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  1. bad, ugly- was it a firing squad or justified?
  2. Arizona man shoots himself in the "organ" with fiancee's little pink gun: cops
  3. Woman forced to shoot intruder to protect herself and children
  4. Good, Bad and Ugly- Eleven Years For A $10 Stick-up, Wanted Drinking Money
  5. Who May Carry Handguns In Canada?
  6. Bad: More cop impersonators- home invasion
  7. Neighbor shoots robbers
  8. odd- Clerk indicted for killing man in robbery- time line story
  9. Bad: 4 Deputies Ambushed In Louisiana, 2 Dead
  10. ulgy-6 young teens beat man because 'they were just bored'
  11. Good: Had thought it through and acted accordingly
  12. Good: wounded home invader leads LE to others
  13. Good: "No hero" holds home invaders for cops
  14. New Florida Carry Lawsuit to Secure Right to Bear Arms
  15. bad-Shooting at Family Research Council in Washington D.C.
  16. BAD: Dude at a movie theater drops gun, shoots himself in the butt
  17. Off-Duty Cop Hits 4-Year-Old Girl With Motorcycle then shoots dad
  18. Shooting at conservtive Family Research Council in DC, one guard wounded
  19. Have ammo prices suddenly gone up?
  20. Bad for us: CCW holder shoots AT store security
  21. National Weather Service looking to purchase mass amounts of ammo
  22. Bad: two home invaders steal food...
  23. Questionable: Suspect Says He Shot in Self-Defense
  24. we are being fed corn
  25. BAD: Texas A&M says: Active shooter on campus apprehended
  26. Bad: Woman opens fire at Gig Harbor market; two men hit
  27. Marysville police seize machine gun
  28. BAD----Doctors target gun violence as a social disease
  29. new poll on abc's "the View" Do We Need Stricter Gun Control in America?
  30. New York City and New York City Idiots
  31. Attempted Robbery,Local Walgreens, CHL Holder Wins
  32. Banning guns has opposite effect
  33. Bad: Fraud In CCW Permits In Ohio
  34. A Good Lesson in History that's RARELY Taught (School starts again soon)
  35. Gun Owner Saves Cop's Life by Shooting Deranged Gunman!
  36. good- ckerk are ready for robbers and shoot back
  37. It happened to a trained LEO, it can happen to you. Be careful!
  38. Time to buy a new TV
  39. NRA Armed Citizen Archive: NEW AUGUST EDITION
  40. GOOD times 3 - BG's crash into GS, all 3 shot..one dead
  41. good-No charges in Oakland intruder shootings (2)
  42. good- store owner beats down robber with a stick
  43. Bad: MWAG call at Dark Knight Rises...
  44. Bad: "You're having a nightmare...
  45. Bad: 4 YO kid in home invasion...
  46. Bad: 12, 10 and 7 YO kids in home invasion...
  47. Good: Little-known Aurora church shooting
  48. Order TV on Amazon, receive rifle. Bonus - Silly quote by the Brady Bunch
  49. Good: Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 150+ Yard Shot
  50. Apt fire AURORA CO perp used GASOLINE on stairs. 2 dead, 25 injured. Coincidence?
  51. we can make a difference
  52. Original Post Deleted
  53. bad-man holds air conditioner repairman at gunpoint
  54. good-Texas Man Shoots Home Invader in Self-Defense!
  55. Good: Hostage talks down gunman
  56. bad-Deputy shoots self at own birthday party
  57. Bad: Yahoo Article Blames Semi-Autos
  58. Ugly: baseball bat blamed as cause of death of child at baseball park
  59. Bad: Mass Shooting In Wisconsin
  60. Bad...And stupid... With Video
  61. Cop loses his rifle..
  62. Jonathan Blunk, Naval vet, FF/EMT, stood up to Aurora shooter
  63. Good: Houston releases video on how to react to active shooter.
  64. Interesting to see what San Francisco considers a "Cache of Weapons"
  65. Seattle shopkeeper trading 2x4 for gun (for next time, eh?)
  66. Very Bad: Work Shooting
  67. Man stabbed 22 times over argument with friend online
  68. Granny Takes On 5 Thugs And Wins
  69. Bad: Teen Kills 8 with Knife in China
  70. Slaughtering Sheep.........
  71. Definitely Not Good...
  72. BAD: LEO gets shot in vest, but he's OK. GOOD: Pimp got popped
  73. Good: Came home, robbers inside...
  74. Now, here is a gun law that I will support.
  75. Bad: Chicago Deadliest Global City
  76. Robbers use taser
  77. Rape not great bodily harm?!
  78. BAD: Three dead in apparent murder suicide
  79. Lou Dobbs Gets it.
  80. Good: Paraplegic shot, killed armed intruder
  81. Theater Evacuated For Weapons Check
  82. Bad: WWII Vet beaten. Good: Witnesses help catch BGs
  83. Bad and Ugly - woman kills man who denies her a beer
  84. BAD Jerry Ahern passes away
  85. Good: local opinion piece on personal responsibility for self defense
  86. Good: Quick thinking 10 year old called 911 from under the bed
  87. Paranoid?: So you say you don't carry in the shower..?
  88. Good: Homeowner got 2...
  89. BAD, REALLY BAD: 3 kids doused with gasoline in home invasion
  90. Bad: Mob of Teens Steal $3K in Jeans
  91. Man arrested after gun brought into theater
  92. Texas: Gun 'accident' victim dies; suspect now faces manslaughter charges
  93. 5 shot dead in Chicago in 12 hours
  94. Jewelry store owner shoots it out with fake cops
  95. bad-Home invasions terrorize disabled tenants
  96. Local Residents Rescue RCMP Members Being Shot At.
  97. Ugly just got uglier - "defensive" shooter charged 3 months later
  98. UGLY: Man shoots bystander and cop , police dog is killed.
  99. bad-Florida man kills traveling steak salesman, shoots extra round for 'effect'
  100. Bad: Man arrested, house searched found to have "arsenal" and "stash" of ammo
  101. Bad: Dad accused of killing daughter. Claims was being pursued.
  102. Denver Perpetrator in Psych Care
  103. Bad: Come home to walk the dog... find the nanny tied up...
  104. Democratic senators offer gun control amendment for cybersecurity bill
  105. Good: Gun rights activist acquitted of concealed weapon charge
  106. Telegraph UK:"Glock Pistol has been the weapon of choice for spree killers"
  107. Colorado Shooting Staged By The Government
  108. Good: Took away the robber's shotty!
  109. Stupid & Bad : Man Fires Gun Inside Wife's Workplace
  110. Good: opinion piece from local paper on gun control
  111. Ugly: Puppeteer wanted to cook and eat children
  112. BAD: CCW Negligent Discharge injures child
  113. Counter the media misinformation - James Holmes was NOT wearing a ballistic vest
  114. Good: A primmer for "Journalists"
  115. You knew it..
  116. Nice article in the NYT
  117. Continuation of the Kroger shooting
  118. Hit this poll: Ban Assault Weapons on Politico
  119. Good: "help, I've fallen...
  120. Same death toll as the recent shooting and yet no calls for "truck control."
  121. Ugly: Man Killed in 'Knock-out Game'
  122. BAD: Rochelle Riley: We have no right to despair when our culture OKs assault weapons
  123. Navy Seal Lessons Learned from Aurora Colorado
  124. Banning as an immediate response
  125. Batman movie: Three men die protecting their girlfriends
  126. Observation at the gun show yesterday
  127. WSJ on Limited Legislative Backlash Expected
  128. Colorado 12 dead from Movie Theatre shooting - Batman movie
  129. WSJ Poll: Bloomberg Article
  130. Bad: gunman in theater in Colorado
  131. Off duty FBI shoots car thief
  132. Are we going to be allowed to discuss the Zimmerman interview?
  133. Very Bad: Fla. deputies shoot, kill 'wrong' suspect
  134. Bad: "They're Here"
  135. GOOD: Couple of Creeps in Jail. BAD: Victim was apparently stalked from Wally's
  136. Inmate tried to shoot firefighter in escape
  137. On duty TX Firefighter holds thief at gunpoint at Bexar Co. fire station
  138. Bad - Knife wielding man with "mental issues"
  139. Kidnapping in broad daylight,not the first time this has happened
  140. Scary: Crazed Beaver Attacks Two Girls
  141. Very Bad!! Two Dead, 23 Injured In Toronto Shooting!
  142. Pizza Delivery CHL Holder 2, BG's With Shotguns 0
  143. This Doesn't Sound Good: Maybe a Prayer Would Help
  144. Flash Mob @ FL Walmart
  145. Deputies knock on wrong door
  146. OUCH! Felon shoots self accidentally in groin ... not smart!
  147. Concealed handgun holder fights back stopping robbery
  148. "Nobody expects to live past 21 here."
  149. Bad: Posing as LEO, cuffs woman...
  150. Not good: not gonna happen here
  151. Naked man breaks in and kills woman in her own home.
  152. Idiot: Gas station robber can't open a door.
  153. Good: Granny got her gun...
  154. Hiker set on fire...
  155. TV Station posting list of permit holders
  156. Strange story of Branishing in Texas
  157. Man installs bulletproof glass to protect home from crime
  158. 14 YO shot while setting fire to occupied home
  159. Another child/gun fatality except gun owner killed
  160. Lansing MI. Is trying the gun by back progam...
  161. not good- Man interrupts intruder, gets stabbed (shoots himself?)
  162. Local Deputies busted over Conspiracy,Drugs and Gun charges
  163. Bad: FtoF gun sale goes awry
  164. Sad: but at least they caught the "alleged" perp
  165. Good: pistol against a shotty
  166. Bad: DC Cop Threatens To Shoot Michelle Obama
  167. LUCKY: BP clerk fights back
  168. Man shoots self and collects 1.7 million
  169. Just how smart are these criminals?
  170. Which amendment is it anyway?
  171. WILD: Carjacked victim gets in shootout with teen carjackers
  172. good - robbing hotel guest makes criminals hungry for Mikey d's
  173. bad-2 brothers die in shooting at St. Cloud bar
  174. Compliance Officer Seemingly Breaks Into Woman’s Home to Yell at Her
  175. Officer Killed by "Wanna A Be" cop.
  176. Finally, a gun buy back program that worked
  177. Woman finds masked gunman in her driveway
  178. "Help, I've fallen, and I can't get up"
  179. Good: He went to get the phone....
  180. already running
  181. Improvise, Adapt and Overcome
  182. Minnesota Gun Toters Have More Freedom
  183. good-store shootout with hoodie wearing robbers
  184. Bad: Four Men Beat a Man in Chicago
  185. shootout at soccer game -people return fire and kill one
  186. Mobile Alabama going downhill fast.
  187. Sad, 25 y.o. woman killed in freak shooting accident
  188. good=Police: Teen found dead had been robbing a house
  189. 92 Y.O woman shoot police by mistake
  190. Scary Stuff
  191. Guess the Chicago Gun Shot Body Count for Friday to Saturday 7 July AM
  192. Weird: Intruder Crawls Into Bed and Talks to Victims Before Robbing Them
  193. Tragic - San Jose (CA) Police Officer's son, 3, shot to death in home
  194. Ugly: NYC teacher stabbed to death because she "called out" thugs on FB
  195. BAD: Armed thug robs 7-11's
  196. Oopsie: she called 911, LEO came, she shot
  197. Could have been worse. Man shoots himself in head....
  198. UGLY (and FUNNY too): Jordanian politician pulls a gun during live TV debate
  199. Good: Thug Busted by Own Mom
  200. Bad /good? you Guess- man shoot unarm man harassing him
  201. bad-Cotton candy vendor in critical condition, after being punched by teen
  202. Good-pizza restaurant manager shoots robber
  203. Good: Homeowner shoots intruder
  204. Bad: First zombies, now vampires!
  205. Bad: yes it's cooler at night... but not a good time to go for a run
  206. Good: poor selection criteria for a safe house
  207. Good: ACLU makes phone app that allows recording of police
  208. Ugly: Moviegoers pepper sprayed in theater
  209. Bad: Man shot while using drive-thru ATM
  210. BAD: "Guns blamed for sparking some wildfires in West"
  211. 4 July: Chicago: At least 15 + people shot since 5 p.m. Tuesday in city
  212. Customer shoots robber Goldsboro, NC
  213. Texas justifiable homicides reportedly rise with state's 'stand-your-ground' law
  214. Bad: "Get in my tummy!"
  215. Ice Agent shot in Texas
  216. Good: Employee armed with stapler stops robbery at Jackson party store
  217. Bad: Sex Offender Attacks Boy in Wendy's Bathroom
  218. Stupid is once again an effective teacher
  219. Interesting article on Court decision
  220. Man Kills Black Bear With .22
  221. Good (maybe) : Robbery suspect shot and killed
  222. Victim Selection Double Fail!
  223. Usual: Chicago Weekend Half Time Report - 6 so far.. Weekend Chicago Report
  224. good/bad: Hope they never tire of shooting at each other
  225. Homeland Security to Border Patrol-- Run and Hide!
  226. Man shot at Phoenix shopping plaza
  227. Google Shopping Restricting References to Guns...
  228. Just give them your wallet - No need to resist
  229. Bad: Kids at home
  230. SCOTUS Ruling
  231. Off duty NYPD officer shot twice, still get the BG's
  232. Marijuana not bath salts found in system
  233. The Ending. Ex Firefighter Sentenced for killing Neighbor
  234. Is Violence A Disease?
  235. Gun by back programs do work...
  236. Carrying at work...and you're a school superintendent
  237. Bad: another dog got shot doin' it's job
  238. okay:Georgia Tech student shoots intruder
  239. Stinky: Man Draws Gun on Neighbor for Passing Gas
  240. Teen lesbian couple found shot in Texas park.
  241. when you eliminate guns-they use a hammer!
  242. Ugly: Minneapolis Police beat down legal carrier
  243. Woman held at knifepoint, sue township for $5M
  244. deleted, never mind, move along
  245. Armed passerby saved woman from brutal attack
  246. Ugly: Shot Delivery Driver for $48 and food
  247. 14 year old shoots intruder
  248. Throat slasher in Chicago strengthens victim's belief in concealed carry
  249. Breaking: Sandusky Guilty
  250. Retired Green Beret Shoots Intruder, Gets Court Martial