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  1. Two Tons Of Pot
  2. Letter to Terrorists
  3. Police: Teens with high-powered weapons on rise
  4. Weapons Of Mass Destruction Were There
  5. Criminal travel
  6. Curious if anyone can shed some insight.
  7. How do the police get away with harassing people all the time?
  8. Oh boy, I ran into a doozy of a cop wannabe today.
  9. How to spot a veteran?
  10. MS-13: kinda changes the perspective on concealed carry considerations
  11. Question(s) for LEOs (Or anyone else)
  12. "Hooah!" Etiquette
  13. Marine Receives Navy Cross
  14. Gold Star Mothers on Nightline
  15. Long-Gunners
  16. LE roll call.
  17. That's a Sniper!
  18. One brave lady cop
  19. Stopping For Unmarked Police Car
  20. Thanks Sergeant Daniel Kachmar U.S. Marine
  21. PA State Trooper Killed
  22. What The Hell Is This All About???
  23. I've never cared for Budweiser beer, but....
  24. A Marine's Christmas Poem
  25. New military pistol bid list ! Interesting !!
  26. A cop writes his support of SD CCW.
  27. A case of - perhaps too close?
  28. Air Marshall
  29. Shots Fired Aboard Plane in Miami
  30. Chalk Another One Up For The Good Guys
  31. Oh, did we say that?
  32. LEO Shot In The Heart Keeps Going
  33. The gall of this guy!
  34. I Love This Comeback, true or not
  35. Triple Headshots Prevent Terrorist Bombing in Iraq (SAS Kudos)
  36. Border Disorder
  37. Sniper Film
  38. Interesting Field report
  39. Report Home from a Dad
  40. Scary Thought for the Day
  41. Veterans Day
  42. Tactical Observations from a Grunt in Iraq
  43. Silly String IED "Sensor"
  44. Any LEO here from Louisana??
  45. Dogs, sheriffs and shooting ranges
  46. Alpha/Bravo
  47. Texas Police Officer Killed In Car Crash
  48. Military Going Back To .45 acp Caliber ?
  49. Wrong house, er, wrong state!
  50. MP5's in 10mm ??
  51. The October Attacks are Here
  52. Sad case of poor mindset
  53. My airline post-flight report
  54. F.B.I. Under Clinton ~ L. Freeh Writes A Book
  55. Veterans Roll Call
  56. Is anybody doing anything in preparation for a possible attack in October?
  57. New Info On "SOONER" SUICIDE
  58. American Hiroshima?
  59. More from Preacherman - re NOLA, post analysis
  60. Perspective of a RESCUE Pilot (N.0.)
  61. Weapon Availability--
  62. Iraq Servicemen and woman Deaths 9-21-5
  63. Looking for Perspective
  64. Never Forget
  65. Preacherman's Katrina. Long but good.
  66. New Orleans vs. the Constitution
  67. "I Don't Care"
  68. How the left undermined America (long) David Horowitz
  69. CHP in action in NOLA (link to vid)
  70. Guns and ammo for survival: how much, what kind, how many?
  71. Over There
  72. New Orleans Police Looting Report
  73. Tribes
  74. What to regard as needed -
  75. With a concerted effort --
  76. Seen the light!
  77. Family Missing in Slidell Louisiana....FOUND!!
  78. It's started. Looting in New Orleans
  79. Great Pic's
  80. Time To Get Out
  81. Incident Command Response Systems Coming Into Place
  82. Playboy?!?!
  83. Finally payin' off
  84. Naval Aviators Know Their Stuff
  85. Long Term Goals of AQ
  86. Wife helps husband escape by shooting guards
  87. Short History Lesson or, On what date did the War on Terror begin?
  88. thoughts of our heros
  89. Hanoi Jane's At It Again
  90. Treason by any other name
  91. Read Why I Am Mad! Mad!
  92. An American Hero In Iraq
  93. My County LEO ---
  94. Police Taser Video
  95. Another Great Soldier Passes
  96. Send E-mail to BLOGGER in IRAQ
  97. U Don't Know What U Don't Know
  98. Emergency Cell Phones ~ QUESTION?
  99. Texas LEO HUmor
  100. America has lost another hero and great American
  101. Should the Military have an opt out option
  102. Maybe you guys can help?
  103. Second Chance Body Armor No Good
  104. Chiefs are with us for the most part
  105. Id
  106. So, you think your carry gun's recoil hurts?
  107. Surviving a Nuclear Attack on Washinton DC
  108. Security guard arrested for bringing a gun into a court house,and impersonating a PO.
  109. Crime Rate Falls Again
  110. Human Garbage "Take Out" The Trash.
  111. First Woman Gets Silver Star Since WW II
  112. FBI Concerning One Shot Drops
  113. But Officer
  114. Liberals have done it before....
  115. Reach out and touch someone, in a big way
  116. We left Islam
  117. A KILLER shotgun for the War on Terror
  118. To Any Soldier
  119. Mexicans or Terrorists? The Battle for Baldwin Park
  120. ALERT: Border Patrol Told to Stand Down
  121. Fallen Officers
  122. OK, So What DO We DO???
  123. Need clarification about law. Off duty carrying of a gun on federal property.
  124. Sgt. Alvin York !!!
  125. Col Hackworth-with deep respect
  126. LEOs Ammo Question
  127. Inside ICE: Volume 2, Issue 9
  128. For the LEO's
  129. Officer Shot In PGH. ~ The Story
  130. Oops!!!
  131. Detective Shot To Death In Police HeadQuarters
  132. Inside ICE: Volume 2, Issue 8 (Your tax dollars @ Work)
  133. A day in L.A. Ca. #2
  134. Two Generations of Valor
  135. Update on SFC Paul Smith
  136. A Good Time To Be Armed
  137. To our Military - A Clear Perspective
  138. LEOs, I need comfortable footwear for duty and running. Recommendations please.
  139. New Magazine for Law Enforcement
  140. Why the War in Iraq is Important to Freedom
  141. US-Mexican border as a terror risk
  142. Compensation
  143. Marine Sniper Receives Bronze Star Medal for Valor
  144. Inside ICE: Volume 2, Issue 6
  145. Zarqawi Planning U.S. Hit?
  146. Man sues police for shooting him "3 times too many". Idiot.
  147. Jeff Cooper vs Terrorism
  148. Take a knife to a car fight?
  149. Mexican sue to Stop Citizens from detaining Illegal Aliens on their own property.
  150. The Enemy in the War on Terror is (About to be) You
  151. Tasers... again.
  152. Inside ICE: Volume 2, Issue 5
  153. Borders or No Borders?
  154. Peace officer shoots co-worker
  155. Mexican Assassins Invade Texas
  156. Sad News about Officer Molly Bowden
  157. US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Update Vol 2 Iss 4
  158. Marine 1st Sergeant Brad Kasal
  159. Please take Action on this!!!
  160. Get Angry With Good Reason
  161. Days in Court
  162. Photos US Media will not share (Graphic)
  163. The Updated Bk. Of Concealed/Unusual Weapons
  164. Check this out!!
  165. My Dad, a retired law enforcement officer, passed away.
  166. Help requested - Officer Down Fund
  167. This cop is lucky he wasn't shot and killed
  168. Deputies who were fired and escorted out of the building at gunpoint, are rehired. But then they are demoted and punished.
  169. Read Me First: Important Posting Information
  170. Marine makes longest shot in Iraq
  171. This sheriff is CRAZY as hell!
  172. Very professional trooper (Tazer vid)
  173. Drive_By shooting
  174. Armed Forces Tribute (Warning, Kleen-ex Required)
  175. Herofic Efforts
  176. The New Divide
  177. Phone cards needed for the troops
  178. Christmas Greetings To The Troops
  179. Forum Moderator
  180. new guy to the board
  181. A fun video for you guys
  182. "Until Then" - A Tribute to Our Troops
  183. adoptasniper.org
  184. Helpful LEO Advice - Enjoy!
  185. The Golden Guns !!!
  186. Officer fights charges after protecting troops
  187. Police dog bites naked man in genitals
  188. Letter to the public from a Police Officer
  189. Mail from Iraq
  190. They're Called Security Rounds!
  191. Who Says That Cops Don't Have A Sense Of Humor?
  193. Sign of the times
  194. Bloody Roots Of Jihad
  195. Speech by Haim Harari on War on Terror
  196. Letter Home From Iraq
  197. Actual Military Warnings
  198. From a Marine Corps Major in Baghdad
  199. Good Defense Related Website
  200. A Letter To My Sons
  201. What Americans Are Thinking About Iraq
  202. Marine Navy Cross Hero
  203. Letters from Iraqis
  204. Dragoons continue to reach out
  205. Afghans optimistic about recovery from war, favor Karzai, poll shows
  206. Tennessee State Troopers
  207. On The Flip Side of Hollywood
  208. How to fight a more "sensitive" war on terror . . . .
  209. CHPBill running a radar
  210. Very interesting facts
  211. Illegal aliens got onto Navy base
  212. Outnumbered in a hunt for aliens
  213. Frustrated traffickers target agents
  214. Fingerprint ID system nabs 3 molesters at border
  215. Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement
  216. Good Source of Information
  217. CCIR Link
  218. Terrorist Group Profiles
  219. Awesome Rock
  220. Hey CHPBill Is This Your Squad Car?
  221. Story & Updates Regarding Michael New
  222. "Concealed Carry for Cops" Bill to be Signed by Bush
  223. House Passes "National Concealed Carry for Cops" LEAA's 12-Year Fight Ends in Victory for Officer Safety
  224. Al-Jazeera Al Queda Interview
  225. Sodomy Verified At Abu Ghraib prison
  226. Terror in the Skies, Again?
  227. Gotta Love The Marines
  228. Shoe Bomber Sentencing
  229. Law Enforcement Moderator Appointed
  230. CHPBill's Hangout
  231. Semper Fi
  232. Super Power