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  1. Post-traumatic stress disorder Marine found after 2 days in snow
  2. Executing Fugitive warrant nets more than expected
  3. Safest Cities Based on Three Criteria
  4. Hackers Post Personal Police Information
  5. TSA - Removed!!!! Potentially.
  6. Marshals Service Finally Gonna Hire via the Exam Process
  7. More South Border Fun and Games
  8. Not good -- Report on Federal Air Marshal Service
  9. NEW Cincinnati Police Department Policy? Really??
  10. Ever wonder why some LEOs and prosecutors get discouraged?
  11. Westboro Baptist protesters hit Willis Marine’s funeral
  12. NBFSN praises Joshua Tremaine Jones, police officer killer
  13. Thought you LEO's might want to see this
  14. Police shootings all over the valley this weekend
  15. Houston Texas area Gun Stores burglarized 274 guns stolen
  16. Undercover drug bust goes south
  17. Act of terrorism thwarted?
  18. Somalian Raid Frees Hostages!
  19. M24 SWS 25th Anniversary Sales Honor Military Veterans
  20. Full Video: El Cajon Officer Shot in Neck
  21. Co-workers attitudes & professionalism
  22. SCOTUS GPS Ruling
  23. Academy Starts today!!!
  24. One of the most blatent thefts yet
  25. Another South Border horror story
  26. On-duty NYPD LEO shoots himself in face after cell phone argument with GF
  27. Ft Hood was just "workplace violence"
  28. Afghanistan War Cost Rise...
  29. TSA Misses Loaded Handgun.....
  30. Backup holster
  31. What are the capabilities of those Iranian speedboats?
  32. Texas DPS Gunboats..... Oh Yeah !
  33. Ex-college student receives $144K settlement
  34. Are we after 9/11 and after US presence in Iraq and Afghanistan
  35. Obama administration says Constitution protects cell phone recordings
  36. Newark NJ offering reward for informing on guns
  37. Pirates take on Spanish warship, epic fail.
  38. I Don't Have Many Heroes, But Here Is One
  39. U.S. Agents Helped Mexican and Colombian Drug Traffickers Launder Millions
  40. Assaults Up 150%, Sexual Assaults Up 300%
  41. USMC Snipers May Be In Trouble
  42. Police Deaths Trigger Training Review........
  43. TSA defends cupcake confiscation
  44. Is there a good solution to problems associated with "No Knock" warrants?
  45. Arizona Deputy Shot And Killed....
  46. Heading to Sniper school next month
  47. 13 hour Police shifts?
  48. 6 Officers shot (5 wounded 1 KIA) in Utah tonight
  49. student killed by police had a pellet gun
  50. chicago officer killed.
  51. Former deputy pleads guilty to sex charges
  52. Iran runs off carrier?
  53. Friendly Fire Fatality......
  54. Park Ranger killed
  55. Accepted to MCSD
  56. If you were only able to pick 1 of 3 weapons for duty use, what would it be?
  57. LEO Fatalities Up 13% in 2011........
  58. ATF no longer require sellers to obtain proof from foreign buyers
  59. How does one return items that belonged to KIA Vietnam era service members?
  60. Seminole County, FL SO motor officer killed in crash
  61. Merry Christmas to our brave men and women in uniform
  62. Watching "Alaska State Troopers", noticed a subject handcuffed in front...
  63. Does TSA Make Anyone Else Not Want to Fly This Holiday Season??
  64. Local officer/friend killed in line of duty
  65. ICE refuses to take illegals........
  66. Sniper Detectors ?
  67. 2011 West Virginia Marching Band Armed Service Tribute
  68. When seconds count...
  69. Cops Ready For War.....
  70. police becoming militarized
  71. More Reason Too CCING Cop Kill In Shooting
  72. Florida Officer Critical..Suspect Arrested......
  73. Officer Down
  74. Kim Jong Il dead
  75. Excessive Rules and Regulations Anyone? Excessive Police Powers?
  76. The War in Iraq is over - or is it?
  77. War in Iraq over...
  78. The Human Side Of A Cop........
  79. police chief shoots unarmed man and gets off
  80. Hope this isn't true
  81. NYPD PO Killed LOD
  82. Officer Down.
  83. Ruger Marine Sniper
  84. Houston PD attains ISO 9001 certification
  85. Inadvertent TSA Airport Test - and FAIL!
  86. Anyone here, particulary AF, served at the Manas Transit Center?
  87. Friendly fire... now we need TSA at train stations
  88. My wife is training now to become a C.O. and need help for her uniform and such.
  89. Taser
  90. Appeals Court Unanimously Affirms Right to Videotape Police
  91. What is the deal here. Sheriffs and other LEO agencies are now considered DHS?!?
  92. Scanners and Pursuits
  93. Some coments on the 2012 NDAA
  94. the border war
  95. ANOTHER newbie question...kind of long
  96. Why does Tampa Bay need an APC/tank?
  97. Police advice.
  98. Terror suspect arrested in New York
  99. I don't know what to make of this...
  100. Jury Reccomends Death For Cop Killer........
  101. You never knew, but you made a difference
  102. One finally sees the light!
  103. The tone of this covergage / headline frosts me...
  104. police
  105. Former police chief still recovering from 2008 shooting
  106. Stupid terms we use.
  107. Miami Cop Attempts To Kill His Partner
  108. Thank You to LEOs
  109. Bad cop
  110. Thanks to all the Veterans on Veterans Day
  111. Officer on Duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Silences Crowd After Laughter
  112. Happy Birthday United States Marine Corps !!!!
  113. okay, some don't have a problem...
  114. Holder: 'Fast and Furious' tactics will not be tolerated
  115. Crown Vics
  116. The Moving Wall RVN Memorial
  117. Women on submarines as soon as next week...sorry not a fan
  118. With Veterans Day 2011 fast approaching...
  119. So, now the Jack-booted-thugs we know as TSA...
  120. The Capitol Gang that Couldn't Run Guns Straight
  121. Occupy Wallstreet...Could this be a threat?
  122. Border agent sent to prison for "violating rights" of drug smuggler.
  123. Local Deputy shot by Drug Cartel members
  124. Spartanburg, SC Sheriff news conference
  125. Delivered for a serving of justice
  126. LEO's on the Range
  127. Local PD Getting Their New Cruisers In....hotness inside...
  128. If Only The Police Carried Firearms......
  129. Conservative Party USA on "Operation Fast and Furious".
  130. Question regarding gun control – on the streets
  131. Teenagers Airsoft & Police
  132. In Berlin Now
  133. Thousands of veterans homeless while restricted VA housing for them.
  134. Class Warfare the new threat?
  135. Flash Robs
  136. 3 officer involved shootings in 5 days
  137. Man In Wheelchair Points Gun At Police...
  138. Hotdog Vendor Sells UC Cops Guns....
  139. Protection of Veteran rights...
  140. West MI LEO killed in shootout
  141. TSA employee brings gun to work
  142. "Fast and Furious" weapons found in Mexican cartel home
  143. Bet this didn't make National News
  144. law enforcement dispatchers
  145. Where are the Secret Service?
  146. Off Duty Officer Stops Robbery......
  147. RIP Officer Riches
  148. Glock LEO/Military Sales prices
  149. ARRRRRGH! This is WHY!
  150. Well I was certified today for the X26
  151. MY CCW friend pulled over by cops.. unusual LEO encounter. What would you do?
  152. Fla Executes Cop Killer....
  153. Recruit kicked out for no reason? Suggestions on better Security Companies?
  154. LE or PI help
  155. Tax payers paid for "Fast and Furious"
  156. NYPD Chief claims ability to "take down a plane." What caliber for Boeing???
  157. Gangs
  158. 3 Lake City Officers Shot......
  159. Shot Spotter comes to Rocky Mount NC
  160. Arkansas Courthouse Shooting Video.....
  161. Questioned By Local Police For Being A Responsible Citizen
  162. A Sad State of Affairs...
  163. Traditional police line-ups don't work, only 25% get it right.
  164. Moving and shooting
  165. Delaware Officer Stabbed To Death....
  166. Carrying Credentials
  167. To those covered by H.R. 218
  168. Ammo missing from Ft. Bragg
  169. Warrior Song......Semper Fi
  170. Questions for the LEOs here.
  171. First 9/11 "Lone Jihad Gunman" surfaces Sept. 8 in Missouri on a Greyhound.
  172. Thank you for your service
  173. More ATF Sting Guns Found In US.......
  174. The Battle for Marjah
  175. filming police in MA
  176. The 9/11 Revolver...
  177. I was just curious...
  178. A soldier's story
  179. Cop Kicked Out Of Coffee Shop
  180. Canton, OH LEO Harlass up on charges
  181. Portable radios
  182. Negligent Firearms Discharge....
  183. The Lone Marine
  184. Ambush Attacks Increasing......
  185. Is it possible to obtain a concealed carry permit with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  186. CCSO deputy confirms assault allegation
  187. Vermont LEOs
  188. Army looking at getting rid of M9
  189. Run in with one of Rock Hill PDs Narcotics Teams.
  190. Detroit Police: Guns for cash
  191. campaign hats/covers
  192. Al U Deid
  193. Fla. Cop Killer Can Be Executed......
  194. What WROL looks like with guns
  195. My life plans...
  196. Had a question.
  197. 1911
  198. Flash Mobs pose challenge to police....
  199. Officer Henwood....
  200. HBO DOCUMENTARY "GUN FIGHT" Opt in your opinion
  201. Noteworthy drug bust in Pontiac, MI
  202. Taliban, criminals get $360 million from US taxes
  203. oath keepers
  204. ATF doubles down.
  205. WROL???
  206. "I'm commandeering your vehicle for official Police business!"
  207. Bionic Soldiers, the future is now!!
  208. When the lord was creating vietnam vets
  209. Just curious
  210. Is this legal? Active Duty Military training for operations inside the US.
  211. San Diego Shot and Killed.....
  212. London Police Shooting and Riots.....
  213. Sad: Helicopter shot down in Afghanistan, more then 2 dozen killed
  214. Canadian Rangers To Replace Lee Enfields.
  215. Mid- year officer fatalities report
  216. Nicknames/locations.
  217. Serpa level III Duty Holster issues
  218. Slain Chandler Officer's widow begs for higher bond
  219. The Little Kid Wanted To Be A Cop - But, That Just Didn't Fit The CBS Agenda.
  220. requesting Advice from our retired military here
  221. Need advice from the LEO's here
  222. What vest do you rock?
  223. Ga. Deputy Shot and Killed......
  224. Arizona launches site to raise money for border fence
  225. SF Police Shooting Video.....
  226. Woman accused of groping TSA agent in Arizona
  227. D.C. Firefighters to patrol high crime areas....
  228. Gary Sinise and the Lt Dan Band - Movie following their USO tours
  229. Interesting Article
  230. Kudos to Memphis Police: not so much for Delta Airlines
  231. A new beginning.........
  232. Army Laser Cannon Won’t Be Ready Until 2017
  233. TSA: Terrorists may implant bombs in humans
  234. Knock knoick! Who's there? Seal Team 6
  235. People not trusting cops
  236. Three KIA, Three WIA in Rocket Attack
  237. Uniform Shirts
  238. Police Officers Find Tiny Pocket Cams Are 'Silent Partners'
  239. Last Viet Nam-era draftee is Retiring from Army
  240. Travel to Nuevo Laredo
  241. REMEMBER ME... a film by Lizzie Palmer
  242. Four Robbery Suspects Killed In Miami/Dade.....
  243. Mexican troops cross border into US
  244. Project Gunrunner whistleblower Vince Cefalu: Fired
  245. Is this a Federal offense???
  246. Looking for Guard unit to deploy with late 2011-2012
  247. The Dog That Cornered Osama Bin Laden
  248. defenseless Marines
  249. This is Andrew Traver
  250. Rules of Engagement