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  1. 2 Officers Shot in Houston - UPDATED X 2
  2. Georgia deputy shot in face at traffic stop
  3. Memorial Day picture
  4. Wisc Police officer shot, as well as Good Samaritan
  5. 'Memphis Belle' gunner revisits England, dies during 'final mission'
  6. Lansing, IL cop shot while trying to stop shoplifting suspect
  7. Security seen my permit at Fort Meade
  8. Memorial Day 2016
  9. Two Baltimore Officers sue
  10. What did cause the downing of the Egypt Plane.
  11. Louisiana's Law Enforcement (Police) To Become Protected Class
  12. Never Make Important Decisions When You Are Emotionally Charged...
  13. More On The Educational Beat Down
  14. Hikers, campers warned about assassins in parts of Pinal County
  15. I. Can't. Even!!!!
  16. US Navy takes possession of its largest ever destroyer
  17. Will Baltimore burn today?
  18. Police oficer killed in MA
  19. The Wall
  20. Don't Mess With the Smiling Guys With The Funny Hats
  21. Police Cams
  22. Is our military more disadvantaged now than in the past because of budget cuts?
  23. The Danger of the "Black Lives Matter" Movement
  24. The good things
  25. Dash cam video of cops coming under rifle fire
  26. Navy fires officer in charge of sailors detained in Iran
  27. Oops - Former Guatemalan Special Forces brothers foil armed robbery
  28. Revolver and Semi Auto Experience for Peace Officers
  29. Mothers Day In Chicago
  30. Some attorney is going to have a field day at this cop's expense
  31. Active Shooter In Montgomery County MD - Ex LEO Shot Estranged Wife Yesterday
  32. Oldest WWII US Vet Passes
  33. US Airmen save mother and 3 children in jump from burning building
  34. When Protesters Use Deadly Weapons
  35. Terror target list
  36. Carry of Personal Weapons on Military Bases
  37. Army decides to "retain" SFC Martland
  38. It is ON like DONKEY KONG
  39. Old But Funny
  40. The Best Way to Measure Gun Violence? Trained Monkeys with Buttons?
  41. What would you have done?
  42. This Is Nice.
  43. French Interior Minister guarantees police response time to terrorist incidents!
  44. Is the "Ferguson Effect" real?
  45. To Catch a Thief (or not)
  46. Douglas County Schools Issue Semi-auto Rifles to Security Officers.
  47. IG Report: VA Has Been Shredding Documents Needed for Veterans' Claims
  48. DC Cop Ordered to Dry Fire at Another Officer
  49. Israeli Homeland Security
  50. Officer encircled by more troublemakers
  51. Houston: Pct 7 Deputy Constable Ambushed
  52. End of Watch - Officer Steven M. Smith, Columbus PD
  53. Another reason for carry
  54. Live Stream Of Memorial Service For RCMP Member Killed Last Week. She was 32.
  55. This Is Part Of The Reason Military Members Can't Carry
  56. Columbus Ohio SWAT Officer Shot
  57. Thug robber schooled by Vet
  58. A Great Read On Violent Crime In Chicago
  59. Civil Asset Forfeiture
  60. Never pull an Airsoft gun on...
  61. Incredible Restraint And Self Control Shown Here.
  62. How Far Back Do Gun Sale Records Go?
  63. Cops lucky this time
  64. Police attacked while making arrest.
  65. March Sees Record Gun Sales
  66. LE Traffic Stops?
  67. New army pistol from turkey
  68. Schedule II possession
  69. Gainesville cop's response to teens playing basketball goes viral
  70. Shooting at bus station in Richmond, VA
  71. No charges for officers in fatal shooting
  72. The future of America?
  73. The “Dirty Dozen” movie.
  74. F-35 program at Luke reaches milestone
  75. Deputy Holman, a true public servant.
  76. 1 more time; Brussels - a visit from the religion of peace and tolerance
  77. SCOTUS will not hear appeal on P.O. gun ban.
  78. This just made me sick
  79. Local deputy killed in the line if duty
  80. Does the so called “Mainstream Media” try to hide terrorist attacks?
  81. Huge Protest Planned in NY Today
  82. Police Officer Fallen, Greenville, SC
  83. Pentagon ‘Arsenal Plane’ May Take the Form of a Modified B-52
  84. This guy is very sharp.
  85. Futuristic military railgun 'bullets' could travel at Mach 6.
  86. What you do can be used against you, how little it may seem..
  87. Norwegian mass killer complains about cushy solitary lockup
  88. Mass State trooper killed by motorist
  89. Two Soldiers Stabbed At Recruiting Centre. Suspect Says Allah Told Him To Do It.
  90. Deputy sacrifices himself as human shield to save lives
  91. Ford Armor Plates Police Interceptor
  92. Lets be cops!
  93. Officer involved shooting. Driver dead.
  94. Another Officer Down
  95. Soros Funded Takes Credit for Violence in Chicago
  96. Keep the Berettas And 1911s And Give Each Soldier A Box of JHPs
  97. Cop watches armed robbery
  98. Five Dead In Pennsylvania Ambush Shooting
  99. Pastor shot by former Marine
  100. Sailor killed at Pearl Harbor, now identified, gets funeral
  101. Sheriff for the day
  102. Article on a police shooting
  103. Officer Ibor 10-42 Last Call
  104. Air Force Recruiters
  105. FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting
  106. We are the police
  107. Navy SEALs say they don't have enough combat rifles
  108. NY Police will go after knives now
  109. Warning from a Canadian to Americans about the dangers of firearm registration
  110. Conservatives Are Afraid of Carriers, Too
  111. NY Face Slashing Happening Because of Effective Gun Control
  112. Got It All!
  113. Another young man shot holding replica gun
  114. Another Officer Down
  115. Retired Army Col. Ronald Hamilton is not involved in the Woodbridge, Va. shooting
  116. This could get ugly: Raleigh officer shoots fleeing suspect.
  117. Capt Higgins Resigns (Really Ticked Off)
  118. Armed School Staff In Ohio
  119. Something I stumbled on and wanted to share.
  120. Officer Killed First Day on the Job VA
  121. USA: Mysterious Nazi submarine from WWII discovered in Great Lakes
  122. Military and LE Marksmanship
  123. Department Of Homeland Security Maybe Not So Secure
  124. County sues widow of fallen Deputy over final medical expenses
  125. More police officers down...
  126. Local Police Chief Wont Allow Rifles/shotguns for LE
  127. Almost 90,000 dangerous illegal immigrants go free
  128. Why you never submit any bodily fluid samples to LE. Cops want Ancestry DNA records
  129. Because only LE are responsible enough to posess guns...
  130. The Book By The Man Who Ended The Fairchild Air Force Base Mass Shooting
  131. New Jersey Nails Another Armed Citizen
  132. Vet in St. Charles MO needed help; some people stepped up to the plate
  133. Three cheers for Captain Higgins
  134. Decorated Marine attacked by group of teens outside D.C. McDonald's
  135. Apple refuses to help Homeland Security with iphone issue
  136. Zumwalt Class Destroyers Might Get Railguns
  137. The Navy is receiving "Metal Storm"
  138. Concealed carry permits help police officers (4 recent events where CCW saved lives)
  139. Helping Leo's after the fact
  140. Dogs and Vets
  141. Air Force crew refueling plane saves pilot in emergency over ISIS territory
  142. I cut off the Taliban's Head from 1.5 miles away
  143. Lost a brother in North Dakota
  144. Two officers lost their lives today in Maryland
  145. Dumb crooks Old West style
  146. The numbers behind the Unarmed black shootings by police
  147. This Ticks Me Off!
  148. Charges filed in accidental shooting at gun show
  149. This Guy Loved Soldiering and Hated the Soviets
  150. Good LEO Encounter
  151. Finally, a School District with some sense!
  152. Chuck Mawhinney Special Presentation and Guest of Honor for the Semper Fi Fund
  153. Good: Dramatic Taliban hostage rescue earns Navy SEAL the Medal of Honor
  154. F-35 Boondoggle keeps getting worse, and keeps costing more
  155. Time for women to register for the draft?
  156. Army STILL shopping for pistols!
  157. Iran Gives Medals For Capture Of Americans........
  158. Military show photos from this morning
  159. The four hold outs
  160. Head Shot from Texas PD
  161. So, What Do You Think...Does The Sheriff Have It Right?
  162. Hillary has some 'splainin to do.
  163. LAPD Officers Say More Patrol Needed In Times Of Emergency
  164. Mom's Trooper Encounter
  165. Drone Footage of LaVoy Finicum fatal shooting
  166. How DHS Keeps Us Safe
  167. How Ironic
  168. One Reported Dead In Ammon Bundy Arrest
  169. Terrorist attack on Milwaukee masonic temple prevented
  170. Active Shooter reported in San Diego Naval Facility
  171. Video - Christian proselytization evokes Muslim hostility in Britain
  172. Bizarre Court Room Rant by Accused LEO Shooter
  173. Tsa confiscation figures
  174. Powerful! A French Soldier's View
  175. Miami officer 'ambushed,' shot sitting in his car
  176. Kent State professor being investigated by FBI for ties to ISIS
  177. Another Fast and Furious Gun Turns Up
  178. Rest In Peace, Officer Cottrell
  179. Local Gun seller foils "straw purchase"
  180. Growing number of police chiefs, sheriffs join call to arms
  181. Federal judge on Thursday ordered the city of Chicago to release Chatman videos
  182. Bad and Sad - 12 yr old dead and it's all on the dad
  183. Two u.s. Navy boats and crews in iranian custody
  184. ISIS burns fighters alive for letting Ramadi fall
  185. Cop was sort of ambushed at hospital in Phila, had to fight to retain weapon
  186. Medal of Honor, Vietnam War
  187. Bad Guys Are Fearless When They Are The Only Ones With Guns
  188. Police K9 in Ohio fights to survive after being shot multiple times
  189. Hoplophobic Judge
  190. Indiana Cop Brings Speeding truck driver to tears
  191. Terrorist ambushes Philadelphia cop in cruiser - Officer in stable condition
  192. To Make a Murderer (Do not open this thread unless you've watched the whole thing)
  193. AR15 Stolen from squad car
  194. US Marshals kill fugitive
  195. Militia Seizes Ore. Federal Building
  196. White Cops Aren't Killing Droves of Unarmed Black Men
  197. The Trouble With Democracy/Throw Rocks At the Police
  198. These Airport Officers Have No Guns
  199. Oklahoma's doing something right
  200. Four In Hillary's Secret Service Detail Injured
  201. Official LEO Encounters In Must-inform Ohio
  202. Good: LEO Encounter
  203. La Sheriff deputy shoots partner to hide shooting
  204. Holiday cheer and family fights
  205. Cop Shoots unarmed man in Michigan
  206. More propane tanks stolen
  207. My County Sherriff
  208. Short poem
  209. Another Difference Between the UK and the US
  210. More Casualties From Mass Shootings in France Than USA
  211. Bergdahl arraigned on charges...are you surprised by this?
  212. Deputies shoot, kill career criminal who hit officer with car.
  213. IRC deputy wounded in traffic stop shoot out
  214. Just Plain Goofy CCP Renewel In TN Today
  215. Well, this is comforting
  216. San Francisco, CA, police change gun policy for their officers
  217. LAPD can't handle their guns!!!
  218. The problem of Belgium
  219. Is this what they are going to use the Propane Tanks for?
  220. Baltimore is on Pins and Needles: Verdict Issued
  221. LA schools under "credible threat"
  222. The Scariest Navy SEAL Imaginable…And What He Taught Me
  223. Le: "you have no right to listen to us"
  224. Political Correctness and the San Bernadino attack
  225. "President Obama delivers a statement following a meeting of the National Security Co
  226. Know Your Target and Beyond
  227. Data Mining in San Berdoo ?
  228. Stopped by Georgia State Patrol
  229. SAS Sniper Takes Out Suicide Bombers
  230. Freddie Gray Autopsy: DOH
  231. PM Trudeau Welcomes Syrian Refugees - Puts America To Shame
  232. Fake ID for ISIS fighters
  233. Officer Shooting
  234. Soldiers who dont understand basics of shooting?
  235. Comparing Mass Shootings In Europe and the US
  236. History -- BUFF, B-52: lots of info, photos
  237. Remember how the Gitmo detainees would be prevented from rejoining the fight?
  238. Terrorist Activity in Missouri? Heads up.
  239. We need a backup plan against terrorist.
  240. Syrian Rebels capture Isis fighters
  241. Afghan nationals unaccounted for - Moody Air Base, GA
  242. CA shooting - follow the money trail
  243. You can run but.......
  244. Dyess AFB to allow certain personnel with CCWs to store guns in cars
  245. Tougher citizens, Not Tougher Government
  246. Trump calls to ban Muslims.
  247. Police Dept. Urges Gun Carry
  248. What ever happened to the third San Bernardino shooter?
  249. Message From Brevard County Sheriff Ivey to Citizens
  250. OK, they've got a solution now