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  1. DeJa Vu all over again - DHS employee spends spare time promoting race war
  2. Speaking to an LEO
  3. Wild Bill On The Militarization Of Police
  4. Bad and Ugly: You cant fix stupid, but you can take its badge and gun away.....
  5. Pics of new (first) SIG duty gun
  6. North Carolina troopers to replace nearly 2,000 guns
  7. Fake seals exposed.
  8. so i was watching cops today
  9. 1970s U.S. Army Airborne Recruiting Video
  10. Police dog left in car by officer and dies
  11. MWAG on Campus? No, It's a Cell Phone
  12. Police Lose M-16
  13. Just ordered a new duty weapon
  14. Philadelphia Police Officer Shot below vest
  15. NYC's Stop-And-Frisk Takes a Hit
  16. Florida cop killer shot 68 times
  17. does anyone know why the feds....
  18. Seizure of a legally concealed and/or carried firearm during a traffic stop?
  19. Neighbors upset over upside down flag...
  20. Maricopa County Deputies now required to carry carbines 24/7
  21. Texas HP Doing Unwarrented Cavity Searches
  22. Charlotte Co Deputy killed
  23. LEO tips on wearing "bullet proof" vests.
  24. DEA Special Operations Division Covers Up Surveillance Used To Investigate Americans
  25. Cellphones Have "Fingerprints"
  26. Kessler AFB Biloxi MS now selling guns
  27. Loudoun Co Sheriff Deputy's Costco shooting ruled justified - This is what they face!
  28. If You Aren't Paranoid, You Aren't Paying Attention
  29. Mushrooms make teen super human
  30. The militarization of domestic police forces.
  31. New gadget from Ford to protect LEOs. new surveillance system for police cars
  32. Looks like we lost another Great One - RIP Col. Bud Day
  33. New head of DHS - CBC
  34. The Mob Has A Mind of Its Own
  35. DCPSPD Officer on Trial
  36. "Minority Report?" Not quite....
  37. Texas State Guard
  38. Any Camp Lejeune Marines here? (or former)
  39. Private contractors
  40. Return to BLACK HAWK DOWN! WOW
  41. Operation Vigilant Eagle - Passing thoughts?
  42. Wrong home N.K.(?) warrant... Armed homeowner...
  43. Are We Responsible For A Domestic Arms Race With Our Local LEOs?
  44. Veteran returns to North Korea to find remains of fellow aviator
  45. Police interactions in chart form
  46. The Murder of Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller
  47. Just thinking
  48. House Committee Demands Answers From DOJ About Ft. Hood Shooter
  49. FBI Purges References to Islam/Jihad From Training Materials
  50. Off-Duty Cop Pulls Gun On Gas Station Clerk
  51. DOJ Wants Your Help In Zimmerman Case
  52. Leo question, speeding
  53. Finally! A NYC gun law does some good.
  54. Military and Florida concealed carry permits
  55. Officer Ellis Rifle Raffle Winner Announcement - Video (God Speed)
  56. Homeland Security
  57. The Nidal Hasan trial
  58. Police Force Militarization
  59. U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer initiation abolished
  60. TSA experience
  61. Police Officer's Final Act of Kindness Caught on Tape Before Dying
  62. Another Fast and Furious Gun used to kill a Police Chief
  63. Conserving the peace
  64. How To Thank A Soldier
  65. LEOSA in NY under new "SAFE Act"
  66. Canadians Outraged After Flooding Prompts Involuntary Firearm Confiscation
  67. My Town Targeted In Pressure Cooker Bombing Attempt!! (No Joke)
  68. Russian troops in U.S.
  69. LEOs sued for shooting Bow Wow
  70. Ever Wonder What a Drone sees from 17500 feet above? Check it out
  71. Judge: Obama Comments 'Unlawful Command Influence'
  72. New proposed bill in NYC "blindfolds" police
  73. "Drop your weapon!"
  74. Thought this was going to be a case of "Glock Leg"
  75. Shots Fired in Milwaukee Casino
  76. M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round (EPR)
  77. NYC and Bloomberg on the ropes again
  78. DHS - Givin' new meaning to a tax audit by the IRS!
  79. Need some law enforcement advice
  80. More craziness from California
  81. Milwaukee Police using "ShotSpotter" technology
  82. "Workplace Violence" at Fort Sam Houston
  83. Loaded gun on display.
  84. Edward Snowden, NSA source of leaked info
  85. The hits just keep rolling in, Boundless Informant, the latest NSA tool to be outed
  86. IG report May 2013: DOJ harboring and losing terrorists
  87. Kern County, CA: Citizens Recording of LEO and a case example of over stepping
  88. Stupid Zero Tolerance Policies Criminalize Kids
  89. NSA collecting ALL Verizon customer records
  90. America are you ready
  91. Navy scraps car stickers to thwart crime and terrorism
  92. Obama signs stolen valor act
  93. A fine offhand shot by former Ranger
  94. Homeland Security= Watch Words
  95. NYC gun ban doesn't seem to be working very well...
  96. Coordinated plans in the event of martial law or mass civil unrest?
  97. DHS "Police"
  98. Frog Dog
  99. Officer Ellis's Dog says goodbye
  100. Odd S.W.A.T. observation today
  101. Spotting Signs of Stolen Valor
  102. Kentucky LEO shot in ambush on off ramp.
  103. Memorial Day and comic strips
  104. Honoring Vets
  105. Memorial Day......
  106. FBI Investigating LA's SWAT Team for Illegal Gun Sales - Side Cash Deals on Weapons
  107. Let us not forget all of those families left behind
  108. Say thanks to the generation before you
  109. Finished Reserve Law Enforcement Academy tonight
  110. Our National Anthem - How does it affect you?
  111. In Memory of 19 Fallen Marines
  112. New Memorial Day Tradition
  113. Video of Montague (TX) Deputy Shooting Released
  114. ????Cops Being Trained That Cell Phones Could Be Guns - Want LEO Input Please.
  115. Lucky deputy...
  116. Colorado sheriffs sue over gun restrictions...
  117. Two FBI agents with Hostage Rescue Team killed in training accident
  118. Hofstra student shot by LEO...
  119. Police Shooting.....
  120. New Department of Defense Rule Allows Military to Override Local Authorities
  121. Police Chief Asks Citizens for Ammo
  122. May 15 - Peace Officers Memorial Day
  123. LEO gets shot with his cruiser's AR 15
  124. Trespassers caught at reservoir.
  125. Cops targeted in Chicago
  126. Range Report from Reserve Academy
  127. Suspect Ambushes Officers and is Killed in Shootout.....
  128. NRA Video with some border Sheriffs
  129. Bad guy pulls gun while in the back of police car
  130. Need info about Georgia BCOT (Basic Correctional Officer Training) if anyone can help
  131. 5 Fort Bliss soldiers killed in Afghanistan 4 May 2013
  132. DHS Survey
  133. Stupid - AK-47-Wielding Gunman Fires 37 Times at Shocked Cops - Ohio
  134. Amnesty Bill National ID Card
  135. Lessons learned and lingering questions--seeking input
  136. IED found in Austin TX office park, failed detonation.
  137. If hes a Hero, She must be an Angel!!
  138. Boston Bomber's Friends
  139. 3 new suspects arrested in Boston bombing
  140. Judy Clark will defend the Boston Bomber ....nice client list Judy
  141. Silly, silly...
  142. Skills maintenance
  143. Prime example of why we bought guns...
  144. court security officers being armed
  145. We should be ashamed
  146. Valor, devotion brought Watertown drama to end
  147. Ammunition Management for More Obtainability (AMMO) Act of 2013
  148. Smartphone App Triangulates Sniper Fire
  149. What are your thoughts on the DOJ stopping the FBI interview?
  150. DHS officials deny allegations the department is ‘hoarding’ bullets
  151. Chicago: No guns and now featuring no police!
  152. Border Security..........
  153. This is really sorry
  154. May We Continue To Demand Answers.........
  155. 1936 LASD Exhibition Shooting Film..........
  156. Typical LEO Loadout
  157. Good arguement for background checks
  158. Police perform raids/Watertown,MA/ripping innocent families
  159. A very brief partial synopsis of political bombings in the US
  160. CRAFT International Present at Boston bombing
  161. Israeli Doctors Are Treating Boston Bombing Suspect: New Details on His Condition
  162. The LEO's involved in the Terrorist manhunt deserve better than what I've seen here
  163. What would you have done if you were in charge in Boston?
  164. People who support our Second Amendment rights, but don't seem to remember any others
  165. Boston Bombers Citizenship?
  166. Boston Perps Parental Puke
  167. Is this prep for things to come?
  168. Exigent Circumstances
  169. Police Department RESERVES
  170. Put Bomber #2 on Ten Most Wanted?
  171. The Doolittle Raid April 18th 1942, the last reunion
  172. Arrest Made!
  173. Boston Bombers revealed??? What do you guys think?
  174. Why Do They Always Mention Waco and Oklahoma City April 19 Anniversaries
  175. Breaking: Bomb attack on Boston Marathon
  176. Arrested and charged with "rudely displaying a rifle"?
  177. What is their legacy?
  178. Tom Threepersons; Last of the old west lawmen 1889-1969
  179. law enforcment survey
  180. I Have Never Arrested An NRA Member
  181. Something Glockman Mentioned on Another Thread-Jelly Bean Bryce
  182. Veterans...BEWARE of Health Survey
  183. Still not as cool as Sixto
  184. I know where to get some AR15s
  185. Missouri Names CCW Permit Holders To Feds
  186. PoliceOne's Gun Control Survey: 11 key lessons from officers' perspectives (MERGED)
  187. Held at gunpoint by police (happy ending!)
  188. Apple's iMessage is the DEA's worst nightmare
  189. law question
  190. ATF Seeks "Massive" Database of Personal Info (MERGED)
  191. Border Patrol out of Ammo?
  192. The Great DHS Ammunition Stockpile Myth
  193. Colorado Sheriff Speaks Out
  194. LEO & Infantry soldier with my 1911
  195. Pinkerton would be proud!
  196. WV Law Enforcement Training for School Shooting
  197. SCCY CPX-2 Gen 2 for Off-Duty Carry
  198. Yeah, It's Political, But Wow
  199. The time to head home has come
  200. navajo cops
  201. Homeland Security Demands “Obedience” in Message to Agents
  202. Welcome Home Viet Nam Vets.
  203. VIDEO: WW II Aviator's wife learns fate of her husband
  204. What Border Problems?
  205. Heard of Roy Benavidez? MOH winner. Great read.
  206. for LEOs, your favorite BUG AND location?
  207. Article: "A Toll Paid in Blood: Warrant Service Gone Bad"
  208. Retired Army officer warns: DHS preparing for war against American citizens
  209. A note from my cousin...it's getting desperate in NY
  210. M-16 / AR-15 rifles on the battlefield: what types??
  211. Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo
  212. TSA "bomb residue" vs. GSR
  213. Big Sis (DHS) Refuses To Answer Congress On 1.6B Bullet Purchases
  214. Town police shot and killed man with knife last week.
  215. As to the Ammo shortage ! maybe it's our loving benevolent Federal Government.
  216. T.U.C.Rig — Tactical Under Carry for Equipment
  217. I think I just found my next place of employment
  218. Now You Can Take Off Your Tin Foil Hat
  219. Petition for Effective Reduction of Gun Violence
  220. Guns and grenades found in Arizonas Tonto National Forest
  221. Some L.E. (LEO) Officials Not Sold on Gun Buybacks
  222. Troops’ right to self-defense in combat zones
  223. Here we go again
  224. North Korea declares armistice invalid
  225. Brooklyn Police Kill Armed Teen
  226. The Militarization of Policing in America
  227. Felons and guns?
  228. Cop waylays woman outside club in NJ
  229. AMI Rapid Response Rifle Plate Carrier and SAPI Plate Review
  230. Terrorist caught in Portland, OR.
  231. More Drones - Holder says Obama can legally attack Americans with drones!
  232. DHS Purchase 2700 Light Armored Vehicles
  233. Dog fires gun
  234. Defense: Shooter feared for his life so he killed officer.
  235. Petition to amend LEOSA
  236. DHS Drones can tell if you're ARMED!
  237. CLARIFICATION: US Immigration check points
  238. Police setting up shop in schools
  239. USBP Pay Cuts
  240. Vance County NC Sheriff gets it
  241. Seeking LEO input
  242. Improving driving for running "hot"
  243. Our hypocritical government?
  244. Holder Holds (The Majority of) The House In Contempt
  245. Paramedics Packing Heat? One Texas Lawmaker Says Yes -
  246. Recommended reading/viewing for legislators: what would you suggest?
  247. Wounded Warriors and Medal of Honor recipient visit our FOB
  248. Now the secret service can ban the First Amendment
  249. George Zimmerman - Court of right and wrong
  250. Trayvon Martin - Court of Law