
  170. Belt clip badge holders
  171. Lousy: Retired trooper kills estranged wife, self
  172. Great Terrorism Resource
  173. Preventing Gunfire On New Year's Eve--ShotSpotter Technology Advancing
  174. Police fatalities for 08 prove ccw laws no threat to cops
  175. How Sad Is This?
  176. Any L.E.O's from Kansas?
  177. LEO crash leads to a question.
  178. Another Round Of Presidential Pardons And Guess Who Didn't Make The List?
  179. David Spade helps Phoenix police buy rifles
  180. LEOSA qualification for non-LEO?
  181. Seeking Law Enforcement Officers' Advice-Reserves
  182. Changes in law regarding clubs
  183. Bush: US Military Can Police American Citizens
  184. Deputy Sheriff vs. Police Officer?
  185. A VERY worthy cause - Snowball Express
  186. In Afghanistan
  187. Amarillo Police officer dies from car crash injuries
  188. United effort on gangs.
  189. GOOD IDEA: Virtual Stake Outs - Live Border Cameras (Merged)
  190. Two Oregon Police Officers Killed In Bomb Blast; Suspect Arrested
  191. It's official, I don't need CHL anymore
  192. How old is too old?
  193. 10 Silver Stars for soldiers in Afghan cliff clash
  194. Hopefully not the smartest move they ever made.
  195. Police cruiser of the future
  196. Question for a police officer....
  197. Boyce Chief Convicted; Will Resign Office
  198. Could it happen again?
  199. Great: USN Presidential Drill Team
  200. Pirates Alert!
  201. Associate degree in Criminal Justice degree, any advice?
  202. December 7, 1941(merged)
  203. My Ride Along
  204. Support of our Military
  205. Our SRO just got back from a Conference of High Schools and Terrorists.
  206. Pilots' holsters prone to AD?
  207. Ride Along Question
  208. Plan would dedicate 20,000 uniformed troops inside U.S. by 2011
  209. Feds, Do They Always Carry In Condition 3 ?
  210. LA Police Chief William Bratton: Wants more $$ for Force
  211. Sheeps and Wolves
  212. Farah Province,Afghanistan 18 Nov 08
  213. LEOs And Their Guns
  214. FOUR Officers down
  215. Thinking of joining the police force...
  216. Ooops! .. SWAT Member Leaves M4 on Neighborhood Lawn
  217. Street Smarts
  218. Agents used stun gun on pallbearer
  219. Patriot Guard
  220. Safest area around Arlington VA?
  221. Bad: FBI Agent Slain Serving Drug Warrant In Pittsburgh Suburb
  222. FBI Agent Was Killed During Drug Raid (PA)
  223. Another 'gun free zone'........the high seas!
  224. French Soldier's Opinion of US Troops
  225. If he has this much determination...
  226. Stupid:Reynosa officer shot
  227. Inside the minds of gang members
  228. Watch those, make that mirrors
  229. Military/police dogs
  230. They gave me a rookie.
  231. Unloading Question
  232. Police "ride-along"
  233. L.A. Sheriff tries to ban mix of drinking, guns
  234. Blair Bodyguard Fires Gun in Israeli Airport
  235. Veterans Day!!
  236. LEO Testing
  237. Branched FA
  238. New job
  239. Happy Birthday, Marines!
  240. Great military pictures
  241. 8th of Nov Drinks to our Airborne!!
  242. For the Vietnam Vets..
  243. Welcome home Lance Cpl. Luis Palacios
  244. Normal traffic stop behavior?
  245. Hell in a can!
  246. What if - Another 9/11.. false flag...
  247. Just asking for opinions here
  248. California Cities Cut Police Budgets
  249. Update to Botched Raid in Atlanta Re: 92yr. Old Woman Shot
  250. Simunitions and Sights.