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  1. Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion
  2. FBI using chainsaws now!
  3. Good: defensive gun uses in America
  4. BAD: Axe weilding invader bests man defending home with a rifle.
  5. HELP
  6. FAIR: victim beaten pretty badly, shoots at escaping robber's...
  7. Hurray for my County!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Good: milwaukee WI aldi robbery stopped
  9. Bad: stopped for unmarked vehicle.
  10. #2 Unorthodox Home Defense - Ouch that hurt!
  11. 5 Found Dead In Alabama Home....
  12. Unorthodox home defense
  13. BG Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend - Later In Morning Shoots Cop
  14. Homeowner shot in West Valley
  15. BG shot with rubber bullets
  16. Death sentence in Connecticut home invasion
  17. This is what we are left to do in Chicago and Illinois
  18. Burgular shot in home break-in in Slaton TX
  19. another assault by feral teenagers
  20. Bad: Well, a Home Invasion in Edmond
  21. Don't screw with old people
  22. Good: Midwest City Home Invasion Ended by Homeowner
  23. Ambushed, multiple shotgun blasts, survives to ID shooter (ex-wife's BF)
  24. Good: pregnant woman stops burglars with handgun
  25. Poor trigger discipline Robber shoots himself in the foot literally
  26. Store owner, retired deputy killed in Orange County, NC shooting
  27. Polk County Florida Sheriff Might Have the Right Idea ..... Good Read!
  28. Daytona Beach Woman, 64, uses gun to help nab suspect
  29. Woman Beats Burglar With Bedpost
  30. Pizza Delivery Driver Shot in Dallas-another one
  31. GOOD and BAD: Woman With Golf Club...
  32. Dumb: fail at Home invasion? shoot a snow drift!
  33. Bad: BGs with BUGs?
  34. bad: robbery with hypodermic needle...
  35. 10 mo' shootings over the weekend in Motown
  36. 10 Year Old Accused of Murder, His Mother Talks About It
  37. Downright Ugly : Elderly Couple Shot and Beaten
  38. old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him
  39. wow NY turns on NYPD
  40. bad: toddler grandchild hurt in home invasion
  41. GOOD result, poor execution:
  42. Good: Robber Waffle House shot dead by CCW permit holder.
  43. fatal car-jacking attempt against CC victim
  44. Good: Robbery Suspect Shot During Robbery
  45. Visitor Shoots Home Invasion Suspect Dead
  46. Unknown home invaders assault man, abduct wife. Virginia Beach
  47. Fun for thugs
  48. Update on congreesman's home invasion
  49. Mutual combat? Disparity? Confusing situation, indeed
  50. Bad, Good, Could Have Been Better, Murder Suspect Survives Swat Shooting
  51. 2 guys chase car thief, almost get run over by accomplice, Virginia Beach
  52. 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded at night club shooting
  53. Double murder/robbery in Peoria
  54. BAD: (And Stupid) Woman Attempts to go Through Security at DFW w/Gun
  55. Tin Hat Notwithstanding, Very, Very Bad-Iranian Activist Murdered In Texas
  56. NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Technology, But Civil Liberties Groups Up In Arms
  57. Remember the DEA Agent Who Shot Himself?
  58. Rural Ohio Man Assaulted, Bound, Robbed and Home Burglarized
  59. Seriously, hiding a 10 inch gun in his rectum?
  60. Man shot with own gun
  61. Mother shoots and kills son in self defense
  62. BAD: and Anytime, Anyplace
  63. Felon Shoots Football Fans, Bad and Ugly
  64. Grandmother assaulted at Chuck E Cheese
  65. Good: Update on the vet shot at the range
  66. Buckeye AZ officers kill armed prowler
  67. Bar robbed by 5 gunmen w/Handguns and Rifles
  68. Good: they caught this guy...
  69. really REALLY BAD: Taking a toddler...
  70. Sometimes, two from a shotty don't end it.
  71. Bad: recidivist home invasions
  72. VERY UGLY: Bad Guy Conceals 10 inch revolver in body cavity...
  73. Gunman Kills 3 in NC Lumber Yard Shooting....
  74. Update NYC carry
  75. Pucker factor! 18 Y/O IN driver shoots at presumed LEO imposter during traffic stop.
  76. 82 year old man shoots and kills burglar
  77. Bad: Beating the elderly
  78. Bad: Hurting infants
  79. Safety first!
  80. Good: Shop Owner defends himself.
  81. Article on "Shocking" Home Invasion Stories
  82. Robber Gets Beat Up By Whole Store
  83. Bad guys walking..
  84. Bad: Permitted carrier missed the targets
  85. Bad: robbed in restroom in the restaurant
  86. BAD...UGLY...What was this guy thinking?
  87. Ohian Who Shot Unarmed Thief In Neighbor's Car Cleared By Grand Jury
  88. Bad/ Armed robbers hit Atascocita Wal-Mart
  89. Update: Good news 9/11 gun gal may Tenn. Waltz
  90. NH shooting
  91. And one more for today:
  92. A few of today's reported home invasions:
  93. Good?: Police decide not to charge homeowner
  94. Justifiable "homicide" rate goes up in Motown
  95. Microstamping Threat Back in New York
  96. Ohio Domestic Shooting leaves 4 Dead....
  97. Public Shooting Range incident tonight
  98. Bad: Shooting Outside of Huntington Bar
  99. Two Killed One Critically Injured in Domestic Dispute Shooting
  100. Good: Another pregnant woman with a shotgun.
  101. Maricopa County deputy killed at burglary call
  102. Road Rage shooting in Tempe
  103. Prosecutor clears Kroger shooter
  104. Teens Beat Classmate Unconscious
  105. Home owner 1 Home invader 0
  106. Bar patron kills armed robber, Chesapeake VA
  107. Bad: Two Shot In Home Invasion
  108. Navy SEAL Shoots Himself While Showing Gun to Woman He Met in Bar
  109. Editorial: "Stop Making Victims"
  110. home invasion, armed robbery and kidnapping
  111. Here's a nice young fellow...
  112. ???: Guns not mentioned
  113. Another 90 year old....
  114. This is why...
  115. good/bad/ugly? Nope, just stupid.
  116. Update NYC unlicensed carry
  117. 6 Utah Cops Shot During Drug Search Warrant
  118. 4-6 men invade home
  119. BAD-Teen shot and killed by police
  120. BAD: Attemped Home Invasion in My Town, Good Outcome!
  121. Teen gets off (GOOD)
  122. 14 Year old N.C. Teen shoots intruder
  123. 7-11 clerk out-draws drawn gun, protects son, shoots armed robber, Va. Beach
  124. Most Excellent: 92 year old stops home invader...
  125. Bad: No fighting chance in Chitown
  126. The good neighbor
  127. Unique/good: Man shoots out window with Glock
  128. Ugly: Out of towners meet for a duel?
  129. This is what the NY guns laws are for.
  130. Chicago- two pit bulls attack man
  131. Is releasing felons from prison the way to balance the budget?
  132. Good/bad/whatever-meta thread about this category
  133. (Good) OK Teenager Kills Intruder
  134. Not Good?WEEKLY SUMMARY: Homeowner chases down, fatally shoots car burglary suspect
  135. (Bad, Confusing) BATFE Agent Killed In Shootout With Robber
  136. Can the times be changing in NY
  137. Thug Shoots and Kills His Own Father with Errant Gunfire
  138. ft worth woman shoot intruder
  139. Goodish - Cigarette store in Denver CO, 2 vs 2, 3 ties, 1 loss
  140. 19 yr old shot with .22 over a pair of Air Jordans
  141. GOOD: Elwood IN father fights off three robbers
  142. Good and Bad: Marine shot three times during robbery
  143. Woman With TN CCW Arrested for Carrying in NYC
  144. A Rant About the STRATFOR Hack
  145. Good &bad, with a huge serving of FAIL mixed in
  146. DUMB: Man caught trying to board flight with loaded handgun
  147. Home invasion ends badly: for the invader.
  148. Outlaws Have Guns, So Should Citizens - The Advertiser-Tribune
  149. punk on a bus
  150. Fired for self defense
  151. Good: FW woman, home alone, shoots intruder...
  152. Armed robbers chase down, shoot and kill customer/witness Sumter SC
  153. 4 guns stolen out of Carolina Panther players truck
  154. L.A. Police Officer Shoots Self in Foot
  155. 18 yr old killed by pellet gun
  156. ???: You don't need guns
  157. Bad: Store's own gun used to kill clerk
  158. Gun sales set record in December
  159. BAD: Two Killed, Five Wounded in Shooting at Chicago Restaurant
  160. Phoenix P.O. shoots at intruder at his house
  161. GOOD: Kroger Employee shoots robber in face
  162. Happy ending! One punch knockout
  163. BAD: Soldier Shot at Homecoming
  164. Bad: Violence doesn't observe holidays
  165. occupy people beat man to death Eugene Oregon
  166. 11 yr old defends home..
  167. Good: Woman catches burglars in the act
  168. Shooting at Edison Mall leaves one dead
  169. Student attacks teacher to stop deadly attack on another teacher!
  170. 3 shooters fire indiscrimately in roller rink
  171. Steroids and cops are an explosive mix
  172. Gas Prices
  173. Shooting in PA tests the new "Castle Law"
  174. Bad: Dropped gun kills man who was investigating something he heard
  175. Bad: They're wearing body armor. Good: it doesn't always work
  176. Gun Store Burglary -please see link and photos of suspect and vehicle
  177. Burglary goes bad (for the criminals)
  178. Double shooting at restaurant
  179. Good/Bad: Homeowner scares off 3 invaders
  180. Bad: Gun so big it looked fake
  181. Armed husband stops car thief
  182. Very, Very BAD
  183. Bad: Ice Cream Vendor attacked--Good: Mean Green works as Mace spray...
  184. SAD: Teen Sentenced After Killing Gay Classmate
  185. Good: handgun over baseball bats. Bad: love triangle
  186. Bad: Elderly woman locked in car trunk...
  187. Good: Homeowner fires 3 shots
  188. Good: police shoot home invader on the way out
  189. No Honor Among Thieves & Police Protection
  190. Army NCOs playing Gun drawing game in Iraq kills the other! Sad
  191. Bad: Police officer in critical condition after being shot in Lake City, MN
  192. The pizza gun...
  193. Oklahoma Vet Shot at Public Range - Weapons stolen
  194. Deputy wounded, suspect killed in Phoenix
  195. Would you use deadly force ?
  196. THE WORST: Setting Woman on Fire
  197. Justice is served, good!
  198. Good: the full circle of justice comes to a close
  199. Theives held a gun point but still get away
  200. Bad, Good,and Lucky : Armed Robbery Thugs Caught
  201. Bad: Shooting In Minnesota Court House
  202. good but odd-Good Samaritan Shoots, Kills Walgreens Robber
  203. Bad: not just LEO posers... Now FEEBS!
  204. VERY GOOD: well except for the miss.
  205. Gun Buy-Back in Delaware
  206. I'm sure the Brady Campaign will love this
  207. She got it right..
  208. Bad: Guns in safe do no good. Fair: outcome
  209. Good: iPhone catches home invaders
  210. BAD: More Fake LEOs
  211. Illegal immigrant trespassing with assault rifle: A story inside another story?
  212. Bad press, this one scared me....
  213. Good and Bad: Woman defends her child and home
  214. Archaic Charge at Atlanta Airport, ND and TSA
  215. BAD: NYPD officer dies after being shot in face
  216. Bank Robber Sought - Within Miles of Us
  217. Good-Police Get the Bad Guys
  218. Bad- Reserve officer's service weapon involved in shooting, while he is present
  219. Police shoot Hollywood gunman
  220. Mother-in-law shoots Son-in-Law (audio of actual crime included)
  221. never discount a knife
  222. Okla: Man "finally" arrested for murder of 2 girls in 2008 - rural area (hooray)
  223. A new twist to the toy gun scenario
  224. Cops Looking for Glock in Murder Case: Serial #EKG463US
  225. Talk about impersonating officers..
  226. Gunfire greets home invaders
  227. Shots fired at va tech
  228. Rural home invasion, Feds involved?
  229. Vigilante militia home invasions, now.
  230. 7 armed robberies, home invasions in NOLA
  231. Bad Sheriff
  232. ATF - use fast and furious to make case for gun regs
  233. elctronic monitored rapist arrested soliciting at Wal-Mart
  234. FedEx driver confronted at gunpoint
  235. Staten Island Wash-Down
  236. Very Ugly, Mom shoots kids when denied food stamps.
  237. Different: "online gamer" calls 911
  238. Bad: Petit family Redux (almost)
  239. More proof that "it" can happen anywhere
  240. Never know who your dealing with
  241. Naked Bodybuilder Attacks Man and Women...
  242. Acute failure of the V.S.P. Warms my heart. Armed robber worked over my MMA fighter
  243. A day's work: 3 home invasions, 2 stolen cars, 1 suspect...
  244. Bad/sad: self inflicted gsw
  245. Good: if you can't shoot 'em....
  246. GOOD: LEO loses perp, homeowner shoots perp
  247. Teen stooped by TSA for gun ... design on her purse.
  248. Grand Jury does NOT indict McDonalds Worker
  249. Idaho: Food worker draws on armed thief, saves woman in parking lot
  250. BAD: Pizza man fired his gun, got fired