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  1. Central Iowa IDPA - Waterloo/Cedar Falls Area
  2. Vcdl meeting charlottesville va
  3. Watch Out Charlotte, Here We Come!!!!
  4. Cook Co. Illinois RTC Town Hall Meeting
  5. Michigan's U.P.
  6. Charlotte NRA Convention DC.com Meet'N Greet!!
  7. Family pot luck picnic -- salem va
  8. Roanoke area shoot
  9. prattville STAR BUCKS
  10. Hey vegas people
  11. NC residents where do you shoot?
  12. Houston, Austin, San Antonio, & Dallas Meets
  13. I finally joined NRA
  14. Anyone going to the Gunshow in SLC this weekend
  15. Kahr PM9 owners in VA, KY or TN
  16. Shot show at Bill's Gun Shop & Range this weekend!
  17. Where to shop in Las Vegas?
  18. Anyone Durham PD?
  19. Late May: AZ trip
  20. Really Nice Raffle in Colorado!
  21. VCDL meeting
  22. Hi from Michigan
  23. USPSA and IDPA near Waterloo/Cedar Falls Iowa!
  24. Tickets Now Available For Events At The Upcoming NRA Convention
  25. Virginia Members
  26. Dallas Convention Center 30.06 signed?
  27. Non Holster Related Holster Thread??
  28. Visiting Dallas Texas March 9-13th
  29. Attention All Minnesota Members.
  30. seeking a former member of the Nevada Highway Patrol cicra 1970
  31. IDPA in St. Joseph, MO - March 2nd.
  32. Going to school
  33. Alabama members?
  34. First Annual FCWL Gathering
  35. IDPA in St. Joseph, MO - February 16th.
  36. Anyone from Wichita Falls, Texas?
  37. Are you in VA?
  38. NC Members
  39. Message for members in San Antonio or Houston
  40. Wrong forum, please delete.
  41. New Yorkers, Blueprint for Change Conference
  42. IDPA Club match in St. Joseph MO
  43. Virginia Lobby Day & Leg session
  44. Call of Duty MW2 Firearms Community Clan?
  45. Need info from Texas people. . .
  46. Texas meets Hou 1/9, SA 1/30
  47. Arizona Members....
  48. Shot Show in Vegas in a few weeks!
  49. Any indoor ranges in Pittsburgh, PA?
  50. gun shops in columbia, s.c.
  51. Hey you Florida folks!
  52. Eastern Idaho OC dinner
  53. First NY Member's Lunch a Success! (Photo)
  54. Central Ohio OC get-together?
  55. Anyone in Eastern Idaho?
  56. Anti-gun Brady bunch Mayor recall
  57. Skype
  58. North Houston
  59. How many from Savannah, GA or nearby?
  60. Indy 1500 Oct. 23-25 Gun Show
  61. New York member luncheon?
  62. Defensive Pistol Shoot on October 10th -- Roanoke VA
  63. Newbie from Washington State
  64. Newbie from Georgia
  65. VCDL Freedom Rally
  66. San Antinio TX
  67. VCDL meeting this Thursday in Annandale
  68. Minnesota Motorcycle Riders Here?
  69. Anyone in Toronto?
  70. Might be moving to Ohio, can you tell me anything?
  71. VCDL Meeting Richmond Va
  72. need to take a Colorado CCW course?
  73. South Florida Shooting Sports reopens, new name, new location
  74. Please Help Me Cope With A Disease.
  75. Another Northern Virginia Dinner
  76. Good Gun Shops around Kansas City MO?
  77. WOOFSTOCK in Charlotte, NC today
  78. VCDL at the Liberty 101, Chesterfield County Fairgrounds
  79. Sweetwater Wy
  80. Any interest in a NC area OC picnic/get-together?
  81. Northern Virginia dinner - short notice :)
  82. Need classroom portion of OK SDA training
  83. Sw va vcdl pot luck picnic
  84. Greenville, SC Area - Places To Shoot
  85. Attention, Montana Members
  86. Welcome me to Colorado!
  87. Who Is From Texas & What Do You Carry?
  88. Post your pictures!
  89. Any cool stores in/around Destin,Fl
  90. Anyone From The Gastonia/Charlotte, NC Area???
  91. Dixie Gun and Knife Show
  92. Bill Goodman Gun & Knife show in Sharonville, OH, this weekend
  93. VCDL pot-luck picnic -- Newport News VA
  94. looking for public shooting ranges in Cincinnati
  95. A Tale of Two Gunny's (Pics enclosed)
  96. D/FW Gun Shows
  97. Made it to Phoenix!! From Canada with "My Little Friend"!!
  98. Any Phoenix residents out there??
  99. University of Cincinnati Shooting Sports Club safety course/range trip info
  100. Las Vegas DC Members
  101. Phoenix NRA Convention Meet n Greet
  102. I'm going !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  103. How many from SC.
  104. Jupiter, Florida Shooting Ranges w/Rentals
  105. NC (Charlotte Area) anyone want to go to the range?
  106. Women on Target event (Coward SC)
  107. VCDL -- Roanoke Picnic on May 2nd
  108. Attention CO and WY members!
  109. April 29th Pro Gun Lobby Day in Albany‏
  110. Easter in Scottsdale AZ
  111. VCDL meeting in NoVA this Wednesday - Mar 18
  112. Proposed AWB Protest In Montana
  113. New Students for Concealed Carry Group in NW PA
  114. Attention West Tennessee Members!
  115. DFW meet and greet?
  116. VCDL Meeting (Annandale, VA)
  117. Va Beach meet up!
  118. Detroit Metro - good place to shoot??
  119. New group forming in Montana
  120. New York Gun Show....Please stop by and check us out!
  121. Barren River Lake Area Kentucky
  122. Just moved to Saint Pete, Need to find local range.
  123. NH Training, Jan 30/Feb 1
  124. North Carolina...
  125. Who is From Indiana?
  126. Arizona Members?
  127. Come on KY area,
  128. SW Michigan?
  129. Hey Denver Area Guys/Gals
  130. MDTS/AR15.COM Training Fundraiser for NYSRPA
  131. Private Lessons in Orlando
  132. Need help - MI DC'ers
  133. Any members of the Scottsdale Gun Club?
  134. Range Day South FL (with pictures)
  135. Valley Forge Gun Show 19-21 DEC
  136. SAR/Crossroads of the West Gun Show, Phoenix Dec 5-7
  137. Michigan's U.P.
  138. Defensive Carry Conference
  139. Denver Area this weekend
  140. Palm Beach county "RANGE"day
  141. 642 to test shoot in Marietta or nearby?
  142. Ohio Buckeye Bash/Nov. 15
  143. This weekend...WA
  144. Paging SIXTWO--ADV stuff
  145. TN Sports Foundation Machine Gun Shoot: Sat 27 Sept
  146. Last call for Mid-atlantic multi state event
  147. Maryland: Ranges/Gun Shops Advice/Help
  148. Going to Fort Worth Range
  149. Need adviise from NOVA members
  150. Ft. Worth Get-Together: Tomorrow Night
  151. DFW area target shooting group - looking for members
  152. Michigan's U.P.
  153. Multi-State Lunch in Leesburg, VA: Sat. Sep 13th 2008
  154. Resource for Gun-Shows and Gun Clubs
  155. Western Kentucky Members
  156. Gainesville Georgia IDPA match
  157. Attention Tennesseans!!!
  158. IDPA Carolina Cup
  159. Indiana Gun Owners
  160. Tennessee Liqour-by-the-Drink Licensees Posted on State Website
  161. PA/NY/NJ Region Gun Show Dates
  162. Any Lafayette Gun Club members here?
  164. The Big Apple Friends of NRA
  165. Last chance call for NRA convention
  166. Arizona shoot?
  167. Another Attempt for FL Forum Members...
  168. Area Shoots?
  169. Shoot Straight Tampa Tonight 6:30, Ladies Free Range Time!
  170. Sw Ohio - Need You 4/16/08 At 6pm In Cincinnati
  171. NRA Convention May 15-18
  172. Pennsylvania members look here
  173. Roll call: pastors and church workers who carry
  174. South Florida is not safe anymore
  175. Looking for a Shop in Northern VA!
  176. How many New Yorkers do we have?
  177. Vermont Ranges
  178. Tri cities, TN
  179. PA- Wicen's Shooting Range Support Day
  180. Live in Rhode Island or Massachusetts?
  181. Long Range
  182. Little Rock, Ark
  183. Semi-Auto Shoot - 3/15/08 @ Mansfield (MA) F&G
  184. DFW member get together
  185. Regional Map for Members
  186. NRA convention in Louisville
  187. S&W Day at TargetMasters-PA-Feb 23rd-24th
  188. AZ: Come support SB 1214 on Monday Feb18
  189. Wanenmacher's Tulsa Gun Show April 5 & 6: Anyone Going?
  190. PA-AR15 Build with Dave Donely
  191. FL Competitive Combat Shooting??
  192. Shooting Range in GA
  193. Youngstown OH
  194. College Station, TX
  195. Meetup around Portland ME
  196. Another shooting forum! NC here (long read)
  197. Nuke workers, check in!
  198. SHOT Show
  199. Gun Show list in the PA/NJ/NY Region
  200. Little Sahara Oklahoma Spring Break
  201. Gun Show List for the South Central U.S.
  202. Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York training and competition events in your region
  203. Rhode Island
  204. Looking for Acreage to shoot on in Texas
  205. Defensive Carry get together
  206. kendo anyone?
  207. Anyone check out the paintball scenario at Camp Blanding(FL) this past weekend?
  208. Southeast Texas
  209. Southeast FL (Miami/Homestead/Key Largo) area members?
  210. Arizonans - who all are going to gun show this weekend?
  211. I see alot of VA out there...but where in VA?
  212. Missouri residents
  213. Attn: Millitary And Former Millitary
  214. Knife counter-knife class
  215. Outdoor places to shoot? (MI)
  216. Pa Ccw
  217. Which State to move to ?
  218. San Antonio area DC shoot thread
  219. Alabama where are you at?
  220. It's a really big shew !
  221. Philippines Where are you guy's
  222. Any one going to Montgomery, Al Gun Show
  223. Floridian needs Philadelphia Info
  224. Merk_Fmr8511
  225. Bike N' shoot in CO
  226. public range near naples florida?
  227. shooting range in allentown PA
  228. I Joined a Gun Club!!
  229. Ladies Day At My Gun Club
  230. Any good public ranges near Crystal River, FL?
  231. Where I shoot
  232. Just guaging possible interest in a Sacramento Ca area shoot?
  233. Those in Illinois
  234. Kansas Army National Guard Band
  235. Questions for SC members
  236. Any Lansing, Michigan Members
  237. Any Grand Rapids Area People want to go shooting?
  238. Florida Man Needs Indiana Info...
  239. Going to Alaska
  240. New to Colorado
  241. Met up with JChoo today in VA.
  242. Heads Up South Carolina!!! Washington State, Too!!!
  243. Western KY Members: LBL Shoot 6/17
  244. Southwest Indiana
  245. CFL members: Who's going to the STS117 Launch?
  246. PA - the SW Quadrant, plus
  247. time offline
  248. Places to Shoot in DFW
  249. Anyone else going to the Houston gun & knife show, June 2-3?
  250. Oklahoma member get-together?