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  1. Deputy Shot at Forsyth County Courthouse
  2. D-Day through the eyes of a survivor
  3. Trooper shot in face still able to stop the threat
  4. A "real" hero passes on
  5. Should LE be allowed to shoot fleeing suspects?
  6. Prayers for an officer down
  7. 'Fair is Fair' - MA State Troopers Slobbered with Kisses!
  8. Bowe Bergdahl - Hero or ???
  9. Officer Mike Todd, shot in the face could use some help
  10. US soldier freed from captivity in Afghanistan
  11. Knife Amnesty!
  12. Another "No Knock Warrant" gone bad
  13. Cops Push Around Disabled Vet
  14. "Posers"...or "Imposters"
  15. Memorial Day Reminder
  16. One More For Memorial Day
  17. Memorial Day - Meaning and History
  18. Court Says Police Allowed To Kidnap Gun Owners With No Warrant
  19. Faces of the American Dead: One Week's Toll, June 1969
  20. TSA to purchase millions of .357 Sig ammo?
  21. PA Cops Can Search Your Car Without A Warrant
  22. Sofic 2014
  23. 7-9 rounds and still combative
  24. Calls 911. No police allowed.
  25. Three heroes we all know
  26. USDA needs submachine guns!?!
  27. May 15....National Law-Enforcement Memorial Day
  28. Body cam catches deadly shooting
  29. State Patrol: Man who brandished gun on I-694 was ATF agent
  30. Heads up: PBS/Frontline program 5/13 & 5/20 -- The United States Of Secrets
  31. Police Officer shoots 93 year old
  32. Does your weapon function?
  33. If this is the wrong place...
  34. Wow. These Homeland Security guys don't mess around...
  35. NM: APD can no longer carry personal guns
  36. Miamai what happened here?
  37. Colorado Trooper Shot, His Assailant Shot and Killed
  38. lowes
  39. The tragedy of PTSD
  40. Police officer goes above and beyond for Sumter teen
  41. Why One Cop Carries 145 Rounds Of Ammo......
  42. NJ: Police Chief shot with own gun...
  43. Yeeeeha!
  44. Yeeeeha!
  45. Walter R. Walsh Dies At 106
  46. Every Soldier's Grandma
  47. A BILLION dollars of ammo to be destroyed
  48. Couple of my old Military Rifles
  49. British Pathe: Historical military footage
  50. Police shooting Good or Bad? What's your opinion?
  51. Did Anyone Else Take Notice?
  52. Qualification; good day, but flubbed my score.
  53. Wife and the TSA...We shall see.
  54. Its amazing how stupid drivers can be.......
  55. How do I find out about awards issued after discharge.
  56. The United States of SWAT?
  57. An assassin's armoury: Uzi submachine gun, James Bond's pistol and a WWII Tommy gun a
  58. R.I.P. Rookie Officer Mick
  59. Help with DRMO
  60. Edinburg Texas LEO shot during home invasion
  61. PA: Off duty LEO stabbed in home invasion.
  62. Today.......
  63. More BLM stuff Red River, more taking land.
  64. Militias head to Nevada
  65. TX: Domestic dispute, responding officer shot several times
  66. Texas DPS "pausing" transition from Sig to M&P
  67. Good training the other night
  68. Bill Clinton on Snowden: An 'imperfect messenger'
  69. Marine guard shot to death by colleague at US base
  70. Questions about Marine RE code
  71. New Jersey State Police Shoplifting - Cabela's Gate?
  72. US agents locate 600 yard tunnel under Mexican border
  73. Mental Health -- actual steps done in your state?
  74. Any Current or Former Army Personel
  75. K9 rushed into emergency surgery
  76. The Danger of Contagious Gunfire
  77. 'Proliferation' of armed units seen in federal agencies
  78. Met Lt Col Dave Grossman today
  79. Ft. Hood Again..
  80. BAD- Fort Hood AGAIN!
  81. LEO shot and killed Johnson City NY
  82. Jihadist six-pack
  83. 186,873 Reasons to Carry a Gun
  84. Polk County, Oregon deputies will only patrol 10 hours a day starting Saturday
  85. Good or Bad Shoot? Officers shoot man after he pulls knife, they were there to
  86. Miami, FL: Officers don't like being disarmed at city hall
  87. Soldiers in battle and hearing protection?
  88. Really good article about "Moral Injury"
  89. Cops and brandishing
  90. Obama awarding 24 medals of Honor Live
  91. MIA Pilot from WWII found. His wife still grieves.
  92. Peace Officer Off-Duty Carry Poll
  93. We lost another great one this week - RIP 'Wild Bill' Guarnere
  94. On The Eighth Day, God Created the Airborne...
  95. Mexican Drug Gangs--here they come, to a neighborhood near you........
  96. .300 blackout, is it really a valid replacement for 5.56 for the military?
  97. I Fought For You
  98. ATF Busts Illegal Gun Buyer
  99. LEOs Tools Used To Monitor Civilan Phones
  100. ATF Inspector Arrested on Felony Gun Charge
  101. Some actual high speed gun porn
  102. Domestic security/privacy: Do you use a VPN service, for internet?
  103. Changing Issue Weapons
  104. Interesting study on force for officers
  105. Whatever happened to "Peace Officers?"
  106. Wholesale medals of honor?
  107. Texas LEOs Tell NFL to Pound Sand!
  108. Classification of Military Discharges
  109. PoliceOne.com Survey: Gun Control Increases Crime, Endangers Officers: Media Ignores
  110. The Middle East Memorial Wall
  111. Want a free pass across the border?
  112. Reserve officer fired for carrying on school grounds...
  113. How the Off-Duty Sergeant Survived
  114. The desire to survive.
  115. OMG DHS preparing for Zombie Invasion
  116. All not well for Deputy; Perp ended well
  117. Righteous
  118. H2 TV Marathon
  119. SEE WILD POLICE CHASE, SHOOTOUT: THIS Is How A Gunfight Feels From The Inside:
  120. Well has been a good day today
  121. No matter how you feel about Nixon watch this please
  122. War dog taken Hostage in Afghanistan
  123. Threat to the power grid
  124. Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield One Year Later
  125. The Book ends Arizona and Missouri Guns
  126. Rocco Pittsburgh Police Dog Dies After Being Stabbed By Scumbag
  127. Small Sally Ports
  128. NSA Spying Through Angry Birds & Google Maps
  129. Recalling cop who took on the mob
  130. Getting back in after medical discharge
  131. Active Shooter: Columbia Mall MD
  132. Question for any LEO's and prison guards here regarding weight sets in prisons
  133. Well, it fits in this forum bad and/or ugly cop shoots cop
  134. Video: SWAT arrests my next door neighbor
  135. Why Are Dozens Of High Ranking Officers Being Purged From The U.S. Military?
  136. Govt. “Threat List” Names 8M Americans Who Will Be Detained When Martial Law Imposed
  137. US Military to Allow Turbans, Other Religious Clothing, Observances
  138. forehead slap
  139. The National Police (DHS)
  140. Thank you Mr. President: NSA Meta Data Program
  141. Police Depts. can't find qualified recruits
  142. Pipe Bomb Handed Back To Passenger At Airport Security!
  143. New Mexico's hero teacher...need to train educators for crises
  144. Your Right to Video Tape Police Explained
  145. Gun owner unarmed, unwelcome in Maryland
  146. Real verus fake cops
  147. Hypothetical regarding the FBI rebranding itself to do "national security"
  148. Scotland Yard admits crime under reported, specifically...
  149. Lone Survivor
  150. Free gun locks from the VA???
  151. RIP Cpl. Hernandez
  152. Police encounter rights
  153. Utah gun manufacturer refuses sale to Pakistan
  154. Great news!!! 2013: Fewest police deaths by firearms since 1887
  155. Boston: AR-15 Not Necessary for LEO
  156. Back in the Rockpile
  157. Who has heard of the white death?
  158. NSA Surveillance legal cases -- links to details, opinions
  159. US Army retirement circa 1993 question
  160. Merry Christmas From Afghanistan....
  161. Some Christmas gifts are better than others
  162. DPS switching to 9mm
  163. Eagles cheerleader turned soldier.
  164. Another MOH recipient passes.
  165. Cops Fired for Serving in the military!!!
  166. A Soldier's Silent Night - for those serving away from home
  167. For anyone who has ever carried the M249
  168. How To Stop Mass Killings In Schools
  169. Frisk everyone leaving a crime scene?
  170. Two Wounded, Gunman Dead in School Shooting
  171. Example of Anarchy risks: looting in Argentina, as police strike
  172. COPS don't stop crimes!
  173. Oath Keepers?
  174. Bad Guys, their training, and mindset.
  175. Dallas LEO MUST Wait 72 Hrs Before Talking After Shooting
  176. Patrol duty last night.......
  177. Obediance to Authority--If they come, how and why
  178. Another Three Years Left
  179. Some new saber rattling
  180. So much for airport security - homemade gun built from items bought in secure area
  181. Warrants and home searches????
  182. N.Y.C. going to "Heck" in a handbasket
  183. Red and Blue X's
  184. Cook county judges defy sentencing guidelines
  185. RAS & PC -- what suspicion or cause must LEO's have to approach, in your state?
  186. Al QaedaTerrorists allowed into US...
  187. another 14 year old shot with fake gun--Michigan
  188. The blatant disregard of the Constitution and the 4th Amendment
  189. US to Train Libyans In Bulgaria
  190. Violence gone viral...
  191. Police aren't always too late...
  192. RIP Marines: Marines killed in Calif. were doing dangerous job
  193. Police Departments getting major amored vehicles (MRAP)? U.N Blue, too
  194. Will history repeat itself??.
  195. Happy 238th Birthday Devil Dogs!
  196. Final toast Doolittle Raiders
  197. Body-camera video from Daytona Beach police shooting (VIDEO)
  198. Profiling Israeli-style a solution to reducing incidence of "mass" killings?
  199. Veterans Day -- Mon, Nov 11
  200. Old school air power
  201. Petition to Learn the Truth About Benghazi
  202. Deputy Who Shot The Kid Carrying the plastic AK Is a Training Officer
  203. California Police AR Discharged At School Event........
  204. District of Columbia has become a police state
  205. CA LEOs shoot boy with authentic-looking AK-47 "pellet gun."
  206. Well, score a win for the good guys
  207. Do I deserve a Military Memorial Service when I die?
  208. Wow.. Things are getting out of hand
  209. Patriot Profile:Patriot Guard Riders
  210. The Cost of One Terrorist Strike On US Soil
  211. Fair is Fair. If we can't Carry there, Off Duty Police Can't Carry either! I agree.
  212. Administration Reportedly Blocking Book About "Fast and Furious"
  213. U.S. commandos raid Somalia, nab Libyan al Qaeda leader
  214. R.I.P. Deputy Billy Kennedy
  215. Fast And Furious Lawsuit
  216. The Muslim Brotherhood and Homeland Security
  217. Students At Ohio State University Can't Carry, But...
  218. NICS
  219. Need Advice....not looking for a CHL...just want to hunt hogs.....
  220. LEO mag cap?
  221. Will NOT make tht particular mistake again.....
  222. Fed money for armed security in schools
  223. California and Out of State LEO's
  224. Florida case overturned
  225. Maricopa County LEO murder suspect arrested
  226. This is how it's done
  227. Syrian soldiers on US territory?
  228. Officer runs over and kills suspect
  229. Milwaukee looking to expand patrols, "Shot Spotter" coverage
  230. Lessons from our night qualification range
  231. Steve Stockman plans to introduce bill allowing military personnel to carry on bases
  232. Terrorists Strike Shopping Mall In Kenya
  233. China and Russia Military to train together?
  234. Jennifer Fulford Video
  235. Crime in the United States
  236. New Retreat for Wounded Warriors and their Families
  237. Navy Yard: the cops amaze me
  238. Active Shooter At DC Navy Yard
  239. This might be more effective than buy backs...
  240. Cop kills unarmed man seeking help after a wreck
  241. This is how it begins people...
  242. More small attacks in the US called for by Al Qaeda...
  243. 20% of C.I.A. Applicants Have Ties To Islamic Terrorism - Cause For Concern?
  244. Uh, er, we need more soldiers like this....
  245. R.I.P Trooper Butterfield
  246. Detroit Mayoral Candidate Benny Napoleon: How Do You Eat An Elephant?
  247. "The Blackened Canteen" true story of WWII bomber crash over Japan
  248. College student joining the Marines in a year...what should I practice with?
  249. DHS checkpoints
  250. 300 rounds of "low recoil" buckshot in one day?