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  1. Bad: For realtors, rental agents, etc.
  2. I Love happy endings
  3. Multiple fatalities in California college shooting
  4. Beware of super soakers.
  5. More Hoodies in the news, North Carolina this time..
  6. Sad: What if he broke into your home?
  7. Good - Home owner defends self and girlfriend.
  8. notorious hollow point bullets
  9. Update on the Milton WV Flea Market Robbery/Shooting
  10. Sharp-shooting grandmas?
  11. Gun insurance
  12. Cops shoot unarmed man..... blame 911 caller and arrest him
  13. Mother bear saves hiker from mountain lion
  14. good: BG shot as man puts his child into car
  15. Car Crash & Shooting
  16. Reporter who gets it.
  17. GOOD: 75 yr old kills 18 yr old B&E-er
  18. GOOD: 80 yr old shoots home intruder BAD: arrested for shooting home intruder
  19. Another incident
  20. Good: WS man defends self and girlfriend.
  21. man arrested for carrying concealed guns into hospital
  22. Police: Would-be robber dies after Tampa store owner shoots him
  23. Good: Sure, fake gun is good
  24. DOJ Homicide Statistics.....
  25. Wonder If There Will Be A March In Tulsa, OK over this too....
  26. Bad: no good deed goes un-punished
  27. Bad, nearly fatal: squirtguns...
  28. Good: Concealed Carry foils robbery
  29. Shotgun toting man interrupts church service
  30. BAD: Keizer man stabbed after refusing to give money
  31. Bad: Man shoots Mohawk thinking it's a bird...
  32. US soldier who shot up Afghanistan civilians
  33. Converted Semi AK's to FA for drug cartels
  34. GOOD: Retired LEO security guard shoots robber
  35. Arkansas Muppet Caught on Tape Pulling Gun on News Crew
  36. Two dead, two injured in Durham shooting
  37. Exactly what is an arsenal?
  38. The mess in Florida?
  39. Bad: home invader targeting female students
  40. BAD:Man shoots at wife because of dinner
  41. Weird: Naked home invasion
  42. Bad: home invader/murderer gets 17 years
  43. Bad: Wannabe hero gets back shot...
  44. Bad: Home invaders steal Safe containing handguns and ammo
  45. Bad: more fake DEA agents...
  46. Bad/good: homeowners were shot at and struck...
  47. Killed for iPad and iPhone
  48. Felon That Broke In My House... Back On The STREETS!!!!!
  49. Acts of terrorism?
  50. Man shot to death after bizarre incident
  51. Man Accidentally shoots friend
  52. Suicide by cop
  53. Clerk surprises and shoots burglar.
  54. Bad : Shooting at Milton, WV Flea Market
  55. Bad - Man shot by Washington County tactical officers was armed
  56. Good: they found the dog
  57. Bad: Tac lights as home invasion tools?
  58. Pizza men robbed, one of them twice
  59. Somebody posted about this guy
  60. Man shoots at drivers for not stopping
  61. Texas Shooting in a Court House
  62. Bad: Fatal Shooting Near TX Courthouse
  63. VERY BAD: Keep those guns secured!
  64. Good: If at first You don't succeed, just wait, they'll come back.
  65. Good: One more tweeker down in North Idaho.
  66. BAD: Another child shot in Motown
  67. Bad: Guantes, keep your eyes peeled, Idaho crime is up
  68. Bad: Armed homeowner loses his gun to thieves
  69. Bad: man uses feet to call police
  70. Bad: pregnant woman (8 months along) stabbed by female home invader
  71. Bad: home invasion, robbery,torture, sexual assault
  72. terribly sad news: little girl dies from accidental shooting
  73. CCL Doctor with gun saves others from hostage situation
  74. Clerk shoots man over cost of condoms dispute
  75. great : 82 year old man caps a punk
  76. BAD: Deputy Shot, Judge Stabbed At WA Courthouse
  77. Another "AD"
  78. Bad Shooting: Gets you arrested
  79. Bad guy with knife
  80. They were looking for attention
  81. Video WOW: 2 customers in shootout. Newport News, VA
  82. Good: One more for the good guys
  83. Again! Dennys robbed, IHOP robbed, women assaulted
  84. Gunman sought after Pitt shooting
  85. Good: neighbor foils theives with her handgun
  86. Bad: Deputy Shot Outside Tulsa, OK Courthouse
  87. Bad: Weird: Oklahoma Mother Shoots Son
  88. Deputy Barbara Pill was shot and killed Tuesday, Melbourne, Fla
  89. Girl Scouts Robbed $1000 Cookie Money at Walmart - Thug wearing Mutant Teenage...
  90. Good: Girl protects/hides siblings, calls 911
  91. This would of been a great time for a AD
  92. Bad: Husband dead, wife shot 8-10 times, kids call 911
  93. STUPID: Man shoots friend playing Russian roulette
  94. Bad: Flower delivery!
  95. Crash victim stabs firefighters, shoots at Fire & EMS personnel (Eastern Shore VA)
  96. Scary comments from people who don't know the whole story -- Slinger, WI
  97. Bad: Home invasion of a bible study group
  98. Good: Woman "stops the threat" of a home invader
  99. 14 Shot In Arizona
  100. Shooting in Slinger, WI
  101. School attack March 01 2012 "Did you hear about this one on the News?
  102. Bad: Homeowner Shot by Intruder
  103. Woman saved by....deer
  104. Finally a reporter who gets it
  105. One down, One on the loose
  106. Bad: Homeowner shot with his own gun
  107. Good, I guess: CCW holder stands between BG and hostages?
  108. Bad: "Police with a warrant" invade home
  109. Bad, with a fair outcome: granny and toddler zip-tied...
  110. Father arrested after his four-year-old daughter drew his handgun at school
  111. Good: Home invader caught after one woman shot at him
  112. Good, not wise: Involvement in a domestic dispute.
  113. Why Chicago cops should not have guns
  114. NYC officer's spare mag on belt stops BG bullet
  115. It's a jungle in Motown
  116. BAD: Jackson, TN Shooting Leaves One Dead, 19 wounded
  117. School shooting close to home in NE Ohio
  118. Really Bad: School shooting
  119. Update: Marine arrested--See Letter
  120. Good: Don't mess with coffee drinkers
  121. BAD: No One Helps 86 Y/O WWII Vet During/After Carjacking
  122. Bad:Senior Citizen Beaten in home invasion...waits 2 hours for help
  123. Robber tries to buy back gun from victim
  124. Jumping from frying pan into the fire
  125. Bad: Puppy Killed in burglary
  126. Rich: The Criminal Uhhh Duhhh Loop, Disrupted
  127. Shooting, Suicide In VA Walmart Distribution Center
  128. Good Outcome: If you won't wear your gun at home, try deception
  129. Good, Bad, Ugly: 3 for 1, the cost of a righteous shoot
  130. Details on another tragic story
  131. Jewelry store robbed
  132. Man Tries To Rob Parole Officer.......
  133. Good: Maine man shoots home invaders with a .22
  134. Good: "Murda" don't know weapon retention.
  135. Women. Guns: Could You Pull the Trigger? Also Public Poll to Vote In.
  136. 4 year old killed in Killeen, TX
  137. Man catches robber, holds him at gunpoint...
  138. good-Robber gets shot at the drive-thru
  139. good-Robber gets shot at the drive-thru
  140. Know your target and whats behind it.
  141. SAD: 9 month old killed in drive by
  142. BAD - Much Speculation & Controversy After Officer Shoots Woman in Her Vehicle
  143. Woman, 20, dies after freak US church shooting
  144. Deadly Shootout between ICE officers (Calif)
  145. The Bad ...
  146. Defense Shooting Caught on Video
  147. Oddball Craigslist Sale
  148. Citizens attacked with sword while chasing shoplifters
  149. Good: rock used in self-defense
  150. man chases down suspect after neighbor robbed at gunpoint
  151. Brock and the Glock: Armed men guarded Media Matters boss
  152. Wild Wild West! Robber gets a torso full of lead.
  153. Local Road Rage Incident, A gun,A boot,A Guy Named Bubba
  154. Driver intentionally rams ambulance with his Tundra
  155. Lucky officer
  156. Good ..but.. Not So Good
  157. Toddler shot by stray bullet while sitting in car
  158. Bad, Ugly, Weird: CCW holder shoots LEO (in full uniform)
  159. Craig's list robber
  160. Rossen Reports: Anyone can buy guns, no questions asked
  161. good-Man who shot robbery suspect describes ordeal
  162. Ugly: Attempted Robbery with a B.B. Gun
  163. Rock Hill Teens to Stay in Jail
  164. Deadly Home Invasion in NC
  165. The Bad - Attacked by a Mountain Lion but illegal to display a weapon to shoot it
  166. Not Good: She struggled with the home invaders...
  167. Confused Intruder Shot Upon 2nd Entrance
  168. 7 yr old shooter arrested
  169. Good: none of the kids were hurt
  170. Police arrest two men accused of robbing 8-year-old boy
  171. Guess who's packing
  172. Detroit is turning into Argentina!
  173. Bad: gun owner robbed at knife point.
  174. Fight over barking dog ends with a homicide
  175. Detroit: Justifiable Homicide up 79%
  176. Attempted Robbery of Taco Truck in Oakland, Self Defense Shooting, All Caught on Tape
  177. Medic hides in patient's home after unprovoked shovel attack
  178. Home posted "armed," owner killed in double fatal shootout during home invasion
  179. FBI using chainsaws now!
  180. Good: defensive gun uses in America
  181. BAD: Axe weilding invader bests man defending home with a rifle.
  182. HELP
  183. FAIR: victim beaten pretty badly, shoots at escaping robber's...
  184. Hurray for my County!!!!!!!!!!
  185. Good: milwaukee WI aldi robbery stopped
  186. Bad: stopped for unmarked vehicle.
  187. #2 Unorthodox Home Defense - Ouch that hurt!
  188. 5 Found Dead In Alabama Home....
  189. Unorthodox home defense
  190. BG Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend - Later In Morning Shoots Cop
  191. Homeowner shot in West Valley
  192. BG shot with rubber bullets
  193. Death sentence in Connecticut home invasion
  194. This is what we are left to do in Chicago and Illinois
  195. Burgular shot in home break-in in Slaton TX
  196. another assault by feral teenagers
  197. Bad: Well, a Home Invasion in Edmond
  198. Don't screw with old people
  199. Good: Midwest City Home Invasion Ended by Homeowner
  200. Ambushed, multiple shotgun blasts, survives to ID shooter (ex-wife's BF)
  201. Good: pregnant woman stops burglars with handgun
  202. Poor trigger discipline Robber shoots himself in the foot literally
  203. Store owner, retired deputy killed in Orange County, NC shooting
  204. Polk County Florida Sheriff Might Have the Right Idea ..... Good Read!
  205. Daytona Beach Woman, 64, uses gun to help nab suspect
  206. Woman Beats Burglar With Bedpost
  207. Pizza Delivery Driver Shot in Dallas-another one
  208. GOOD and BAD: Woman With Golf Club...
  209. Dumb: fail at Home invasion? shoot a snow drift!
  210. Bad: BGs with BUGs?
  211. bad: robbery with hypodermic needle...
  212. 10 mo' shootings over the weekend in Motown
  213. 10 Year Old Accused of Murder, His Mother Talks About It
  214. Downright Ugly : Elderly Couple Shot and Beaten
  215. old man with a pistol shoots two of three teens robbing him
  216. wow NY turns on NYPD
  217. bad: toddler grandchild hurt in home invasion
  218. GOOD result, poor execution:
  219. Good: Robber Waffle House shot dead by CCW permit holder.
  220. fatal car-jacking attempt against CC victim
  221. Good: Robbery Suspect Shot During Robbery
  222. Visitor Shoots Home Invasion Suspect Dead
  223. Unknown home invaders assault man, abduct wife. Virginia Beach
  224. Fun for thugs
  225. Update on congreesman's home invasion
  226. Mutual combat? Disparity? Confusing situation, indeed
  227. Bad, Good, Could Have Been Better, Murder Suspect Survives Swat Shooting
  228. 2 guys chase car thief, almost get run over by accomplice, Virginia Beach
  229. 1 soldier killed, 2 wounded at night club shooting
  230. Double murder/robbery in Peoria
  231. BAD: (And Stupid) Woman Attempts to go Through Security at DFW w/Gun
  232. Tin Hat Notwithstanding, Very, Very Bad-Iranian Activist Murdered In Texas
  233. NYPD, Feds Testing Gun-Scanning Technology, But Civil Liberties Groups Up In Arms
  234. Remember the DEA Agent Who Shot Himself?
  235. Rural Ohio Man Assaulted, Bound, Robbed and Home Burglarized
  236. Seriously, hiding a 10 inch gun in his rectum?
  237. Man shot with own gun
  238. Mother shoots and kills son in self defense
  239. BAD: and Anytime, Anyplace
  240. Felon Shoots Football Fans, Bad and Ugly
  241. Grandmother assaulted at Chuck E Cheese
  242. Good: Update on the vet shot at the range
  243. Buckeye AZ officers kill armed prowler
  244. Bar robbed by 5 gunmen w/Handguns and Rifles
  245. Good: they caught this guy...
  246. really REALLY BAD: Taking a toddler...
  247. Sometimes, two from a shotty don't end it.
  248. Bad: recidivist home invasions
  249. VERY UGLY: Bad Guy Conceals 10 inch revolver in body cavity...
  250. Gunman Kills 3 in NC Lumber Yard Shooting....