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  1. Don't know what to say about this one.
  2. BAD: Brinks ATM robbery attempt
  3. NYC Quarter of firearm arrest are teen
  4. Good....... Former Marine STOPS Robbery
  5. BAD:Man robs customers at local bank
  6. BAD:Authorities search for pizzeria gunmen
  7. BAD:Police continue search for mailman's murderer
  8. Bad: Virginia Man arrested for Brandishing...his finger (MERGED)
  9. Holy smokes - Innocent until proven guilty
  10. Detectives are still investigating to see what charges, if any, will be filed.
  11. Watch your 6 when you are watching the game!
  12. BAD: 12 Year old girl missing Amber Alert
  13. Beware of the Animals in New Orleans,La.
  14. Mexican rancher v. drug gang; both lose
  15. A interesting "Stand your Ground" case
  16. Canadian woman in Caribbean fights off pirates with a flare gun
  17. How to dispose of a house full of explosives?
  18. TRAGIC: Son Stabs Parents, Dad Ends the Fight
  19. Don't Know Yet: Wounded Vet arrested for stalking Westboro group
  20. Death of a Warrior SFC Jimmy Thode
  21. LEO uses two rounds to "soften up" the windshield
  22. BAD: How Could Someone Be So Cruel to Animals
  23. BAD? - Or Shout it Be Off Topic/Humor? LOL
  24. Exactly why you should not keep your insurance and registration in your car.
  25. Police investigate murder in Disney-developed town
  26. Man sentenced to death for Petit home invasion murders
  27. Good: Shop Worker Shoots Suspect; Man Wanted In Recent Area Crimes
  28. Good, Serial Killer Of Eleven Children Denied Parole, Again.
  29. Former officer gets 8 years for New Orleans bridge shooting
  30. GOOD: Knucklehead in custody.
  31. Tahoe man kills 500 lb. bear in self-defense
  32. PA maintains "duty to retreat"
  33. Central Illinois father captures intruder at gunpoint
  34. Young man killed...possible retaliation?
  35. Pizza owner smacks down a BG with a gun
  36. Check Out This Creep-Toys For Tots Thief
  37. Memphis TN Family Dollar: Shoplifting turns to armed robbery
  38. Four dead after Missouri man kills three then self in domestic dispute
  39. Two Dead, 1 Critical After Shooting Outside St. Louis Funeral Home
  40. Man critically injured in accidental shooting
  41. Good: Passengers soon allowed guns on most Amtrak trains
  42. VERY BAD: Gunman holding 23 students hostage in Wis. school
  43. Judge, Sheriff, Prosecutor & 2 other killed in Virginia Court (98 years ago)
  44. Card Game Killer, 72, sentenced to 20 years.
  45. Good: The Armed Citizen returning
  46. Bad: Argument results in shooting.
  47. Mosque fire in Portland OR
  48. Shooting at Michigan mall injures 2
  49. Stupid: Carjacked with baby in car...running after car to get the baby back
  50. Ex Arerested in NY in Death of Missing Student
  51. Bad: FL Home Invasion with WV Ties.
  52. Another Foiled Home Invasion
  53. Beach psychiatrist beaten by patient gets $5.35M
  54. FBI thwarts terrorist bombing attempt at Portland holiday tree lighting
  55. Hollow points are controversial - CNN
  56. Like Father Like Son Beat 83 Year Old Man............
  57. Wife of City Councilman robbed at ATM, 45 Minute Police Response.
  58. Carjacker couldn't start car.
  59. Do not threaten the President
  60. VT Man killed in gun prank
  61. BAD: Deputy shot - Greeley CO
  62. Another criminal pays the ultimate price
  63. BAD: Thanksgiving Doesn't Mean Anything to Some.. Double Murder
  64. 'Ugly Betty' actor charged with sword murder
  65. TX Homeowner kills Burglary in shootout this morning
  66. If you can't get to your own gun, the perp's might work...
  67. Bad: Canadian man arrested for defending his property with (unloaded) shotgun.
  68. Police release sketch of Dunwoody murder suspect
  69. BAD: Armed Robbery at Night Deposit
  70. BAD: 14 Year Old Dead, Shot by Cousin
  71. Glad work trumped my weekend for once...
  72. Bad: Home Invasion not far from home this AM
  73. Sledgehammer bandits strike again!
  74. Bad : Letter to Editor Wants Guns Registered for Our Safety
  75. Florida Family of Four Slain.....
  76. Bad: Man Shot in Chest After Answering Door
  77. This is not justice for the dead child.......
  78. Good: Gun goes off killing suspect during robbery
  79. Robbers shot after armed citizen uses his weapon
  80. Maybe Good; Intruder found dead in bathtub
  81. Tips help Northampton police nab armed robbery suspect (MA)
  82. Man scratching nose shoots himself with BB pellet (MA)
  83. Chuck E Cheese robbed by masked gunmen
  84. Developing: Officer involved shooting during possible CT home invasion
  85. Strick gun laws are bad for blacks
  86. GOOD: Actually Funny Dumb Criminal of the Week!
  87. Bristol Palin's dancing causes man to shoot TV
  88. Bad: compliance doesn't work.
  89. Bad & Good : Shot in Head-Expected to Recover
  90. Dog Story - R.I.P. Target
  91. Bad: Store clerk killed for $11
  92. CVS shot up
  93. Bad and Ugly: Clear case of SD but you shoot and kill your cousin by accident, and...
  94. Shots fired at shooting range leave 1 dead, 1 injured
  95. Good, Alleged Robber Injured By Own Knife.
  96. 75-year-old lady beats up robber! (Video)
  97. Murder and more, 5 minutes from my house
  98. The Petit Murders: Why You and Yours Need A Gun
  99. TSA gives citizen a rough time in San Diego...
  100. Pirates...
  101. Suspected shoplifter drowns in Kenner canal
  102. Bad: KC police fire at backfiring van
  103. Two Mexican housewives become police chiefs
  104. To hospital for gunshot wounds or eat my delicious sandwich first?
  105. UK will finally be safe!!
  106. Burglars Crash Car Into Gun Shop
  107. Good: "When To Shoot?"
  108. Buy a Truck, Get a Free AK-47
  109. Breaking news: "Violence can happen anywhere. Criminals live everywhere." -- CNN
  110. GOOD: Robbery Suspect Shot
  111. Umm, I don't know
  112. Home Invasion goes right
  113. Columbia Sportswear's Gert Boyle survives home invasion robbery
  114. Bad: Crazed Woman Assaults Officer with 10 ft Flag Pole on Veterans Day
  115. Goood and bad running off BG
  116. Bad. Person shot trying to stop robbery.
  117. Bad: Felon buys gun on release from prison
  118. You got to know when to hold 'em.
  119. Good: Gutsy but not a very good move. Store clerk fights back in Gaston hold-up
  120. Good - Paraplegic shopper tackled thug who was threatening female assistant
  121. Burglar run off one day comes back the next as an arsonist
  122. Homeowner shoots and kills intruder
  123. Threat puts Fla. county schools on lockdown
  124. Ugly: Hannnah Montana cries when learning about guns
  125. Bad/Good - Student shot in leg at OK State U. Students push for right to defense
  126. Former Marines Charged With Selling Guns to Street Gangs
  127. Elizabeth Smart Kidnapping, and police inquiry on the street
  128. Bad: Yogurt vs Handgun
  129. CCWer in FL shoots at gator, saves dog, does canine CPR (video)
  130. Good : Potential Victim Thwarts Robbers!
  131. I feel much safer now...
  132. Ugly: Oregon's Infamous Pink Bandit Commits Another Armed Robbery!
  133. Bad but Dumb
  134. Bad: Financial advisor not charged because "it could risk his job"
  135. BAD-Armed robber shoots man who tried to help woman
  136. Utah - Homeowner allegedly shoots and kills would-be burglar
  137. Ugly- Officer cleared in Chicagoland traffic altercation
  138. Good: Driver Runs Over Masked Gunman Pointing Shotgun at Him
  139. Police: Kenyan officer kills 10 in shooting rampage!
  140. Shots fired
  141. Oakland police chief: Protesters 'tearing up' the city
  142. One more for the GGs
  143. Home Invasion in San Antonio, TX......
  144. Pa. cops spar with licensed concealed carrier
  145. Armed man investigates alarm, killed with his own gun
  146. Curious to see how this one turns out..
  147. What on earth happened in Arizona????
  148. Man Shoots Himself While Sleepwalking?
  149. Warden wouldn't let armed police officer vote in Bangor
  150. Attempted Burglary gone wrong..lol.
  151. Effectiveness of a gun v. a protective order
  152. Marine Stabbed in New Orleans,Could have been prevented?
  153. Chicago police shot by partner following traffic chase
  154. Report says Justice Scalia takes Justice Kagan to the range
  155. Good: Traffic Stop finding Phony Money and Handgun
  156. 4 trick or treaters shot (Syracuse, NY)
  157. Iraqi forces storm church to end standoff; 37 killed
  158. California cop 2 others after standoff.....
  159. Carjacking victim says young thugs beat, dragged him "for thrill"
  160. 3 deputies shot in hostage situation
  161. Another gun range murder?
  162. Bad: Three shot in Reno Wal-Mart
  163. Burglars leave a 'thanks' for the loot!!
  164. Late but Good. Murder case against ATF agent dismissed.
  165. Man shoots first responders in Minnesota, takes own life
  166. Good: Promoted
  167. Fast-food patron, manager go 'WWE' on would-be robber
  168. Cameras don't equal protection
  169. Student Suspended For Using a Toy Gun On School Property During a Weekend
  170. Everybody sit down. Mayor Bloomberg insisted the city should reduce lic fees
  171. Woman gives 12yo son weapons to fight off bullies
  172. BAD; Woman assaulted during morning jog
  173. Poll: Are gun stores liable for gun crimes?
  174. FBI: Same gun shot at Pentagon, Marines' museum
  175. Bad Driver? In Debt? Proposed NYC Law Would Ban You From Owning a Gun
  176. This happened near my friends house
  177. Good - Off-duty Houston officer wounds theft suspect
  178. Odd: Don't bring salad dressing to a gunfight
  179. BAD- Shreveport PD officer fatally shot Sunday, suspect in custody
  180. Police: 4-year-old girl accidentally killed by sibling Parental FAILURE!] (AZ)
  181. You'll get a kick out of this
  182. 73 Year-Old Man in Wheelchair Robbed At ATM, Knocked To Ground
  183. Local Pizza Shop Manager, 27, Murdered
  184. Off Duty Cops Shot Bar Robbery Suspect.......
  185. Midwest City, OK Lady Kills Intruder, Wounds Another
  186. Booby traps; try not to getcherself with em'.
  187. Good: Woman shoots 2 home intruders, one fatally.
  188. How the heck did this guy get away?
  189. Sad: 80 year old man kills wife, son and family dog before killing himself
  190. "How can New Jersey imprison a gun owner who broke no laws?"
  191. Man Attacked by Witchcraft Opens Fire on Neighbor's "Voodoo" House in Self-Defense
  192. LBJ almost shot hours after JFK murder (1963) -- agent confession
  193. College girl becomes police chief
  194. Good, Bad: H.S. student arrested with gun at school; informer not believed
  195. Parking Wars show on TV
  196. Old video interview of store owner who fought back
  197. Bad- Driver Shot; Pickup Truck Slams Into Apartment
  198. Bad: Conroe man fatally shot answering his door
  199. Good: Father protects son during a car jacking.
  200. 3 Flagstaff men armed with baseball bats rob home
  201. Bad: Rye Cops: Home targeted in Forest Ave. home invasion
  202. Shots fired at the Pentagon
  203. Bad: 21 year old ASU student killed in apparent robbery
  204. Bad: Two shot during road rage incident
  205. Bad: Phoenix Police Officer Fatally Shot
  206. Two fatally shot at Tennessee post office, police say
  207. ATM shooting
  208. Good: Band member at California restaurant shoots man after disturbance
  209. 17 year old shoots 12 year old........ Where are the parents
  210. G&U - Psycho killer taken down in Jacksonville
  211. Good and bad, one BG down the other on he run. Kenly NC
  212. Robbers strike 4 South Florida banks in two days
  213. DHS memo: Assassins headed to Arizona
  214. Another Range Suicide-Ft. Lauderdale Florida
  215. BAD: Another pizza delivery incident (VA)
  216. BAD: Veteran Faces Criminal Charge for Removing Tattered American Flag From Business
  217. Getaway Driver in Gilbert Police Officer shooting sentenced
  218. As if I needed more reasons to carry to Wally World
  219. Man kills teen for throwing rocks @ his house/car - Kentucky
  220. OOOps.. not real bad... but not good
  221. Carrying concealed while hunting
  222. Lawton, OK Judge Tosses Pharmacist's Plea Deal
  223. Robbery Victim shot after being told to run away by robbers who already robbed him.
  224. One cop's gunfight turns into a punch line on 'Saturday Night Live'
  225. What you won't see on an alarm company ad
  226. Shooting war erupts in quiet Washington State community
  227. Innocent 8-Year Old Stabbed...
  228. 2 Injured When Man Opens Fire at SoCal School
  229. Robbers hit nail salon, shoot employee
  230. Lynwood IL cop arrested in connection with 2 state shooting spree
  231. Man shot by ex-employee, saved by Nextel
  232. Armed citizen thwarts ATM robbery; typical sheep comments from reporter
  233. Neighbor shoots suicidal, shotgun armed man after a text message.
  234. Bad- six armed robberies in 7 days!
  235. Gunman admits he was let out too soon.
  236. Man shot in his own driveway coming home after work
  237. Is your car worth it? (58y/o Male stabbed to death)
  238. Man robbed at gunpoint in Schuylkill County gamelands
  239. Phoenix Cop faces charges in fatal on-duty shooting.
  240. GRAPHIC Self defense video - Gun saves [presumably] 3 lives
  241. Depending on the Police? Odds on the BG's side if you're in Nashville...
  242. Utterly stupid: Memphis teen shot in behind over sagging pants
  243. 8 shots?
  244. Campus Shootings
  245. Budget woes mean fewer officers and less training
  246. How Can They Not Reach A Decision?
  247. Bank Robbed by Armed Robbers Twice in Three Months
  248. 7 shot, 2 fatally in Southeast Gainesville, Fla
  249. Dad Accused of Shooting Daughter's Boyfriend
  250. Home Invasion Atlanta 2009 ended good