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  1. McKinney TX pool party.
  2. New Jersey Retired and active LE carry hollowpoints
  3. SWAT team destroys man's home to capture shoplifter
  4. Moron Baits Oakland county Deputies
  5. Harrisburg officer berates man for stolen valor, but .... he was WRONG....
  6. Sharpton To "Occupy The Corners"
  7. Watch Texas Open Carry Ammosexuals Harass Police Officers
  8. Arming ISIS
  9. USMC Sniper Steve Reichert an American Hero
  10. Boston Police Officer Shoots and Kills Possible Terror Suspect
  11. UK Police Tell Subjects Not to Harm Their Attackers, Get a Rape Alarm
  12. TSA screeners miss 95 percent of explosives in test
  13. Does the FBI Have a Fleet of Surveillance Cessnas ?
  14. Frightening, and Maddening: TSA dismal screening test results
  15. The New Nationwide Crime Wave
  16. Round TWO!!!! Draw mohammed contest.
  17. A Downside To Demonizing Local Law Enforcement
  18. Violence surges as Baltimore police slow down enforcement
  19. New Mexico Police Officer Shot And Killed
  20. Rest in Peace Officer Kerrie Orozco
  21. Some Marine Special Forces going back to Spurs?
  22. I fought for you
  23. New Orleans Officer Shot Dead
  24. BATF report on outlaw motorcycle gangs
  25. Cleveland Cop found not guilting in shooting of two people
  26. Wonderful Tribute to our Military
  27. K-9 Saves Deputy's life
  28. Round up the crazies
  29. #we see you (Tribute to officers)
  30. 2 Men Arrested a After Plotting to Attack Police- Florida
  31. I Got Stopped For a Traffic Infraction Today
  32. Trimming the fat off the 1033 program
  33. Honor Flight retun home celebration
  34. Reserve Deputy shot in line of duty
  35. Authorized from the top! No safe havens!
  36. May 15th, Peace Officer's Memorial Day
  37. S. C. deputy ambushed and shot
  38. Half of officers shot in 2013 were killed by people barred from gun possession
  39. Disarmed by a 5th grader!
  40. Yet another ISIS threat
  41. National Police Week ....
  42. Good Shoot: Police Shooting Video Just Released
  43. Mississippi loses 2 officers
  44. Anyone here from Missouri State Highway Patrol?
  45. ISIS activity prompts threat level increase at bases
  46. Just Sayin' !
  47. ISIS Claims Terror Cells in 15 US States
  48. American Heroes
  49. getting my foot in the door
  50. A School Shooting We Heard Very Little About
  51. Three shot outside "Draw Muhammed Art" Exhibit in Garland, Texas
  52. NYPD Officer Shot in the Head
  53. Where is the COPS TV Show guys when you need them? Hillarious scene from Seattle riot
  54. Capitol Cops: 3 Forgotten Guns
  55. Gray's death ruled a homicide!
  56. Montana HB 330 Signed - Places Limits on DOD Equipment LEO Can Possess
  57. Suspect shot at police - from INSIDE of patrol vehicle
  58. Monitor via internet Live Police/Fire radio feed
  59. Protester gets a taste of what it's like to be an officer
  60. Blue Lives Matter
  61. Police: woman makes threats on Facebook to kill cops
  62. April 29th, 2007
  63. Operation Jade Helm
  64. Shootout at our local WalMart
  65. Meth and stopping power---reports from Syria and Iraq
  66. Born In The USA Al Queda Mouthpiece Killed
  67. WW II Hero
  68. Not LEO Bashing, but what is this?
  69. Ohio Police Officer Refuses to Shoot Double Homicide Suspect
  70. How do LEOs feel about being filmed?
  71. FBI Admits to Multiple Instances of Perjury Over 20 Years
  72. POW bracelets returned to ex-POW
  73. Cudos to Mr Ramirez - Saved Rookie Miami LEO under fire
  74. Attention Marines...
  75. BLM at it again Oath Keepers on the way for support.
  76. Cop Neutralizes Threat with Cruiser
  77. Marana AZ PD Stops Man With Gun - Good
  78. ISIS on the Texas border
  79. Ohio's Gun Buster Signs Turn Cops Against Cop
  80. Question about Eric Harris shooting
  81. Fort Hood victims to be awarded Purple Hearts
  82. Auxiliary Deputy Charged With Manslaughter
  83. Four Blackwater guards sentenced in Iraq shootings of 31 unarmed civilians
  84. Patrol bloopers:
  85. MRAP MaxPro Drivers Training Course Material
  86. What do you say to LEO when...
  87. April 7th, 2004
  88. Florida Sheriff Grady Judd On Political Correctness.........
  89. Epic poser fail!
  90. Our DHS wants to ensure our "essential privacy and civil liberty protections."
  91. A Strike at Yellowstone or the San Andreas Fault
  92. Lost a good soldier yesterday
  93. Another upstanding citizen sues police
  94. Think tank tallies 64 plots targeting american homeland since 9/11
  95. Military training video in ft lauderdale
  96. Officer shooting
  97. A Special kind of stupid...........
  98. NSA / Fort Meade rammed by car
  100. How wrong is this for our service members
  101. Veterans Vision Project (VVP)
  102. A Marine Fathers Love........
  103. ATF Director Resigns
  104. Homeland security thread. Definition of domestic terrorism. Obama fits.
  106. Well deserved Medal of Honor
  107. Cover letters for federal agent positions: How optional are they?
  108. Glock Accidental Discharge In The News
  109. Fox News reporting that Bergdahl will be charged with desertion
  110. Question about defcon warning
  111. Article in NY Times on the Stingray
  112. Honor guard for a soldier and his K9
  113. Anyone in combat arms in the reserves or National Guard?
  114. New York awards $25 MILLION to ex-con shot by cop
  115. I got stopped again last night
  116. Send Kyle Lamb to Somalia see how he does.
  117. 2 police officers shot as Ferguson protests turn violent
  118. Military Helicopter Crash In Florida...
  119. VA Manager's Email Mocks Veteran Suicides
  120. Deputy U.S. marshal killed in Baton Rouge, LA
  121. Female police officer (Paris) is girlfriend of jihadist
  122. ATV Riders Swarm DC Cop
  123. State Trooper Gets Pummeled, Public Needs To Stay Out of It
  124. Personal Security While Working Abroad
  125. Law Enforcement winter parka
  126. Here we go again - Ferguson Redux?
  127. An ISIS Presentation Link
  128. Meet Hong Young (and his Weapons)
  129. Weird Travis County Sheriff oath statement?
  130. Atlanta: Another law enforcement ambush murder
  131. Multi-site active shooter arrested in Maryland?
  132. A national Police Force?
  133. We Are Not the Police--But Maybe Could Be
  134. Sheriff backs up citizens arrest...
  135. Eric Holder: Malls Should Increase Security
  136. We Are Losing The Cyber War With ISIS
  137. LEOSA question
  138. A lady is resurrected: B-52 leaves Boneyard.
  139. Jackson MS Cops to Learn Spanish
  140. Good: Chris Kyle killer found guilty, will spend life in prison
  141. DE courthouse bailiffs stripped of guns after gun prank in courtroom
  142. CT - the failure to protect your home can have many consequences
  143. Selfie taken from inside an Austrian prison
  144. NYC: Cops say training after Eric Garner’s death is a ‘waste of time’
  145. NY Post Articles on Deputy Commissioner of Personnel
  146. Video: 'Man Jailed Over 'Brutal' Attack On Police Women'
  147. Chicago cop accidentally shoots himself at courthouse
  148. NYC: The reality of the rollback of 'stop and frisk'
  149. ISIS: What ISIS Really Wants
  150. USMC Approves Glock 19 for Limited Use
  151. More Shootings In Europe
  152. Deputy leaves gun on bed, daughter picks it up and shoots her sister
  153. Mall Shooting Plot Uncovered And Foiled! (No Joke)
  154. Shoot or don't shoot: Police scenarios prove eye-opening for civil rights leaders
  155. U.S. Marines handed over their guns before leaving Yemen
  156. Fast and Furious
  157. Survivor of USS Arizona from Pearl Harbor attack dies at 100
  158. Guns are back baby!
  159. Stolen Valor?
  160. Death from afar - Semper Fi
  161. What Ferguson Police Are Considering Will Make You Wonder ...
  162. The Devil's Brigade wasn't just a Movie
  163. Border Patrol "sharing" rifles
  164. DECLASSIFIED PHOTOS - "B-29 "Enola Gay"
  165. Evacuating After Active Shooter/Terrorist Attack
  166. Texas Governor declares February 2nd Chris Kyle Day.
  167. Does anyone know what this USN artifact is ?
  168. EU Police Chiefs: Gun Control is bad
  169. Which do you value more? Safety or Civil Rights?
  170. The War On Terror Is a Costly One
  171. Use of Force - Critical Activist Undergoes Use of Force Scenarios
  172. Revolvers in the Military
  173. Petition the WH to release Lt. Clint Lorance from Ft. Leavenworth
  174. Residents want police officers charged in shooting death of 16 year old girl.
  175. I Guess You LEOs Heard The Story Of This PA. Female.
  176. Alaska Senator Wants to Disarm EPA
  177. The stats don't lie....
  178. For The Nam Vet's!
  179. Terrorists Posing As Police
  180. Police departments are considering tactical retreat training
  181. All American Hardcore
  182. "DOJ Watergate...."
  183. NYT Columnist Expects Cops to be Omniscient
  184. Police bodycam shows shooting of armed suspect.
  185. Don't Wanna Drop Your TEC 9, When Exiting a Stolen Car ?
  186. Man Killed By NJ Police Raising His Hands Up (Video)
  187. Officer Shot On Weekend Dies.
  188. Music in battles and for pyschologic warfare
  189. To counter terror, Europe's police reconsider their arms
  190. Suspect killed in officer-involved shooting- Maricopa, AZ
  191. Small town Police Chief shot 4 times
  192. “Ma Deuce” tribute
  193. Always keep fighting! Amazing story of officer survival.
  194. Holder stays most civil confiscations...
  195. US No-Go Zones
  196. PA to change top cop?
  197. Don't throw your cocaine out the sunroof...
  198. Officer involved shooting in Scottsdale
  199. Good News for Army MP Brethren in CC Under the LEOSA
  200. Flagstaff officer shot in cold blood...
  201. After ISIS Twitter threat, military families security
  202. Marine Corps Special Reaction Teams Gear
  203. Cincinnati man arrested in terrorist plot to attack US Capitol
  204. My change of heart
  205. Officer Shot Caught on Body Cam
  206. Deputy's killer put to death
  207. What's this French guy toting?
  208. Two more airmen have Gone West
  209. New 911 Procedures?
  210. We Spend $100 million/year to Recover 70 MIAs???
  211. Leo Shooting with Human reactions
  212. Another Albuquerque officer shot
  213. Cookies for Soldiers
  214. Another Shooting in France - Police Officer Killed
  215. LEO - ATTENTION to this Alert - NYC (but may not be isolated there) Lug Nut Warning
  216. Albuquerque Police Officer shot - help me understand something
  217. Facts to Know About NYC's de Blasio !!!
  218. We had our gunmen attack already in 1997
  219. Terrorized by Toddlers ?
  220. Terror attack in Paris kills at least 12.
  221. FT Bliss Shooting?
  222. NYPD confiscates guns for insomnia
  223. Police Continue Militarization Amid Disarmament of Citizens
  224. Two More NY LEOs Shot
  225. "Thank You For Your Service"
  226. Report: Police officers killed by firearms jumped 56% in 2014
  227. Ski Oklahoma
  228. The ABSOLUTE Most Incredible Way to go Through a Police Checkpoint (???)
  229. Lewisburg, WV Cops Shot, Suspects Had Dead Bodies In Truck
  230. Wait till you see what this officer does to this young girl
  231. Upper Darby PA. Police Shoot Man Who Made Threats
  232. Policeman..
  233. First felony stop today
  234. Went on a ride along
  235. Question for LEOs and armed security guards
  236. National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (L.E.A.D.)
  237. What the media didn't tell you about Garner
  238. Ohio Deputy Shoots Armed Man-Video
  239. Threats On Law Enforcement Nationwide
  240. Durham Police Officer ambushed
  241. Question
  242. A great article from a father whose son was murdered by police...
  243. Gun Smugglers Arrested
  244. Here we go again. Another STL police shooting
  245. New Crime Scene Scenario
  246. How police harass the community of Chula Vista
  247. Officer Won't Be Charged
  248. Unnecessary arrests?
  249. Keep Them In Your Prayers
  250. For all the CV-22 haters