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  1. Sig Saur out of ATF handgun competition
  2. Court assignment turns into a circus
  3. Taking care of business in our town
  4. Deputy held hostage--by bees.
  5. Kickboxer sought in slaying of former Marine
  6. Military Surprise Homecomings
  7. Video: Canada: Robbery and Clerk at Knife Point
  8. Camp Bastion, Helmand Province, Afghanistan.​
  9. Dash-Cam Video Shows Shootout With Deputies
  10. Blunt police form asks Regina citizens if they murdered their neighbours
  11. Cadences at Police Academy?
  12. Back from MEPS - Yes, I left my pistol at home! Glad I did!
  13. New Chevy Caprice Police Cruiser
  14. Disrespecting MY uniform!!!
  15. Help me find my little sister a job
  16. New Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
  17. 4/10 SFG (A) set to activate, exceeds milestones
  18. New Chinese Missile could shift Pacific power balance !
  19. LEO has duty firearm stolen...TWICE in 2 years!
  20. VA - Has policy changed
  21. Reminiscent of the Cold War
  22. US based terrorists
  23. More Military Info Desired - Any Military Intelligence (35x) or Signal guys here?
  24. Dogs & LEOs
  25. Taking the corrections officer exam, questions
  26. LEO-S/O' what is your strangest story of something that a suspect did in your custody
  27. Suspect Ramming Police Car Caught On Camera
  28. Could Be Good or Ugly: Hartford LEO Faces Illegal Use of A Gun Charges
  29. Prosecutor says shooting of Blacksburg man was justified
  30. No Military executions in years...
  31. Thank You Song To Our Military From Tussing Elementary, Colonial Heights, VA
  32. Good: Don't compare an LEO w/ the Ku Klux Klansman
  33. HR 218 Law Enforcement Safety Act. Advice and input?
  34. Went from bad to worse with the verdict
  35. Public Safety - AZ SB 1070
  36. Trusted Most -- Men with Guns
  37. Imagine THIS guy in a Foot Pursuit!
  38. One tough Marine
  39. Attack On Camp Keating in Afghanistan
  40. Article by an LEO describing how to deal with CCers
  41. Freedom of photography???
  42. Pit Bull Shot Three Times [including once in the head]; Still Charges Officers
  43. Familial DNA searches ?
  44. Gun Control in Counterinsurgency:
  45. Not good for the home team -- sheriff, chief magistrate part ways
  46. Man pleads guilty to threatening sheriff's daughter
  47. Neo-Nazis patrolling US-Mexico Border
  48. Double mag pouch question.
  49. Stolen Valor Act Found Unconstitutional by Colorado District Court Judge
  50. More anti-LEO tripe
  51. I Wish You Could See
  52. Hezbollah at the Border
  53. "Minimum force" Proposal in New York to require Police to shoot for arm or legs
  54. MOS suggestions for Guard enlistment
  55. For you Prior Service guys Transitioned to National Guard
  56. Office Shooting in New Mexico
  57. Free funeral services for military and public service LODDs
  58. Son leaves for Army today
  59. DUMB: Boy, Friends, & Relatives
  60. MWOC
  61. Warrior Song.....
  62. Theft at Tampa gun show
  63. I Hope MN follows AZ
  64. We Salute....
  65. Need Physical Fitness Help (reenlisting)
  66. TN State Trooper
  67. Words fail me
  68. Retired police department nostalgia
  69. A Living MOH winner might be in the making
  70. My son's an Expert!
  71. Video "Jeff Copper" Mind Set
  72. Coming Home!
  73. Terrorists crossing AZ border into U.S.?
  74. Last active-duty jump for double amputee
  75. Last North Carolina USS Arizona survivor passes
  76. ATF stings home invaders
  77. Soldiers in Afghanistan this summer will begin using new "green" ammunition
  78. suspect on bike killed in gun battle
  79. Petraeus to Modify Afghanistan Rules of Engagement, Source Says
  80. More Not Happening On The Border
  81. It doesn't need to be a so-called Routine Traffic Stop
  82. Should McCrystal be fired?
  83. Mexican Gangs.. have permanent bases in Arizona: Merged
  84. MIA US Marine identified from WWI
  85. AK 47's used to gun down Rocky Point Police Chief
  86. JFK's death still haunts Secret Service agent
  87. Japanese Surrender Aboard USS Missouri
  88. WWII Pacific video in color
  89. Wolves,Sheep and Sheepdogs
  90. Specific Training - Where to get it? (Florida)
  91. The U.S. just got a little smaller.
  92. U.S. closes part of Arizona to Americans
  93. Officer Punches Teen: MERGED
  94. Honor Guard Sailors Neglected Their Weapons
  95. Chris Adams killed in A-Stan this morning
  96. Happy Birthday U.S. Army
  97. academy here I come!
  98. Hike For our Heroes
  99. Hold at All Costs: Outpost Harry and a true Hero
  100. HOT? RPCM Cool Vest
  101. Hot as hell!
  102. Army Reserve
  103. Never Forget!
  104. Military retirees honor guard for funerals
  105. New Navy Regs
  106. Iraq vet hiking across nation to raise $5 million
  107. cop asked to leave coffee shop...
  108. Police Chief Pulls Gun On Fire Chief, Retires
  109. Going to MEPS Tuesday to swear in the army
  110. Question for the LEO's here
  111. Tasered immigrant possible meth addict
  112. Border agents bust fake deputy, find pot in truck
  113. Armed jihadist assaults on the horizon?
  114. Ft Hood shooter's Article 32
  115. LEO Taser failure video with gunshots
  116. + 1 for the good guys -- maybe...
  117. The other 23 nations are not at war?
  118. Air Marshals
  119. Today
  120. In Memoriam
  121. For Memorial Day
  122. new NY law being proposed....again
  123. Memorial Day
  124. May he rest in peace: Oldest Medal of Honor recipient from WWII dies (MERGED)
  125. Memorial Day 2 (Someone took the first title)
  126. Memorial Day
  127. A song for our Troops
  128. US Army Suppressing Soldier's 2nd Amendment Rights, OFF Base (Merged)
  129. DARPA’s New Sniper Rifle Offers a Perfect Shot Across 12 Football Fields
  130. Tell me this is a farce! ...ordered to patrol chamber empty?
  131. Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
  132. US rifles not suited to warfare in Afghan hills
  133. The Army Sgt. Who Never Was
  134. Family of Michigan child killed in raid sues police
  135. Busy day at work today.
  136. Another "never was"...
  137. Civilian oversight board -- thoughts?
  138. This Memorial Day...
  139. Innocent Child Killed in Police Raid - Merged
  140. Semantics
  141. Do nothing and get awarded - New "Courageous Restraint" Medal
  142. An Ohio cop is on trial for allegedly shooting and paralyzing a man.
  143. Philly LEO shot self - ON PURPOSE
  144. The Healthcare Law, and it's Effect on Veterans
  145. Police Sgt. Jeffrey Cotton not guilty
  146. Thieves Steal Mojave Desert Memorial Cross in Nighttime Heist
  147. Question for Texas LEO's
  148. SWAT Team Members Kid Gets School Suspension For Crayon Drawing
  149. Driver's License linked to CCW?
  150. New record sniper kills @ 8,120ft, or 1.54 miles.
  151. OK You Were 82nd Airborne BUT, Can You Dance?
  152. Those police benefit phone calls
  153. Law enforcement in AZ protest?
  154. Somali pirates hijack Russian oil tanker
  155. Another hurtful case...
  156. Another gap n the thin blue line.
  157. A question for Marines
  158. New record for confirmed long distance kill.
  159. Matthew McCabe
  160. Detroit: CPL holder arrested even tho his permit was valid
  161. SC sheriff arrested on drug charges
  162. Pinal deputy shot
  163. Open Carry Two Guns?
  164. McCain came to the plant today for a Town Hall
  165. 35 Years Ago Today.....
  166. How good is your Taser
  167. Bad LEO situation in TN
  168. Motocycle Rider Stopped by Off Duty Cop
  169. Good Website (Searchable database of the Vietnam memorial)
  170. Is it disrespectful to wear military clothing?
  171. Army Sniper Recounts Amazing Shot
  172. Fair winds and following seas
  173. 2nd SEAL acquitted!!! UPDATED
  174. Now This Is A Great Idea. SWAT TV Did A Review Of This Company
  175. For all of those who served this great country
  176. What federal agents (primarily in the State Dept.) carry weapons?
  177. 1st & 2nd Navy SEAL Acquitted on All Charges! [update]
  178. Pirate Suspects To Be Prosecuted in US
  179. Trial opens for Navy SEAL charged with abusing Falluja suspect
  180. Training with Simunitions
  181. Video of shots fired at cop... WOW
  182. Sheriff's Dept interview tomorrow! (4/21)
  183. Watch what you say on the net....
  184. Gates Approves Tighter Gun Restrictions After Ft. Hood Shooting
  185. Difference in returns on the computer
  186. expunged arrest record available to law enforcement?
  187. The Myth of Posse Comitatus
  188. #2 Son Graduated Navy Basic Yesterday!
  189. AZ LEO ride-along
  190. Tango-Mike-Mike
  191. air marshall's completely useless?
  192. (off-base) military housing firearm restrictions
  193. I did some interesting work today
  194. US Sen. Patty Murray Threatened
  195. 10 Rules for Dealing with Police
  196. Mexico and the Failed State Revisited
  197. Bounty hunter raids Home Without Warrant ??
  198. Veterans and the new Healthcare Bill
  199. Army Report: GIs Outgunned in Afghanistan
  200. Dayton must pay $400,000 to 35 black applicants.
  201. Border agent kills pot suspect
  202. Looney Tunes
  203. Semper Fi..........
  204. To those of you who drive patrol cars...and enjoy cars.
  205. And it heats up...
  206. Excerpt from Wayne Robinson, Move out Verify: the Combat Story of the 743rd Tank Batt
  207. FBI/Terror Task Force Raid
  208. Very cool Youtube Vid Dedicated to Vets,
  209. Man shot during melee involving Baytown police
  210. Raptor Holster Training
  211. Someplaces still remember what we did for them 60 years ago
  212. What is going on there?
  213. LEO .45 ACP Question?
  214. Virtual Border Fence Fail
  215. Checking in From A-stan
  216. Full Body Scan x-ray -- Coming to an airport near you
  217. The Schnoz Knows vs. "You can't fix dumb"
  218. duty belt help
  219. Weapons in Germany?
  220. Wrong House
  221. BAD -- Corrections Officer St at Home
  222. Should I be worried?
  223. Mahmoud al-Mabhouh
  224. Cop v. train / cop wins (sort of)
  225. Scottsdale police officer party to 6 shootings
  226. Uighurs appeal dismissed
  227. Police Pistol Qualification
  228. Security Related i.e., "security fiasco"
  229. Multiple Officers down in Cali...
  230. LEO's looking to relocate to Texas
  231. For soldiers that served in Afghanistan....
  232. Can we send a soldier a 1911?
  233. Looking at career with DEA
  234. Wow, even I am a little nervous about this one
  235. The New Rules of War
  236. Becoming a LEO
  237. Flying with a gun this week
  238. Side arms in WW2
  239. A tribute to our Military
  240. LEO's..What would happen in the US??
  241. The US Military's German Fetish
  242. Homeland Security agents can't keep track of their guns
  243. What to consider when buying duty gear
  244. From JPFO--Long, Potentially Polarizing
  245. How late is to late to get into law enforcment
  246. Hired guns secure ships, stir controversy
  247. Good Day
  248. Increasing Small Arms Lethality in Afghanistan: Taking Back the Infantry Half-K.meter
  249. #2 son ships off to Navy Basic tomorrow
  250. Oldest Death Row Inmate in U.S. Dies at Age 94