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  1. War On Terror: War Heroes Series
  2. Police can confiscate issued gear in my car?
  3. Deadly shootout after routine traffic stop
  4. U.S. Army Purchases Riot Gear As Fears Over Civil Unrest Grow
  5. Police K9's, Pursuits, and Multitasking
  6. Homeland security and ICE
  7. Bloomberg suggests cops go on strike nationwide
  8. Armed Security: Liability Carrying Your Own Firearm?
  9. Was SFC sold out to appease Afghans?
  10. Colt wins the MARSOC (CQBP) contract
  11. EMP weapons. The most likely SHTF scenario?
  12. Mich. cop shot 5 times tells off judge
  13. My Local Prosecutor Dropped The Ball!
  14. Charlie Sheen Promises $1 Miilion to U.S.O.
  15. Anyone had experience with a TSA Viper Team?
  16. Calling 911 question.
  17. LE encounter and wrongfully being asked to disarm
  18. Futuristic Looking Plate Carrier
  19. Columbia Police Department, SC switching to 9mm FNs from .45 Sigs
  20. "Study finds stray-bullet shootings frequently harm women and children"
  21. Heading home again, so to speak
  22. Police Scanner Question
  23. PCS to Scott AFB, IL?
  24. National Guard members
  25. Home owner shoots home invader.
  26. 5 soldiers wounded by someone in Afghan Army uniform
  27. Aggies Build Human Wall to Keep Westboro Baptist Church from Protesting Funeral
  28. America is my name
  29. SOG FastHawk Police Review
  30. Is there an "insurgency" building on our front porch?
  31. Homeland Security instructions to 'run away' and 'hide' from gunmen
  32. Shooting on Fort Bragg
  33. /border-patrol-union-
  34. One year ago today
  35. Why Police Never Smile
  36. Stolen Valor Act is Struck Down by Supreme Court
  37. H&K MP5: The Best CQB Weapon I’ve Ever Kicked to the Curb
  38. "New and rare footage" WWII in colour documentary
  39. Expunged arrest record and becoming a LEO?
  40. Holder claim privilege, a American Family sits in jail for his crimes!
  41. For those that blame businesses for hiring illegal workers....
  42. Review: Dead Stop Equalizer Police Shields
  43. US mfg. for US military
  44. Immediate need for training instructors!
  45. First LEO stop while carrying – twice in 1 night
  46. ND inside police station
  47. Personal mini airshow!
  48. A True Hero...MSG Roy Benavidez..His Speech in 1991
  49. DoD suspends free weapons to LE agencies program
  50. Army Reverses P-Mag Decision and allows use...
  51. FBI (finally) return guns to acquited
  52. Army Chief of Staff Argues to Use Army for Domestic Enforcement - no Posse Comitatus
  53. Police Limit Comic
  54. 5 dead bodies found south of Phoenix
  55. Triple homicide 2 miles from my house
  56. Deputy U.S. Marshal Exam
  57. A question of etiquette
  58. Grinnin', Dusty, Fightin' Men
  59. Chris Hayes: I'm 'Uncomfortable' Calling Fallen Military 'Heroes'
  60. Remember Our POW/MIA Warriors this Memorial Day
  61. Thank You
  62. Memorial Day...Remember the Ultimate Sacrifice of Heroes
  63. The peak of stupidity!Are we ever gonna learn?
  64. Memorial Tribute To Fallen US Military EOD Troops
  65. A somber feeling watching your former home burn on the news
  66. Dying 12 year old boy sworn in
  67. 100 Years of Marine Corps Aviation
  68. Shot Suspect Keeps Beating Officer....
  69. Flying with your Firearm in Checked Luggage
  70. A Tribute to Vietnam Veterans...The Vietnam Version of "Before You Go"
  71. Hard Armor Insert
  72. Fla undercover cop shoots kid at family business
  73. Firearms in courtrooms
  74. Six year anniversary of a contractor killed in Afghanistan
  75. Need some LE Advice.
  76. National Police Week!
  77. Drug Wars....how long before we have stuff like this here?
  78. TSA find disassembled gun in 4 yr old's stuff animals
  79. Three ICE Agents Shot in California
  80. USS Arizona Memorial, Eternal Peace
  81. Shoot a LEO in the D, get "only" 14 yrs.
  82. "The Red,White and Blue"
  83. USMC Discharges Sgt. For Criticism of POTUS on Facebook
  84. Going to Trojan Security school in Arkansas in June
  85. 2 Dead in officer involved shooting
  86. TSA gone wild...uh, I mean, stupid
  87. Another new role in the squadron
  88. Chemical Detector for Haz-Mat and Meth Lab
  89. CO or LEO?
  90. Curahee!
  91. Bad, bad day...
  92. 2 US Coast Guardsmen Murdered On Base In Kodiak AK
  93. Dangers of Chemical Suicide Response
  94. This is the guy your mother warned you about
  95. How would you answer the last question in this survey
  96. SC constable busted for being armed in DC
  97. America's Most Wanted All-Star Nominee Detective Brandon Moore
  98. China Rising: The Economist
  99. Straw Buyers From Fast and Furious Plead Guilty
  100. Contract police forces?
  101. al-qaeda web sites going down.
  102. Soldier gives life saving an Afghan child
  103. LEO Take on the Charter Arms .40 S&W Pitbull
  104. New Mexico Navajo Nation
  105. Turning by degrees
  106. New 2012 Executive Order signed by president
  107. Man Caught At Airport With Four Guns
  108. Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie and the Rescue of Roger Locher
  109. Marines Land In Syria
  110. DHS orders 450 million rounds
  111. TroopSwap (a "Living Social for military personnel")
  112. TSA's backscatter X-Ray defeated by pockets...
  113. LEO stuck in bad weather
  114. Suicide by Cop
  115. Video Released of LEO being shot...
  116. SECDEF visits the battle zone, US soldiers DISARMED to be in his presence....
  117. Blog Post on Warrants and the Fourth Amendment
  118. "Tasered" twice = cardiac arrest?
  119. Border Patrol Agents fired on in South Texas from Mexico
  120. New findings from FBI about cop attackers & their weapons...
  121. Mexico's Calderon Posts Gun-Free Zone
  122. OH School Shooting: Question for LEO's
  123. Sign of the times? Wyoming House advances "Doomsday Bill"
  124. Bad/Good - Louisville Metro PD Officer Shot - Saved by Badge & Vest
  125. Has Law Enforcement given up on the shotgun?
  126. Washington Officer Killed
  127. BAD: 7 Marines Die in Mid-air Collision
  128. Shot from Mexico strikes El Paso Tx woman
  129. Holder's DOJ Abandons Case Against Military Suppliers Including S&W
  130. Apparently, things are not going so well with ICE.....
  131. Very good read on upcoming SCOTUS Stolen Valor Act case
  132. Stratfor Article: Meth and Mexico and TCO's
  133. Received in an Email... The Last 6 Seconds
  134. Mesa officer kills man holding woman hostage
  135. What if drugs went away?
  136. Floridia Deputy Shot and Killed....
  137. Have any of you seen this?
  138. Scottsdale police officer involved in 7 on duty shootings since 2002
  139. Fort Bliss soldiers deploy to border
  140. Update: MCSD
  141. Call the VA crisis line -- get tried for weapons charges that could carry 40 sentence
  142. BAD: ICE Agent Killed. By another Agent?
  143. Calling All Police Nerds
  144. Automated Door Unlock when placed in Park FEATURE?
  145. For Our Veterans
  146. German court sentences killer of airmen from Va., S.C., to life
  147. Post-traumatic stress disorder Marine found after 2 days in snow
  148. Executing Fugitive warrant nets more than expected
  149. Safest Cities Based on Three Criteria
  150. Hackers Post Personal Police Information
  151. TSA - Removed!!!! Potentially.
  152. Marshals Service Finally Gonna Hire via the Exam Process
  153. More South Border Fun and Games
  154. Not good -- Report on Federal Air Marshal Service
  155. NEW Cincinnati Police Department Policy? Really??
  156. Ever wonder why some LEOs and prosecutors get discouraged?
  157. Westboro Baptist protesters hit Willis Marine’s funeral
  158. NBFSN praises Joshua Tremaine Jones, police officer killer
  159. Thought you LEO's might want to see this
  160. Police shootings all over the valley this weekend
  161. Houston Texas area Gun Stores burglarized 274 guns stolen
  162. Undercover drug bust goes south
  163. Act of terrorism thwarted?
  164. Somalian Raid Frees Hostages!
  165. M24 SWS 25th Anniversary Sales Honor Military Veterans
  166. Full Video: El Cajon Officer Shot in Neck
  167. Co-workers attitudes & professionalism
  168. SCOTUS GPS Ruling
  169. Academy Starts today!!!
  170. One of the most blatent thefts yet
  171. Another South Border horror story
  172. On-duty NYPD LEO shoots himself in face after cell phone argument with GF
  173. Ft Hood was just "workplace violence"
  174. Afghanistan War Cost Rise...
  175. TSA Misses Loaded Handgun.....
  176. Backup holster
  177. What are the capabilities of those Iranian speedboats?
  178. Texas DPS Gunboats..... Oh Yeah !
  179. Ex-college student receives $144K settlement
  180. Are we after 9/11 and after US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan
  181. Obama administration says Constitution protects cell phone recordings
  182. Newark NJ offering reward for informing on guns
  183. Pirates take on Spanish warship, epic fail.
  184. I Don't Have Many Heroes, But Here Is One
  185. U.S. Agents Helped Mexican and Colombian Drug Traffickers Launder Millions
  186. Assaults Up 150%, Sexual Assaults Up 300%
  187. USMC Snipers May Be In Trouble
  188. Police Deaths Trigger Training Review........
  189. TSA defends cupcake confiscation
  190. Is there a good solution to problems associated with "No Knock" warrants?
  191. Arizona Deputy Shot And Killed....
  192. Heading to Sniper school next month
  193. 13 hour Police shifts?
  194. 6 Officers shot (5 wounded 1 KIA) in Utah tonight
  195. student killed by police had a pellet gun
  196. chicago officer killed.
  197. Former deputy pleads guilty to sex charges
  198. Iran runs off carrier?
  199. Friendly Fire Fatality......
  200. Park Ranger killed
  201. Accepted to MCSD
  202. If you were only able to pick 1 of 3 weapons for duty use, what would it be?
  203. LEO Fatalities Up 13% in 2011........
  204. ATF no longer require sellers to obtain proof from foreign buyers
  205. How does one return items that belonged to KIA Vietnam era service members?
  206. Seminole County, FL SO motor officer killed in crash
  207. Merry Christmas to our brave men and women in uniform
  208. Watching "Alaska State Troopers", noticed a subject handcuffed in front...
  209. Does TSA Make Anyone Else Not Want to Fly This Holiday Season??
  210. Local officer/friend killed in line of duty
  211. ICE refuses to take illegals........
  212. Sniper Detectors ?
  213. 2011 West Virginia Marching Band Armed Service Tribute
  214. When seconds count...
  215. Cops Ready For War.....
  216. police becoming militarized
  217. More Reason Too CCING Cop Kill In Shooting
  218. Florida Officer Critical..Suspect Arrested......
  219. Officer Down
  220. Kim Jong Il dead
  221. Excessive Rules and Regulations Anyone? Excessive Police Powers?
  222. The War in Iraq is over - or is it?
  223. War in Iraq over...
  224. The Human Side Of A Cop........
  225. police chief shoots unarmed man and gets off
  226. Hope this isn't true
  227. NYPD PO Killed LOD
  228. Officer Down.
  229. Ruger Marine Sniper
  230. Houston PD attains ISO 9001 certification
  231. Inadvertent TSA Airport Test - and FAIL!
  232. Anyone here, particulary AF, served at the Manas Transit Center?
  233. Friendly fire... now we need TSA at train stations
  234. My wife is training now to become a C.O. and need help for her uniform and such.
  235. Taser
  236. Appeals Court Unanimously Affirms Right to Videotape Police
  237. What is the deal here. Sheriffs and other LEO agencies are now considered DHS?!?
  238. Scanners and Pursuits
  239. Some coments on the 2012 NDAA
  240. the border war
  241. ANOTHER newbie question...kind of long
  242. Why does Tampa Bay need an APC/tank?
  243. Police advice.
  244. Terror suspect arrested in New York
  245. I don't know what to make of this...
  246. Jury Reccomends Death For Cop Killer........
  247. You never knew, but you made a difference
  248. One finally sees the light!
  249. The tone of this covergage / headline frosts me...
  250. police