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  1. Nine injured, one dead after six shootings Friday night
  2. Man killed during confrontation with Oakland police, BART officers
  3. Guns, Swords Donated To Goodwill Store...to be disposed!
  4. Good: Citizen shoots suspect who tries to rob him at gunpoint at an ATM
  5. Good: Tulsa home invasion
  6. This is just plain funny;
  7. Dog Guilty in Shooting
  8. Mayor of my home town kills daughter, then self
  9. Good: Homeowner scares off home invaders dressed in FBI gear
  10. Oakland lays off 80 Police Officers
  11. Great article: "Instead of outlawing guns, keep guns away from outlaws"
  12. Machine gun-toting robots deployed on DMZ
  13. Guy shot and killed 2 blocks from my house
  14. This one swam in the shallow end of the gene pool!!
  15. Chinese Cop Shoots BG...Then shoots again, and again, and again
  16. Update on the Katrina Danziger Bridge Shooting
  17. One more reason for Tighter Border Security
  18. BAD: "Trust" Court-Martial Set To Start
  19. Bad: SUMMERLIN COSTCO STORE: Slaying of Army veteran shocks friends
  20. Bad: New composite for road rage shooting suspect (FL)
  21. Bad: Woman Charged With Manslaughter After Assault Victim's Unborn Fetus Dies
  22. EDIT: Only 3 reported dead now in New Mexico business shooting, police say
  23. 5 shootings in one day...?!?
  24. Shooting in Newport News
  25. Police: Boy, 9, accidentally shoots and kills toddler
  26. Uses gun to punch hole in windshield/drops gun in vic's lap
  27. Fleeing suspects run into police dog training exercise
  28. Fair to Good: Person shoots, kills 29-year-old who threatened him
  29. Officer kills 2 dogs charging at him, officials say
  30. Good: El Paso, our homeless better than yours
  31. Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Holder Fires Back; UPDATE
  32. Good: South Carolina: Clerk shoots two would-be robbery suspects
  33. Good: Don't mess with old dudes
  34. North Carolina: Clerk kills robber at Monroe convenience store
  35. Man shoots dog who attacked delivery man
  36. Bear attack inside home...
  37. 3 wounded in robbery gone bad
  38. BAD: Searching Purchase Records for S&W Sigma
  39. Officer convicted in Calif. train station killing
  40. Good: Victims Fight Back Against Armed Robber
  41. Incident In CO, Lots Of Lessons To Be Learned
  42. Spy Swap??
  43. Good: Trooper's shooting ruled justified.
  44. BAD: Chicago police officer was shot and killed Wednesday.
  45. Good and Bad: Intoxicated man tries to enter wrong home and is shot.
  46. Old Town transient crashes into police cruiser
  47. There Really Is Just No Cure For Stupid
  48. Gunsmith shoots off pinky finger
  49. Good: Homeowners awake and repell armed invaders
  50. Good: Store clerk kills armed robber
  51. Good: Acute failure in the victim selection process
  52. My Local Gun Shop destroyed by fire
  53. Watched this on the news, truly disturbing
  54. Police: Felon Bought Rifle To Stop Alien Invasion
  55. Criminal murders mother of 2, NY Daily News blames gun manufacturers
  56. Good Washington Time Editorial
  57. Winning against a surprise gun in your face
  58. Good news
  59. Store clerk fights back
  60. Bad: Bullet casing flew out of the stove, hitting Henderson in the stomach
  61. Very Good: New Hampshire Town Allows Workers to Carry Guns to Work
  62. Police: Woman pulls gun in police car, starts firing
  63. Suspected cop killer arrested in Tampa, Florida
  64. Glock 30 guy shoots himself in testicles
  65. Suicide at my Range/Gunshop Today
  66. Two Shot While Trying To Steal Air Conditioner In Denton County
  67. Great Video: Store owner defends herself
  68. Good: citizen defends self against two criminals with guns
  69. Dumb : Huntington Police Officer & Accidental Shooting
  70. GOOD: Clerks not to be charged
  71. Highlighting the negatives of CCW ...
  72. Sitting in your car at night, in a questionable neighborhood
  73. BAD-Gunshots from Mexico hit our City Hall
  74. Good: One less home invader alive
  75. Good: 15 Year old defends home
  76. BAD: Man almost beat to Death in his own yard . Ohio
  77. Don’t rob the store with Grandpa watching.
  78. BAD - Kids Wants To Say Pledge - School Says No
  79. Good: Huh? wha? whose there? *BLAM!*
  80. BAD: Two Tampa, FL police officers murdered (Merged)
  81. Good: Backseat Robbers make Victim Selection Error.
  82. Bad : Kentucky Teen Brandishing Handgun
  83. Would you take this risk?Man accused of purse theft, thwarted by good Samaritans
  84. I go by this place every day on the way to work
  85. Don't know about this one yet
  86. http://www2.wspa.com/news/2010/jun/28/police-73-year-old-holds-burglary-suspect-gunpo
  87. Don’t bring a chain to a gunfight
  88. Bad
  89. BART officer said he grabbed Gun instead of Taser
  90. Good, 2 armed clerks, 1 dead BG
  91. Lakeville police kill dog that maimed 2
  92. Rapper Tweets During Arrest
  93. Shotgun robber
  94. Bad: They're baaaaacccckkkk...
  95. Masked Men Beat Man, Raped Woman In Home Invasion
  96. Home Invasion -- No drugs. Just meanness.
  97. BAD & SAD -- combat veteran accidentally killed his daughter
  98. DUMB - Aussie "Pain In The Butt"
  99. 10 year old boy and two adults stabbed to death in rural Maine.
  100. The latest from His Dishonor Mayor daley
  101. Pizza Employee with Concealed Pistol
  102. Lexington homeowner shoots at home invasion suspect
  103. Keep Gun On Person in case U meet a Naked Woman
  104. Man shot during robbery attempt....
  105. BAD: Man Kills 4 Family Members - Winchester, MA
  106. Boat Captain during cleanup in Gulf shot?
  107. Looks like someone needs more range time
  108. Looks like it working in Arizona
  109. GOOD: Tennessee: Alleged Piney Flats burglar in serious condition after being shot by
  110. BAD: Woman gunned down on Ill. highway as drivers watch
  111. More "safe neighborhood" & "just comply"
  112. BAD: Man kills baby in standoff with NY troopers
  113. The shortest hold-up ever ?
  114. College Student Home Invaded
  115. 54 shot in Chicago, over last weekend
  116. Another "Police" Yell Home Invasion
  117. Fisherman is denied $900,000 prize money, no fishing license
  118. Good: Resident shoots home invader... other two suspects get charged
  119. CPL Holder To Stand Trial In Stray Bullet Case
  120. Federal Judge sends message to convicted straw purchasers
  121. BAD: Dallas police chief's son named suspect in officer's shooting death
  122. Undercover V. Motorcyclist
  123. Caulk gun crime
  124. Retired DC Officer Returns Fire on Thieves (video)
  125. Raw Video: Drunk Officer Fires Gun in Car
  126. Comifornia wtg
  127. Two Arrests Made In Local Shocking Murder Case
  128. Drunk off duty Dallas cop
  129. Jeremy London's kidnapping horror
  130. Killer executed by Utah firing squad
  131. How Old...
  132. Local Grocer Removes Signs
  133. Man in stun gun death on cocaine
  134. Bad - pistol-packing mama doesn't need a holster - she has a baby carriage.
  135. Killer, 13, sent to juvenile detention until age 21
  136. kid with toy soldiers- banned in school
  137. Amy Bishop - Continued
  138. Good: Brazilian Sniper Takes Out Armed Drug Dealer (video)
  139. Good: Armed citizen fends off attackers
  140. Utah prisoner faces death by firing squad
  141. U.S. Citizen Arrested In Bin Laden Death Plot.(update pg 2)
  142. Bad: Boy, 2, dies of gunshot wound to head
  143. Good: 2 Robbers killed in attempt
  144. Good!: Masked Men With Guns Do Not Survive Gunfight
  145. Failed attempt at MacDill?
  146. Camera saves Cabbie
  147. BAD: Man brutally beaten by teens at public park (WA)
  148. I was lead to believe National Parks were so safe?
  149. Woman uses rifle to run off invader
  150. Arizona now Texas!
  151. NC Bob Ethridge
  152. Follow up: Baltimore Officer Arrested on Murder Charge
  153. Thank god for dumb cirminals once again...another killed by his own gun
  154. Good and Bad: Upper Gwynedd, Pennsylvania Home Invasion Turns Into Gunfight
  155. Good : Murder Charges Dropped In Defensive Shooting
  156. Ad on the radio
  157. BART shooting has gone to trial
  158. Bad & Good news for PA
  159. 19 fatally shot at drug rehab center in Mexico
  160. Maryland State Trooper Shot to Death
  161. Since taliban have guns and are bad here is something really bad.
  162. Oh Crap it happened.. OCer Robbed And Disarmed At Gun Point!
  163. Good: Woman fends off home invaders
  164. Gang initiation - Be careful
  165. A follow up article about the officer asked to leave the Red and Black.
  166. More border trouble
  167. Miami area man has a story to tell...
  168. Good and Bad: More Chicago Justice
  169. Duh : Walk Through This 'Hood & Not Get Robbed?
  170. Happened about a week ago in florida -
  171. Two Men Taken To Hospital After Failed Robbery Attempt
  172. Ok...Time to fess up...who did it?
  173. Man defends his home, and weed, with deadly results
  174. Three Hots and Cots for Two Illegal Immigrants...
  175. MO Road Rager Arrested
  176. I would have my CHL taken from me if.....
  177. Springfield, MO: "Case highlights concealed carry weapons issues"
  178. solon ohio hit again by armed thieves
  179. Very Bad: 5 Year Old Shoots Self; Dies
  180. St. Louis: Ex-police chief attacked and killed while sitting in his SUV
  181. Father Allegedly Tasered Man Who 'Sexted' Daughter
  182. Roadrage follows up at home
  183. BAD: Gunman kills 4 innocent diners at resturant in FL
  184. Good: Taken out with your own gun
  185. Off-duty police officer kills man after dispute
  186. Good: Concealed gun permits up in Maine
  187. More LEO Impersonation
  188. With friends like these...
  189. FL LEO Shooter Suspect in Home Invasion
  190. Court: Cops can enter home if dog in distress
  191. GOOD -- Court of Appeals to Circuit Judge...
  192. A Journalists view of firearms
  193. Good: CCW DOES Thwart Robbery, Honored by Sheriff
  194. Good: Self-defense in Dayton, Ohio
  195. Bad : Cop Being Sued for Shooting Gun Pointing Suspect
  196. Starbucks coffee made me do it
  197. Guns seized
  198. Woman saves daughter from rape.
  199. Bad Shooting in UK 12 Dead
  200. Good Samaritan Critical; Suspect Arrested
  201. Pirates along USA border and into USA
  202. 92-year-old woman this time
  203. Half-bad: Another example for CCW ladies:
  204. Backpacker kills Grizzly in Denali
  205. Man accidentally shoots self
  206. Chicago-22 people shot in 24 hours.
  207. Man kills woman, self at N.C. Target store
  208. So your-dishonor- from-Chicago...
  209. Ok, this is creative
  210. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid:Off-duty cop poses as terrorist with a real gun in a hospital
  211. not bad article about Philadelphia
  212. Healing: WI Deputy killed 6 teens in this house, now it's gone
  213. Very Bad: Officer arrested for pulling motorists over, charged ‘roadside fee’
  214. Homeowner Takes Law Into His Own Hands
  215. 79 year old goes on a rampage at an ATT store
  216. Arrest in case of elderly woman was severely beaten
  217. Robbery and pistol whipping in a barbershop
  218. Victory
  219. BAD: Pardon the pun, but this is why we don't jump the gun.
  220. Brutal St. Louis home invasion beating tied to Craigslist hiring
  221. St. Louis police officer shot 6-8 times during traffic stop
  222. 25 years is not a life sentence...
  223. These Kinds Of Things Don't Happen Around Here!!
  224. Good: Jacksonville, Fla. Homeowner Shoots Teen Burglar
  225. No Honor amound DBags - Texas: Officer, citizen fire at man who allegedly tried to ru
  226. Cop's Murder Has Some Thinking Of Carrying A Gun
  227. UGLY: Two stabbed while walking together
  228. 80-Year-Old Chicago Man Kills Armed Home Invader
  229. Jeffersonville pharmacist pulls gun on would-be robber
  230. Bad: CHL chases shoplifters... to shoot out their tires.
  231. Women Brawl; 4 Stabbed, Five Arrested
  232. Has Daley finally gone over the edge?
  233. Police officer killed in west Phoenix
  234. Good Gun-control in Chicago...
  235. Stupid... CCW tries to thwart robbery
  236. Good news for BGs
  237. Bad: This Behavior Threatens Second Ammendment Rights
  238. Shots fired across the street from me Mesa AZ update!
  239. Stupid: Sheriff allows felon to 'pose' as an LEO
  240. Guns found at Blacksburg [Va] Middle School
  241. More guns equal more crime?
  242. Perry's jog sparks 'Coyote Special' pistols
  243. BAD (and stupid): Cops furious at 'don't-kill' bill
  244. Man shoots burgler "on a hunch"
  245. Black Homeowner's Claim of Self-Defense Rejected in Fatal Shooting
  246. Feds: Sickening Sex Assault of Sleeping Woman On Airplane
  247. Bad: Maine police investigate beating death
  248. Make My Day law - Denver burglary leads to fatal shooting
  249. Guns claim kids' lives in both urban, rural areas
  250. Louisville doctor tallies rising cost of gun violence