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  1. Virginia port to replace sworn officers with security guards
  2. NYPD stop-and-frisk
  3. Dumb - CC'er plays superhero MESA,AZ
  4. Increased shootings in NY due to Occupy Wall Street Protestors
  5. Good : California Woman Shoots Would Be Intruder
  6. BAD: Richmond County GA Deputy Shot in Line of Duty
  7. McDonalds update
  8. Teach, your children well...
  9. Infuriating : Two Arrests for Gun on Campus
  10. AK-47 BB guns Is this possible?
  11. Only had a knife at a gun fight. Perps had 'bombs.' Food Lion robbery Hampton, VA.
  12. Robbery Suspect Fatally Shot by MN Carry Permit Holder
  13. Really Stupid : Woman Fires Shotgun to Scare Neighbor
  14. Unarmed, defenseless females
  15. BAD: Off duty LEO and woman shot
  16. Bad:Booze fueled argument not sufficient for gun play.
  17. Local restaurant Manager shoots at robbers
  18. What a Motown hit looks like
  19. WHERE the heck is THAT???????
  20. Local Wal Mart Parking Lot Robbery - Video
  21. Father of the year (not)
  22. Bad : 7-11 That I Frequent Robbed at Gunpoint
  23. GOOD: Store Clerk Kills Would Be Robber
  24. Update on previous thread about 90 shooting at police. Not Charged.
  25. It's a bird it's a plane it's?????
  26. Good: Homeowner shoots invader with invader's gun
  27. Mesa man fires shotgun into the air
  28. Welcome to NY
  29. Woman lures home invader to her gun...
  30. Family violence, three dead.
  31. KFC worker shot
  32. Gun-Filled Orlando Home Leads To Child Neglect Charges
  33. Bad : Little Caesars Robbery Near My Home
  34. BAD/SAD: Good Samaritan shot in drive by
  35. BAD: 2 teens in school with loaded gun
  36. Florida Officer shoots naked man who entered her home with bow and arrow
  37. 6 Killed In California Beauty Salon.....
  38. Toledo woman stops burglary with her firearms, Good, and Ugly
  39. Good reason not to get involved in some situations
  40. New do it yerself secoooriteeee seestem
  41. Adult ed student (almost) makes good on his threat
  42. Attempted robbery at Wendy's
  43. Gas station robbery goes wrong.
  44. Officer involved shooting in Phoenix
  45. 2 year old boy shot in Mesa update- toddler killed in home invasion
  46. Bad: Home Invasion Leads to Murder
  47. GOOD! But that's gotta hurt.........
  48. Mr. Football Involved in Burglary/Rape
  49. Copley, Ohio neighborhood shooting: UPDATE
  50. Houston: bad start, but good ending
  51. Chicago - 3 killed, 17 injured in overnight shootings
  52. Boxcutter robbers on NY subway, Teens...
  53. Murder victimís family settles with ADT
  54. Good: Comanche County, OK DA Rules Shooting Justified
  55. Came across these news stories this morning.
  56. Since so many people here approve govt murders of our citizens.....
  57. Safety Alert Letter issued in a local Association of Realtors Newsletter
  58. Drive by in Greektown
  59. Ihop shooting ak-47 altered........
  60. Ugly: Really, this BG is UGLY! Stupid too. LEO right behind him as he robs store. VID
  61. Two AZ teens bring gun to school
  62. At least 2 killed in workplace shooting in California - handgun and assault rifle
  63. 3 Killed..Montana Manhunt Underway....
  64. Arizona man shoots home invader
  65. Neighbors connected townhouse was broken into...
  66. no mention of a gun involved, but does involve a LEO
  67. Florida Women will Kick Your Butt
  68. GOOD: Hopefully, near closure and justice
  69. Bad orlando ex cop shoots and kills son
  70. Gunman attempts to rob woman of prescription meds
  71. Man shot outside strip club
  72. A Little Good News Today
  73. Pregnant Woman Commits Armed Robbery!!!
  74. Oregon Court of Appeals rejects university system's ban on guns on campus
  75. BAD: Teen girls arm robbed outside public library
  76. Phoenix man purchases gun after two men attempt to break into his house
  77. Shooter runs down victim
  78. Teen shot in eye through peep hole
  79. A terrible story with a terrible outcome and a lesson
  80. Good/bad: Firefighter killed home intruder/firefighter shot as well
  81. Good result, victim not armed
  82. CSI is hazzardous to your health
  83. Man who killed Mesa family of five sentenced to death
  84. Deadly domestic violence in Phoenix
  85. Good and Bad: Firefighter shot in home invasion, he kills one of the bad guys
  86. ugly: Odd police and 90 year old shot out at apartments
  87. 5 People Found Dead In Indiana......
  88. BAD: Kids shooting kids
  89. Grocery store armed robbery
  90. UGLY:Bondsmen accused of pulling guns inside store
  91. Nevada Casino Shooting....
  92. Issaquah, WA: Gunman shoots at school football game
  93. Elderly couple did not scare off the robber...
  94. Elderly Couple Scare Off Robber...
  95. 13 yr old using SA and 911
  96. NOT GOOD: Sheriff shot
  97. 2A advocate/famous child psychologist threatened kids with gun
  98. NICE!!!!
  99. Teach them to forget the hot sauce
  100. Bad: Fire Chief received fire. now dead
  101. Bad: Car Bomb in Michigan
  102. Very Bad Home Invasion in Lawton, OK
  103. Bad : Unsuspected Armed Robbery
  104. Nothing good happens after 11:00 pm
  105. Gov Cuomo "It's frightening & getting worse
  106. Good: Tulsa Homeowner shoots & kills intruder
  107. 2 shot at Lowes in NC
  108. Good, Lucky & close to home: Homeowner exchanges fire at the door
  109. 88yr old man, shoots robber
  110. Why "carry" in Church ?
  111. Shocking video of police dog
  112. Van Buren Police Department Dash Cam Sept 13, 2011 Crawford County Courthouse
  113. Church Shooting in Lakeland, Fla
  114. Subway Employees Shot.....
  115. Young mother hit by AK shooting
  116. Another pizza shop armed robbed
  117. Having a bad day? Robbery suspect shot in foot by accomplice
  118. Repo man: A case of judged by 6 not carried by 6
  119. Copper thief shot/killed by security guard
  120. Family witnesses homeowner being shot/killed
  121. Pizza Robbery & Undercover Police Officer
  122. Deadly home invasion in West Phoenix
  123. Marine who saved dozens to receive Medal of Honor
  124. Cross Dressing Jewelry store robber shot, getaway driver arrested too
  125. Homeowner Shoots At Robbers, Hits 1
  126. BAD/GOOD: Home owner pistol whipped/Used firearm to defend himself
  127. robbery victim shot by police.
  128. 1 shot, 1 stabbed in Mesa
  129. Purse Snatching: Case Study in Victim Selection
  130. Police chase in Phoenix, pregnant lady shoots at cops
  131. Multiple shots fired near apartments, single family homes, and a nursing home
  132. Flash Mobs in Dallas?
  133. "Boatjacker" draws gun
  134. Bad: Five Murdered in WV
  135. BAD: Walk by shooting
  136. 3 men shot in Phoenix drive-by
  137. Pursuit Ends With Driver Shot Victim Saved.......
  138. BAD: Woman had gun put to her head during robbery
  139. Bad: Two Augusta Waffle Houses robbed, shooting spree at one
  140. Shooting Spree at Carson City IHOP
  141. Bad NY City Shooting Leaves Two Cops Wounded
  142. 8 Shot in NY House Party.......
  143. Why Employers Don't Let You Bring Your Gun To Work
  144. Shots fired at police
  145. Explosives stolen during police training exercise
  146. GOOD, VERY GOOD: 70 yr old woman defends herself
  147. 8 Shot at New York City Party
  148. Homeowner shot in home invasion
  149. BAD: Woman killed, husband shot by suicidal man
  150. BAD: It's a shootin' gallery
  151. Suicide by cop in West Valley
  152. Guy with the gun robbed of his gun, because he had one.
  153. Man Fatally Shot By Police Was Carrying Toy Rifle
  154. Bad - Charges Filed in Florida Youth Football Brawl
  155. GOOD: Craigslist seller robbed at gunpoint, then tracks thieves
  156. BAD: Taco vendors shot, one killed
  157. Deputy Shot; Bullet-Proof Vest Saves Life
  158. BAD: 8 month pregnant woman found dead near police gun range
  159. Rock vs. Crossbow Good or Bad?
  160. Precinct 2 Deputy Constable Arrested for Kidnapping
  161. Bad: Speeder shoots pedestrian
  162. Lunacy in Huntington
  163. Man refs fight with handgun
  164. BAD: Security guard killed at Dallas bank.
  165. BAD: Mo' Motown Madness
  166. BAD: Store Clerk Beaten during Robbery
  167. Drug related shooting in Scottsdale
  168. City councilman killed after finding Calif. pot field
  169. 5 armed thugs vs 1 cop on a bus full of passengers
  170. BAD: Shooting at neighborhood drag race
  171. Killer of Four Running From Police....
  172. Fist fight turns deadly at gas station
  173. GOOD: armed robber gets caught the hard way
  174. GOOD: Homeowner Defends Home Against Intruder
  175. BAD: Dog shot
  176. Shooting at high school football game
  177. GOOD (?): Security guard shoots at two, kills one
  178. Jury awards dead BG family 300k
  179. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight
  180. Vigilantism
  181. Good and Bad, Pizza driver robbed, he shoots at robber
  182. Police pursuit ends with suspect killed
  183. 5 people shot at Phoenix apartment complex
  184. Good: Man uses Gun To Thwart Carjacker Bad: Man Fires Gun Into Air
  185. Perry teaching journalist how to shoot
  186. Woman hits thief with car
  187. BAD: Home Invasion, woman killed in NW Houston
  188. Robber shot dead at walmart
  189. GOOD: BG attempts robbery, CCP holder shoots and kills BG, BG wife arrested.
  190. San Diego Police shootout, and a lesson to learn
  191. Man shoots parents
  192. BAD: Off duty Detroit LEO is shot and killed
  193. This is a good knife stabbing
  194. Can You Say "Lawsuit" Boys And Girls.
  195. Bad: San Diego Cop shot in neck.
  196. Gun safety
  197. Gadaffi's head on a stick?
  198. Police chase ends in shooting
  199. The most pro-gun news report EVER. "40 caliber surprise" under barber smock.
  200. NYPD Cop accused of rape...
  201. BAD: 10 month old shot in drive by
  202. Dessert arrested after candy fight
  203. Good: Gunman killed in McD's
  204. Woman killed in self defense
  205. Suspect killed after pointing handgun at Mesa Police
  206. People freak when Police allow children to touch "machine guns".
  207. GOOD: Contractor caps burglary suspect
  208. GOOD: Woman kills ex-boyfriend after he kidnaps her
  209. Recent youth attacks=tinderbox
  210. BAD: CVS armed robbed. Every store clerk's worst nightmare
  211. Bad: Electrical Contractor Wounded.
  212. BAD: Freeway shooting
  213. 6000% increase in aluminum baseball bat sales in UK
  214. BAD- Home invasion in CT last night
  215. BAD: Police impersonators
  216. 63 YO Disarms Robber Holds For LE.....
  217. BAD: Three Teens Kill Pregnant Woman
  218. BAD: 15 shootings in 24 hours
  219. Muggers Meet Targetís Sig Sauer P239 - New Haven, CT
  220. Dog thwarts armed robbery with shots fired. Or...
  221. Ohio Will Allow Medical Investigators to be Armed
  222. Cherokee, County GA Near my house something bad happened but I dont know what.
  223. Lock your car doors when you're in it...
  224. Tennessee School Principal Murdered....
  225. Mostly BAD and UGLY: Motown potpurri
  226. BAD: Alcohol, Guns, dragging body behind truck
  227. Good - Milwaukee City Council press release concerning recent violence
  228. Good outcome to a bad situation in Kansas
  229. Weird: Woman punches man, police wont arrest/press charges
  230. BAD: Another one not smart enough to own a gun
  231. GOOD: Arrested later for a robbery
  232. BAD: 12 Year Old Shot and Killed
  233. Definitely UGLY: Man robs bank in dress
  234. Woman tries to take fake bomb onto airplane
  235. Fleeing Burglar Plummets to death
  236. BAD: Shots fired during home break in
  237. Florida Sibling Fugatives....
  238. GOOD, VERY GOOD: Carjacker dies after being shot by victim
  239. BAD: Another pizza delivery guy gets shot
  240. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
  241. CCW'er Thwarts Robbery
  242. ALWAYS use a quality holster...and this guy found out the hard way!
  243. On now__live
  244. Good: Home Owner defends his neighborhood in Kansas City with old "Soviet Rifle"
  245. Eight shot to death in Ohio....
  246. American high school students duck for cover
  247. UGLY: Murder suicide
  248. It's gonna get a lot more dangerous at the Border
  249. Home Defense Texas style
  250. GOOD: CPL Holder Holds Gunman for Police - Skyway, WA