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  1. Rest in Peace
  2. Tarpon Springs, FL Officer killed
  3. Police & The Secret Santa ( WARNING*Have a Kleenex Handy)
  4. Two NYC Officers Ambushed, Killed
  5. More Zero-Tolerance Stupidity
  6. Funny stuff said to PFCs
  7. Another of the Greatest Generation passes.
  8. Gun Rights encourage police to shoot people?
  9. DOJ Allowed Nazi War Criminals To Keep Their Social Security
  10. Sheriff's MRAP is for Dealing with the "Constitutionalists" ("Extremists")
  11. Police are Terrible!
  12. The inevitable
  13. SF in Dallas?
  14. Maintaining Operational Readiness?
  15. A Second Grade Civics Lesson???
  16. feeling the call to duty
  17. Split second to decide
  18. Martyrdom by cop?
  19. Old can also be new
  20. Surrender? "Nuts!"
  21. Wisconsin Police Chief Badgers Residents
  22. Portland Oregon "School Shooting"
  23. United States Border Patrol Academy
  24. Changing perceptions
  25. Navy declares laser weapons ready to protect ships in Persian Gulf
  26. Hero's
  27. Young Recruits - Observations and Thoughts
  28. Do you think the CIA interrogation tactics should have remained secret?
  29. PTSD is a real concern for our Vets...
  30. Great commercial honoring the military
  31. BGF Targeting LEO After Garner No Indictment
  32. From one of the most anti-gun cities.....
  33. Attacks Urged On Canadian Targets, By Canadian ISIS Member.
  34. Amazing epiphany (synonym)
  35. What is an "Operator"
  36. LEO just run
  37. I got stopped tonight
  38. Glock or Smith & Wesson for Pentagon Contract? Are there other contenders?
  39. Question about choke holds?
  40. Carrying Credentials off Duty
  41. Cnet is at it again with their anti-gun bias, this time against law enforcement...
  42. Privacy in the digital age -- article on 'Big Data' implications
  43. One-Handed Shot Ends Attack
  44. Are Brown's Legal Team and The Media Confused About Civil liabilability Law?
  45. S&W enters competition for Army's new handgun
  46. The Ferguson Thread. This will be the only thread allowed!
  47. The New ISIL Recruits
  48. Another sad one......
  49. One Lucky Officer and His K-9
  50. F22 vs F35
  51. Just for Old Vet and AirForce members
  52. Israel making it easier to carry guns for self-defense in wake of terror attack
  53. Holder Strikes Again
  54. Would-be warriors in waiting: Getting help when you need it
  55. Medical paper on gun shot wounds WARNING !!! very graphic
  56. Another victim
  57. USMC in action!
  58. Stats for border jumpers
  59. Border Patrol agents say agency’s gun recall puts them in danger
  60. Nashville Police Refuse Secret Service Illegal Search of Obama Critic
  61. My annual Veteran's Day tradition
  62. Stolen Valor Gets Its Just Reward
  63. Thank you Veterans
  64. The Saratoga Slapper resigns and gets arrested
  65. 1st Amendment Lawyer fighting to keep the good guys safe?
  66. Terrorists Willing To Kill Themselves In Order To Kill Children
  67. Happy 239 Birthday U.S.Marine Corps
  68. Cameras Good or Evil your thoughts
  69. Virus That Makes Humans More Stupid
  70. The greatest generation.
  71. this apple needs to removed from the bushel
  72. Refusing A Car Search
  73. Veterans Day - Sack Lunches
  74. Happy 239th Birthday USMC (MERGED)
  75. Newark Tells Residents To Take Assaults To Court.
  76. Question for Army Rangers - Charity recommendations?
  77. A roadside confrontation, cop is someone I know, I think
  78. Lessons learned the hard way.
  79. Accused Cop Killer's Sister Whining About His Arrest
  80. Thugs threaten to Rape Ferguson cop's wife
  81. So, maybe local PD's do need armored vehicles!!
  82. Donald Trump says it's 'morally unfair' for Obama to send soldiers to Ebola hot zone
  83. To my Brothers, some of the finest people it's been my privilege to know.
  84. Tahmooressi released!
  85. DC LEO Attacked By Man With Axe
  86. SIAP, but Frein captured, according to ABC...
  87. Ted Gundy : The Black Hat
  88. SWAT Panty Raid in KC
  89. Swatting on VCDL member in VA
  90. California Start-up Trying To Take Gun Control To A New Universe
  91. Take a lesson from history
  92. Firearms Used By Ottawa Shooter?
  93. Canada Shooting Hero Enters Parliament to Standing Ovation
  94. Gang Tattoo Leads To A Murder Conviction
  95. Gun purchase Advice Needed, Please
  96. Shots Fired! Active Gunman At Our Capital! Breaking now!
  97. Need help with a little research: Unarmed person advancing toward police officer
  98. SCOTUS is Hearing A Gun Case
  99. 7 year old girl murdered in no knock raid...
  100. Rioting in New Hampshire at a Pumpkin Festival.
  101. New York Times publishes Officer Darren Wilson’s account of the Brown shooting
  102. Case dismissed against 5 Officers who shot man resisting arrest
  103. Now here's a way to fight ISIS!
  104. Very interesting study results.........
  105. Back on Patrol
  106. Happy Birthday!!!
  107. Baffled on the border
  108. "Police shouldn't have guns" - DC Council Member
  109. Here we go again...
  110. Place of business OC
  111. How the NRA is making the Ebola crisis worse?
  112. It's about time...."..
  113. Large fire Flight 93 memorial
  114. More workplace violence
  115. Border Patrol taking apps.
  116. Armed contractor with criminal record was on elevator with Obama in Atlanta
  117. Finally some common sense legislation is in the works
  118. Thou Shalt Run From The Police......
  119. No More Profiling From Federal Agencies
  120. Bad: USA today article and headline
  121. Asume Military Would Never Attack Americans?
  122. Surprise! Illegals don't show up for ICE appointment.
  123. Cop shoots man for reaching for his wallet.
  124. Former Fayette Co WV Sheriff's Office Worker Sentenced
  125. Going in alone???
  126. White House intruder
  127. Mother of Felon Killed by Police Wants “Officer to Suffer Like Her Son Suffered"
  128. Female U.S. Marshal Gives Pervert A Real Bad Day
  129. Roll call
  130. SSG Salvatore Giunta, Medal of Honor Recipient
  131. Police shooter in PA used a hunting rifle ...
  132. Applied for Police Officer position with department in Texas
  133. Two Monroe County Deputies Shot
  134. Texas State Trooper Asked To Leave Waffle House
  135. Two LEOs Ambushed At PA Police Barracks
  136. Chardon School Shooter Escapes From Prison
  137. Absurd: School Won't Allow Army Officer Entrance
  138. Leo watches helplessly as his loaded weapon is stolen from his unlocked car
  139. Police using military gear in riots could be forced to repay millions in grants
  140. Domestic Terrorism vs. Civil Disobedience -Is Nasheed Inciting Violence?
  141. Lost Another Good Guy
  142. Air Marshal Attacked By Syringe in Nigeria
  143. Why I Get So Irked When The Race Hustlers Scream Racism At Cops
  144. So many good things in this article-- Makes me proud to live where I do
  145. So what is it with Americans joining up with ISIS?
  146. Mass Murders Twenty Miles From My House
  147. WWII Vet to be returned for burial after 70 years on Saipan
  148. It's only a matter of time
  149. Table for the Fallen
  150. Body Armor Did not help this Bad Guy
  151. HR 218/LEOSA help needed
  152. Forty Million Dollar Lawsuit Filed In Ferguson
  153. CNN Story About Cops Shooting Under Stress
  154. Ugly-COPS show in Omaha- 2 dead
  155. Ferguson Grand Jury Deciding Whether to Indict Officer Darren Wilson - What It Means
  156. Awful: Texas Police Chief Killed During Traffic Stop
  157. LEO from St Loius suspended after speech
  158. State Militia
  159. Principles of good policing (1829)
  160. Marine Veteran writes letter to ISIS
  161. More than just Sheriffs?
  162. LEO calls out Ferguson Capt in an open letter
  163. ISIS crimes against humanity
  164. How win a gunfight old school style or vintage FBI
  165. Man, did THIS screw up my morning commute...
  166. This is what a street smart detective (and his partner) looks like.
  167. OIS near my neck of the woods early this AM
  168. Congressman wants to curb military surplus program
  169. Waiting While Black
  170. Bloomburg Fail - Progun Sherif wins!
  171. Officer Jason Gates Saves Life Of Choking Woman During Traffic Stop
  172. Felony Burglary
  173. We have 2 much law with homeland
  174. Going it alone: Single deputy patrols 1,000 square miles of Brooks County, TX
  175. New way to cross the border ???
  176. AP bullets used on LEO
  177. ISIS says they will raise the flag of Allah in the White House
  178. And you think youu had a tough day - Albuquerque Cops Chase down " Cop Killer
  179. Ugly - Shotgun falls off cop bike, chaos ensues
  180. Bedrooms of the Fallen
  181. Heroism Doesn't Come Easy-Dealing With PTSD
  182. LEOSA is one step closer for Army MPs.
  183. St. Paul LEO shot and killed, shooter still at large
  184. Shoot-out In New York City
  185. FBI hiring from troopers?
  186. Carry At Veterans National Cemetery, Houston, TX
  187. Is isolation that wrong
  188. John Stossels Opinion
  189. Retired IMPD officer shoots robbery suspect
  190. Staff Sgt. Ryan Pitts - Medal of Honor
  191. Why Chicago Gun Prohibitions Will Never Work
  192. Portsmouth VA: Resident vindicated after shooting at LEO(s)...
  193. Glorifying A Cop Killer
  194. SOF prefers 9mm over .45.
  195. NJ LEO shot and killed
  196. Can a town be taken back?
  197. Food City Salute
  198. UPDATE: an officer lost his life....
  199. Wildland shooting fires
  200. Bad: an officer lost his life last night
  201. Military Members Become US Citizens.
  202. Weapon Mounted Lights and a Dirty Little Police Secret
  203. Military Getting NEW Handgun Caliber Unknown
  204. handcuffs, tazer and ccw
  205. Bystanders help officer take down a suspect
  206. 7 Reasons Why Cops Choose the 9mm Over the .40
  207. Mass. SWAT Teams Claim They Are Private Corporations????
  208. Amy Adams Gives First Class Airplane Seat to American Soldier
  209. How you can Delete/Blur Google Street View Images of where you live, worth the effort
  210. Private security replacing or supplementing the police.
  211. Call 911, forced to hang up, call back and get put on hold
  212. Riot control drone armed with paintballs and pepper spray hits market
  213. Kyle Carpenter receives Medal of Honor
  214. Class act by Chic-fil-a for Vegas officer funeral
  215. Baltimore Cop Slashes Dog's Throat......
  216. Aljazeera Doesn't Like the NRA
  217. Fairchild Air Force Base Shootings Were 20 Years Ago This Friday
  218. Obama told of Veterans Affairs health care debacle as far back as 2008
  219. Opinion - DHS America's New Standing Army
  220. Federal LEOs moving amidst agencies
  221. A question for your LEOS on bad guys in armor or with "automatic rifles"
  222. Not good news.........
  223. How to become LEO
  224. Active Shooter response Training
  225. Iraq is already down for the count
  226. Us army
  227. Ugly gorilla
  228. Dom Rasso for NRA News
  229. LEO who support the 2A Rights of US Citizens; you are TRAITORS!
  230. Nothing Like Citing Bloomberg as Your Source
  231. Marcus Luttrell's take on Bergdahl
  232. Over 7000 Officers Attend Murdered RCMP Members Memorial Service Today.
  233. A Determined, Ruthless Enemy
  234. More Senseless Killing
  235. Iraqi Air Force to get F-16's
  236. This is weird two cops killed in very strange shooting ??
  237. 70 Years Ago Today - The Price of Freedom
  238. Veteran Disappears From Nursing Home, Turns Up In Normandy.
  239. Deputy Shot at Forsyth County Courthouse
  240. D-Day through the eyes of a survivor
  241. Trooper shot in face still able to stop the threat
  242. A "real" hero passes on
  243. Should LE be allowed to shoot fleeing suspects?
  244. Prayers for an officer down
  245. 'Fair is Fair' - MA State Troopers Slobbered with Kisses!
  246. Bowe Bergdahl - Hero or ???
  247. Officer Mike Todd, shot in the face could use some help
  248. US soldier freed from captivity in Afghanistan
  249. Knife Amnesty!
  250. Another "No Knock Warrant" gone bad