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  1. Calling all LEO's..... What led you to become a Cop?
  2. Feds and Tx Rangers intercept drug shipment,gunfire from Mexico
  3. Should Videotaping the Police Really Be a Crime?
  4. HR-218 And The Retired Officer
  5. Patriot Guard at work today.
  6. University Cop fired for responding to Officer Down
  7. Will to Win...Stay in the Fight
  8. Jihad at Home: Al Qaeda wants US Muslims to buy guns?
  9. Illinois Man Faces 75 Years for Recording LEO conversation
  10. Off duty handcuff case
  11. Just a Simple Soldier
  12. General Logan's General Order #11
  13. History of Memorial Day
  14. ATF "smoking gun" letter references White House, US Northern Command
  15. Texas State Trooper shot during traffic stop
  16. The mentality of knuckledraggers
  17. ATF- Chicago Field Division Releases Mid–Year Significant Adjudicated Investigations
  18. PHOENIX - BATFE Press Release
  19. Man Attacks Ohio Officer Inside PD
  20. Marine Stabbed - Assailant Slipped and Fell
  21. Welcome home and RIP Sgt Moreland
  22. The End of Duty for an Old Friend
  23. Ideal patrol car and how would you equip it?
  24. Most essential tool
  25. LEO accidentally shoots another LEO when canine lunges
  26. 3 Fla. Men Charge with Taliban Support
  27. The Photo Says It All.........
  28. 2 Houston Officers Shot, Suspect Dead......
  29. Combat K-9 on Bin Laden Mission...
  30. Enforcement: "Death by unfortunate incident"
  31. Last combat veteran of the first world war dies at 110
  32. Pakistani Govt Officials Condemn "Cold Blooded" Killings of Bin Laden and his Aides
  33. Remembering The Brave.......
  34. Trooper Shot, Shooter Shot By Backup....
  35. Wisconson Police Shootout....,
  36. Batbelts.
  37. Osama Bin Laden has been killed
  38. NRA to Call for Holder's Resignation Over 'Project Gunrunner' Allegations
  39. Just 6 police, 2 firetrucks, and an ambulance in front of my house busting
  40. Evacuation ? for LEOs
  41. Who'll help a true american hero be recognized?
  42. Local Motorcycle Officer Blindsided & Murdered by 56 yr old Woman During Traffic Stop
  43. Law enforcement, a fresh look.
  44. A tough topic to discuss
  45. Ride along with a K9 Deputy
  46. Miami Shootout 25 years later........
  47. No Vests No Grant Money.......
  48. BG with rifle against cop with handgun....handgun wins
  49. What is your opinion on this?
  50. Is our Libya action legal/Constitutional? Rep. Forbes needles Sec Gates
  51. Need Help for Marketing(Mil Sidearm Related)
  52. Vietnam Veterans...Welcome Home!
  53. More revenue less guns into Mexico.
  54. I am confused.
  55. SIG P220, Departmental Gun, Please Help!!!!!!!
  56. Georgia Cop Killer Caught....
  57. Concerning LEOSA
  58. Fast and accurate gunfight........
  59. One-Armed Deputy is Inspiration
  60. This weeks Stupid people News
  61. Diplomatic Security Service
  62. We lost a great Marine yesterday (Updated with news article)
  63. FHP Trooper shoots herself during training.....
  64. Some good shooting
  65. Friendly Fire Kills L.I. Cop
  66. The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.
  67. First duty station: Fort Bliss, Texas!!!
  68. Stupid People News
  69. Liam and Theo.. A soldier and his dog.
  70. Federal gun raid leaves border town without mayor, police chief
  71. LEO Mentality
  72. Talk about the job interview from hell!
  73. Two US Marshals And Local LEO Shot in St Louis
  74. Newest member of the Army... (MERGED)
  75. Should Our Officers in Mexico Be Allowed to Carry Guns?
  76. Training
  77. Border Patrol with Bean Bag Rounds????
  78. Man shot after police pursuit......
  79. Probable cause question
  80. Two US Airmen shot in FRA Airport Frankfurt, Germany
  81. Sometimes a good old-fashioned........
  82. Interesting morning drive from South Texas north
  83. Last WWI Veteran Passes Away
  84. TDY Carry Advice
  85. ATF scandal
  86. Very Strange Traffic stop.
  87. St. Petersburg Officer Shot and Killed.........
  88. Rebirth of the M14
  89. OK City Officer in Critical Condition, 3 Attackers Arrested
  90. The Battle for Marjah on HBO
  91. Three deputy U.S. Marshals shot in West Virginia
  92. BAD - 1 Border Patrol Agent Killed, Another Wounded in Line of Duty
  93. Things police want you to know.
  94. Parole officers in Florida have questions
  95. Robbery Video Released....K-9 and One Robber Shot/Killed.......
  96. shoe bomber...
  97. Arizona Sheriff Expects Armed Conflict With Cartels Soon......
  98. Islam A Real Threat to America
  99. LEO's, Firefighters, Miltary etc. what is the funniest prank you have
  100. Seatbelts tangle up KC police officers over safety and security
  101. Surviving in Connecticut
  102. Busted - More stupid people tricks
  103. Medal of Honor..........
  104. Army Sets Sights on New Rifle
  105. Had a question
  106. A FB post from a cop-buddy of mine
  107. A Humbling Experience At Target Tonight
  108. Detroit police video of precinct shoot-out:
  109. LOL Killer Spam....
  110. Back To The Suck
  111. Bank Robber takes hostage is shot by police........
  112. Cop fabricated shooting story....
  113. Officer Down Information ......
  114. Bus Hostage: China
  115. Air Force video is not truthful
  116. Four Cops Shot In Detroit. Gunman Dead......
  117. The dreaded PIT-back (VIDEO)
  118. Another great american gone (Dick Mauser) (Merged)
  119. One Arrested In Attempted Shooting Of Deputies.........
  120. New Montgomery County police cruiser
  121. Crime-ridden Camden, N.J., cuts police force nearly in half
  122. Woman slaps Police horse
  123. Gulf War Vets
  124. Women in combat
  125. Good job Judge -- "Judge denies benefits, release"
  126. Major Richard "Dick" D. Winters died last week.
  127. Free Magazine subscription for all active duty personnel.
  128. Navy bootcamp graduation!
  129. Somewhere in the USA a Police car was probably stolen today...
  130. Current or retired LEO; Whats the most annoying/aggravating call type you get
  131. Don't lie for the other guy - Stupido
  132. Continued trouble on the border....
  133. Yeah It's "PRO LEO".........
  134. Six Seconds
  135. Multiple Sales of Specific Long Guns in Four Border States
  136. Former Metro Nashville Police Officer Convicted of Making False Statements to a Firea
  137. Worlds Largest Army
  138. Exposion in checked luggage at MIA..... man arrested.
  139. FBI says MUMBAI style attack very possible..
  140. Looking for some Helpful Info
  141. Stolen gun found by TSA at Miami International......
  142. Bortac with Bean Bags??
  143. Why BGs don't wear holsters...
  144. NYPD Exam
  145. Home on Holiday leave from FT. Knox, Kentucky!
  146. U.S. code-cracking agency works as if compromised
  147. US Army Flight Surgeon Found Guilty of Failure to Deploy to Afghanistan
  148. Border Agent Shot To Death; 4 In Custody
  149. Finally! Here's to hoping Corporal Moody makes it home by Christmas!
  150. Go navy!!!!
  151. Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler
  152. Punk hassels 67 YO Veit Nam Vet on bus..... you gonna like this !
  153. May God Bless these ladies...
  154. What's the process for the goverment to burn down your house?
  155. Bea Arthur was a Marine during WWII, but denied it.
  156. Airport patdown enrages diplomat
  157. Florida Deputy Shot and Killed.......
  158. ‘Cultural Difference’ as a Legal Defense?
  159. Milwaukee Police Sgt Arrested for DUI
  160. A Significant Danger
  161. Another lost to Thin Blue Line -- Montana Highway Patrol officer fatally shot
  162. Man sentenced to prison under Stolen Valor Act
  163. SAD & BAD -- 2 charged in death of Army medic
  164. Court held on the High Seas
  165. Remembering The Lakewood Four......Lessons Learned
  166. Deputy beat, Tasered, bit; gun stolen.
  167. USMC Sgt. Heath Lanctot's 2005 Iraq HTH win with a CRKT folder
  168. Taliban Continue to Infiltrate Afghan Police Force - 6 US Servicemen Killed Today
  169. A Witness Lies, the Court Shrugs and Veterans Are Outraged
  170. New military rifle: XM25
  171. Officer's son shoots self with service weapon.
  172. Terrorist Attempt Thwarted in Oregon
  173. Plot to Slaughter Hundreds of Families w/ Children at Portland Christmas Event Friday
  174. Colorado deputy killed in gunbattle.....
  175. Servicemen and women, have a happy Thanksgiving!
  176. Son becoming member of 173d Abn.Brigade(The Herd)next month
  177. Someone has some 'plaining to do
  178. Sheriffs can assist in school truancy cases without a Court Order
  179. NYT on war from the grunt level
  180. TSA Absurdness
  181. TSA strikes again
  182. A grenade launching shotgun
  183. Police K9
  184. Insurgent gets his 'reward'
  185. "Restrepo"
  186. Drug Cartels threatening South Texas LEO's
  187. Any MO national guard, or Marine reserves recruiters??
  188. !6 year old points gun at School Resource Officer and is shot..........
  189. Interesting sentence
  190. PA Game Warden Murdered
  191. BAD -- Four San Antonio police SWAT officers shot
  192. Here is veteran's day in a nutshell:
  193. Never Forget
  194. Predators on the border
  195. Veteran's Day-2010
  196. Wishing a happy 235th birthday to the United States Marine Corps
  197. Gift for my brother? Graduating from Army Basic.
  198. Officer Killed -- Routine Stop
  199. For Veterans and AD Military on 11Nov2010
  200. Federal crackdown on child prostitution results in 884 arrests
  201. X12
  202. Laws and Rules on Guns In Mexico
  203. Live RPG removed from US soldier..........
  204. Thinking of Joining the military
  205. Fatal police shooting from September 2009 caught on dash cam.....
  206. Duty weapons of the Las Vegas Metro Police
  207. BAD -- Navy SEAL accused of smuggling illegal weapons from Iraq, Afghanistan
  208. Man in disguise boards international flight (Merged)
  209. Yeah he was a terrorist....
  210. Random thoughts from a conversation with a cop
  211. Live (loaded) rocket launcher found by the side of the road in Canada.
  212. LEO jumps from flaming cruiser; was converted to propane, he had just lit a cigarette
  213. Anniversary
  214. WWII Medic's diary recounts time in German concentration camp
  215. Chinese Hostage Negotiator....... Graphic
  216. Man charged with plotting to bomb D.C.-area Metrorail stations
  217. American Al Qaeda May Pose Most Clear Threat to Homeland Security
  218. Highly decorated and respected off duty Norfolk, VA LEO found shot and killed
  219. The Angry American.......
  220. Accused Felons Walking Free
  221. In state residence status for multiple states
  222. LEO's, what advice or tips would u give
  223. personal weapons
  224. 13 more in Mexico
  225. Whoops~E~Daisy! What DaHeck Happened To Those Doggone Pesky Nuclear Attack Codes!
  226. DPS announced it tonight.
  227. Leaving for Basic Training Monday
  228. US Military Begins Accepting Openly Gay Recruits
  229. LE Sensitive - Active Shooter - Special Research Reports by ROCIC Publications
  230. Kudos to our town's PD
  231. Alright Coasties need your help!
  232. I am not a vet, but I am a little disappointed...
  233. FBI Releases 2009 Statistics on Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted
  234. 29 Palms Training Video........
  235. Good: Officer went for a wild ride!
  236. Never let your guard down.........
  237. Law punishing fake heroes may go to Supreme Court
  238. LEO's - What handguns have you carried on-duty during your career?
  239. ICE: No opt-out for program checking legal status
  240. Foreign-born sex criminals arrested, face deportation
  241. Ohio Folks - Do U Know This Man? Cops Want Him For Dumping Hot Coffee On A War Vet.
  242. Law Enforcement Honing up Shooting Skills in Competition
  243. Gunfights are no laughing matter SNL.........
  244. Hard corp..........
  245. S. 1132 sent to President
  246. Mexico Mayors "Blame America First":
  247. Jury Deadlocked -- Blackwater contractors who killed two unarmed Afghan ...
  248. Did you know about this ?
  249. Where's the line between civil liberties and safety.
  250. 2:30 am and looks like I'll be up a while