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  1. Lost a brother in North Dakota
  2. Two officers lost their lives today in Maryland
  3. Dumb crooks Old West style
  4. The numbers behind the Unarmed black shootings by police
  5. This Ticks Me Off!
  6. Charges filed in accidental shooting at gun show
  7. This Guy Loved Soldiering and Hated the Soviets
  8. Good LEO Encounter
  9. Finally, a School District with some sense!
  10. Chuck Mawhinney Special Presentation and Guest of Honor for the Semper Fi Fund
  11. Good: Dramatic Taliban hostage rescue earns Navy SEAL the Medal of Honor
  12. F-35 Boondoggle keeps getting worse, and keeps costing more
  13. Time for women to register for the draft?
  14. Army STILL shopping for pistols!
  15. Iran Gives Medals For Capture Of Americans........
  16. Military show photos from this morning
  17. The four hold outs
  18. Head Shot from Texas PD
  19. So, What Do You Think...Does The Sheriff Have It Right?
  20. Hillary has some 'splainin to do.
  21. LAPD Officers Say More Patrol Needed In Times Of Emergency
  22. Mom's Trooper Encounter
  23. Drone Footage of LaVoy Finicum fatal shooting
  24. How DHS Keeps Us Safe
  25. How Ironic
  26. One Reported Dead In Ammon Bundy Arrest
  27. Terrorist attack on Milwaukee masonic temple prevented
  28. Active Shooter reported in San Diego Naval Facility
  29. Video - Christian proselytization evokes Muslim hostility in Britain
  30. Bizarre Court Room Rant by Accused LEO Shooter
  31. Tsa confiscation figures
  32. Powerful! A French Soldier's View
  33. Miami officer 'ambushed,' shot sitting in his car
  34. Kent State professor being investigated by FBI for ties to ISIS
  35. Another Fast and Furious Gun Turns Up
  36. Rest In Peace, Officer Cottrell
  37. Local Gun seller foils "straw purchase"
  38. Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms
  39. Federal judge on Thursday ordered the city of Chicago to release Chatman videos
  40. Bad and Sad - 12 yr old dead and it's all on the dad
  41. Two u.s. Navy boats and crews in iranian custody
  42. ISIS burns fighters alive for letting Ramadi fall
  43. Cop was sort of ambushed at hospital in Phila, had to fight to retain weapon
  44. Medal of Honor, Vietnam War
  45. Bad Guys Are Fearless When They Are The Only Ones With Guns
  46. Police K9 in Ohio fights to survive after being shot multiple times
  47. Hoplophobic Judge
  48. Indiana Cop Brings Speeding truck driver to tears
  49. Terrorist ambushes Philadelphia cop in cruiser - Officer in stable condition
  50. To Make a Murderer (Do not open this thread unless you've watched the whole thing)
  51. AR15 Stolen from squad car
  52. US Marshals kill fugitive
  53. Militia Seizes Ore. Federal Building
  54. White Cops Aren't Killing Droves of Unarmed Black Men
  55. The Trouble With Democracy/Throw Rocks At the Police
  56. These Airport Officers Have No Guns
  57. Oklahoma's doing something right
  58. Four In Hillary's Secret Service Detail Injured
  59. Official LEO Encounters In Must-inform Ohio
  60. Good: LEO Encounter
  61. La Sheriff deputy shoots partner to hide shooting
  62. Holiday cheer and family fights
  63. Cop Shoots unarmed man in Michigan
  64. More propane tanks stolen
  65. My County Sherriff
  66. Short poem
  67. Another Difference Between the UK and the US
  68. More Casualties From Mass Shootings in France Than USA
  69. Bergdahl arraigned on charges...are you surprised by this?
  70. Deputies shoot, kill career criminal who hit officer with car.
  71. IRC deputy wounded in traffic stop shoot out
  72. Just Plain Goofy CCP Renewel In TN Today
  73. Well, this is comforting
  74. San Francisco, CA, police change gun policy for their officers
  75. LAPD can't handle their guns!!!
  76. The problem of Belgium
  77. Is this what they are going to use the Propane Tanks for?
  78. Baltimore is on Pins and Needles: Verdict Issued
  79. LA schools under "credible threat"
  80. The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me
  81. Le: "you have no right to listen to us"
  82. Political Correctness and the San Bernadino attack
  83. "President Obama delivers a statement following a meeting of the National Security Co
  84. Know Your Target and Beyond
  85. Data Mining in San Berdoo ?
  86. Stopped by Georgia State Patrol
  87. SAS Sniper Takes Out Suicide Bombers
  88. Freddie Gray Autopsy: DOH
  89. PM Trudeau Welcomes Syrian Refugees - Puts America To Shame
  90. Fake ID for ISIS fighters
  91. Officer Shooting
  92. Soldiers who dont understand basics of shooting?
  93. Comparing Mass Shootings In Europe and the US
  94. History -- BUFF, B-52: lots of info, photos
  95. Remember how the Gitmo detainees would be prevented from rejoining the fight?
  96. Terrorist Activity in Missouri? Heads up.
  97. We need a backup plan against terrorist.
  98. Syrian Rebels capture Isis fighters
  99. Afghan nationals unaccounted for - Moody Air Base, GA
  100. CA shooting - follow the money trail
  101. You can run but.......
  102. Dyess AFB to allow certain personnel with CCWs to store guns in cars
  103. Tougher citizens, Not Tougher Government
  104. Trump calls to ban Muslims.
  105. Police Dept. Urges Gun Carry
  106. What ever happened to the third San Bernardino shooter?
  107. Message From Brevard County Sheriff Ivey to Citizens
  108. OK, they've got a solution now
  109. War Hero Who Didn't Have to Fight
  110. The crazy story of the man who fought for Finland, the Nazis, and US Army Special For
  111. The man who fought for Finland, the Nazis, and US Army Special Forces
  112. VMI cadets (actually Keydets) trained killers
  113. Okay, now I'm worried
  114. Cali's Guv Blames Arizona and Nevada For Terrorist Attack
  115. Obama's Upcoming Lecture on Terrorism
  116. Public being warned.
  117. School shooting stopped?
  118. Man With Razor Shot, Killed in Miami
  119. Active Shooter Event Occuring in Winnebago County, Wisconsin
  120. This is why it is all worthwhile-
  121. Liberty University president urges students to arm selves
  122. obama still won't call it "terrorism"
  123. Women in all combat roles
  124. CBS Evening News
  125. Pretty good read
  126. Be careful what you say; now the DOJ is attacking 1A
  127. Background Checks
  128. Militarization of law enforcement
  129. Live Shooting Right Now in California
  130. No good deed goes unpunished
  131. What if Criminals Ran Chicago?
  132. No Surprise...WH ignored ISIS over re-election concerns
  133. Interesting - CNN Producer insisted Anchor take LE shoot class for perspective
  134. Are mass shooters terrorists?
  135. And The Head-rolling Begins
  136. Scared of ISIS? Move to Detroit!
  137. Concealed Carry at NFL games?
  138. My proposal on how to stop Syrian immigration
  139. I miss the Nighthawk
  140. A friend of a friend
  141. Pabst Blue Ribbon Presents: The Greatest Beer Run Ever
  142. Chicago Dash Cam Released
  143. 4 dead in U.S. Army helicopter crash at Fort Hood
  144. Working Dog Drives & Behavior
  145. Best Crime Stopper Ever!
  146. Here's an idea to deal with suspected terrorists in the USA
  147. ISIS Terrorist Gets Blown Up By French Missile As He Records
  148. Direct threat on the White House
  149. Police Dogs
  150. Holy moly, they actually did something in agreement (Congress)
  151. FBI foils Terror Plot in the USA....
  152. Back into the breech
  153. Close call for French police on raid
  154. The American civil war then and now
  155. A Loaded Double-Barrel Shotgun
  156. Black Lives Matter Take a Stand on Terrorism
  157. Gunfires from Paris police raids happening now
  158. King County (WA) Sheriff asks deputies to stay armed
  159. Identity theft and cyber security.
  160. The ONE Muslim/ Syrian refugee Thread.
  161. Drawing To Save A LEO
  162. Norway Disarms Its Cops
  163. MD State Trooper Attacked by Family in Wal Mart
  164. Positive Police Experiences
  165. Paris Shooting and Explosions
  166. Videoing Cops Will Cause Consequences We Don't Want
  167. Wog Day. Who knows what I'm talking about?
  168. Pulled over, what in the world for?
  169. Veteran's Day
  170. Vet's
  171. Fighting ISIS heres a free gun
  172. Why even bother having border patrol?
  173. MIA for 50 years; Airman comes home to NC
  174. 240 years ago-
  175. Veterans Day -- Nov 11
  176. Things Are Tough When They Break Into Police Stations
  177. Michigan State Police raid.
  178. Very Disturbing
  179. Bank Managers, Beware
  180. Straw Purchaser For a Cop Killer Walks
  181. Officer Is Found Not Guilty in Fatal Shooting of Unarmed Man Laying Face-Down in Snow
  182. The Ferguson Effect
  183. ISIS responsible for the downing of the Russian jetliner?
  184. Disturbing events in my small town
  185. The Decriminalization Delusion
  186. Marines switch to M4
  187. Bad Few Days For Law Enforcement
  188. San Francisco sheriff fails marksmanship test, has rangemaster transferred
  189. Students walk out in support of fired SC deputy
  190. I don't think they used birdshot for this one
  191. Man’s post about traffic stop goes viral
  192. German Police: pro-refugee politicians in serious bodily danger
  193. EMT says he was suspended without pay for trying to save choking girl
  194. South Carolina Deputy Slams student
  195. First LEOSA qualification today
  196. FOUND: 7000-10,000 Stolen Guns ???
  197. West Palm Beach police shooting
  198. Deputy Murdered With His Own Gun
  199. Wounded Knee and Government gun confiscation
  200. It could all be so simple...
  201. BG grabs cop's gun - dies for his stupidity
  202. Cold War part Deux?
  203. NEW DOJ DEPT. Home grown terrorists.
  204. Was my military experience atypical?
  205. Bill Whittle's Solution to Gun Control
  206. Yale Offers Seminar on Looting, Taught By The Looter
  207. SWATter Gets Prison Time
  208. Chicago Mayor explains a crime outbreak
  209. Martin Milner-- Last radio call for 1-Adam-12
  210. Bergdahl may get off scott-free
  211. Yet another death toll overseas
  212. Hero in France train attack is stabbed
  213. Plain Truth About Mass Shootings
  214. BATF in Gonzales Tx for Come and take it event.
  215. Not good - 11 killed when U.S. C-130 plane crashes in eastern Afghanistan
  216. Dumb crook file: Neck tattoo theory reinforced....again!
  217. Army veteran shot in the back after baseball game may never walk again
  218. Welcome home Marines
  219. Vets with Glocks
  220. SFC Charles Martland to be discharged Nov. 1
  221. Helping A Cop In Trouble
  222. We Can Deal With It There, Or We Can Deal With It Here...........
  223. Shot from the Air
  224. Arrest in the Freeway shootings
  225. Law Enforcement and Military aren't heroes.
  226. Talk of war down the road?
  227. Personal best on the range
  228. Don't Worry, the Illegals Aren't A Problem
  229. Ferguson Commission Submits Final Report
  230. Kentucky Trooper Shot And Killed
  231. Body Cam Footage of Officer Shooting Armed Suspect
  232. Iran Keeps Their Uranium Enrichment Program, Ours Gets Cut
  233. A Hero's Gun From 9/11
  234. National security concerns with 100K Syrian refugees
  235. Three citizens come to aid downed deputy
  236. Baltimore Freddie Gray
  237. A subtle way to support our LEO's
  238. Police Dont need your Help
  239. A New Round Count Record
  240. Ben Kuroki, Japanese-American WWII war hero who flew over Japan, dies at age 98
  241. Touch Your Heart
  242. Another ambush shooting of LEO, this time in Las Vegas -- 9/6/15
  243. That which I love, destroys me.
  244. And the Beat Goes On...
  245. Federal Judge Drops Hammer On Illegal Gun Runner
  246. Helping the local depts. where we live
  247. Texans support their officers
  248. On the road again!!!!!!
  249. News story: LE agencies losing officers & recruits to current anti-LE climate
  250. Police in S.C. can't carry a weapon off-duty?