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  1. Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall Stabbed
  2. Bad: Dad Who Split Up Fight in McDonald's Shot Dead
  3. Good: robbery thwarted, on BG dead.
  4. Blackwater case dismissal reversed
  5. Gang member tattooed crime scene on his chest
  6. What would you have done?
  7. MARTA gang attack.
  8. Lousy: 3 kindergartners wounded when gun discharges at Houston school
  9. Michigan ACLU Questions Troopers' Use of Cellphone Data Extractors
  10. Police: Road rage led to Sunday night shooting
  11. Sheila Muhs found guilty
  12. Good:: Lawton , OK Bar Owner Kills expelled Patron
  13. Good: Live-in employee kills 1 and holds 2nd for police
  14. AZ Bill benefits those who carry
  15. Wounded TN cop-killer was held by armed citizen
  16. Tennessee Alert! Decatur County! - Holly Bobo
  17. GOOD: Man, 81, fights robber with pan, pitchfork
  18. Gun Shop Owner Arrested - Ind.
  19. We should all learn to be good witnesses
  20. Moncks Corner, SC homeowner shoots, kills burgler; 2nd robber captured
  21. [CBS] 2 Hurt When Man Fires Gun at Gun Show
  22. Local Man Recalls His Shootout with an Armed Robber and Gang Member -- Photo, Link
  23. Brazil School Shooting
  24. Mall Shooting
  25. Bad: Officer loses eye to shotgun blast
  26. Are You Thinking about vacationing in Mexico?
  27. You Can Carry at the Kentucky State Capitol
  28. Outlaw Biker President gets free government housing
  29. Local Homeowner Kills Home Invader with a 22 Rifle after he breaks through Front Door
  30. Ugly: Tragdey in Brazil
  31. Another On Campus Shooting - Alabama
  32. Itis OK to carry a gun in The Bronx- If u are a gangbanger
  33. Headshot - Sgt. Paul Boothroyd III
  34. Female stage 4 cancer pateint thwarts bank robbery (FL)
  35. Local craziness, roadblock shooting caught on video
  36. Bank Robbery Fail
  37. Bad (and insane): Mother jailed after allowing toddler to play with loaded pistol
  38. Good: Homeowner shoots and kills one intruder in Tacoma
  39. GOOD, Miami robbery victim shoots back
  40. GOOD: security guard kills one of three robbers in gun battle outside Apple store
  41. Armed neighbor in Leesburg VA defends stripper and bodyguard
  42. 2 dead, 2 wounded in Aurora CO
  43. And thus it begins: BGs do wear body armor as in this local tragedy...
  44. I spent the week in D C being interviewed for a documentary
  45. Road rage shooting on my route home
  46. Business Owner Holds The BG For The Police
  47. Ammo Factory Blast in Yemen Kills at Least 121
  48. Can you say "Up that creek with out a paddle"
  49. THE LUCKY: Be a Good Witness
  50. Examining Utah's gun reputation
  51. Intruder Shot by Homeowner Was Carrying Toy Gun
  52. Burglar shot in butt takes off like tail on fire!
  53. Talk about a crazy ride along!
  54. Sign up for Dish net. get a free gun
  55. BAD: Teen Kills Guardians
  56. Sad Anniversary, 4 Year Old Boy Who Vanished 20 Years Ago Today, Case Still Open.
  57. GOOD: One invader dead, another on the run. BAD: Overpenetration
  58. NYC Subway Hero Says Police Initially Left Him to Fend for Himself Against Killer
  59. Store Owner - 2, Thugs - 0
  60. Fort Hood shooter still gets a check!
  61. Man, 7-year-old girl shot outside Fayetteville restaurant
  62. Good - Pagent Princess Pulls Pink Pistol, Punctures Perp
  63. Bad-man sentenced to five years for accidentally shooting best friend
  64. How would you have handled this carjacking?
  65. OK City Pharmacist Ersland Requests New Judge
  66. Retired cop takes out Hamburgler, permanently
  67. Hostage taker shot & killed by police as he places knife in victims eye. (Video)
  68. Video of convenience store shootout shows several flub-ups
  69. Pit Bull shot while attacking lab
  70. Its probably a good idea to carry at family functions, er disfunctions.
  71. CA lawmakers want 2nd amendment rights (just for themselves)
  72. Purse snatched in broad daylight with many witnesses, yet no one helped
  73. another delivery man shoots would be robbers
  74. Very Bad: 2 Deputies Slain, 2 Wounded in small Va. town
  75. Good: British Sniper Team takes out 75 Taliban
  76. I hope these pass in Montana!
  77. Bad : Robbed Pharmacy with Samurai Sword
  78. Man shoots himself during CCW Class
  79. Road rage ends in stabbing, death
  80. Lucky: Intruders tie up 3 in New Castle home
  81. Burglar shot in the stomach
  82. Guns on campus? Expect tragedy! Item From CNN.com, Not My Words!!
  83. Intruder calls 911, Homeowner may have a gun
  84. Not sure how label this one.
  85. The 21-year-old Mexican girl who took a job as police chief? (MERGED)
  86. Today's Memphis Crime Report - The Reason Why I Carry All the Time
  87. Shotgun fired as citizens confront suspects in home burglary
  88. shooter not charged
  89. Federal agents ordered to allow illegal firearms purchases in Arizona
  90. US Border Patrol agent killed by automatic weapons fire
  91. Man shoots at fleeing thief, not charged
  92. Colorado CHL Man shoots dog
  93. TN Gun store theft
  94. ICE Agent Zapata killed with gun from Tx
  95. Repeat Offenders.....
  96. BAD: Officer shot in line of duty
  97. Son Returns Fire After Robbery
  98. Two brothers attack Sunderland Police Chief [Western, MA]
  99. GOOD: Would be robber shot dead, another flees
  100. Teen arrested in Fla. cop killing.
  101. OOPS
  102. Shot in the head five or six times. Accident, or "on purpose?"
  103. Fight at Chicopee Denny's restaurant draws YouTube views, but no arrests (MA)
  104. Good! Pizza Man shoots his "customers"
  105. Texas Concealed carry on Campus
  106. Bad: Man shot and killed in theatre for chewing popcorn too loudly.
  107. Travelers Insurance not our friend
  108. Homeowner strangles intruder to death
  109. Sticking up a GUN STORE???
  110. Good, CCW woman defends against dog attack in OKC
  111. Fire Mission: Poll - Should SC drop Concealed Weapons Permit Requirement?
  112. What The...? Woman Shows Pistol Has it Taken!
  113. US Marshals Shot in Elkins, WV
  114. British man faced prison for using starter pistol to chase off thugs
  115. Bad: Man with a knife, shot at Walmart, officer injured.
  116. STL in the news again...
  117. Here we go again: School Shooting
  118. Southern Ohio SD shooting, no charges filed
  119. NYC Man goes on a rampage
  120. New round of bans needed after stabbing spree
  121. Bad : Stranded Motorist Robbed at Gunpoint
  122. Gun? Gun? Where is my Gun?
  123. Off Duty St. Louis Sherriff Shot by On Duty St. Louis LEO
  124. Hidden hostage helps police in NC standoff
  125. GOOD: Man Found Guilty Of Killing Navy Chief
  126. Walmart employees fired after disarming gunman.
  127. GOOD: Repeat Offender Off the Street Permanently
  128. Bad: Secret Service Agents shoots self in hip
  129. UNKNOWN: But a good event to discuss
  130. No violations found after 57 guns confiscated from St. Herman's
  131. Bad : Was Around This Kid Who Killed Someone
  132. "It's hard to believe something like that could happen here."
  133. Pastor Nabs Thieves, He Brought His Gun
  134. 15 year old shot and killed, looks like he was a bad guy
  135. Women Gang Up On Purse-Snatchers
  136. Greyhound Bus Hijacked........
  137. GOOD: Man defends home against 3 teens
  138. Airsoft AR-15 convertible to 5.56?????
  139. Help me find please
  140. Report of School Shooting in Caifornia
  141. WHAT?
  142. Good: Bank robber slips and dies
  143. [GOOD] 72 year old man shoots 2 perps after failed home invasion by 3 teens.
  144. Very Bad: Unarmed Witness Pursues Armed Bank Robber: Pics, Video
  145. Difference between armed masked men entering your home shooting and home invasion?
  146. Lone Nepali Soldier Defends Potential Rape Victim Against 40 Men
  147. Bloomberg at it again (MERGED)
  148. NPR: 'A Victim Treats His Mugger Right'
  149. Wife of Army officer kills her 2 children
  150. BAD: Lawyer gets in domestic dispute with wife, gets into shootout with police
  151. Local store clerk shoots at would be robber
  152. 5 Year Old Florida boy drops loaded handgun inside pre-kindergarten class
  153. Beating in Richmond, VA posted on Youtube (Merged)
  154. Us Consular Employee in Pakistan Charged with Murder, After Shooting 2 Armed Robbers
  155. Don't break in to a cop's house if you are a drug dealer...mmmkay?
  156. Utah Considers Handgun As An Official State Symbol
  157. Retired Texas Judge Takes on Burglars at Gunpoint, instead of calling Police -- Link
  158. Traffic Stop Nets Teen Killers
  159. Intruder accidently discharges own gun, flees
  160. WV - No Knock raid excuse shot down
  161. Are there actually more shootings lately, or are the media having a field day?
  162. Two More Florida Officers Killed....... (MERGED)
  163. Wal-Mart shooting near Seattle
  164. Four Detroit police officers shot inside precinct
  165. Shootout leaves two dead.......
  166. Stupid : Fires Gun at Police and Gets Shot in Return
  167. Wichita's first 2011 homocide likely the work of armed robber's accomplice
  168. OK City Man Indicted For Shooting Police Helicopter
  169. Miami -Dade Officer Shot and Killed......
  170. Durham,NC woman facing felony charge after shooting pit bull that attacked 2 yr old
  171. Man loses gun license due to blog about Tuscon
  172. Ban knives NOW!!!
  173. GOOD: Metro ATL carrier stops assault/robbery on third party
  174. CNN Poll: Should Congress ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds?
  175. Bad: 14-year-old shoots 3 relatives, killing 2
  176. Bad: At least 3 shot at California high school
  177. Subway Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspects, Kills One
  178. BAD - Another Cop Killed
  179. OK City Pharmacist Wants New Judge
  180. Bad: Robbed at Kinfepoint
  181. Discovered in Georgia: Internet Controlled Shotguns! Yes you read that correctly
  182. AZ gun law plans, no change
  183. Radio station owner loses CWP after airing "shootout" challenge
  184. "Gun Nuts Showing Off Near Site of AZ Rampage"
  185. The Ugly in Buffalo
  186. Shooting "victim" arrested
  187. Man dies following struggle with police
  188. New Jersey Police Officer shot execution-style
  189. Convenience store clerk convicted for shooting beer thief
  190. Jury now deliberating in James Menard trial
  191. Good read....
  192. Tucson tragedy unlikely to advance gun control legislation
  193. "Some residents buy guns after break-ins" with video of armed homeowner
  194. In the news encounters with the bad guys with both successful and not so successful
  195. Deputy shot in face; suspect killed in East L. A. shooting
  196. FL Police Chief Jailed For Covering Up Child Sexual Assault
  197. Another perspective on the AZ tragedy not changing gun lawsn
  198. Justice served
  199. GOOD? DeLay goes down swinging...
  200. More and more violence
  201. Sheriff Dupnik gave Loughner several passes on death threats
  202. Barefoot man steals snow plow, kills cop
  203. Bad: Advocating a outright ban of all high-cap magazines on CNN's front page.
  204. Westboro Church not going to protest (Merged)
  205. Good: FL Jogger Cleared in Self Defense Shooting
  206. BAD: AP Hit piece on Arizona gun laws
  207. Westboro Church to protest funeral of 9 year old ......
  208. Bad: Baltimore Plainclothes Cop Killed By Uniformed Cops
  209. Sheriffs calling it a "firefight"
  210. UGLY: One of Seattle's Masked SuperHeroes Fails Against Armed Criminals - PICS, Video
  211. nydaily news poll, the anti's are winning MERGEDX3
  212. Congressman Heath Shuler on Concealed Carry
  213. Loudoun malicious wounding suspect possibly caught...
  214. A heartbroken father speaks against more restrictions
  215. SAD: Maj. Richard "Dick" Winters has passed. (Merged)
  216. Good: NKY Home invader shot
  217. UGLY: No words to describe this.
  218. In my sister's neighborhood -- San Antonio, TX
  219. LEO loans his cruiser to a criminal; hispanics frisked for $$$, robbed
  220. Mobile home park Mgr. fights off 2 using the Judge
  221. IDIOT: Man is accused of having a gun and threatening to kill people
  222. ATF source confirms ‘walking’ guns to Mexico to ‘pad’ statistics
  223. Arrests made in double murder....
  224. Woman Shot in Indoor Shooting Range :TN
  225. Good: S.C. home invader shot by occupant
  226. Bad: Man In Shootout With Police-Released By Mistake
  227. Guy saved from a bullet by his Cell Phone.
  228. Store clerk shoots 2 robbers
  229. Its BAAACKK!
  230. Bad: Oregon police officer killed during struggle
  231. GOOD - Homeowner takes robbers gun and shoots him
  232. Omaha School Shooting
  233. Police: Shots fired at Arizona mall
  234. an article out of Lowell Mass
  235. Good: Mont Vernon murder witness arrested for home invasion
  236. Governor of Pakistan's Punjab province assassinated
  237. GOOD:Brookfield pays woman who brought gun to church $7,500
  238. Bad= Daring Robbers Dig Hole Into Paris Bank
  239. Slain Filipino councilman caught killer in family photo
  240. CHL holder stops mugging in Houston
  241. Body of former Pentagon official found in landfill
  242. Orioles pitcher: Shooting death was an accident
  243. 10 year old shoots mom in head
  244. If I had hammer...
  245. Good. Teen home invador shot
  246. GOOD: Clerk Fires at BG's
  247. Writer Take Pot Shot At Gun Ownership and Defensive Carry-Your Thoughts?
  248. Sheriff's deputy shot, killed in western Ohio
  249. GOOD: Self Defense Immunity Granted Murder Charge Dismissed
  250. Anadarko, OK Home Invader Killed