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  1. Jelly Brice featured
  2. Just returned from NYC
  3. No gun shot residue tests here in Utah
  4. Why the USS Fitgerald is at fault....GCaptian
  5. Sheriff poses as Lyft Driver, catches 2 home invasion murderers
  6. A White St. Louis Police Officer Reportedly Shot a Black Colleague Whom He Mistook fo
  7. 37-year-old Fire Controlman 1st Class Gary Leo Rehm Jr. - a real life hero
  8. The 2.14 MILE Shot
  9. LEO stabbed in neck at Flint MI airport
  10. Officer Yanez dash cam video
  11. Yeah, but a Tennessee homeowner held them at gunpoint until police arrive
  12. Secret Service Agent has no Clue What Semi-automatic is.
  13. A Pair of Bad Guys Are Loose in Georgia
  14. This sheriff completely gets it!
  15. "Shoot them yourselves!" says the Czech government
  16. The Youngest American Serviceman to Die in Vietnam
  17. 73 years ago today.
  18. Anyone current or former ICE here?
  19. Interested in a Tommy Gun?
  20. Found This On Line.
  21. Memorial Day
  22. Court rebukes NSA over surveillance
  23. Interesting article on aggressive Chinese fighter jets
  24. Daughter to bury father missing for 50 years in Vietnam
  25. Here's why the American flag is reversed on military uniforms
  26. Breaking: US Strike Hits Pro-Assad Forces Syria
  27. Tulsa cop Betty Jo Shelby found not guilty in death of Terence Crutcher
  28. Weekend Security detail with US Secret Service
  29. Half of all violent crime in America can be attributed to gang violence
  30. Kirkersville, Oh Police Chief, Two Others Murdered
  31. Army M17 Sig contract - cost.
  32. Army replacing the M16?
  33. Suicide by cop, again
  34. 84 Charlie Mopic (1989)
  35. FOP tags
  36. Say it ain't so! Mike Lamb lied about being Marine Recon.
  37. Bounty Hunters Mess Up By The Numbers
  38. Sikhs--Bad To Bone
  39. More Protests Turn Violent
  40. FBI Agent Shot In Atlanta, One Dead
  41. Delaware State Trooper Shot and Killed
  42. U.S. Air Marshall leaves gun in bathroom
  43. Can the police retaliate against a citizen for refusing to answer police questions?
  44. Why British Police Don't Carry Guns
  45. MOAB
  46. Law enforcement officers may be illegally selling guns, ATF says
  47. Army Considers Bringing Battle Rifles Back To War
  48. Question for NH LEOs
  49. Syrian Strike
  50. Why do I have to explain this?
  51. Head Shot Ends Shooting Spree
  52. Drugged out car prowl suspect almost gets himself killed
  53. Concealed carry of pistol while on duty.
  54. drones and guns
  55. Unusual Burial At Sea....
  56. Gunpowder detector?
  57. Chicago Gangs Stealing Guns From Trains
  58. TSA, a threat to homeland security
  59. Do you carry your cw out of state
  60. Carynn Owens:Trump Speech & Democrat Response
  61. North Hollywood Bank Robbery 20 years ago today
  62. Spare mags on strong side thigh?
  63. Worlds most heavily armed man
  64. The Quiet Neighborhood Myth
  65. Above and beyond
  66. Convicted Sex Offender Charged In OSU Student's Murder
  67. spokane county sheriff told to dis-arm before entering arena
  68. Car Jacking, Shooting At LEO, Wrong-way Interstate Crash
  69. Little Fire Fight
  70. Marine Vet speaks about President Trumps travel Ban
  71. Armed idiots in Tac Vests arrested at Detroit PD
  72. FBI RAP Back Program for employers
  73. Use of Constitutional Protections
  74. Army Confirms 9mm for Modular Handgun System
  75. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952
  76. Opioids now kill more people than car accidents in the U.S.
  77. The stupid is strong with these guys
  78. Police Like Us Being Armed. ?
  79. Cleveland officer killed
  80. Convicted Felon Steals Cop Guns, Gets Probabation
  81. "Standing Up For Our Law Enforcement Community”
  82. Army chooses Sig 320?
  83. Czech leader dealing in reality regarding personal defense
  84. This is wrong!!!.
  85. 82nd Airborne celebrating 100 years.
  86. Wild-Eyed Pistol-Wavers Who Ain’t Afraid to Die
  87. First time traveling as LEO out of state
  88. When Seconds Count, LE Is Minutes Away
  89. Trump's Interesting Choice For Intelligence Chief
  90. Now they've gone and done it! Beards and Turbans
  91. Chicago PD Arrested and Charged all four offenders with Hate Crime
  92. The Interrogation of Saddam Hussein
  93. The Legacy of The Bonus Army
  94. Too Many Generals Spoil Democracy
  95. RIP, Mack
  96. "Legitimizing that non-compliance is leading to disorder."
  97. RIP, Chief Harper
  98. 24 days worth. A watch of new year terrorist events bringing in 2017.
  99. Judge sentences Veteran to jail- then shares the cell with him
  100. California Man Tests Theory By Pulling Gun on Cop
  101. Texas Officer Trying to Arrest Suspect Shot by Fellow Cop
  102. Mall disturbances -- how should we prepare and react?
  103. The Biggest Terrorism Threat I See Right Now
  104. POTUS finally leaves no pretense during his last days in power.
  105. This Officer Sure Had Patience
  106. He's got a badge he's a FBI agent
  107. Terrorism Made Easy
  108. The final inspection
  109. Defense Technical Intelligence Center analysis of hand to hand combat
  110. What do you think of this marriage proposal?
  111. Vets Never Get Respect
  112. Drone defense
  113. Seventy-Five Years Ago Today
  114. Er umm, DON'T do this if you have illegal handguns!
  115. But, why do you need more than 15 rounds?
  116. A dark place
  117. Do States share CHL information with TSA?
  118. Police officers in two different states ambushed and shot today
  119. Washington Senator plans bill to criminalize illegal protests
  120. Veteran's Day - Your Day!
  121. State Department, so much wrong doing, not just Quid Pro Quo...
  122. We need to secure our borders...
  123. Don't try this at home, or on the road! LEO fires thru windshield while in pursuit!
  124. 2 Iowa cops gunned down in 'ambush' attacks
  125. Oklahoma Highway Patrol video
  126. How big are USMC sniper targets?
  127. Got Warrants? How Police News should be reported!
  128. Congressman Bennie Thompson warns of possible civil, racial war if Trump loses
  129. Internet Attacks Today
  130. More liberal love fall out blaming open boarders...hypocritical love of gun owners
  131. Dallas Stars honor 5 fallen LEOs in season opener.
  132. BLM - ‘Blue Lives Don’t Matter’
  133. Chicago police officer says she feared using gun while being beaten.
  134. Veterans Denied Millions in Benefits by VA
  135. How to degrade the quality of our police forces
  136. Thinking about becoming a LEO.
  137. Preventing Tragedies Between Police and Communities Act of 2016
  138. North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association
  139. Police are seeing more fake guns used in crimes.
  140. Reports of explosion in Manhattan
  141. Boy, 13, fatally shot by police after pulling out BB gun
  142. Sniper takes out ISIS executioner from a mile away
  143. Two Friends were shot while on duty!
  144. Finally, an acknowledgment of responsibility of actions.
  145. Deaf man shot after being chased by trooper
  146. Protesting for police overtime
  147. Officer receives assistance from citizen to subdue and arrest man
  148. Longest Serving Weapons In The US Military: Memory Lane for Some
  149. Leo involved in shooting at walmart
  150. AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership With UN
  151. Recon Marine has 18 EKIA's in Afghanistan in single battle
  152. Another Training Incident with a LIVE ROUND
  153. NFL Bans Cowboys Police Support Decal
  154. Punta Gorda police have a problem.
  155. Chi-town - body cam footage of fatal police shooting incident released
  156. Border Patrol Safe Location Policy for illegals
  157. LEO interaction today
  158. All charges dropped against officers
  159. Don't forget to ASK
  160. ISIS Church Attack in France
  161. Orlando club shooter's wife buys guns using fake ID
  162. Blue Lives Matter window decal?
  163. Another Officer Down.
  164. What we are up against...
  165. Vietnam veteran receives Medal Of Honor; 50 years late.
  166. 4th Baltimore Police Officer Found Not Guilty
  167. Rocky Mount NC taking real action against crime.
  168. Baton Rouge shooting
  169. Looks as though Atlanta PD has charged an officer...
  170. Military Coup in Turkey
  171. Suspect Who Shot Police K-9 Found Dead
  172. Just Breaking In France. Bet It Is Going To Be A Terror Attack
  173. For The Old Vets
  174. UN in the US?
  175. Police: 3 arrested in 'credible threat' to harm officers; Baton Rouge, LA
  176. Letter to editor
  177. More Insanity
  178. Not a Question for Yes Men, Group Huggers, and Malcontents
  179. KARE TV Channel 11 Posts Audio of Police Stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota
  180. How different newspapers headlined Dallas shooting
  181. DPD - used a BOMB To take out holed up shooter?
  182. Prayer for all LEOs
  183. Dallas officers down. BLM rally. Sniper fire.
  184. [FIVE] cops killed at Dallas BLM Protest
  185. That one determined individual
  186. Justice Department Will Investigate Louisiana Police Shooting
  187. A great conversation with a World War II vet
  188. Changes to Use of Force in light of Istanbul?
  189. House Of Representatives Unveils Gun Legislation Due For Vote Next Week
  190. Marilyn Mosby to Lose Law License?
  191. Expanding Web Of Lawsuits Follows Chicago Police Shooting
  192. U.S. Sailors Detained By Iran Violated Rules of Interrogation: Navy
  193. Doolittle Raider dies, leaving just one surviving member
  194. SEAL Killed Fighting ISIS Had Earned Prestigious Combat Medal
  195. Al Queda Encouraging "Lone Wolves" to Attack Whites
  196. guns given away by the USA
  197. Mobile AL chief draws down on burglar; burglar files complaint
  198. An Illinois Policeman's Perspective
  199. Orlando Gunman May Have Scoped Out South Florida Shopping Mall
  200. You think that cops got an easy job? Watch this video
  201. Two Los Angeles, CA Sheriff deputies shot, are in critical condition
  202. Texas deputy & gunman both wounded in shootout
  203. UPDATED - Folcroft PA police officer shot multiple times
  204. No 4A on Your Computer
  205. Coventry,RI PD loses a friend and Hero
  206. Updated-2 Louisiana deputies shot while serving warrant
  207. New Orleans area Deputy executed - Suspect in custody
  208. Orlando Shooting Timeline of Events
  209. Attempt on Trump's life
  210. Officer involved shooting in my town
  211. Panicked Over Massive Data Breach? You Should Be
  212. Dad On No-Fly List Along with Wife of Mateen
  213. Great story. 3 WW II vets graduate high school last Monday.
  214. Texas Gets Tossed!: Could This Be The Impetus For An Upheaval?
  215. 8 Ways To Find Yourself on The No-Fly List
  216. Police Officer Picture Brings a Tear to My Eye - Good News
  217. ME in Freddie Gray Case May Have Perjured Herself - Things Not Going Well For Moseby
  218. HERE IT COMES.... ISIS Urging multiple strikes on soft targets in USA
  219. French police make special snowflake cry
  220. One Local Sheriff's Response to the Terrorist Attack in Orlando
  221. ISIS Releases Hit List of Americans! 8000 targeted, 600 of those in Florida
  222. Copy Cat Terror plot ?????
  223. Kentucky police officer in stable condition after shooting
  224. Slaughter in Orlando
  225. Officer Involved Shooting Outside Dallas Love Field Airport
  226. RIP Master Sgt. Rodney Buentello
  227. Ohio deputy and a civilian shot, shooter caught
  228. U.S. apologizes to Qatar for video of laughing American soldiers
  229. York County PA deputy shot in the face
  230. Video of knife wielding man rushing Mass. officer-Tueller drill
  231. 3 Dead Israeli Shopping Mall Attack
  232. VA Sheriff Deputy Shot - UPDATED
  233. Trooper Brian Malast NJSP
  234. Victim-less Crimes
  235. Third Officer in Freddy Grey Case Files Defamation Suit
  236. Easing toward WROL?
  237. Local police shooting
  238. Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen!
  239. Memphis police officer run down and killed by shooting suspect
  240. Atlanta Police Officer shot, saved by his vest
  241. The morality of the draft and conscientious objectors
  242. Madison County Ky, sheriff's deputy recovering after being shot Wednesday
  243. 2 Fremont, CA police officers seriously shot
  244. Disturbing Scenario
  245. New pistol for army/air force
  246. Force Science News #312-I. New survey reveals dismal truths of use-of-force training
  247. Some people deserve a smack down.
  248. Grilling by Canadian border guards
  249. Corrections officer from a rural village injured by bomb
  250. Dashcam Shows Miami Gardens Officer-Involved Shooting