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  1. Bad: They "shot" out the glass in the front door,
  2. BAD: Right in my own backyard too.
  3. Bad: woman walks in on burglary,
  4. Good: store owner stops perp
  5. Good: Retired HFD turns the tables on the BGs
  6. The Cincinnati Enquirer can ID guns by shell casings!
  7. Bad: This is why I'm armed at home
  8. Police gun down 83-year-old woman responding to 911 call she dialed
  9. Good: the sight of the gun scared 'em off
  10. Man Not Indicted for Shooting.
  11. Bad : Robbed at Gunpoint in His Own Home.
  12. Ugly, good: 1 injured, 1 dead in home invasion
  13. Bad: Soldier kills pal that had the hiccups
  14. hmmm? waited too long, maybe?
  15. Good: reluctant gun owner saves herself
  16. Good: I got all the money you need in my pocket
  17. Good: Shot himself in the foot
  18. BAD: Woman raped in Manhattan
  19. Another "accidental" discharge
  20. Georgia gun range given permit to serve alcohol.
  21. GOOD: Excellent SA
  22. BAD: WalMart shoplifter shoots security then self
  23. Free AK47 with used truck buy
  24. Bad: Double Amputee shot by HPD.
  25. Bad...Can a "child" really be dangerous?
  26. Gas for guns
  27. Shotgun-wielding cancer patient thwarts robbery
  28. Good Read on Joe Perry from Aerosmith
  29. Bryco/Jennings gun designer arrested for child porn.
  30. Run from a robber you will be safe, ya right
  31. Good?: Bar/gun range. gun range/bar?
  32. BAD: Something seems wrong here.
  33. GOOD: Mother and daughter wrestle home invader to the ground
  34. Good: Boy Saves Mom from Attack with BB Gun
  35. Hello Adrenline
  36. Bad - Man opens fire in a gunstore
  37. DHS Releases video on how to handle a workplace shooting ...
  38. Fast and Furious Report Cites Management Failures
  39. Ugly: Road rage(?) Sex on Interstate 95 in Nassau County escalates to assault with gu
  40. Unarmed Female U.K. police officers shot dead during routine call.
  41. UGLY: Avoidable Hunting Accident
  42. This one should be interesting...
  43. Bad: Murderer Too Fat to be Executed?
  44. Shotgun wielding robber disarmed - Good!
  45. Ugly: 17-year-old-dies-after-shooting-50-year-old-man
  46. Former West Point football player dies in accidental shooting at Connecticut home
  47. West Bloomfield police officer struck down
  48. Man repels thief using 16 rounds Good argument against mag limits.
  49. Bomb Threat on University of Texas Campus
  50. Good: Student Groups for Concealed Carry on Campus
  51. Bad: Batman Again
  52. Bad: Another Zombie Attack
  53. don't mess with Texas (cops)... give them your DL/ permit
  54. Good: Employees get firearm training after multiple robberies
  55. Who Carries A .22 Derringer? She Does
  56. Shots fired at a park near youth football practice
  57. Results of investigation of police shooting here in Michigan released yesterday.
  58. Fill in the blank...
  59. Stabbed in the butt
  60. Update on bike rider/pu collision where the driver shot and killed bike rider
  61. 8 home invasions over the weekend
  62. Dozens Of Shots Fired At Chase Suspect, 41 shots fired office claims SD
  63. bad-Fort Worth homeowner shot by burglar, police say
  64. In the news or Not in the news Zimmerman
  65. Police dash cam shows Sikh temple shooter being taken out by officer.
  66. Follow FEMA's Zombie Preparation Advice, End up on a Watch List.
  67. Real Bad: How Not to Clean a Gun
  68. Aurora theater targeted because it was a No Gun Zone
  69. KC Woman Ticketed for Shooting at Trespasser in Backyard... - August 2012
  70. bad-Wash. sniper was recently divorced military vet
  71. Ulgy-Police: NJ boy, 6, killed saving sister in attack
  72. Ugly: Little Rock Police Officer charged with manslaughter of 15-year old car thief
  73. good-Gaffney mom shoots at intruder; suspect flees
  74. Administration Expands ATF’s Power to Seize Property = Your Firearms
  75. Local: 9 year olds fighting... one has a gun?
  76. Why you should carry on a golf course if you're a bad golfer!
  77. Gun-Dealing CB12 Chair Abused Power With 2nd Amendment Forum, Critics Say
  78. Boy, 13, leads cops on car chase
  79. ugly-CAL gets another black eye in cop abusing a suspect-video
  80. BAD: Hostage shot by police - NYC
  81. Man Arrested with a Gun-employee won't sell him ammo
  82. Horrible: Mom kills three kids, then herself.
  83. watch you're back at the pumps- man held up while pumping gas
  84. Very Bad-Multiple Killings In France
  85. woman shoots her EX lover defending her new BFF
  86. Canadian Shooting
  87. good-Man fires shot at robbers in his southeast Wichita home
  88. bad-Unknown suspects assault Kingwood man in driveway robbery
  89. good-Naked suspect shot by homeowner during attempted burglary
  90. Bad: Shooting in Doddridge Co WV
  91. Weird : Woman "Shot" in Hip While Sleeping
  92. bad-Cedar Park police charge CHL holder in fatal shooting of dog
  93. GOOD - Armed Security Guard Protects Internet Cafe w/ shooting (VIDEO)
  94. this is how you do it folks-school's open
  95. Farm tenant arrested after burglars shot was 'plagued by break-ins' (England)
  96. ulgy-Gunman kills 3 during northeast Houston bar fight
  97. Clinton condems?
  98. 22LR Can Be Lethal
  99. Woman, 82, Suspected Of Burglary; Rap Sheet Dates Back To 1955
  100. Texas Man Shoots Gunman Saves Texas Officer
  101. Ugly: Florida Man kills Door to door salesman
  102. Bad: 'The guy just came in - came in with his gun already out'
  103. Bad: 2nd WV Trooper Shot Has Died
  104. UGLY and bizarre: Senseless shooting of camper in Colorado
  105. Trash bag robber strikes North Texas store
  106. no love here-Man fatally shoots twin brother
  107. stupid-Man carrying AK-47 arrested in downtown Dallas
  108. gun at work!-Employee shoots suspect found in Everett business
  109. good-Southwestside homeowner shoots burglary suspect in leg
  110. My friends daughter shot at Empire state building
  111. DUI "No refusal" this weekend...
  112. BREAKING NEWS: Report: Several dead, including gunman, in NJ supermarket shooting
  113. good-Congress Passes Restrictions On Military Funeral Protests
  114. good-Mom with shotgun fends off daughter's would-be kidnapper
  115. The Empire State shooting: I can't believe I agree with Bloomberg
  116. Good: Armed citizen stops stabbing outside school
  117. So Now They Rob And Shoot UPS Drivers, Early Afternoon
  118. GOOD: Fl. CFL customer stops robbery, kills one suspect
  119. LAPD commander removed in probe of rough arrest
  120. INTRUDER calls 9-1-1
  121. UGLY:Bicyclist-shot-after-colliding-with-pickup-truck
  122. Update : WV State Trooper Shooting
  123. Bad: Secret Service Leaves Weapon In Bathroom on Romney's Plane
  124. Prophetic: Columbia, SC clothing store robbed, owner pistol-whipped.
  125. UGLY: Judge issues his own carry permit
  126. U-G-L-Y: We have gone too dern far...
  127. good: They drove IN TO his store...
  128. Good: mama saved her baby, with a shotgun
  129. Bad: Ninja Robber Terrorizes Miami
  130. GOOD: Texas CHL holder saves stabbing victim's life
  131. Squeezing off a round...
  132. Very Bad : WV State Trooper Shot & Killed
  133. Bystander Fired Deadly Shot, Not Officer
  134. Isaac
  135. Shots Fired - New meaning to a drive by shooting!
  136. Another one bites the dust
  137. The REAL reason NYPD cops are terrible shots??
  138. Car jack victim shoots back
  139. Good and dumb, embarrassing bathroom incident
  140. Man kills himself at indoor range
  141. bad- woman gets shoot in her own garage coming home
  142. good-Vancouver homeowner shoots and kills intruder
  143. UGLY BAD: Student shot at Perry Hall High School
  144. What's THAT??? BANG!
  145. Guns ain't safe in the home...BANG!
  146. Good: A shot in the fanny helps nab one
  147. good if your not a BG-S.A.'s homicide rate is up 22% this year
  148. Post Office (gun-free zone) was robbed.
  149. Police: All Empire State shooting victims were wounded by officers.
  150. New Video: Empire State Bldg: WHY There Were Multiple Shots:
  151. Good (Old) my favorite story this year
  152. Normal - Chicago starting early this weekend-19 Shot last night - 13 in 30 Minutes
  153. Several people shot outside Empire State Building
  154. 19 shot overnight in Chicago
  155. Norway killer Anders Breivik
  156. Gun Control does work
  157. Dumb Crooks + Good Police work=Arrested
  158. Don't bring a machete...
  159. Lottery Winner Back in the News
  160. Good: Concealed Carry Neighborhood
  161. Good: Burglar gets taken down by LL Cool J in his home
  162. Crime and Virginia Commonwealth University
  163. A "wash": your daughter came home...
  164. Stupid: Professor to Cancel Class if Students Carry
  165. Bad: More Mob Robberies
  166. bad for CCing- mans gun goes off at a mcdonalds
  167. 'My Son Trained Somebody to Murder Him'
  168. Smart guy shooting from moving car...
  169. Armed man wearing military camo, ballistic vest arrested near Martinsburg schools
  170. Federal Way man threatened Pres. Obama
  171. Bad: Woman Found Dead Two Days After Calling 911
  172. good -Police Kill Chicago Man's Dog During Raid, Jury Awards Family $330,000
  173. Virginia Beach home invasion, resident then enters, retrieves handgun, shoots invader
  174. Bad: Call 911 and then get shot by police
  175. Police -- acting under a state law that allows emergency, temporary psychiatric com..
  176. Good - USAF Vet pluggs Would Be Home Invader with several large caliber hits - OR
  177. bad: fake police pull over car, an robbed him
  178. Bad - Dealer Shoots Self at Local Gun Show
  179. Good - Las Vegas Dairy Queen employee shoots, kills sword-wielding robber
  180. Need help finding article / story where AntiGun Politician turned ProGun
  181. details of a murdered college student tried desperately to fend off attacker
  182. Firefighter shot by stored rifle at house fire.
  183. LiveLeak, Robbery In Progress, Fake Or Real?? (Video)
  184. Ugly X 2 - Line-cutting fight prompted fatal Rite Aid shooting No Folk VA
  185. Ugly...near deadly hammer attack...
  186. Local Robbery ring busted after brothers fight
  187. Outstanding- chl instructor help police and catches BG/citizen’s arrest
  188. Ugly- Detroit franchise said no more del to Detroit after dark
  189. Still wild in the new west.
  190. bad, ugly- was it a firing squad or justified?
  191. Arizona man shoots himself in the "organ" with fiancee's little pink gun: cops
  192. Woman forced to shoot intruder to protect herself and children
  193. Good, Bad and Ugly- Eleven Years For A $10 Stick-up, Wanted Drinking Money
  194. Who May Carry Handguns In Canada?
  195. Bad: More cop impersonators- home invasion
  196. Neighbor shoots robbers
  197. odd- Clerk indicted for killing man in robbery- time line story
  198. Bad: 4 Deputies Ambushed In Louisiana, 2 Dead
  199. ulgy-6 young teens beat man because 'they were just bored'
  200. Good: Had thought it through and acted accordingly
  201. Good: wounded home invader leads LE to others
  202. Good: "No hero" holds home invaders for cops
  203. New Florida Carry Lawsuit to Secure Right to Bear Arms
  204. bad-Shooting at Family Research Council in Washington D.C.
  205. BAD: Dude at a movie theater drops gun, shoots himself in the butt
  206. Off-Duty Cop Hits 4-Year-Old Girl With Motorcycle then shoots dad
  207. Shooting at conservtive Family Research Council in DC, one guard wounded
  208. Have ammo prices suddenly gone up?
  209. Bad for us: CCW holder shoots AT store security
  210. National Weather Service looking to purchase mass amounts of ammo
  211. Bad: two home invaders steal food...
  212. Questionable: Suspect Says He Shot in Self-Defense
  213. we are being fed corn
  214. BAD: Texas A&M says: Active shooter on campus apprehended
  215. Bad: Woman opens fire at Gig Harbor market; two men hit
  216. Marysville police seize machine gun
  217. BAD----Doctors target gun violence as a social disease
  218. new poll on abc's "the View" Do We Need Stricter Gun Control in America?
  219. New York City and New York City Idiots
  220. Attempted Robbery,Local Walgreens, CHL Holder Wins
  221. Banning guns has opposite effect
  222. Bad: Fraud In CCW Permits In Ohio
  223. A Good Lesson in History that's RARELY Taught (School starts again soon)
  224. Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman!
  225. good- ckerk are ready for robbers and shoot back
  226. It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!
  227. Time to buy a new TV
  228. NRA Armed Citizen Archive: NEW AUGUST EDITION
  229. GOOD times 3 - BG's crash into GS, all 3 shot..one dead
  230. good-No charges in Oakland intruder shootings (2)
  231. good- store owner beats down robber with a stick
  232. Bad: MWAG call at Dark Knight Rises...
  233. Bad: "You're having a nightmare...
  234. Bad: 4 YO kid in home invasion...
  235. Bad: 12, 10 and 7 YO kids in home invasion...
  236. Good: Little-known Aurora church shooting
  237. Order TV on Amazon, receive rifle. Bonus - Silly quote by the Brady Bunch
  238. Good: Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 150+ Yard Shot
  239. Apt fire AURORA CO perp used GASOLINE on stairs. 2 dead, 25 injured. Coincidence?
  240. we can make a difference
  241. Original Post Deleted
  242. bad-man holds air conditioner repairman at gunpoint
  243. good-Texas Man Shoots Home Invader in Self-Defense!
  244. Good: Hostage talks down gunman
  245. bad-Deputy shoots self at own birthday party
  246. Bad: Yahoo Article Blames Semi-Autos
  247. Ugly: baseball bat blamed as cause of death of child at baseball park
  248. Bad: Mass Shooting In Wisconsin
  249. Bad...And stupid... With Video
  250. Cop loses his rifle..