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  1. Working Dog Drives & Behavior
  2. Best Crime Stopper Ever!
  3. Here's an idea to deal with suspected terrorists in the USA
  4. ISIS Terrorist Gets Blown Up By French Missile As He Records
  5. Direct threat on the White House
  6. Police Dogs
  7. Holy moly, they actually did something in agreement (Congress)
  8. FBI foils Terror Plot in the USA....
  9. Back into the breech
  10. Close call for French police on raid
  11. The American civil war then and now
  12. A Loaded Double-Barrel Shotgun
  13. Black Lives Matter Take a Stand on Terrorism
  14. Gunfires from Paris police raids happening now
  15. King County (WA) Sheriff asks deputies to stay armed
  16. Identity theft and cyber security.
  17. The ONE Muslim/ Syrian refugee Thread.
  18. Drawing To Save A LEO
  19. Norway Disarms Its Cops
  20. MD State Trooper Attacked by Family in Wal Mart
  21. Positive Police Experiences
  22. Paris Shooting and Explosions
  23. Videoing Cops Will Cause Consequences We Don't Want
  24. Wog Day. Who knows what I'm talking about?
  25. Pulled over, what in the world for?
  26. Veteran's Day
  27. Vet's
  28. Fighting ISIS heres a free gun
  29. Why even bother having border patrol?
  30. MIA for 50 years; Airman comes home to NC
  31. 240 years ago-
  32. Veterans Day -- Nov 11
  33. Things Are Tough When They Break Into Police Stations
  34. Michigan State Police raid.
  35. Very Disturbing
  36. Bank Managers, Beware
  37. Straw Purchaser For a Cop Killer Walks
  38. Officer Is Found Not Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man Laying Face-Down in Snow
  39. The Ferguson Effect
  40. ISIS responsible for the downing of the Russian jetliner?
  41. Disturbing events in my small town
  42. The Decriminalization Delusion
  43. Marines switch to M4
  44. Bad Few Days For Law Enforcement
  45. San Francisco sheriff fails marksmanship test, has rangemaster transferred
  46. Students walk out in support of fired SC deputy
  47. I don't think they used birdshot for this one
  48. Man’s post about traffic stop goes viral
  49. German Police: pro-refugee politicians in serious bodily danger
  50. EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl
  51. South Carolina Deputy Slams student
  52. First LEOSA qualification today
  53. FOUND: 7000-10,000 Stolen Guns ???
  54. West Palm Beach police shooting
  55. Deputy Murdered With His Own Gun
  56. Wounded Knee and Government gun confiscation
  57. It could all be so simple...
  58. BG grabs cop's gun - dies for his stupidity
  59. Cold War part Deux?
  60. NEW DOJ DEPT. Home grown terrorists.
  61. Was my military experience atypical?
  62. Bill Whittle's Solution to Gun Control
  63. Yale Offers Seminar on Looting, Taught By The Looter
  64. SWATter Gets Prison Time
  65. Chicago Mayor explains a crime outbreak
  66. Martin Milner-- Last radio call for 1-Adam-12
  67. Bergdahl may get off scott-free
  68. Yet another death toll overseas
  69. Hero in France train attack is stabbed
  70. Plain Truth About Mass Shootings
  71. BATF in Gonzales Tx for Come and take it event.
  72. Not good - 11 killed when U.S. C-130 plane crashes in eastern Afghanistan
  73. Dumb crook file: Neck tattoo theory reinforced....again!
  74. Army veteran shot in the back after baseball game may never walk again
  75. Welcome home Marines
  76. Vets with Glocks
  77. SFC Charles Martland to be discharged Nov. 1
  78. Helping A Cop In Trouble
  79. We Can Deal With It There, Or We Can Deal With It Here...........
  80. Shot from the Air
  81. Arrest in the Freeway shootings
  82. Law Enforcement and Military aren't heroes.
  83. Talk of war down the road?
  84. Personal best on the range
  85. Don't Worry, the Illegals Aren't A Problem
  86. Ferguson Commission Submits Final Report
  87. Kentucky Trooper Shot And Killed
  88. Body Cam Footage of Officer Shooting Armed Suspect
  89. Iran Keeps Their Uranium Enrichment Program, Ours Gets Cut
  90. A Hero's Gun From 9/11
  91. National security concerns with 100K Syrian refugees
  92. Three citizens come to aid downed deputy
  93. Baltimore Freddie Gray
  94. A subtle way to support our LEO's
  95. Police Dont need your Help
  96. A New Round Count Record
  97. Ben Kuroki, Japanese-American WWII war hero who flew over Japan, dies at age 98
  98. Touch Your Heart
  99. Another ambush shooting of LEO, this time in Las Vegas -- 9/6/15
  100. That which I love, destroys me.
  101. And the Beat Goes On...
  102. Federal Judge Drops Hammer On Illegal Gun Runner
  103. Helping the local depts. where we live
  104. Texans support their officers
  105. On the road again!!!!!!
  106. News story: LE agencies losing officers & recruits to current anti-LE climate
  107. Police in S.C. can't carry a weapon off-duty?
  108. Graffitti In Houston Popping Up
  109. San Antonio man shot by police with hands up (apparently)
  110. Today, it's Chicago... Another LEO murdered UPDATED
  111. Officer, homeowner shot when DeKalb police respond to wrong
  112. "Protect and Serve" taken to a personal level
  113. IBD: Pentagon Taps Silicon Valley Expertise For Wearable Tech
  114. The District Equals Last Year's Homicide Total Today
  115. This helps keep police work interesting.....
  116. Shot in the back by a coward
  117. Remember Henrico "you don't have the right to remain silent"
  118. Skynet Meets 1984
  119. Lousiana State Trooper Murdered...Heros Emerge and Assist !!!
  120. LA Officer murdered by coward during traffic stop
  121. Kentucky Chuck E. Cheese refuses to serve police officer with firearm
  122. 70's police training film -- PISTOL OR SHOTGUN?
  123. Vietnam Vet returns home: 50 years after the war.
  124. US Marines Stop Mass Shooting in France
  125. She Really Gets It
  126. Military Recruiting: Mission Readiness
  127. Here we go again: Another officer involved shooting, another riot
  128. Tucson police officer shot with own gun
  129. Careful who you have protecting you...
  130. Police Interaction Yesterday (I didn't even get shot)
  131. COPS
  132. Cops body camera sets the story straight.
  133. Two women now wear a Ranger Tab
  134. Four Arrested In Carjacking and Kidnapping Of Federal Agent In Florida
  135. Pistol-whipped Alabama cop didn’t shoot attacker for fear of making headlines
  136. Tampa Bay confrontation...
  137. Is the gun the only tool in the toolbox for some LEOs?
  138. Purported ISIS militants post list of 1,400 U.S. 'targets'
  139. Death penalty in CT ruled 'unconstitutional'
  140. POW Flag now a "Flag of Racist Hate" says Newsweek
  141. Citizen Academy
  142. "The Plight of the Unarmed Perp"
  143. Co-Worker's Son (Sheriff Deputy shot)
  144. Prosecutor Misconduct In Baltimore Case?
  145. 15-year-old Wearing Ankle Monitor Jacks Car, Gets Shot
  146. Ferguson Could Burn Again Tonight
  147. Dirtbikes and Riot Gear - Just Another Sunday in Baltimore
  148. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy!
  149. This man pays tribute every day for those who served their country
  150. FWC officer shot....Our Sheriff's response!
  151. The 50 Most Violent Cities In The World
  152. August 7th: Purple Heart Day
  153. A good police story for a change.
  154. Navy Officer Will Not be Charged in Chattanooga Shooting
  155. Baltimore: More killed last month
  156. Police Chief, Bounty Hunters Swatted
  157. Shreveport Police officer fatally shot
  158. Handcuffing children with disabilities
  159. Professor arrested for making false claim against police
  160. Alleged Memphis cop killer...
  161. FBI Report on Four Middle Eastern Males Approaching Families of US Military
  162. Navy LCDR in Chattanooga has not been charged (yet)
  163. Army career ended 30 June 2015
  164. LE career ended Friday
  165. TN officer shot and killed
  166. How Brazil deals with vehicle pursuits
  167. Navy Officer in Chattanooga Shooting to be Charged
  168. DoD Authorizes Recruiters to Carry Weapons
  169. Univ. of Cinci officer charged with murder
  170. When are these people going to be deported or shot for treason or stupidity
  171. Re-uniting Military dogs and their handlers
  172. National Guard Armory GFZ?
  173. Here we go again - Chattanooga victims and Purple Hearts
  174. General Wesley Clark Calls For Interning “Disloyal” Americans Who Do Not Support the
  175. And another one gone, and another one gone: Attempted LEO Gun Grab
  176. DEA nemesis
  177. Holstering Safety: Another ND
  178. Negligent Discharge At Ohio Recruiting Center
  179. What does the future hold for Lt. Cmdr. Tim White? Hero or Scapegoat?
  180. Army To Recruiters: Treat Armed Citizens as Security Threat
  181. Two police officers shot so far today, 1 in Philly - 1 in SF Bay area
  182. Anyone in CT Guarding Recruiting Centers?
  183. How fast do attacks happen? An example
  184. Blowback from guarding recruiting centers
  185. Interesting development in Chattanooga shooting - one Marine may have returned fire
  186. DHS OIG Carry
  187. An Open Letter from a Marine to ISIS
  188. Leave it to Canadian Mark Steyn to properly address Chatanooga
  189. Florida Governor Expedites CCW Licences For Military....
  190. Islamic Terrorism Being Written Out of the Chattanooga Script?
  191. Recruitment centers get help
  192. Off duty federal officer shot by city police when he answered door holding a gun
  193. John McCain...some surprising and disturbing video
  194. Man stands guard at VA recruiting center. Thoughts?
  195. Chattanooga Shooter Worked At Ohio Nuclear Power Plant
  196. Gov. Hutchinson Orders Adjutant General To Arm Full-Time Military Personnel
  197. Marines gunned down in Chattanooga.
  198. Bradley Mall, Lee College, Amnicola Businesses locked down, Amnicola Hwy closed...
  199. My wife got one of those calls that no one wants to get!
  200. Law Enforcement Sucking Up Too Much Ammo?
  201. Laying off soldiers?
  202. Baltimore Police Commissioner
  203. BREAKING: U.S. Army Switching to Hollow Point Ammunition
  204. Hit, or Terrorist Act In Baltimore?
  205. San Francisco Shooter Used A Fed's Gun
  206. Army to Cut 40,000
  207. Military's XM17 Handgun
  208. Officer shoots BG caught on Body cam.
  209. Starting out in Law Enforcement
  210. He Is Taking His Dog "Boots" For A long Walk ~~~ Not Quite 9,000 Miles.
  211. What Was This Idiot Thinking?
  212. A Look At Active Killer Activity
  213. Terrorism Is Effective...
  214. These Firearms Manufacturers Represent The Top Competition For The Army’s New Handgun
  215. We Have Met the Enemy - And He is Us !
  216. Terrorist attacks on the 4th of July
  217. In the blink of an eye…How to get shot by LEO
  218. Another AME church in Charleston, this time it's fire
  219. AAR On The Tunisia Lone Wolf Attack
  220. These officers need to be stopped!
  221. One NY escapee shot and killed.
  222. Islamic Terrorists Bringing It During Ramadan
  223. Korean War Veterans
  224. The Pine Ridge Shootout - 1975
  225. 17 Years Ago.. There was a warning.
  226. Are you freaking kidding me!?
  227. Memphis PD car riddled with bullets
  228. War - What is it good for?
  229. Morganton, NC teen accused of plotting to kill Americans on behalf of ISIS
  230. DC Metro Police stop
  231. Richmond - Another church incident...
  232. Impersonating a retired officer?
  233. Best USMC tribute video
  234. Shooting in AME Church in Charleston tonight
  235. Prison swag
  236. Lewiston, Maine PD Is Looking To Diversify
  237. Suicide bomber instructor take out class.
  238. Pardoned New Jersey Security Guard Receiving Job Offers
  239. Louisville Cop Guns Down African Immigrant Wielding a Flagpole
  240. 2 injured in shooting at Air Force base in Arkansas
  241. Striker Fired Handguns And The LA Sheriff's Office
  242. Bomb found at Dallas Police HQ / gunbattle ensues
  243. This. ....is what we have deteriorated too?
  244. Houston LEO shot in the back after traffic stop
  245. Can they really do that to LEO's??
  246. Convict in Texas gets 33 yrs for body armor possession?
  247. Had a confrontation with an LE and I did not get shot.
  248. McKinney TX pool party.
  249. New Jersey Retired and active LE carry hollowpoints
  250. SWAT team destroys man's home to capture shoplifter