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  1. Great! - Drunk Fool With Bare Fists Shot Dead by Home Owner - Polk County FL
  2. Bad: Anti-Gun Fail - 2 murders, 3 other shootings after 'Stop the Violence' Rally
  3. CBS News - Concealed carry catching on...
  4. Bad - 25 people shot, one dead, across city.... Ya Betch Ya - Weekend Chicago Report
  5. Road rage leads to shooting
  6. Officer successully DATD outside his home
  7. Police Officer Found Not Liable For Shooting Death
  8. Bad: 340 pound food shoplifter on rampage!
  9. ulgy-‘Trayvoning’ (Posing As A Dead Body With Skittles)
  10. Strange: Man pulls gun to cut in line?
  11. Cold Stare of a Accused Killer
  12. BAD: Stray bullet kills man driving
  13. Bad: another LEO poser, another elderly couple
  14. Bad: Another Flash Mob
  15. BAD: Undercover LEO shot at point blank
  16. Bad: but with a better ending
  17. Running Gun Battle in streets of Billings
  18. Good: OK Man Charged With Murder For Death Of Accomplice
  19. Bad: must be nearly summer...
  20. Bad: 10 year old shot in home invasion
  21. Bad: They got your money and your guns... and you decide to chase 'em...
  22. Bad: Parolee tries again
  23. Bad: Don't bring a machete to a gunfight
  24. Bad - Busy Night for Criminals in Pittsburgh
  25. Bad: Moe, Larry, and Curly dress as "Cable guys" to rob a homeowner.
  26. Good: man on crutches after home invasion
  27. Bad: No more Mr. Niceguy, or Nicegal...
  28. Suicide by State Trooper? Man Shot by KY Troopers.
  29. Stafford, VA man defends himself in parked car
  30. So A Man Walks Into A Bar With A Zebra And A Parrot...
  31. Tragic Shooting in Kentucky
  32. It's getting more dangerous to be a criminal
  33. Ugly: Complain about littering - that's a beating...
  34. Gates Co NC BREAKING: Beaten store clerk 2 for 2; 1st shot over the shoulder
  35. More good news from Cali......
  36. BAD: Another Home Invasion and this time they got the gun safe
  37. 8 Shot After OK City Thunder Win
  38. Good: More ladies (like lyz_grace) are getting guns
  39. Good: If you don't have a gun... get to the kitchen?
  40. Bad: Put the kid in the swing... and strip
  41. Bad: Who's Travis? Elderly couple beaten and tied up.
  42. Local Man Stops Home Invasion,With Shotgun (video)
  43. Man Robs Store Holding Grandson
  44. You are here: Home / Blogs / Coachisright / Judge strikes down NDAA, rules Obama must
  45. bad-Garland Woman Set on Fire
  46. Houston: CHPer locked in during robbery, shots fired, clerk dead
  47. Silly: gun buyback program.
  48. More On Detroit
  49. Suspects wielding hammers and batons attack diners at Tinley Park, IL
  50. Random stabbing in Dallas Target, perp opened knife package and attacked her back
  51. Suffolk VA LEO beat unconscious after traffic stop
  52. Bad ....Situation Awareness At All Times
  53. I think the BG got shot...
  54. UGLY: Woman shoots, kills grandson
  55. 13year old on roof with anti-tank rifle?
  56. Good - Homeowner Shoots Intruder / Bad - Local TV Anchor is Anti-Gun/Self Defense
  57. Charlotte Jewerly Store Robbery video, Owner did not fire weapon?
  58. BAD: 96 yr old woman and daughter robbed
  59. Be sure of your backstop
  60. Woman gets 20 years for firing a warning shot against an admitted abuser....NRA fail.
  61. Is Detroit the new "ground zero" for violence?
  62. UGH!: S&W Closes Springfield, MA Shooting Range....
  63. Ugly - Kansas City Metro Squad seeks suspects who gunned down Raytown jogger
  64. bad - 4 Guardian Angels stabbed in subway
  65. Bad - Guy tries to target school bus with rifle
  66. Connecticut man charged with killing black bear
  67. Bad: 60 year old couple held for 3 hours in home invasion
  68. Groundskeeper Fired after finding a Gun
  69. Good? Bad? Stupid, yes
  70. From the 'What in the world were they thinking' category
  71. BAD: Man charged for accidentally firing gun
  72. the trayvon/zimmerman show
  73. FBI may charge George Zimmerman with hate crime
  74. U.S. Army soldier brutally beaten
  75. Scary
  76. 'Stand Your Ground' defense denied for Trevor Dooley
  77. not all good guys win... shootout
  78. Google’s driverless car passes Nevada test
  79. BAD: Shooting after speeding argument
  80. TV crew finds gun, not police
  81. Questionable - Many Issues - No criminal charges to be filed - Basket Ball Shooting
  82. Good - Motel guest shoots, kills robbery suspect (Bonus Video)
  83. GOOD! - Blind gun enthusiast wins appeal to get guns back, again, but strange....
  84. Man Pleads Guilty Shooting Friend over Dispute over Video Game
  85. Not so good....
  86. Questionable: Durham NC clerk says customer shooting was in self-defense
  87. Latest Stand Your Ground With a Twist
  88. Good: Homeowner shoots one of three, all flee
  89. Good: Massive Drug Bust near my Town
  90. Bad - Off-duty Deputy in IL Pulls Gun on Pregnant Lady
  91. Williams Gets 178 Months in Prison for Shooting
  92. BAD: 84 yr old security guard shot to death
  93. GREAT!: 84 Y.O. Korean war vet stops home invader...
  94. BAD: Home invasion, 2 shot
  95. Wierd new scam?
  96. Did he forget he lives in Detroit??
  97. Beauty may be skin deep, but stupid is through and through.
  98. GOOD: 3 in the head
  99. Man frees himself in home invasion. Three invaders in custody of police
  100. BAD - Attempt by Democrats to get "Stand your ground" thrown out!
  101. 2 kids arrested with gun at school
  102. Bad: Mother and child robbed at knife-point; Mother stabbed.
  103. 7 time felon shot in a B&E
  104. This one makes me sick... He was a WW II paratrooper with 101st Airborne
  105. Justifiable homicide in 13 year old carjacker case.
  106. Neo-Nazi mass shooting
  107. BAD: Man charged with shooting niece in the eye. Kentucky
  108. Man Arrested in Ocean City, VA for having a Gun in the Car
  109. Bad: Good Samaritan shot
  110. Good: Woman With Shotgun Kills Rapist (Halloween 2011)
  111. BAD: Pizza delivery man robbed
  112. WV State Trooper Shot. Suspect Killed in Gunfight.
  113. Save your Prayers
  114. Robber killed by storeowner during robbery attempt
  115. Regarding the 13 year old armed suspect that was killed
  116. bad /good Delray Dunkin Donuts Robbery
  117. Good: Armed home invader shot by homeowner
  118. Another criminal in favor of gun control
  119. UGLY: Single mom shot in front of her house
  120. Good: 13-year old suspect killed during robbery
  121. Conway 14-year-old uses shotgun to scare off armed intruders
  122. Ugly: Over 30 People Beat Couple
  123. ??? The "Bra gun," and warning shots.
  124. Good: Elderly sisters fight off carjacker
  125. Shooting at shoplifters
  126. Florida CCW
  127. Stranded motorist robbed of his money AND HIS GUN!
  128. Forget about bringing a knife to a gunfight
  129. Pretty Good: Local news does piece on handgun carry in TN
  130. Good, Bad, and Ugly: 2 men charged with attempted murder of deputy
  131. Bad: drug crazed psycho randomly invades
  132. Good: Hell's Angel Thwarts Robbery
  133. Bad: Taking advantage of the disabled
  134. Ugly- 30 rounds fired in shootout at gas station
  135. Fairly good: article about self defense shootings
  136. Article about similar Trayvon case in AZ
  137. Weird: Armed home invader goes nighty night
  138. bad:hoodies at work- store hood-up (no typo)
  139. Good - UT - Man With Concealed Carry Permits Stops Attacker
  140. Gun Retention, Local Jewelry Store Robbed Today
  141. Bad - Sheriff Accused of Making Threats and Pointing Gun at Reporter
  142. LEOs shooting dogs
  143. Bee Sting Discharges Shotgun
  144. ANOTHER Rock Hill Shooting
  145. Bad: Stray machine gun fire strafed some homes...
  146. Bad: Some family members ordered to strip.
  147. UT armed citizen stops murderous knife rampage 4/26/12
  148. Good: Man interrupts KC burglary, shoots suspect in leg
  149. Good: Ga. granny thwarts 2 would-be robbers in shootout
  150. Victim selection failure: Fayetteville, NC
  151. LEO witnesses shooting
  152. Poll in USA Today
  153. Bank Of America to Gun Industry: Find Another Bank
  154. Florida man mistakes girlfriend for hog, shoots her
  155. Bad: Caledonia, WI (Racine) break-ins Worse:Caledonia man CCWs while allegedly drunk
  156. Any of you Fla residence familiar with this story?
  157. Good - Homeowner vs Burglars with Sawed Off - Homeowner Wins!
  158. BAD: 3 women carjacked
  159. Walmart shoplifter shot with own gun
  160. Ugly: Rifle 'goes off', kills black girl = hate crime?
  161. A Teacher Fires Blanks at his students!!!!
  162. OOPS - Ga. granny thwarts 2 would-be robbers in shootout
  163. Very Bad: Race Motivated Attack in Mobile, AL
  164. Wrong lesson: Gun safety class ends with couple wounded
  165. Columbia, SC 'Gun Store' Robbery
  166. Stolen weapons ~ special attention for central SC members
  167. Bad: Don't try to recover a stolen car with suspects inside. One dead.
  168. Bad - Pastor's Mother Killed in Church Shooting
  169. Two For - Las Vegas and Nashville
  170. Odd: New homeowners held at gunpoint by neighbors
  171. Good: Rabid Bear Attack in Central Virginia
  172. Bad. Hate crime
  173. Gecko45 like mess up & or manslaughter/ shoplifting gone bad
  174. odd/good I think ...mayor pushes for hoodie ban
  175. Break-In's In a small Town
  176. Bank of America no longer wants McMillan Firearms Company's business
  177. Bad: Man kills other man with stick
  178. Jesse Jackson working to change Oklahoma Gun Laws
  179. Gun Found Outside of School
  180. Turnovers in death row in NC
  181. Bad: more fake cops, now targeting students
  182. Bad: Carpool(?) robbery
  183. Bad: Home invasion redux, victims shot, one shot back
  184. This Week in H-Town : Shot with BB Gun and other "Gems"
  185. Police Captain charged with manslaughter of 18 yr old wild man
  186. Bad: Bloodthirsty ravening mobs
  187. Amazing video of topless hero confronting armed thug who tried to steal moped
  188. Bad - Teacher Fires Gun at Students (blanks)
  189. bad: naked man is pistol whipped takes gun away...
  190. Triple murderr and several wounded at a cockfight
  191. Good - Tax Refunds Boost Gun Sales
  192. BAD: 14 yr old stabs 9 yr old
  193. Bad - Kid brought a gun to my son's school today
  194. Man charged for shooting warning shots
  195. Good: Doctor pulls gun to keep from being robbed
  196. BAD: Spring, TX Mother Murdered, Baby Snatched
  197. Teen Hit by Warning Shot
  198. BAD: 9 dead, 15 wounded over the weekend in...uh...Chicago?
  199. UGLY: Young mother shot by would-be rapist
  200. guy shot with .22lr claims a weight fell on it and caused it to fire, believable?
  201. Sound off on CNN's Cafferty files
  202. North Carolina Marines and criminals
  203. Media censored seven hate crime mob attacks in Grand Rapids
  204. European Brandishing; it's a different world over there!
  205. Ad&D Insurance-Coverage if Shot?
  206. Another Home Invasion in my area
  207. Very UGLY: Officer who shot man perceived threat
  208. News in England but not here?
  209. Amber Alert : Man Kills Wife Abducts Daughter
  210. Stupid is, as stupid does...
  211. Bad. Retiring Police Chief killed in shootout.
  212. Bad: Home invaders pistol whip Portland homeowner
  213. Bad: Three Killed At OH Cracker Barrel Restraunt
  214. Bad: Intruders invade Raytown home, hold couple at gunpoint
  215. Bad: Homeowner suprises burglar
  216. Bad: mother and son(?) duct taped and slapped...
  217. Bad: Fake police officer robs Benson NC driver
  218. Bad: Taco Bell shooting victim holding leash when shot
  219. Caught: Brother & Sister Team of Armed Robbers Arrested
  220. Perps pose as police for home invasion
  221. Good, Bad or Ugly- opinions
  222. Good/Bad: homeowner shot at intruders, they fled.
  223. Bad: home invader uses stun gun (or taser?) on residents
  224. Good: three home invaders caught
  225. Bad: Toddlers held at gunpoint in home invasion
  226. Bad: sometimes lessons have to be lethal for criminals to "learn."
  227. Bad: yet another food delivery robbery
  228. What Have We Learned? : Robbed at Gunpoint during Auto Deal
  229. Commiefornia College Shooting
  230. Shooting In My Little City,Self Defense Or Murder? (video)
  231. Charlotte, NC criminal stopped by bullets
  232. Texas Homeowner Guns Down Teen Burglar
  233. Series of Tragedies in OK
  234. Bad: Day-Care Operator and her parents shot and killed
  235. toss up: sometimes even felons defend their homes
  236. Good: Lady forced into her closet...
  237. Guess who pays for the hospital bills.
  238. Semi-Ugly: Homeowner defends family from Home Invasion
  239. LEO shooting at car because it ran over his foot
  240. Bad: shooting through the door after compliance
  241. BAD: Armed home intruders
  242. Bad + Good = Lucky , but could have been very bad for the manager. Lucky Day
  243. NW Burglars Continue To Not Get It: Another Burglar Killed, More Flee
  244. Bad: Man shot over shoes
  245. Weird - Easter Bunny Leaves Hand Grenade Instead of Egg?
  246. Walmart employee in Phoenix is shot and killed
  247. Weird: Planned shooting - Gorilla Suit + Gun
  248. BAD: Another Home Invasion (perps imitating cops)
  249. World's Shortest Robbery
  250. Bad: kidnapped and robbed leaving the mall